Does Bell Make Good Motorcycle Helmets

Does Bell Make Good Motorcycle Helmets?

Whether it’s a touring motorcycle, cruiser, or sports bike, all of us know the hazards of open vehicles. Motorcycles are far less crashworthy than cars. Sure, it’s a lot of fun, but the danger associated with it is something we can’t ignore.

Here comes the concept of helmets. Unfortunately, while there are a solid number of helmet brands, only a few provide unmatched functionality, quality materials, and reasonable price points.

Bell Helmets is definitely one of them.

Apart from Bell helmets’ super-cool look and style, they are one of the best ones providing optimum protection at reasonable pricing. 

About Bell Helmets

Bell Helmets was established in 1956 as a division of Bell Auto Parts. Later in 2016, Vista Outdoor, an American helmet and bicycle maker, acquired Bell Auto Parts.

Bell Richter, the founder, has been an untiring guiding light for the company throughout its journey. Richter took an interest in those with a speed-hungry disposition and delivered exceptional products to enable the next generation boundary breakers.

Why Do We Like Bell Helmets?

Bell has been consistent in the motorcycle industry for over 60 years with its vintage visage style and graphics. Although it has a larger presence in dirt racing, it continues to deliver ‘tried and tested’ products with ongoing research and development.

Bell offers some of the best-in-class features and has an undeniably massive range of helmets in several categories. So let’s learn what we like most about Bell helmets:

  • Bell helmets suit most riding styles and types.
  • Great for both amateur and professional riders.
  • Affordable pricing. 
  • Reliable retention systems and great fit structure. 
  • Most helmets have exceptional ventilation systems with flow adjust.
  • Almost all helmets are SNELL and DOT certified.
  • Bell manufactures helmets for both men and women.
  • Great for off-road and everyday tracks too.
  • It has produced some of the sturdiest motorcycle helmets. 
  • Bell provides a 5-year warranty for all motorcycle helmets to be repaired or replaced free of charge.
  • Bell provides Crash Replacement Program for customers across the United States and some European countries. 

Bell is a trusted brand for many top Motocross, Supercross riders, and Formula 1 racers like Lewis Hamilton, Eli Tomac, Jake Weimer, and Tyler Bowers.

What Don’t We Like About Bell Helmets?

Undoubtedly, Bell provides top-notch helmets which have an unrivaled ventilation system and premium durable make. 

But there are also a few common downsides of Bell helmets that have concerned many users. 

  • Some helmets have stitch and seam-related issues, which cause discomfort while riding. 
  • Sound protection is a consistent issue with most Bell helmets.
  • Insufficient padding in some helmets.
  • Some helmets are pretty heavy on the head.

Some of The Best Bell Helmets (2021)

Bell is among the few leading brands known for delivering durable helmets that provide optimum protection. Here are some of Bell’s extremely popular helmets and why. 

#1 Bell Scout Air Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

  • Open Face
  • TriMatrix shell

#2 Bell Pit Boss Helmet

  • Open Face
  • Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon blend
  • Adjustable fit

#3 Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet – Blackout

  • Full face
  • Quick-release system

#4 Bell Custom 500 Helmet

  • Open Face
  • Thin profile shell

#5 Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

  • Open face
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system
  • Compatible with stereo and intercom systems


Bell Helmets is known for its purpose-built helmets, which are specifically designed to meet certain standards and functions in mind. It is undoubtedly one of the most incredible performance tools for motorcycle riders over the years. 

Bell continues to set new industry standards by incorporating weight reduction, increased protection, and airflow in the helmets, enhancing overall rider performance and experience.

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