10 Best ski helmet under $100

Searching for best ski helmet under $100 endeavor to buy a helmet that not just falls in our range but also provide protection and comfort at the same time.

As you all must know, how important is to wear helmet in any physical sport. Helmets protect your head and face from small injuries to severe head injuries like concussion or any brain injury. It is important to wear protection gears while having a good time of your life.

Best ski helmet under $100

Should we wear helmet while skiing?

Many people argue if we should or shouldn’t wear a helmet while skiing. The answer is yes! We should definitely wear a helmet while skiing. Ski helmets will protect you from small cuts and scratches that may result from any tree branches. They also protect you from sever injuries during big falls or collisions.

Though there is less likelihood of getting injured while skiing, but sometime bad luck comes in a way and you get yourself injured.

Skiing is a not a dangerous game but you must take precautionary measure before going into any physical game to protect yourself.

Helmet saves your life.

Now, if you have decided to go in skiing then you must select a best helmet for yourself. You don’t have sufficient budget, it doesn’t matter. Life comes first, than anything else.

Top 10 best ski helmet under $ 100

Here, we have search through the various helmets that are available in minimal price but still offers advanced functionality and best performance. We have list down the names of 10 best ski helmet under 100$ with their characteristics, detailed features and pricing. Hopefully, you will get the one that you are looking for yourself or maybe better than that.

1. Outdoor Master KELVIN Ski Helmet- Best men ski helmet

Best ski helmet under $100

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Outdoor master helmet is considered as one of the best men ski helmet as it provides unmatchable value, style and protection all at the same time. This is an ideal helmet for young men as it provides both looks and safety that is what we usually look in a helmet.

This helmet comes in nine different colors to cater the needs of all. It’s a well built helmet, the material used in its construction is reinforced ABS for outer shell and EPS lining with shock absorption ability is instilled in the interior of the helmet.

To ensure safety, the helmet is conforming to the ASTM safety standards. It’s a lightweight helmet and weighs only 1.3 pounds. Select this helmet to conquer your sloppy, snow filled day in beautiful mountains. It ensured that you stay safe in your snowy adventures and still look good.


This helmet is super affordable, it provides you maximum value at the lowest price. If you are looking for cheaper resources for your skiing love, then you must consider this option as it is worth spending a helmet.

Adjustable fit:

The helmet offers a great fit for its users. It comes with an adjustable dial that allows you to get a customized fit according to your head size. For safety, you must have a good and snug fit helmet.


The helmet ensures that it create ease and comfort in your life. All the comfortable padding, ear puddings, and inner fleece lining that are used to keep you warm in that cold weather are removable. You can also wash them to keep the helmet clean and can be used again.

In-class Airflow:

For perfect ventilation, 14 different vents designed in a helmet to maintain a continuous airflow. This will keep the rider fresh, energetic, and comfortable for a longer period while skiing.

  • Super affordable
  • Well made helmet
  • Excellent easy adjusting mechanism
  • Maintains warmth throughout your day
  • Suitable only for Round shape head

2. Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

Best ski helmet under $100

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These helmets are widely liked helmets for their quality, comfort, and protection. Wildhorn is also official suppliers of the US official ski team and many other clubs and teams. These helmets enriched you with the confidence to thrive more and get success in life. That’s why its one of the
best ski helmet under $100.

The helmet comes in different amazing covers. They are manufactured to offer comfort in all possible ways. It’ll be hard for you to get a more comfortable ski helmet. The helmet is compliant with ASTM safety standards.

For extra comfort and protection, the helmet comes with an ultra-soft interior. One additional feature is that its soft ear pads come with sound compatibility which can further be removed for used in a bit warmer skiing conditions.

Ergonomic design:

Most ski helmets are heavy and uncomfortable. This helmet is carefully designed to provide the
best possible fit, comfort, and protection to the skier so you’ll be able to get far beyond your limits. You’ll able to achieve your passion with comfort and style instead of looking like a wobble head.


This is one of the lighter ski helmets available in the market. It is on average 25% lighter in comparison to its competitors. The helmet is manufacture using the latest composite technology which results in the lightest and value giver ski helmet. This helmet weighs up to 18 ounces.

Fine-tune Fit:

This helmet comes with an advanced FTF wheel for ideal adjustments. It has micro-adjustment functions that help you in achieving the desired fit even without taking off the helmet. Just a quick turn of a wheel, you’ll get the perfect fit.

VNT technology:

It comes with a unique VTN technology which offers a temperature control ventilation system.By using both dire and indirect airflow and vents, it achieves the required temperature. Simply by sliding, you can open and close the vents.

  • Adjustable temperature control system
  • Super lightweight
  • Great fit
  • Nicely manufactured with comfortable padding
  • This helmet doesn’t have MIPS

3. Retrospec Traverse H1 Convertible Ski Helmet

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This helmet comes with an advanced approached that no helmet should be restrained to use seasonally, instead it should be available to every call of outdoor sport regardless of weather. It makes sure that you take part in every adventure that has a call for you.

For this purpose, the helmet is designed carefully to make it beneficial to use in all weathers. It comes with 11 installed vents to provide maximum airflow when needed. These will keep you comfortable and wicks away all the moisture.

They also provide very cooperative customer service for any damage or craftsmanship problem.The helmet is CPSC and EN certified for safety. The helmet weighs less than 2 pounds.

Protective Interior:

It has quite soft ear puddings and a fleece lining inside the helmet to keep their users warm and comfortable in cold weathers for all day long. The interior liner of the helmets also regulates air flow and its rim maintains the warmth and takes the moisture out.

Convertible helmet:

This is the most inspiring feature in this helmet. Without any effort, you can take out the earmuffs and the fleece cap. After removing them, you can easily install the extra pads that come with it to get a perfect comfortable customized fit bicycle helmet.

The ultra plush and warm ski helmet is now converted into a lighter and simple bike helmet.

Chin straps:

The chin strap of helmet also has extra soft padding to make you feel comfortable all day long it will eradicate the simple nylon strap chaffing which cause discomfort for rider after some time.

Rear clip:

As goggles are important for skiers, to give use ease that helmet comes with an installed rear clip that helps you to secure your snow goggles while you skiing so hard.

  • Great looks
  • Reasonably priced
  • Keeps you warm in cold weather
  • Customizable capability; can be converted into a bicycle helmet
  • Some users find earmuffs doesn’t have snug fitting

4. SMITH Optics Unisex Adult Ski Helmet-Best ski helmet for women

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Smith holt helmet is strongly built, hardcore and perfect for all season helmets. Smith is one of the leading brand names in the field of helmets. The helmet comes with various options for beautiful colors and fit and considered as one of the best ski helmet for women.

It’s because of various color options, outclass performance and bombshell protection. The helmet is constructed using materials that results in powerful, unmatchable and robust head gear.

These helmets are also designed in way to work with goggles like fully integrated system. You will not find any problem if you wear goggles with this helmet. The helmet is CPSC and ASTM certified. Its total weight is 550 grams.

Regulate Air Flow:

The helmet is fully breathable .the open cells constructed in helmet makes sure that cool air comes in and expel the heat wave from user’s head. An aero core construction integrates these open cells with inner channels to endow with great ventilation protection.

Self adjusting fit:

The helmet comes with minimal adjustable system that allows you to adjust it easily by your hand. It makes sure that you get a perfect customized fit.

Bombshell ear muffs:

The earmuffs used are of solid and comfortable foam. They not only helps to keep you warm but also save you from sound distractions.

Removable lock:

An additional feature that this helmet possesses it comes with removable goggles lock to gives you ease throughout your skiing adventure.

  • Keep your head warm
  • Comfortable
  • It offers great fit
  • Removable goggles lock clip
  • Doesn’t come with adjustable vent openings

5. Lucky Bum Adult Snow Ski Helmet-Best Adult ski helmet

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This helmet is also taken into account as best adult ski helmet. It provides adults everything that they desire in a helmet at a very reasonable price range. The helmet offers you comfort ability, durability, and protection. It also gives you style and makes you look good but most of all its very functional and makes it to best ski helmet under $100.

The helmet is durable and also offers reliability by ensuring manufacturers limited lifetime guarantee for any defects or damage. The helmet complies with EN standards and has CE certification.

The helmet is constructed to be lightweight but yet tough and rugged. An ABS shell and EPS lining is used to give protection from high impacts. The helmet weighs less than 1.2 pounds.

Climate control:

This is an important feature if you are skiing whole day long, then comfort ability and temperature matters. It comes with a lever; with just one push you can auto tune your air flow to fully enjoy your ride.

Micro-dial Fit system:

The helmet comes with an adjustable dial to get customized fit. You can turn it to right and left to loosen or tighten the helmet to achieve perfect fit.


It comes with removable ear padding and liners that allows you to get customized warmth while wearing helmet. These liners and pads are removable washable and can be used again. The internal lining is hypoallergenic and anti bacterial.

Chin straps:

To add more to your comfort ability, the helmet comes with extra padding on chin straps so you won’t feel annoyed on your fully adventurous day.

  • Great looks with lots of functionality
  • Secured goggle clip at the back
  • Provides perfect fit
  • Affordable
  • The adjusting knob at the back creates discomfort for users
  • The front of helmet is bit and it is bit difficult to adjust big goggles with them

6. Retrospec Traverse H3  Ski Helmet- Best kid ski helmet

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This helmet is specifically designed for kids and toddlers and is one of the best kid ski helmet.With this helmet, your little ones are ready to take on snowy slopes on mountains. It offers maximum protection and comfort to its users.

The helmet protects you from all the bumps and hits that you can possibly experience while skiing. It is durable and reliable as it come with shock absorption and antic scratch abilities. This will not only give you protection but also give long lasting life to your helmet.

The helmet also possess adjustable chin strap that allows the user to have personalized and protected fit. This strap grants safety and guarantees stability of helmet. The helmet is CPSC certified. The helmet weighs around 1 pound.

Ear muffs:

Soft and plush earmuffs that are instilled in helmet for comfort and offers warmth that a person needed while skiing. They are also removable if you don’t want to use.

Breath ability:

A special plush fleece cap is inserted in the helmet that regulates the overall warmth and cool of
the helmet. It wicks away all the unnecessary moisture. It has 10 special vents to regulate internal
temperature of helmet.

Goggle clip:

An important feature of ski helmets is to have goggle clip. That should be strongly built and must be durable to keeps the goggles safe and sound in a place. It is placed at the back of the helmet. You will ski all day long down the mountains without fear of losing the goggles.

  • Lightweight
  • Economically priced
  • Variety of color options available
  • Adjustable fit and chin strap
  • Ear muffs could be bit tight
  • Goggles strap clip is poorly designed

7. Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet

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Giro is the top leading helmet brand.With its simple design, it’s a sleek, elegant and durable helmet available in reasonable price.

This is for you to look good, feel good and perform well. Its hard shell construction makes it durable and offer maximum protection. Its internal liner also protects from severe injuries caused by hits or falls.

The helmet is designed to fit to all either small heads or big heads as it comes in three different sizes with in form adjustability system. The helmet conforms to ASTM and CE standards. Its total weight is 2.4 pounds makes it a lighter helmet to use.

Super cool:

The helmet appends to have 6 super cool vents to regulate ventilation system. These vents have netted covers that drag in cool air and drags out warm air to maintain the cool of the rider.

In Form fit:

The helmet has very modest and easy in form fit system that comes with a dial. You can have dial in fit of your helmet in few seconds even without taking your gloves off. This dial allows you to have customized adjustment up to 6 cm and have snug fit.

Optimize vision:

It helps you to increase your angled vision by a feature that involves vertical turning .It helps to adjust the tilt of helmet on your head clear peripheral vision and also offer great fit along with goggles.

Additional feature:

One of the best additional features it comes with is that it is attuned with all aftermarket tune ups systems.

  • Offers value and durability in reasonable price
  • In form dial fit system
  • Have awe inspiring matte color options
  • Warm and comfortable
  • No removable ear pads
  • Some users find chin strap is not adjustable enough
  • Fixed venting system

8. Smith Men’s Aspect Helmet-Best ski helmet for men

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This smith helmet is widely appreciated in skiers and also getting popular as best ski helmet for men. Smith manufactures robust, value generating and stylish helmets. Take this helmet to the mountains and get the best of it.

It provides you efficient performance and everlasting protection. The shell of helmet is constructed using in mold technology that protects you from even the smallest hits or high impact crash.

This process used to make the helmet lighter in weight and stronger in structure. The helmet weighs only 14 oz. the helmet is ASTM and CE EN certified to ensure you complete protection and durability.

Dial Fit:

The helmet comes with adjustable dial fit system placed at the back. It ensures that helmet rider gets the best nice fit every time you wear the helmet.

Snap fit:

Snap fit ear pads also allow you to have a snug fit and makes sure you get to adjust your helmet according to your size. They also used to provide you warmth that is required while skiing in high temperatures.

Climate control:

You can easily adjust the temperature of the helmet according to your comfort level. It has 14 vents to regulate the temperature. You can keep the heat inside if you think it’s cold and brings the heat wave out when needed.

Air Evac 2 ventilation system :

The air Evac 2 is ventilation system that integrates the internal channels with vents to take out the sweaty air around the goggles out of the helmet.

Goggle lock:

It also come with removable goggles lock for convince. You can easily attach or remove them when needed.

  • Lightweight
  • Fits well
  • Adjustable vents
  • Keep the head warm
  • Goggle snap is not of good quality
  • Sizing differs but be cautious while buying

9. Giro Nine Snows ski  Helmet

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Giro Snow helmets is one of the best ski helmet under $100.This gives you much more value than its price. This helmet offers you advanced features in minimal pricing. It offers functionality, performance and durability.

With its hard shell construction it offers you lightweight, sturdy and strong helmet. The helmet offers you utmost protection and comfort. The helmet weighs 2.4 pounds.

In form dial:

It has in form fit system that makes it quite easy to adjust the helmet fit in few seconds. You can do it even with your gloves on. This is an eco friendly dial placed at the back of the helmet give you adjustability up to 6 cm.

Adjustable vents:

This comes with customized ventilation system. You can open the vents in spring days and close them on cold snowy days. You just have to slide the vents to make yourself comfortable.

Audio ready:

The ear pads designed in a way that you can install you after market audio in the slots that are on them to enjoy your trip with every accessory you have.

Stack Vent:

It designed based on massive research which exhausts the hot air which causes fog from the top vent of goggle. It is to Integrating the stack vent in your helmet with the vents of your goggles to
keep them fog free.

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable ventilation system
  • Adjustable tightening pads
  • Has inserts for audio chips
  • Exquisite fit
  • Padding around the forehead is bit uncomfortable
  • It doesn’t come with ear muffs

10. Anon Men’s Maximum Warmth Blitz Ski Helmet

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This superlative helmet is not only considered as best ski helmet under $100 but also the best men helmet with adjustable vents. It has a classic design, brim and a heavy-duty helmet. It is specially designed for men. This helmet can be used in different snow sports.

The helmet is constructed using single endure shell to give reliability, ever-lasting durability and robustness. The helmet is built in a way to provide ding-resistant potency.

The anon helmet is designed to be seamlessly used with anon goggles. Goggles are not included.
This helmet is certified with ASTM standards. The weight of helmet is 482 grams.

Climate control:

The helmet comes with active control of temperature in the helmet. You can control it just with the use of you hands. You open the vents if you feel warm and you can close the vents if you feel cold. It’s all in your hands.

Simple fit:

The helmet comes with simple fit adjustment. You can remove the ear pads and inner liner to make your helmet low profile lightweight helmet for light feel.

Goggle clip:

This helmet comes with a removable goggle clip that is positioned at backs and allows you to secure your goggle straps in a position.

Moisture wicking lining:

A fleece lining is instilled in the helmet to keep you warm in cold weather and also has moisture wicking properties. It wicks all the sweat during tough snow games.

  • Great protection
  • This helmet keeps you warm even in minus temperatures
  • Simple and quick fit adjustment
  • Customized ventilation
  • The helmet size runs quite small
  • The brim is bit big

Top  things to consider when buying a Best Ski Helmet Under $100

Every helmet somehow has similar features with a bit of difference. While buying helmet, you must know what features you have to look for in a helmet. Here, are few important features that you must look for in a best ski helmet under $ 100.


The helmet must be built strong and sturdy enough to provide you complete protection.Protection is paramount feature while buying helmet. The helmet must be able to protect you from small abrasions to higher impacts.

The best way to know about the protection performance of helmet is, it must conforms to any safety standard preferably ASTM standards. The ASTM safety standards are for ski helmet. The helmet must possess a safety standard. If the helmet has this, it means that it’s built with high quality material, provides maximum protection and offer maximum levels of comfort.

Ventilation, adjustable or unchanging:

Ventilation is very important factor to look for in a ski helmet. Vents are important because they keep you fresh and ventilated. These day days many helmets come with adjustable ventilation system. The point is which one is good.

Personally, I like the helmet with the adjustable vents. In this, you can open or close the vents, by just sliding them with your finger. If you are feeling cold, you can close the vents to keep yourself warm. If you are feeling hot and sweaty, you can open them. How simple it is.

Other than this number of vents also matters. Higher the number of vents, perfect the ventilation system would be. We have almost already mentioned the number of vents each helmet possesses.

Interior liners:

Liners are important because they provide comfort and warmth while skiing. Comfort is the most important factor after protection. High quality liners provide comfort fit, warmth to the wear. It also comes with moisture wicking properties. It wicks away all the moisture that makes you uncomfortable while skiing.

Some helmets have fleece netted lining inside the helmet which is also provides the required amount of ventilation and warmth a wearer needs. Thus, helmets with good lining and soft padding are the once which you should prefer.


Modern helmets coming these days are very light. Gone the days, when you buy a heavy helmet thinking that it will provide best protection. These days light helmet also have features that able to offer the highest level of protection. Other than this, the lighter helmets are more comfortable while skiing and you won’t feel any kind of weight or burden on your shoulders or create any pressure points on your head.


Some of the best helmets are not those with higher brand names and price tags. You can also find the best helmet in lower prices also. Hopefully, by reading this article you have selected best ski helmet under $ 100.Just make sure that while skiing you must have a helmet on your head that provides protection as well as comfort.


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