How to measure head for ski helmet

How to measure head for ski helmet

How to measure head for ski helmet

A helmet is the most essential part of your ski kit and you should definitely know how to measure head for ski helmet to get a perfect fit. Helmet should be compulsory for the skiers as it will save your head from severe injuries on those slapdash tracks.

A helmet is your saving armor on your adventurous ski trips. Thus, it is very important for you to get the fit size of ski helmet. (For motorcycle helmet sizing guide see: How to make a motorcycle helmet fit better?)

A ski helmet should have a snug fit that is not too tight and neither too loose. It should be accurately fit and gives you comfort and ease while wearing. With proper fit, you should be able to move comfortably without feeling any burden or stress on your head.

A loose fitted helmet will move here and there on your head like a rattle and tightly fit helmet gives you a feeling of discomfort and uneasiness if you wore it for some time.

Every helmet is designed with different features according to the demands and needs of different groups. A ski helmet is usually designed to give your head a feel of warmness and comfort in that cold weather. Its main purpose is to give you protection and they are made to meet some specific safety standards.

Every ski helmet comes in multiple sizes so does the every skier’s heads. Some have big round heads, some have oval heads and some have small heads.

It all differs from man to man. Some may need helmet in extra small size and some may need in Triple X large size. Even some helmets come with sizing mechanism installed in them. This mechanism will allow the helmet to be adjusted according to the size of the head.With varying sizes and techniques the buyers get confused to get the perfectly sized helmet for their next ski trip.

To get a perfect fit for ski helmet, you must know how to measure head for ski helmet. For this purpose we will give you step by step guide that you can follow to get a perfect helmet fit for yourself. We can understand you’re worrisome before spending your money to get a perfect fit ski helmet. This guide will definitely help you. So, don’t worry.

Determine your head size:

The first and foremost important step in getting perfect fit ski helmet is to take an exact measurement of your head. Take a soft clothing measurement tape and wrap it around your head.The tape should be one inch above your eyebrow level. Mostly helmet sizing charts are given in centimeters, so, try to take the size in centimeters for your ease.

If you don’t have a measuring tape you can take a thread or a rope and measure it against your head. The measurements should be perfect as it all depends on it. It shouldn’t be too tightened or too loose. After that, measure that rope against any sizing scale. In the end you have to compare your size with the sizing chart of the helmet and select the one that matches.

Be physically present:

Be physically present to try it on doesn’t mean that you can’t buy it online.Though; it is preferred to go to the shop and buy the helmet after trying it on. Even if you want to buy online what you can do is after measuring the size compares it with the sizing chart of the helmet you want to buy which is mostly given on the buying sites.

After selecting the most appropriate one, go to the helmet shop and try the helmet of the same size. If you find that it has a proper fit, then you are good to go. If you want to know how to measure head for ski helmet, you should follow this step.

Try it on:

Selecting the perfectly fit helmet means that it is snuggly fits to your head. You must try it on and judge it on every aspect. Your head don’t feel too much compressed or have too much space between your head and helmet. The cheek pads are comfortably touching your cheeks. The liners have snug fitting all around your head and cheek area. You shouldn’t feel any pressure points and discomfort while wearing it on.

Test it:

After putting it on you must test it properly. You should move your head up and down or side by side if the helmet is moving along your head than it’s perfectly fit. If the helmet moves separately to your head it means that it has spaces and is quite loose.

You can buckle it off and can shake your head. If you don’t feel any pressure points or it has snug fit then go with it. You can also try it by wearing for some longer time say 30 minutes in shop. Don’t wonder. You should do this because you are going to spend a handsome amount on your helmet.

Some helmet comes with sizing mechanisms if you don’t find the right one you can use those mechanisms t o get the perfect one for yourself. One thing to keep in mind as you are going to buy ski helmet, you must try it on with goggles. There shouldn’t be any space between your goggles and the helmet. Most ski helmets are designed keeping in mind this point.

Do the double Check:

Before proceeding to buy the helmet, you must cross check it. Sometimes you try the helmet and you think it’s perfect but after buying you realized that it definitely has a problem with fitting.Double checking is better than wasting your money on useless thing. It is of no worth to spend your money on a poorly fit helmet. So, you must double check the helmet before buying.

Go skiing:

Hooray! Pack your things and you are ready to go to skiing. Now your skiing experience will be much more safe and full of fun. When you will safe you are ready to try new things. A helmet will provide the security which is need while doing such adventurous trips. A perfectly fit helmet provides you fun, comfort and security all at the same time.


You will find many people who have problems in finding the perfectly fit ski helmet. Even many people you will find in your real life that they are confused about their helmet size. Is it too small to their size or is it too large. Confusion prevails in their minds.

Helmet is actually becoming compulsory for every skier. Even most agencies don’t allow to skiing without helmet. So, need to get the perfectly sized helmet is increasing.

Hopefully our findings gave you detailed answer of how to measure head for ski helmet. Getting a perfectly fit helmet solely depends upon the steps we have mentioned. Congratulations! By following the step by step you will definitely get the right sized ski helmet for your head.

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