10 Best Helmet for Drag Racing in 2020

The research for the best helmet for drag racing is increasing day by day on the internet. You need a helmet it doesn’t matter whether you are participating in track say, running autocross, or a drag race. For race lovers, who want to take part in different day to day activities need a helmet.

The helmet is the foremost and preeminent investment even for beginners in the racing world. The helmet is the essential accessory for small, local events even the most local recreational just-for-fun drag racing events held by local clubs.

you want to pursue your leisure pursuit to professional and more challenging racing competitions that involve high speeds, you definitely need a helmet that provides you safety as well as comfort.

In these high speeding racing, safety is important as your enthusiasm to lead in these racing competitions. Safety should be the utmost concern for any driver. You must select the most safest and comfortable helmet for drag racing.

Best Helmet for Drag Racing


Top 10 best helmets for drag racing in 2020:

With so many options in the markets, people may get bamboozled while choosing the helmet. So, in order to help you, we take out the ten best helmet for drag racing from a wide pool of racing helmets. We have provided you with each and every detail a helmet possess, thus you can choose the best helmet and make your decision of choosing the helmet quite easily.

1- RaceQuip Full Face Helmet

RaceQuip is a huge brand with a different range of helmets available for drag racing. They are continuously providing contemporary design helmets that comes along with modern technologies and innovations. Helmets are continuously improving with innovative modifications keeping in mind the utmost priorities of racers.

Best Helmet for Drag Racing

The shell of the helmet is made up of fiber-reinforced polymer that is designed to gain a balance between its lightweight and affordable pricing. This material is used to keep its lightweight properties as well as strong and sturdy enough to keep the shell protected from impacts.

This helmet also comes with installed M6 threaded HANS that is attached to the shell with an EPS liner to keep the rider protected. This installation is designed to provide maximum protection to its rider saving them from extensive neck and head strains.

The helmet gives you the opportunity that you can attach any HANS or neck restraints devices. They can be attached to the outside of the helmet by using the M6 threaded Inserts which are already installed in the helmet.

Race Quip helmet also comes along with a 3mm polycarbonate face shield along with a pivot kit that is scratch resistant saves your face or eyes from any harmful sharp material. It also keeps you distortion-free. This also comes along factory-installed hand ratcheting tear-off posts.

For seal in the helmet, a silicon eye port gasket is used to keep out the dust and dirt. This will keep your eyes safe and will not allow anything to come out of it. This has also anti-fogging properties which not make this eye-port peripheral vision clear but also you can use your own personal glasses with it.

The Normex material that is used in making the interior of the helmet and also the paint on it is fire resistant. The helmet also has Kevlar chin strap which is also fire resistant. The fire-retardant properties thus make it possible to use this helmet in any place or any motor shop you Want to use.

The comfortable Normex material used for interior along with exhaust vents installed on the top and back of your headgear will keep your head cool.

It is accessible in different sizes and different colors. One of the most important factor to consider and the reason for it to at the top of the best helmet for drag racing is that it is Snell SA2015 certified which is the highest safety standard to meet.

  • Snell certified
  • Normex interior
  • Fiber reinforced Polymer shell
  • Installed M6 thread HANS
  • Some people complained about their sizing chart of helmet.

2- Conquer Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

This Conquer helmet is the most preferred and appreciated helmet by almost all racing squad in the drag racing. The manufacturers of this Auto Racing Helmet id Conquer which is definitely preeminent and aggressive selection for racing drivers competing in auto racing.

Best Helmet for Drag Racing

The inside of the head protector is structured by remembering the needs of its clients. It is 3mm scratch protected which empowers it to last longer and figures out how to endeavor in mishaps or accidents. It also has fire retardant properties which keeps the rider safe during fire incidents in the automobiles while racing.

The shell of the headgear is Lightweight which is comprised of fiberglass. This gives comfort to its user by not applying any additional weight. It has inner cushioning which is also fire retardant. The inner padding provides you comfort along with ease of removing it and washing it.

This helmet has a Kevlar jaw tie which makes it secure while riding. This additionally has removable cheek pads for drivers. The ventilation system in this helmet is by and large-excellent. Wind flow vents around the helmet make sure that the driver remains cool while in intense racing situations.

It is Snell SA2015 ensured cap. The Snell benchmarks which are the highest sets of defensive standards which can meet by just solid and most defensive protective cap.

It has different sizes available and has a different range of colors for its buyers. This item weighs 4.85 pounds.

  • 3MM Fire retardant shield
  • Fiberglass outer shell
  • Snell SA2015 certified
  • Anti scratch and fire resistant
  • Some users find its visor difficult to open

3- Conquer Snell Open Face Racing Helmet

Conquer Snell open face helmet is an elegant and stylish headgear for drag racing drivers. These helmets are the most desirable and cherished helmets in the field of auto racing. Conquer helmets are designed to fulfill the most important need of their users which is mostly concerned about their safety.

The shell of the helmet is made up of carbon fiberglass which is mainly to make it lightweight and solid helmet. Every driver needs a lightweight helmet to shed off some additional weights and keep their head stress free.

This helmet provides you a comfort fit keeping in mind the comfort of their drivers. Because the helmet which doesn’t fit properly are not secured for the drivers especially in competitive drag racing tracks.

The Helmet has padding inside it. The padding is quite comfortable and also fire resistant which is an improved action to keep the face and head of the driver safe during fire incidents. The pads inside the helmets are removable and washable to contribute to your clean and healthy lifestyle.

Conquer helmet has already installed HANS Threaded Inserts to help you to keep your head and neck strain-free. This will give you an additional opportunity to use any other device to make your head and neck strain-free.

This helmet comes along with a Drawstring bag and also has a Kevlar chin strap to make it more secure for its drivers. The helmet comes in different sizes from small to extra large and also available in different colors.

The open-face helmet of conquer is also Snell SA2015 certified to make it one of the safest and strongest helmet for drag racing drivers. The helmet weighs around 4.5 pounds.

  • Kevlar chin strap
  • HANS Threaded Inserts in Shell
  • SNELL SA2015 Approved
  • Some users think full face helmets are more secure than open face helmet.

4- Conquer Snell SA2015  Auto Racing Helmet

The conquer is continuously contributing in the field of helmets with modern technologies and innovation in them. Each helmet comes with new modifications and improved technology. They are specially designed for auto racers to give them ease and comfort during their racing

This helmet is designed with aerodynamic stability which gives them comfort and feel of wearing a light helmet during their racing journey. Aerodynamic design makes the helmet technically more innovative and simple to use. The helmet shell is also made up of material which contributes to its lightweight factor.

The ventilation system in this helmet is efficient. The helmet has chin bar, forehead and top vents to make it more airy and fresh. This helmet also has front and rear top vents along with the helmet which provides improved airflow and heat exhaust system.

These strategically placed vents within the helmet make it more comfortable and allow the driver to breathe in fresh air while wearing the helmet.

This helmet has a superior comfort fit. The comfort fit makes it the most desirable helmet for drag racers. One factor that contributes a lot in its comfort fit is a comfortable and soft pillow-like padding.

The padding of the helmet is a fire restraint to make it the best safety tool for drivers during unavoidable mishaps. They make the padding fire retardant to make the safety helmet which every driver thinks of even in the worst possible cases.

The helmet also has a clear face visor which has anti-fog properties to make it useful even winters. The clear visor provides you a wider view angle and has tear-off posts to give you ease.

Conquer helmet comes with installed HANS Threaded Inserts to help you to keep your head and neck strain-free. The helmet comes in different sizes ranges from small to large and in different exciting colors.

Moreover, conquer helmet is also Snell SA2015 certified giving you maximum safety. The item weighs around 2.3 pounds.

  • Clear face shield with tear-off posts
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Fire retardant
  • Installed HANS threaded inserts
  • SNELL SA2015
  • Some users complained its bit heavy from its their last product may be due to padding.

5- RaceQuip 253115  Open Face Helmet

In the list of a best helmet for drag racing, race quip comes next. Race Quip helmets are designed simply to give ease and comfort to the drivers of auto racing. They are designed to give the utmost safety and comfort in affordable pricing.

This helmet not only gives you an elegant look but also includes all the important features for safety. This white helmet gives drivers the look they desire for.

Race quip helmet shell is designed to make it lightweight for its users. The shell is made up of Polymer material to keep it lightweight as well as affordable in pricing. The shell is shock resistant. It can absorb any pressure and impact to keep its driver safe during mishaps.

The interior of the helmet is made up of material which is fire resistant and paint used also has these properties. Because in auto racing some fire mishaps can happens. So, these helmets are designed to keep them safe during these incidents.

This helmet had already installed HANS Threaded Inserts to keep you safe from neck and head strains. You can use any devices to keep your neck and head strain-free while driving. These already installed HANS are very helpful in keeping the driver strain-free during long rides.

The vents in the helmet are properly placed to keep the driver fresh and dry. These vents keep the airflow and help to keep the scalp of the driver cool.

This helmet comes in a gloss white color and rages in different sizes from small to extra large.This Race Quip helmet weighs 4.5 pounds.

Furthermore, the helmet is Snell SA2015 certified giving you maximum safety. This is the utmost standard a helmet can meet in terms of safety.

  • Head and neck support ready
  • Snail SA2015 certified
  • Open face helmet
  • Comfortable
  • Some drivers complained that the helmet feel so huge while wearing it.
  • Thick padding

6- Zamp FS-8 / DOT Helmet Black Large

Zamp helmets are popular among the helmets in the market due to his top-notch head and neck protection. They designed outclass helmets for racing which not only give head and neck protection but also shield retention kits and many other important features. They are designed by using leading-edge technology.

The company provides the best features in the helmet which can meet or even exceed your expectations. These are one of the best helmets for auto racers in the market.

The shell is made up of premium composite fiberglass material to keep it lightweight and make it impact absorption. The impact absorption quality keeps the driver safe and secure within the helmet during impacts.

The ventilation system of the helmet is imperative in keeping the driver fresh and dry. The vents in the helmets are strategically placed in the inside of the helmets to keep the Airflow moving. These vents enable the driver to breathe in the fresh air and this will also keep the scalp of the driver cool and dry even intense racing tracks.

The cushioning inside the helmet is also made up of high-quality materials to give comfort and ease this helmet has D ring straps to buckle it off and on. The visor of the helmet gives a clear and large vision. It also has an anti-fogging feature. The helmet comes in eight different exciting colors and ranges from small to double extra-large size.

The helmet is Snell certified. This is the highest standard for meeting the safety measures. The auto racers defiantly need Snell certified helmets keeping the safety their utmost priority. This item weighs around 4.75 pounds.

  • Comfortable
  • Snell certified
  • Head and neck protection
  • Anti fog feature
  • This helmet has D ring to buckle it off and Doesn’t have a quick release system

7-Snell SA2015 Approved Full Face Racing Helmet

In the list of best auto racing helmets, typhoon full-face helmets come at the 7th spot. This helmet is an outstanding full-face helmet that can be used for auto racing such as autocross, dirt tracks, and drag racing.

The shell of the helmet is made up of fiber glass composite material with its lightweight feature. The shell is lightweight and also has a fire retardant feature which gives the driver an utmost sense of safety.

This helmet has soft comfortable and pillow-like cushioning which gives ease and convenience to its users. The padding inside the helmet is very comfortable and the material used is fire resistant keeping you safe in fire-related incidents.

The helmet also comes with installed HANS Threaded Inserts in Shell to allow you to use different devices to keep your head and neck strain-free.

Typhoon helmet also has a Kevlar chin strap which has fire-resistant quality along with D ring buckle. This gives an extra safety measure during drives.

The helmet has an outclassed ventilation system. The helmet has Channel vents along with exhaust vents to move air flow within the helmets. The upper and Lowe vents in helmet allows you to breath in the fresh air and provides you maximum comfort even in hot summer days in the racing

This helmet comes along with a 3mm polycarbonate face shield which allows you to have a wide and clear optical view. This face shield also has anti-fog feature to give you maximum vision during foggy weather. This helmet has hand Ratchet tear-off posts and also has a silicone eyeport gasket seal.

Typhoon full-face helmet comes in three different colors and rages from small to double extra large in sizes. This helmet also meets the Standard of Snell SA2015 certification. The helmet weighs around 4 pounds.

  • HANS threaded inserts.
  • 3mm clear face shield
  • SNELL certified
  • Some users complained about cushion at the front of forehead.

8- Zamp FSA-3 Auto Full Face Snell SA2015 Helmet

Zamp is a quite well known brand for helmets in the world of auto racing. This is considered one of the best helmet for drag racing. They design their helmets simple but yet so innovative that it can meet the requirements of their drivers.

The shell of the helmet is constructed by using the lightweight fiberglass material. This is a very high-quality material used to make this helmet lightweight yet protected. The shell is made to absorb the shock or any kind of impacts during accidents or mishaps. The lightweight helmet helps the driver to remain stress-free during long racing tracks.

The interior of the helmet is made of a plush soft pillow-like padding. The padding inside the helmet is used to give comfort and ease to its users. The interior of the helmet is also fire retardant saving you in mishaps. The cheek pads of the helmet are removable and can be washed to keep it clean and dust-free.

This helmet comes with a 3mm z15 shield which is scratch resistant and anti-fogging helps the driver even in cold winter weathers. The shield also comes along with 12.25. inch tear-off posts to give you ease.

Zamp helmet comes with already installed M6 inserts for head and neck restraint. These inserts will help the driver to keep the driver strain-free during long rides.

The ventilation system is excellent in this helmet. The vents around the helmet make it quite breathable. It’s top and chin bar vents along rear exhaust helps to keep the scalp cool and dry.

This helmet is Snell SA2015 certified. The helmet comes in white color and sizes ranges from small to extra large. The item weighs 4.45 pounds.

  • M6 threaded Inserts
  • SNELL SA2015 Approved
  • Fire retardant padding
  • People with glasses might find this difficult to wear.

9- Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

Conquer is considered as the best brand for helmets with a variety of options with many integrated advanced features. This conquer carbon fiber full-face helmet is the best option for drag racing who wants to compete at any level. The conquer helmets are designed to provide protection and comfort to their users.

The shell of the helmet is Lightweight as it is composed of carbon fiber composite material. The design of the shell is aerodynamic which fives distortion-free drive to its users. The aerodynamic design of the helmet gives comfort safety and style to the driver using the helmet.

This helmet has superior ventilation. The vents at the top chin and scalp long with rear exhaust make the airflow in a better way. This will allow the driver to breath in the fresh air and keeps the driver cool and dry throughout its journey.

The interior of the helmet is very comfortable and secure the padding inside the helmet has fire retardant qualities to give utmost safety to its users. The helmet has removable and washable cheek pads to give ease to the driver.

This conquer helmet comes with 3mm anti-scratch and fire-resistant qualities along with tear-off posts. This shield will make you secure even accidents and mishaps and make sure that your helmet last longer than you expected with its anti-scratch property.

It also has HANS threaded inserts already installed in the shell to make you safe from neck and head strains in long drives and intense racing.

The helmet also has snail SA2015 certification making it the safe helmet for drivers. The helmet weighs around 1 pound.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • HANS threaded inserts
  • Air venting system
  • Snail SA2015 certification
  • Bit expensive helmet

10- Zamp RZ-58 Snell SA2015 Helmet Matte Black Large

This is the last helmet in the list of the best helmet for drag racing. Zamp are manufacturing helmets from years to make the life of their users easy and convenient.

Each product comes with advanced technology and new features with small details to give their customers value and convenience. Zamp helmets can be used for autocross, drag racing and many other competitive tracks with full protection.

The shell of the helmet is made up of composite fiberglass material to make it the lightweight helmet. The lightweight helmets are easy to use as they don’t feel bourdon on the head. These days’ helmet companies are researching a lot to make their helmet shells the lightest of all in weight.

The helmet has a proper ventilation system. It has a top air system with chin and scalp vents. These vents along with exhaust vents allows the driver to breathe in the fresh air and keeps the scalp of the driver cool a dry.

The interior of the helmet is designed to give comfort and convenience to the user. The plush soft padding is used inside the helmet with fire restraint quality. This will provide safety to the driver in fire-related incidents during racing. This helmet also has a 3mm shield with tear-off posts. The shield gives a very clear and wider vision.

One more important factor that these helmets have M6 inserts for neck restraints. It will keep your neck secure and safe from restraints even during long rides.

The helmet comes in just one color and sizes ranges from small to extra large. This helmet is also Snell SA2015 certified. The helmet weighs around 4. 7 pounds.

  • Snail SA2015 certified
  • Vents and rear exhaust are good
  • M6 inserts for neck restraints
  • Some users find the padding is bit thick maybe compressed over time.

Buying Guide For Drag Racing Helmet:

Before buying helmets you must consider these factors in a helmet that will help you to buy the best helmet. These are the factors that play an important role in a good helmet.


In choosing the helmet the important factor which matters is safety. The highest certification in terms of safety is snail SA2015 certification which ensures that the helmet is secure and safe enough to use in the different racing competitions. So before buying you must see is the helmet has any safety certifications.

Interior lining:

The interior lining of the helmet also has an impact in the comfort level of the driver. The interior padding of the helmet must be comfortable and also fire resistant. Many helmets have the option of fire-resistant interior lining to avoid any injuries in any mishaps or accidents.


Most drivers don’t prefer weight on their heads. They don’t want helmets to weigh down on their head may add additional weights and stress. The shell of the helmets are made up of different materials, in them the most lightweight material used is carbon fiber which is the lightest of all. Other material used is fiberglass and composite.

Full face vs open face helmets:

Basically some people consider full-face helmets are safer than open face and statistically it affirms this concept that full-face helmets are safer. But some people contradict this and thinks that full-face helmets are more difficult to take off while collision or mishaps.


If you are an enthusiastic driver, it is worth spending some dollars if you are getting a great value in return. But some cheap alternatives are also available for the drivers who may need a helmet a few days in a month or a year.

We have given you the reviews of helmets that are snail certified. They are excellent in terms of safety and comfort. You can choose any of them that meet your comfort and security requirements.

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