Best Baseball Catcher Helmets Reviews 2022

Being a catcher is one of the most demanding positions in the baseball ground. And only the bravest person can do it perfectly. After all, keeping yourself safe from the fast-incoming ball isn’t easy. But with a good quality helmet, a catcher’s job can get easier and safer. 

An ideal baseball catcher’s helmet provides the right kind of coverage to avoid getting injured from the fast-approaching ball during a game. 

A catcher’s helmet is designed using sturdy materials to offer excellent protection and proper fitting. If you are thinking about getting a baseball catcher’s helmet, here are five of our best picks. 

Best Baseball Catcher’s Helmets: Our Top Picks 

Best Overall Helmet: Easton Elite X Helmet

After the launch, the Easton Elite X Helmet has taken comfort and fit to a whole new level. The helmet’s grand design and unique look make it one of the best overall helmets for baseball catchers. In addition, it meets the NOCSAE standards. 

To offer better protection, it is designed using a matte solid ABS plastic shell. This hard covering makes the helmet strong enough to absorb the forceful impact during a game. 

The Easton Elite X Helmet comes with strategic airflow vents that keep the inside of the helmet cool and dry. 

It also has removable and washable moisture control fabric, which absorbs sweat and keeps the padding odor-free for a longer time. This fabric also makes the helmet much more comfortable for longer wear. 

Additionally, the helmet has chin pads, which are removable and washable. Its ergonomic chin design provides a better fit. 

It also has a black steel cage that is attached to offer better protection to the player. In addition, this cage is designed in such a way that it does not block the view. 

In terms of fitting, the Easton Elite X Helmet is better than the Mizuno G4 Samurai as it has an ergonomic chin cup design. But unlike the All Star System 7 Helmet, this helmet does not have an I-BAR VISION steel cage. 

  • It has an ergonomic chin cup design.
  • It has strategic ventilation ports.
  • The helmet feels comfortable.
  • The steel cage only comes in black color.
EASTON ELITE X Catcher's Helmet, Small, Matte Royal
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION | ABS Thermoplastic shell with black steel cage is designed to keep you...
  • COMFORT | Strategic air vents in addition to plush, wrapped padding with breathable air mesh...
  • SECURE FIT | Extra-wide rear top strap for locked-in adjustment along with ergonomic chin cup...

Best Value for Money Helmet: All Star System 7 Helmet 

This strong ABS resin shell catcher’s helmet is the best value for money helmet for all the right reasons. The All Star System 7 Helmet has an advanced shell design and is comfortable to wear. 

This stylish helmet is light in weight and offers complete protection to the catcher. Moreover, it meets the NOCSAE standards.

Along with the sturdy outer shell, the removable and washable inner dual-density foam liner also makes this helmet a perfect choice. The foam liner keeps the helmet cool, smell-free, and dry all day long. 

It also comes with an I-BAR VISION steel cage, which offers the right kind of protection without blocking the view. To provide more strength to the cage, it has flattened bars. These flattened bars increase the field of vision. 

In terms of safety and protection, the All Star System 7 Helmet is better than the Mizuno G4 Samurai as it has an I-BAR VISION steel cage, which is strong and light in weight. Also, this helmet is better than the Wilson Prestige Helmet as it fits perfectly. 

  • It has an I-BAR VISION steel cage design.
  • It has removable and washable padding.
  • It is made of an ABS resin shell.
  • It is a little pricy.
All Star Adult System Seven Baseball Softball Catchers Helmet, Black
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: This helmet features an impactive-resistant ABS shell, making it one of the...
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: This helmet features an impactive-resistant ABS shell, making it one of the...
  • FULL-GAME COMFORT: Catching is hard work. That’s why worrying about the comfort of your...

Best Cheapest Helmet: Mizuno G4 Samurai 

For catcher’s who want a better, durable, stronger, and cheaper helmet, the Mizuno G4 Samurai is the perfect option. This NOCSAE certified helmet is crafted using the best quality materials to offer a great fit and superior comfort. 

It comes with new and improved features that give it an attractive look. In addition, it is designed using sturdy materials, which makes the helmet strong and lightweight. 

Additionally, the Mizuno G4 Samurai also has three internal foam layers to offer a better cushion for the head. Furthermore, it has DryLite lining to absorb and lock the moisture quickly. The helmet also has adjustable jaw pads to provide extra protection and control. 

Moreover, the helmet comes with thin steel bars, which are strong enough to lessen the ball’s impact and are big enough not to block the catcher’s view. Also, its strategic ventilation ports keep the inner temperature of the helmet under control. 

The Mizuno G4 Samurai is better than the Easton Elite X Helmet when it comes to inner padding, as it has three layers of EVA foam padding. 

  • Has an attractive look.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It has three layers of EVA foam padding.
  • The internal padding can lose after heavy use.
Mizuno G4 Samurai Catcher's Helmet, Black
  • Strategic ventilation system for comfort and breathability
  • 3 Layer EVA foam padding
  • Strong steel framed mask for maximum protection and durability

Best Durable Shield Helmet: Easton Rival Catcher’s Helmet

When it comes to this baseball catcher helmet, the outer shell and the shield’s quality and durability are unmatchable. Honestly, nothing can beat the Easton Reval Catcher’s Helmet when it comes to shield durability. 

This helmet’s face shield is made of high-quality materials that can easily absorb the impact of an incoming ball while keeping the player safe. 

This NOCSAE-certified helmet is one of the few helmets that come with a durable and robust steel cage, which does not limit the view of the field. Other than the robust cage, its ABS shell body also makes it strong. 

It has multi-layer tech foam that absorbs the sweat and keeps the inside of the helmet dry and smell-free. This foam also offers a great fit and disperses the impact. 

In terms of having a solid and durable metal cage, the Easton Rival Catcher’s Helmet is better than the Mizuno G4 Samurai as its face shield is made of solid material. But unlike the Easton Elite X Helmet, this helmet does not have an ergonomic chin design. 

  • It has multi-layer tech foam.
  • It has a high-strength steel face mask.
  • It has strategically placed air vents.
  • It has only two color options.
Easton Rival Catcher's Helmet, Navy, Large
  • Large (hat size 7-1/8 – 7-7/8), Small (hat size 6-1/8 – 7)
  • Modern rubberized matte finish
  • ABS shell with strategically placed air vents for maximum ventilation and uncompromising...

Best Maximum Protection Helmet: Wilson Prestige Helmet 

A baseball catcher needs a great quality helmet that can offer maximum protection. And one such helmet is the Wilson Prestige Helmet

For better protection, this helmet is designed using an ABS shell. Its 360-degree protective design makes it safer and better than other baseball catcher helmets. 

The Wilson Prestige Helmet is better than the Easton Rival Catcher’s Helmet as it is made using a premium-grade ABS shell. However, this helmet does not have three layers of EVM foam padding like the Mizuno G4 Samurai. 

The Wilson Prestige Helmet also comes with well-placed ventilation ports to maintain optimum airflow within the helmet. In addition, these ventilation ports keep the inner padding dry and the temperature inside the helmet under control. 

This terrific black color helmet is light in weight, meaning it won’t strain the neck. In addition, this NOCSAE certified helmet provides maximum protection, comes in different sizes, and fits perfectly. 

  • It has a 360-degree protective design.
  • It is made of premium ABS shell.
  • The helmet has well-placed ventilation ports.
  • It does not have an I-BAR VISION steel cage design.
WILSON Prestige Catcher's Helmet, Black, Small/Medium
  • Premium Grade ABS Shell for maximum protection
  • 360 degree protection from balls and bats
  • Strategic venting to keeping your head

Features to Consider When Buying Baseball Catcher’s Helmet 

The baseball catcher’s helmet is one of the essential safety gear. But buying the right kind of helmet is a tedious job to pull off.

However, you can consider some aspects mentioned below to pick the best baseball catcher’s helmet. 


When picking a baseball catcher’s helmet, make sure that it is neither too big nor tight. An ideal helmet fits perfectly without sliding away or causing headaches. 

To pick the right-sized baseball catcher’s helmet, take a measuring tape and calculate the circumference of your head. Then, by sticking to the measurement, you can pick the right helmet. 


Along with the correct size, the material of the helmet also matters. If any helmet is made of poor-quality materials, avoid buying it as it might not offer the best protection. 

Baseball catcher’s helmets are generally designed using ABS shells and polycarbonate. While ABS has higher impact resistance, polycarbonate is flexible. In addition, both of these materials are light in weight. Thus, they won’t put a strain on the neck. 

Field of Vision

Your baseball catcher’s helmet should have strong and flatten bars that don’t block the field of view. 

Additional Features 

All the baseball catcher’s helmet needs to be NOCSAE certified, meaning they should provide proper safety to the players on the ground. 

The helmets should also have removable and washable inner foam so that the helmet can stay sweat-free and smell-free. Moreover, the baseball catcher’s helmet should also have well-placed ventilation ports to keep the temperature under control. 


Regardless of whether you play baseball professionally or for fun, you should never avoid wearing a sturdy helmet as it can keep you safe from getting injured. 

Ensure that the baseball catcher’s helmet you are buying meets the NOCSAE safety standards; it is light in weight and comes with a high-performance steel cage. 

For better protection and comfort, you can pick any of the helmets that are mentioned above. 

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