Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022

The Bell Bullitt helmet is the glossy black iconic helmet manufactured by Bell Star. This helmet inherits Bell’s classic design since the early 70s. 

The quality that makes it one of the best is its massive viewport. It offers unmatched peripheral vision as compared to other full-face helmets in the market like the Biltwell Gringo. You get a wider aperture, better protection, and it is also 100% ECE and DOT certified. 

Due to the three low-profile carbon composite shells, the Bullitt looks even more appealing to the riders. In addition, on hot summer days, the chin and Venturi vents comfort the user. 

You also get comfortable cheek pads that have speaker pockets crafted on the surface. These cheek pads are made from 100% genuine leather and are removable and washable. 

The best feature about the glossy Black Bell Bullitt helmet is the leather magnetic tab. It acts as a supporting frame to keep the visor and the metal pods attached at their places. 

You might notice a feeble whistle sound from the helmet while riding slow. This is basically the wind noise that arises when you’re keeping the visor partially open. 

The whistling grows stronger at higher speeds (above 75kmph) even if it keeps the shield fully opened. This phenomenon is noticed by many and occurs due to the wide aperture of the Bell Bullitt. The Bell Bullitt comes packed with a ton of features and also satisfies the FMVSS 218 Standards.

  • Better durability due to low-profile carbon composite shells
  • Chin and Venturi vents offer better ventilation
  • Better comfort because of the leather cheek pads
  • Lower affordability due to high selling price
  • Keeping the visor fully opened at higher speeds produces a strong whistling sound.
Bell Bullitt Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Gloss Black, Medium)
  • 3 low-profile carbon composite shells and EPS sizes that are DOT certified and backed with an...
  • Contoured cheek pads with integrated speaker pockets, genuine leather, removable interior
  • Sold with Clear Flat Shield installed

Features To Consider When Buying A Bell Bullitt Helmet 

You may find several sellers in the market offering the best and unbelievable prices for the Bell Bullitt. Unfortunately, the helmets are likely fake. To avoid such scams, consider these features when you consider buying a Bell Bullitt helmet. 


Helmets have certain certifications to approve their quality and safety aspects. The first comes to the DOT rating, which is a remark by the US Department Of Transportation. A helmet that has a DOT rating has worldwide recognition. 

The Bell Bullitt exceeds the DOT standards but lacks an appreciable rating. It scores only 3/5, which can be considered as a low rating in its price range. 

The next universally accepted rating is the ECE certification. To get this certification, a helmet must undergo a set of rigorous tests to ensure maximum safety to the wearer. 

The Bell Bullitt helmet is ECE certified and approved by the Economic Commission for Europe. 

Being ECE certified, it is accepted in the United Kingdom and 46 other countries. To get the approval, the Bell Bullitt is dropped from a certain altitude onto a tough sphere. 

The third globally accepted certification is the SNELL rating. The SNELL rating is predominantly granted for bike racing events. However, you won’t find any SNELL rating on the Bell Bullitt, as it hasn’t been reviewed yet. 

The Bell Bullitt helmet has a decent SHARP safety rating granted by the UK government. It scores a decent 3/5 SHARP rating which is quite appreciable for a helmet in this price range. 

The mainframe of the Bell Bullitt helmets is made of sturdy polycarbonate material. You can find this feature in the most high-end helmets available in the market. Additionally, the Bell franchise has a good track record where most of their models have scored 5/5 DOT ratings. 


To experience better comfort, choose a helmet that matches your head size. There are a plethora of helmet sizes ranging from oval to long oval variants. 

For instance, the Bell Bullitt helmet comes in oval sizes with proper cushioning. 

The Bell Bullitt has the perfect shape and comes with a suede lining that offers optimum comfort to the rider. Moreover, the EPS foam padding works well without being too heavy on the head. 


The best thing about the Bell Bullitt helmet is that it can be easily customized according to your preferred style. There are over seven color variants that range from Gloss Black to Gloss Yellow. 

The first thing most people notice about the helmet is its lustrous design. In terms of appearance, the yellow Bell Bullitt is the most popular vibrant. The matte black version and the other color variants are also simply bang on!


The Bell Bullitt helmet offers the widest viewing range in the open-faced helmet segment. It comes with only two visor variants- bubble and flat. However, you have to purchase colored shields separately if you intend to use them. 

This component is adjustable/removable and is fitted in three positions- up, down, and between. In addition, the Bell Bullitt visors are made from polycarbonate and specially designed to provide a clearer view. 

The flat visor is premeditated to eliminate visual distortion. It is also polarizing that reduces the intensity of the incident sunlight. On the other hand, the bubble-type visor is designed to facilitate better ventilation. 

Moreover, the metal meshes in the bubble-type visor are thicker than the flat-type. 

When it comes to styling, the bubble-type visor gives a more retro vibe than the former. Both these visors have a Magnetofusion closure system to ease adjustments and removal. 


A helmet isn’t worthy-to-purchase if it lacks proper ventilation. If you frequently ride on sweltering metro routes, choose helmets with multiple air vents. It is because riders wearing helmets without adequate ventilation are more prone to heat strokes.

The Bell Bullitt is a well-ventilated helmet with multiple air vents on the frame. Here, we have a chin and Venturi ventilation system featured on the Bell Bullitt helmet. These vents cool your chin and the back of your head while riding. 

On inspecting the helmet further, you’ll find five metal mesh intake vents. These structures allow the hot air inside to move through the vents. The most significant air vent is the one placed at the top of the helmet. 

It only allows air transfusion and prevents water leakage at the same. The upper vent in the Bell Bullitt helmet makes the outer frame more aerodynamic. Moreover, you can open/close the chin vent from the interior, and it has minimal turbulence. 


Other than ventilation, look for straps attached at the bottom of the helmet. In addition, the Bell Bullitt helmets have a quick buckle release system that offers better convenience. 

It helps to remove or mount your helmet easily while commuting daily frequently. Another feature to consider while buying a helmet is the double-ring setup. 

The double ring setup is useful for riders who ride sporty bikes on the track. In addition, most Motocross helmets come with durable double-ring setups. 

You can adjust the setup manually by twisting the ring frame. However, the double-ring setup is difficult to adjust with leather gloves. 


There are over three shell sizes- Adult, Moto9, and Youth. The Youth variant is the smallest and is specially designed for riders below 25 years. However, the Moto9 is medium-sized, and adult being the largest. 

Each shell size variant is further categorized into six fitting sizes that range from XS to 2XL. You can try a helmet larger than your preferred size to get the perfect fit. It is because the Bell Bullitt has an intermediate oval shape. 

The bubble-type variant is more spacious than the flat type. It is because you get more room between the face and visor in a bubble-type Bell Bullitt.

Other Features

Another feature to consider for a Bell Bullitt helmet is the chin guard. The chin guard is also a safety and comfort feature attached to the Bell Bullitt. As the Bell Bullitt is an open-faced helmet, the chin guard is smaller than the open-faced ones. 

This component is added to the lower front side of the helmet. Bell minimized the chin guard to the lowest possible size so that it matches with the front aperture. The chin guard is also a visual effect that maximizes the aperture height. 

Moreover, the chin guard comes with a small air vent installed on the inside. You can easily open/close by adjusting the inner slide. The Bell Bullitt chin guard holds the speaker pockets on the cheek pads. 


Your helmet is like the guardian angel that protects you while you ride. The Bell Bullitt never fails to offer top-notch comfort and safety. Moreover, this piece of perfection is no less than a precious crown. Loaded with features, the Bell Bullitt satisfies all universally adopted safety measures. So, place your order online, and bring the gloss black Bell Bullitt home. 

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