Best Ski helmets for toddlers

10 Best Ski Helmets for Toddlers In 2022

When it comes to finding the ski helmet for our little bunnies, we look for the best ski helmets for toddlers. For this, it should be a thorough procedure that includes an extensive search in finding the best helmet that provides maximum protection, reliability, and comfort to our little ones.

For parents, more than anything safety of a child matters in outdoor or physical sports. Be it a toddler, kid or an adult everyone should helmet while going for skiing or any other activity that requires helmet as a safety gear.

Best Ski helmets for toddlers

For some parents, it’s their first experience to look helmet for their first newborn grown-up toddler to whom they are taking to skiing for his first experience. So, it makes them nervous too and they wanted the best helmet that provides safety to their little ones.

Top 10 ski helmets for toddlers in 2021:

You don’t need to worry. Here we are with the list of 10 top ski helmets for toddlers with their detailed review. You don’t need to have a search anymore. Hopefully, this list will help you in selecting the best ski helmet for your toddler.

1. Retrospec Traverse H3 Ski  Helmet

Best Ski helmets for toddlers

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This helmet is specifically designed for toddlers and kids. With this helmet, these little people will be ready to go on the slopes to the street. This helmet can be converted into a ski or snowboard helmet. It provides safety reliability and durability to its customers. The helmet is designed to give comfort and constructed in a way to give maximum protection.

The durable and strong ABS material is used which gives protection and durability to its users. This hard material which is used for the exterior of the helmet gives you protection from any bumps or mishaps. It also gives your helmet maximum scratch resistance and makes it durable.

For the interior of the helmet EPS foam lining is used. It gives you a lightweight and secured protection. This will also save your kid’s head from high and low impacts. It will provide maximum protection along with comfort.

The helmet also provides you soft and plush earmuffs that provide comfort as well as warmth to your child during skiing. The earmuffs are removable to give you ease during different situations.

The plush material used along with the fleece netted cap maintains and regulates overall temperature by wicking away all the unnecessary moisture.

To provide the maximum comfort, the helmet comes with 10 temperature regulating vents and keeps the temperature of the helmet that’s is required. It also maintains a continuous inflow of breeze and keeps the little one cool and dry from sweating.

It also ensured to fulfill all the needs of the helmets as it comes with a durable and sturdy goggles clip that will keep the goggles of your child safe and secured in a place.

The helmet also comes with an adjustable chin strap which allow the user to have a customized and secure fit. It provides safety and ensures the stability of the helmet. The helmet is CPSC 16 CFR certified. The helmet has a total weight of 1 pound.

  • Lightweight
  • Plush removable ear muffs
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Rear goggle clip to keep your toddlers goggle
  • Some users complained that ear muffs are tight for their children

2. Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet

Best Ski helmets for toddlers

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Smith Jr helmet is specifically designed for junior bunnies who want to do skiing or skateboarding. This helmet provides protection, uniformity, and comfort. They provide a comfortable and secure fit for their users. When your kids are on mountains, this helmet gives them great protection and safety along with comfort.

The shell of the helmet is made up of polycarbonate material that turn out to be the lightweight helmet yet with a strong and sturdy structure. The material used for construction provides maximum scratch resistance and impact protection. It is resilient to any high or low impact and saves your child’s head.

It is constructed by using in-mold technology to give you a lightweight helmet so that it may not feel like a burden on your child’s tiny head. It also provides you adult worthy safety and security in a kid or toddler specific helmet.

The soft and plush tricot lining is used inside the helmet which gives your child the comfort and softness that is needed while wearing a helmet. On the other hand, lining used in helmets provides protection to your head from pressures and impacts.

This helmet comes with an adjustable temperature control ventilation system. It has 6 air vents in the helmet. This system will allows you to maximize the airflow when needed by opening the vents and allows you to stop the airflow or decrease it by closing the vents on chiller and colder spots.

For a comfortable and secure fit, the helmet comes with an adjustable dial fit system. It allows the users to adjust the helmet according to different shapes and sizes of the head to get a perfect fit. A perfect and comfortable fit is important for greater protection and safety.

The helmet comes with a removable goggle lock. You can easily put on or off your kid’s glasses and they also have a lock that they can adjust easily within the helmet and saves from falling. The weight of the helmet is 350 grams. It has the following safety certifications ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B.

  • Lightweight in-mold construction
  • Adjustable dial fit system
  • Airflow climate control
  • Removable goggle lock
  • Some users complained that sizes of the helmet may run large.

3. Giro Launch Children Snowboard Ski Helmet

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Giro is one of the best brand manufacturing helmets. They are designed to have very attractive and colorful designs for little skiers. These helmets have the finest technologies with perfect performances. They offer a comfortable and secure fit along with maximum protection.

The shell of the helmet is constructed using in-mold technology that molds the tougher outer shell of polycarbonate material and then attached it with the helmet’s inner lining. The outer shell of the helmet is tough, strong, and rugged. It has scratch resistance and shock absorption capacity to provide maximum protection to the user.

This in-mold technology used in construction makes the helmet lighter in weight. The EPS foam liner used inside the helmet not only provides comfort to the users but also gives protection as it is resilient to high and low impacts thus saves your kids from injuries during any mishap.

This helmet comes with in Form fit system which gives convenience by dialing in and has accustom fit in few seconds, You can even do this with your gloves. This easy to use dial is placed at the bottom of the helmet that you can adjust up to 6 cm and increases the stability of your child who is wearing this helmet.

The vertical tuning of the helmet which is also an important feature can clasp different goggles and accommodate different head sizes for a perfect fit that is free of any gaps between goggles and helmet.

For ventilation purposes, the supper cool vents are placed at the top of the helmet that allows the hot air to go out and keeps the user cool and dry. In-mold technology used in helmets also makes them cooler than traditional helmets. These super vents keep the kids comfortable and calm all day long.

The soft pliable and comfortable ear pads are installed in the helmets to keep your kids relaxed and comfy in the mountains. The helmet has CE EN1098 safety certification.

  • In Form Fit System trough a dial
  • Vertical Tuning feature
  • Soft, plush liner and ear pads
  • playful design
  • The sizes of helmets may run smaller than you expected

4. Giro Launch Combo Kids Ski Helmet with Matching Goggles

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Giro is a leading brand in helmets. Giro is manufacturing helmets for decades. They focus on quality design and development of the helmet. This helmet is specifically designed for kids. Their colors along with beautiful graphics are also an attractive feature for the kids. This is from the product line of the above mentioned Giro’s helmet.

The shell of the helmet is made up of the latest in-mold technology to make the helmet lightweight yet strong. The polycarbonate shell material is used in construction to make it tough and rugged. The material used has anti-scratch resistance. It also makes the helmet resilient to any low or high impacts.

For ventilation, the helmet has very efficient cool vents on the top of the helmet. It ensures that the hot hair to escape and allows the cool light breeze to keep your kid cool all day long. It will also keep your child comfortable in mountains even for longer hours.

This helmet also comes with an installed soft, pillow-like liner and ear pads.these will keep your kid warm and comfy on the mountains while skiing.

The helmet has an inner  form fit system that includes a dial through which you can have a custom fit in few seconds. You can do that even with the gloves on. The dial of the helmet is inserted at the base of the helmet and can be adjusted up to 6 also helps in increasing your stability.

One more important feature of this helmet like the above-mentioned Product is vertical tuning. It means that the helmet ensures a perfect fit for various goggles and different head shapes. By this, it provides a perfect customized fit and leaves no space between your goggles and helmet.

The helmet comes with goggles which are designed to fit effortlessly to toddlers and a perfect fit for this helmet. The goggle has double layers face foam. It has dual-lens which has anti-fog coating to keeps your view free of fog. The helmet is compliance with CE EN1077.

  • Helmet fit system
  • Customized goggles with anti fog coating
  • Vertical tuning
  • Soft ear pads
  • Some users complained about goggles that they are of not very good quality

5. Wildhorn Spire  Ski Helmet w/Goggles

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Wildhorn helmets are famous for the quality, innovation and convenience they provide. They ensure that their users have more fun experience using their products. They always aim for the best and more innovative products for their customers that ensure safety as well as comfort.

The helmet is constructed using in-mold technology to offer a lightweight helmet along with maximum protection. This construction provides a adult worth safety through a child helmet.

This advanced technique of making a helmet allows the outer shell made of polycarbonate is merged with EPS foam in the interior of the helmet. It also makes sure that foam must absorb the shock from any low or high impacts.

For a custom fit, the helmet comes with an already installed dial which ensures customized fit for various head shapes and sizes. It ensures that every customer gets a perfect and comfortable fit.The spire has passed all the requirements for safety and has ASTM certification.

It also comes with a premium goggles .the lens used for the helmet is compatible to use in either conditions such as sunny or cloudy. It also has semi mirroring which ensures that parents or instructors can see the eyes of the kid. It also has an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. The straps of the goggles can be easily adjusted.

One great feature of the helmet is that it comes with two liners.It ensures that if your kid grew faster which most kids do, you can change the liner according to the size and fit of their current sizing.

The helmet has a good ventilation system to ensure that fresh air comes in and escapes warm and
hot air from your helmet. This will also keep goggles free of fog.

  • Detachable lining and ear pads
  • Adjustable dial
  • Removable mini visor
  • Provide maximum protection
  • The helmet don’t come with goggles

6. LANOVAGEAR Ski Helmet for Kids

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Lanvogear ski helmet is designed to provide durability and reliability. This helmet ensures maximum solid protection for their customers. They offer comfort, safety and novelty to their customers. The helmet makes sure that kids get full protection in every outdoor game.

The outer shell of the helmet is made up of ABS material to give a strong tough and rugged helmet to its users. It ensures that the helmet can absorb any high or low impacts during collisions and provide maximum protection.

For the interior, high-density EPS material is used which is evenly distributed all over the helmet so that the whole helmet gives you protection from impacts through different directions. It ensures the complete safety of your children. The lining used in the interior of the helmet is very soft and plush keeps your child comfortable and warm all day long.

The helmet comes with an adjustable dial fit. It’s just a simple dial which can be operated with one hand. Twist it clockwise to tighten the fit and anti-clockwise to lose the helmet. It can easily be customized according to your perfect fit.

To attain perfect ventilation, the helmet has an acronymic design and comes with 13 vents, These vents keep the temperature of the helmet which is required for the comfortability of the users.The vents are strategically placed at the top, back, and front to regulate the airflow.These vents will keep the snow out and allows the inflow and outflow of fresh air.

This helmet also comes with removable soft earpads for convenience. These ear pads will keep your child warm on the mountains. It also comes with a removable mini visor to give you protection.

The helmet is ASTM certified for safety purposes.

  • Detachable lining and ear pads
  • Adjustable dial
  • Removable mini visor
  • Provide maximum protection
  • The helmet don’t come with goggles

7. Giro Crue Kids Ski Helmet

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Giro helmets are low profile, comfortable and classic helmet. Your kids can play with confidence on mountains with this finest helmet. This helmet provides you maximum protection and efficient performance .it ensure to give safety, durability and comfort to their users.

The shell of the helmet is constructed with in-mold technology as in all the Giro helmets. It is used to make a hard and tougher outer shell but yet lightweight. It gives you protection from shocks or pressures.

For interior EPS foam liner is used. An in-mold construction, the outer shell is mold end then attached to EPS foam liner. The liner used is comfortable and soft and gives you protection from any high or low impacts during collision and accidents.

In this helmet, the auto-lock 2 fit system is installed which is very durable and easy to adjust. It is designed to give you ease and take you out from the chaos situation of fitting a helmet. For the fitting, there is a fit band at the back of the helmet that combines with a fixed position strap. It adjust your head to a perfect fit when you set your system at any of the given 3 circumference settings.

It also has the verticals tuning as the above-mentioned giro helmets it helps you to set up your goggles without taking off the helmet and leaves no space between them.

This helmet gives you perfect ventilation. It has a stack vent in the front of the helmet that helps you to keep your goggles fog-free. It has other vents openings at the top and back exhaust hot air and helps to keep your kid cool and sweat-free.

The helmet also has a detachable goggle retainer and you can also remove ear pads. These pads are soft and plush and give your warmth on the mountains. It has CE EN108 certification.

  • Hard shell construction
  • Flawless compatibility between goggles and helmet
  • Stack vent ventilation system
  • In form fit system
  • The helmet is bit bulky

8. BeBeFun Toddler and Child ski  Helmet

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Bebefun helmet not only focuses on the protection of their users but also their looks. The helmet not only just provides safety but also wants you to have a fun experience. It comes with very inspiring and attractive colors with beautiful graphics on them.

The shell of the helmet is constructed using Lowe milder technology and the material used ABS. This material makes a very hard and rugged outer shell and also increases its durability. It also provides protection to the kids against bumps and collisions.

For the interior, high-density thick EPS foam liner is used. This foam has the capability to absorb shock and impacts during collisions. The in-mold technology is used to insert EPS in the outer shell and thus makes it lightweight.

To get a custom fit, the helmet comes with a dial. This is inserted on the back of the helmet which you can twist either to lose or tighten the helmet to remain condor table all day long. It gives your child’s head a snug-fitting and adds no extra burden on your child’s shoulder.

For goggles, the helmet comes with an inserted goggle loop which helps you keep your goggles in place to keep them safe. The helmet comes with comfy and soft ear pads which keeps your kid’s head warm and comfortable in the cold mountains.

It has a nylon chin strap which is adjustable and can be adjusted to get a secure fit. The helmet is CE and ASTM certification. It comes in three different exciting colors with beautiful designs on them.

  • CE and ASTM certificated
  • Provides efficient performance
  • Easy adjustment
  • In-mold helmet construction
  • Some users complained about the nylon strap that it doesn’t get tighten much
  • Some users complained that the ear pads are bit flimsy

9. Lucky Bums Toddler  Alpine Doodlebug Ski  Helmet

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It is a very good choice for skiing and snowboarding .The helmet provides you maximum fit, comfort, and protection. It is one of the best choices for the adventures of your little one. It ensures protection, comfort, and durability for their users.

The shell of the helmet is constructed using in-mold technology .this is used to make lightweight but yet strong and sturdy helmets. In this, the helmet’s outer shell is merged with EPS liner in the interior of the helmet. This will also increase the durability of the helmet but also the material used can absorb any low or high impacts.

The helmet is lightweight and its weight less than a pound and thus this helmet makes it easy for children to wear them for a longer period without feeling like a burden.

The helmet has an in-form fit system.It has a adjusting dial at the back. By using a dial, you can easily get a snug fit helmet according to the size of your toddler.

For ventilation purposes, the helmet comes with very efficient ventilating vents. These vents opening keeps your little rider cool and dry from sweat all day long. It provides you comfortable abs satisfactory experience throughout your skiing trip.

It comes with a padded chin strap to give convince to the little toddlers so they won”t feel uncomfortable.

The helmet is CE certified and ensures you full safety and protection.

  • Great quality in less price
  • Lightweight
  • Padded chin strap
  • Adjustable fit system
  • Some users complained about the sizing of the helmet so you must follow the exacts measuring steps
  • The front of the helmet is little high

10. Natuway Ski  Helmet for Kids

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Natuway ski helmets are designed specifically for toddlers and kids. They put their attention on safety, reliability, and comfortability. Their main aim is that their helmet becomes your child’s first helmet. They make their helmet lightweight for toddlers so they don’t feel the burden as this helmet has a total weight equal to the weight of 3 eggs.

The shell of the helmet is constructed using in-mold technology. The material used for the outer shell is polycarbonate which makes the shell hard and durable and can absorb any shocks. For the interior, EPS lining is used which also gives protection and resilience to any impacts or pressures.

The helmet comes with an easy quick unlock buckle which can be operated just one click. The button is designed in a bright color so it’s easy to find and press in white snow. There is also a goggle clip that can hold your goggles in a place.

It also has removable soft pliable ear muffs. These muffs keep your toddler warm in the cold of mountains while skiing.

For adjustments, it has a fit dial. The dial can be adjusted to tighten or loosen the fit of the helmet. It gives you a perfect snug fitting according to your required size.

The ventilation system of the helmet consists of 14 vents opening to provide a perfect venting system. It will keep your kid comfortable for hours of skiing.

The helmet comes with goggles which as anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. The lens of the goggles also has UV protection which saves your eyes from snow, glare, and debris when skiing.

This ski toddler helmet is certified by ASTM F2040-11 safety standard.

  • Lightweight as weight of 3 eggs
  • Adjustable fit dial
  • Quick unlock buckle
  • Helmet comes with goggles
  • Some users complained that the dial of the helmet sometimes stuck
  • Sizes may run large so you must follow the exact measuring procedure

Things consider while buying ski helmets for toddlers [Buying Guide] :

Here are the factors that you must consider while buying toddlers ski helmets .

Perfect Fit:

First of all, one thing you must ensure that the helmet should be of a great fit. The snug and rightly fit helmet should be your first priority. The helmet that is too loose or too tight may cause a problem and would be a threat to your safety. You must follow the exact procedure for measuring the size. For reference, you can view our article How to make ski helmet fit.

With a perfect fit helmet, your child will able to move freely with comfort. Otherwise, he’ll be annoyed and uneasy during your skiing trip.

Safety and protection:

Secondly, you must look for the safety and protection the helmet is providing. The helmet should provide maximum level of protection to your toddlers.

For safety, you must ensure that the helmet is compliance with any of the independent safety standards. You must also look for in mold construction that provides lightweight but yet strong and sturdy helmets along with resistance to shocks and impacts. The helmets we have mentioned above all meet these specific safety standards.


The ventilation system should be important to consider because it not keeps your child cool and comfortable all day long. But it also provides enough flow of air that keeps your goggles fog-free.

It will keep the inflow of light air breeze and outflow of warm and hot air. This should be an important consideration as it will keep your view clean and clear and will not allow your goggles to fog up.

Goggles and other features:

Some helmets come with goggles and some don’t. The helmets which come with goggles, you must ensure that goggles are of good quality and the lens used doesn’t fog up easily. They should be comfortable.

Those helmets which don’t come with goggles you must ensure that they must be compatible with any goggle of other brands. So you don’t face compatibility issues after buying.

One more thing you can also consider colors and designing of the helmets. As these are toddlers’ helmets, they may attract by the graphics and may easily wear them.


Helmets for toddlers are more difficult to find as you want to buy the best one for your toddler’s protection. You don’t want to consider money in terms of the safety of your kids.

So, we have provided you the list of  ski helmets for toddlers with their detailed review. Hopefully, it has helped you in finding the Top Rated ski helmets for toddlers and you don’t have to search it any more.


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