Best Full Face Mtb Helmet

10 Best Full Face Mtb Helmet (Updated 2022)


Helmets are considered as imperative protective gear for riders and it’s the only essence which he definitely should keep while riding. MTB is an emerging sport between riders to thrive and succeed. Picking the best full face mtb helmet is important for the rider’s arsenal of protective gear.

What is MTB Helmet?

This helmet provides more coverage to the head of the rider in comparison to road helmets. They are designed to be lighter in weight and much more ventilated to offer comfort and confidence while riding. They also come with visors but in some helmets, they have the option to remove them.

As you know, MTB is off-road riding. It involves mountain biking composed of downhill as well as enduro stages in a race. Thus, to full fill the requirements, this game requires a well bit, strong, and robust design helmet for protection and safety.

 Best Full Face Mtb Helmet

Traditionally, many serious mountain bike riders wear full-face helmets as they tend to be heavy, hot, and suffocating. It was quite difficult for those who need to pedal all the way to reach their destination.

With time, manufacturers considered their needs and problems they face; the mountain bike helmet technology is extraordinarily improved. Helmets now a day are lighter and safer than ever. Manufactures are specifically making helmets that meet the needs of MTB riders and keep
them protected all day long.

These helmets are a combination of both open face and full face for downhill riders. It is designed in a way to meet all the needs of MTB rider.

Further advancement in these helmets is they come with convertible which allows you to use open face or full face by removing or attaching the chin bar just for your comfort and ease.

Top 10 Best Full Face MTB Helmet 2020:

Now enough about helmets transition as you may already know so come to the point for which you are reading this. We will not take more of your precious time. Here, we have narrow down the best full face mtb helmet.

1. DEMON UNITED Podium Full Face MTB Helmet

 best full face mtb helme

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A helmet from Demon is a must-have for every MTB ride and it’s an opportunity that everybody should avail. This is because they put their much-needed attention towards the safety of the MTB rider. This Demon helmet is excellently made, super light in weight, and designed to be a durable full-face helmet.

What do you look in helmet other than protection? It’s definitely the comfort and looks of the protective gear. The helmet comes in a wide variety of colors and looks super stylish and elegant. It not only makes you look cool but also keeps you cool in tiring trails.

The helmet is quite light in weight and weighs only 2 pounds. It has a CPSC certification to meet safety standards. By knowing that it is well made and well protected, you’ll be able to ride with more joy and freedom.

On-Point Ventilation:

The helmet ensures to keep you cool with its 13 enormous vents. These vents allow the cool air to flow inside the helmet and flows out the warm air. This ventilation technology enables the rider to stay cool even in hot summer days on tiring trails.

Removable liners:

The helmet is premeditated to have an EPS liner inside to provide comfort and protection from high impacts. These liners also ensure you to have a sophisticated fit. They are removable and washable which allows you to keep your helmet clean and makes it durable.

Adjustable visor:

Fully adjustable visors are intended to come with this helmet. It guarantees a fully customized wider and clear vision.


The helmet comes with a bag. This can be used to store it nicely and securely in the event in which you are not using the helmet.

  • Fully customized excellent fit
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Great looks and stylish colors
  • Superfit Ventilation system
  • Tremendous protection from high impacts
  • Sizes may run short, so you must follow the sizing procedure with care.

2. Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Helmet

best full face mtb helmet

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This Bell helmet provides you all that you need to ride in diverse riding trails. It can be use for any mountain riding trail as it provides different options to ride on different trails. Its super 3R technology acclimatizes to almost every trail riding circumstances.

For making you’re riding more fun and memorable. This helmet comes with an integrated seamless action camera mount that entailed having no zip ties or tape. It is designed to break away right at the moment upon any collision to minimize the risk of any damage.

As mentioned above engineered for different mountain riding trails, this helmet comes with an adjustable visor system you can use both goggles and glasses and you can ride with or without visor appended. The helmet has a CPSC certification for safety.

X and XT2 padding:

These paddings offer comfort and support to the rider with their advanced features. It can be quickly dry and a great hindrance to the sweaty odor. It keeps you dry and odorless as it is made using original silver fiber.

No-Twist Tri-Glides:

The helmet is designed to have simple and swiftly adjustable clasps that help in keeping the straps flat and to be properly positioned in a place.

Fully wrapped technology:

The helmet comes with an adjustable chin bar that provides full protection and can be removed to adapt to different riding trails. It can be removed and attached with simply a 3 stage procedure that requires no tools.

MIPS technology:

It is installed with MPIS technology that helps in minimizing the rotational l forces that can result from any high impacts. It provides protection from multi directions.

Seamless design:

Overbrow ventilation system is installed in this helmet to keeps the rider cool and dry. It has a total of 23 vents along with 4 brow openings and 6 chin bar vents for perfect ventilation.

  • Well built and fully protected
  • Ventilation is awesome
  • Perfectly adjustable fit system
  • Removable chin guard
  • MIPS Integrated
  • Some users think chin straps doesn’t provide full coverage

3. Troy Lee Designs Stage Full Face MTB  Helmet

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This enduro designed helmet is arguably stylish and elegant offering great protection and comfort. The helmet is designed to be lightweight with proper ventilation full-face helmet. The helmet weighs only 1.5 lbs.

Aside from aesthetics, the helmet provides complete protection as it is installed with dual density EPS liner and incorporates to have MIPS technology to minimize the impact of rotational forces. With all safety features, it is considered as one of the best full face Mtb helmet.

For perfect fit and comfort, the helmet has 3 different sizes to offer along with pads varying thickness to get a perfect customized fit. With its 11 vents and 14 exhaust ports, it will take a lot of effort to overheat in this helmet. It keeps you cool in different MTB trails.

Shell construction:

The helmet shell is constructed using polyline along with fiber enforcement. The material used makes it a lightweight but yet strongest helmet to provide safety and comfort.


It has a fid lock buckle with a magnetic system to give ease of fastening or opening the helmet with just using your one hand. This strapping system is quite handy you can use it with your even while riding.

Liners and pads:

The helmet comes with various pads of different thickness such as liners, neck rolls, and cheek padding. They are moisture-wicking, acts as an order restraint. They not only provide comfort but also perfect customized fit.


The helmet is designed to have a wide visor which provides you with a more widely and clear vision. The helmet is approved to have CPSC and ASTM certification for protection.

  • Massive ventilation
  • Notable comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Great Aesthetics
  • The chin straps have no padding.

4. Giro Switchblade MIPS Bike Helmet

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The Giro switchable helmet is relentlessly designed and is quite comfortable on both trail and full-face mode. This is a DH helmet that comes with a removable chin bar. It will allow you to use without a chin bar on downhill trails. This is a tough helmet for belligerent riding.

The helmet offers great value for comfort and safety. The retention system is placed at a quite comfortable position and it doesn’t matter how tightly you fit your helmet it won’t create any pressure points.

As far as the protection is concerned, this helmet like other advanced helmet comes with MIPS technology which offers an extra layer of protection to its users. This feature is becoming more and more customary with time in well-made helmets.


The helmet is constructed to be a lightweight helmet. It weighs only 34.6 ounces. It is one of the lightest convertible helmet.


The helmet seems to be a durable helmet. The retention system and chin bar system all seem to strongly built and well made. Every mechanism installed is engineered in a proper way and offers durability.

D-ring Chin Strap:

The helmet comes with a D-ring chin strap to clasp or unclasp the helmet. Though, it’s bit difficult to use while the gloves on. Yet, this is one of the safest and reliable systems for the closure system.

Vision and ventilation:

The visor is said to be well made and sturdy. It can be adjusted up to three positions. Adjustments can be made using hands without screwing any bolts or nuts. The ventilation system in both the full face or without chin bar mode is quite impressive. It keeps the rider cool and dry.

  • Perfect airflow inside the helmet
  • High-quality helmet
  • Removable chin bar feature is one of the best
  • Fit adjustment system is so good
  • Bit expensive
  • Chin bar is bit difficult to reinstall

5. Fox Head Mtb Helmet- Best downhill mountain bike Helmet

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Fox head Rampage comes at number five in the of best full face mtb helmet. This is considered one of the best helmet in the downhill mountain bike. It provides outclass performance in terms of protection and safety.

It is a well-built helmet and a durable helmet. The shell of the helmet is constructed using fiberglass to make it lightweight but strong and sturdy for its users. An EPS lining is installed inside the helmet that provides protection from impacts.

The helmet is compliance to only EU standards. The weight of the helmet is 4.4 Pounds. The dimensions of the helmet are 16 x 11 x 12 inches.

Race Ready:

The helmet is constructed in a way to provide you excellent performance in your competitions or trails. The helmet is designed to have 11 vents which are designed to keeps the rider cool and dry even in tough and aggressive trails.

Accurate fit:

The helmet offers a very comfy and relaxing fit. It allows having snug and a perfect fit for all its users and giving the confidence to thrive on.

CU chin bar:

This feature provides an extra layer of protection. The chin bar is made of shell specific polyurethane which you complete protection and safety while being light in weight.

  • Super Ventilation system
  • Comes with an adjustable visor
  • 11 vents for airflow
  • Snap buckle for fastening and making it easier for rider
  • The helmet is bit expensive in comparison to the value it provides.

6. Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite Mtb Helmet

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This D3 helmet offers comfort, protection, and functionality at quite an affordable price. This is one the most awe-inspiring and sought after series of a helmet. Along with functionality; the helmet has beautiful and elegant designs and comes in a wide variety of colors.

To main it’s lightweight, the helmet shell is constructed using lightweight fiberglass. This will ensure comfort as well as protection but with that, this will also helps in to flaunt style. With its premium construction, it still available and affordable to masses.

To maintain your cool while riding tough trails, the helmet is designed to have 20 high inflow vents and 6 exhaust vents. The helmet has a total weight of 3.68 pounds. It meets and exceeds the CPSC, ASTM F1952-15, and ASTM F2032-15 safety certifications.


The helmet comes with advanced aerodynamics with wind tunnel test which helps to improve performance by reducing drag pressures and execute outclass in tough situations.

Shock pad:

The helmet has specifically designed contoured cheek pads to offer premium comfort and great fit. It also entails dual-density shock padding which enables and helps to resist small impacts and can endure several hits.

Removable liner:

The helmet comes with a durable and comfortable liner. Above mentioned shock pads also helps to increase its durability. These liners are also removable and washable to keep your helmet clean and odorless.

Dual Adjustability:

The helmet comes with a dual visor that can be easily adjusted at different height positions to set their angle from where they can have a clearer and wider view.

  • Lightweight
  • It has amazing graphics
  • Dual visor adjustment feature
  • It offers exquisite fit
  • The helmet has Efficient Aerodynamics
  • The helmet doesn’t have MIPS
  • Sizes may run small. Do follow the sizing carefully

7. POC.Coron Air Spin Mtb Helmet

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The helmet is engineered to offer you protection and comfortability throughout your day. This helmet is efficient in performance, provides premium comfort, fit, and safety. This helmet is deserved to become in the list of best full face Mtb helmet.

This helmet ensures all-day-long performance by keeping you cool and dry in changing endure stages. The helmet ensures maximum airflow both at low and high speeds. It has an innovative ventilation system with modern vent designs.

It ensures durability and reliability as its shell made up of a fiberglass shell that aims to proving strong and robust helmet but light in weight. An EPP multi-density foam lining is used inside the helmet to provide maximum protection from impacts.

POC Spin:

POC is a shearing pad inside. The helmet is integrated with this technology that helps in decreasing the effects of angled impacts by reducing or extinction the force which is being transferred to the head.


The helmet guarantees complete protection and safety. It features emergency cheek pads which are removable at the time of the accident or any mishap in which you suffer neck or head injury to provide you extra protection. One important feature is that it comes with a breakaway visor which is engineered to be break off in any pressure to save the rider’s neck.

Robust Design:

The chin bar is constructed in a way to endow with maximum protection and easy breathing. The ear chambers are intended to improve the balance and hearing of the rider.


The helmet offers you ease and simplicity. All the padding used in the helmet is removable and washable. To fasten the buckles a simple and quite easy method is used to give security at the ease of your hands.


The helmet weighs 2.2 pounds. The helmet has CPSC and ASTM certifications for security.

  • Break away visor
  • Ear chamber for enhanced balance and hearing
  • Simple and easy operating system
  • Lightweight
  • Provide efficient performance all day long
  • Sizing can be an issue

8. X4 Helmet Adult Mtb Helmet

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This helmet feature s great functionality and efficient performance. It comes with beautiful graphic and stylish colors. This not only provides protection but also exhibit looks and style. The helmet is designed to have unique graphics and also comes with gloves and goggles.

It is a well-built helmet and incorporated to have advanced aerodynamic design. An ABS material is used for shell construction to make it tough and strong. An EPS multi-density foam lining is instilled inside the helmet to offer protection from impacts.

This full-face Bums helmet can be used for Motocross, dirt bike, quad, off-road, adventure, and many more. The helmet is in compliance with DOT safety standards. The total weight of the helmet is 4.4 pounds.

Sun visor:

The helmet comes with sun visor. It provides maximum coverage and full protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. It can also be removed and replaced for your ease.

Optimum Airflow:

The helmet offers you a superior airflow system. It comes with massive vents to keep the maximum airflow to keep the rider cool and dry.


The helmet intends to have padding which makes your ride distortion-free as it has soundproof features. This will also helps you to keep warm in colder weather.

Simple to use:

The helmet has removable and washable liners for your ease. The fastening system for chin strap is a double d ring, a traditional and easy method. The chin strap is durable and tough.

  • It is DOT certified
  • Great quality
  • Perfect fit
  • Provide protection from UV rays
  • Some people just don’t like the massive designing on helmet

9. H2 100% Aircraft Carbon MIPS Helmet

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This helmet gives you the confidence to thrive by knowing that you are 100% protected with this aircraft MIPS integrated structure. You can use this helmet for your DH games or your race in your local trails. It is committed to provide efficient performance for the longer haul of time.

As it’s mentioned above, MIPS technology is integrated with this helmet that helps to reduce rotational forces from strong impacts. Carbon and Kevlar composite material is used in constructing this shell which in returns gives light but yet strong and rigid helmet.

Super Airflow system:

This helmet tends to have 25 vents for perfect airflow. It takes the cool air in and exhausts the warm air out. The ventilation system is designed to keep the rider cool and dry even in hot summer days.

Emergency Release system:

The cheek pads in the helmet are designed in a way that they can be released immediately to protect the neck and head of the helmet in case of any mishap or accidents. This is an additional emerging safety feature that gives value and complete security to its users.

Removable visor:

The helmet comes with a visor that can be removed and replaced to make your ride comfortable and easy.


The helmet is CPSC and ASTM certified for safety standards. The total weight of helmet is 4.9 pounds. Its dimensions are 16 x 10 x 12 inches.

  • Nice and comfortable for MTB
  • Excellent MIPS system
  • Emergency release cheek pads
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Feels bit bulky.
  • May gets a bit hot at low speed

10. Fox Proframe Full Face MTB Bike Helmet

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This helmet also emerges as one of the best full face mtb helmet. This helmet performs well in all mountains and endures mountain trails. The helmet aims to provide open face breathability and downhill safety.

The helmet is constructed keeping in mind the needs of the Mtb riders. As for this, the helmet’s shell is made up using in-mold polycarbonate material. This not only intended to provide a lightweight helmet but also strong and sturdy to offer protection in tough and strenuous trails.

The weight of the helmet is 725 grams making it one of the lighter helmets. The helmet is projected to certify with ASTM safety standards to give you confidence that you are well protected. The helmet can be use with goggles.

Customized fit:

The helmet is of no use if the fit is not great. The helmet comes with extra padding to allow you to get the fit of your choice. The padding used is comfortable but with time it gets comfier and snug.


With its open face properties, the helmet makes you feel like you are wearing an open face helmet that ensures more freely and trouble-free breathing. With massive 24 vents, this helmet maintains a good airflow and exhaust heatwave to keep the rider cool and dry.


The helmet comes with comfortable padding which makes you comfortable while riding and gives you snug fit. The pads above the eyebrows are also quite comfortable.

MIPS technology:

The helmet is instilled with MIPS that help to reduce rotational forces caused by high impacts and pressures. This will provide you with an extra layer of protection and safety.

  • Large vents for perfect ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • MIPS integrated
  • Certified with safety standards
  • Padding at brows is a bit less that makes it uncomfortable for longer times
  • The chin straps are not bit snug

The Complete Guide to Picking the Best Full Face Mtb Helmet :

They are a lot of features you must consider before buying a helmet. As you know with time new technologies coming in, the prices of these helmets are creeping high. So, you have to invest a lot to buy this piece of protective gear.

You are spending a hefty amount of your savings, that’s why you must know what to look for to buy a full-face MTB helmet.

Regular Full face helmet or Convertible:

The very first factor that you may consider before buying a helmet is their hybrid structures. The lightweight and super ventilated full-face helmets are demanded by all MTB riders.

Within theses feature, now helmets come with a bit advanced option. It gives you the option to use a full-face or half-face helmet within a single helmet. This feature involves a sort of removing the chin bar.

Chin bar is removed and it is converted into half face helmet that can be used for different endure stages. When attached back, the full-face helmet is used for more aggressive trails such as downhill riding for better protection and safety.

One thing that I would definitely suggest here, many full-face helmets now comes with the same level of ventilation that open face offers. They are lighter and have premium ventilation. Inconvertible, you have to deal with extra steps to get the same level.

Comfort and adjustments:

The helmet that provides comfort throughout your ride is the one that you must choose. The helmet that can easily and comfortably be adjusted to all sizes and shapes of head. Most helmets come with extra puddings that too can be used for comfort and for a customized fit. The helmet that comes with different padding of different thickness will have better fit and comfort.

Protection & Safety standards:

The helmet must provide full-time protection to its users. Other than a well built helmet, mostly helmet comes with an added protection layer that is called MIPS technology. It helps in reducing the rotational forces that result from any high impacts and pressures.

Moreover, the most important factor that you must look for while buying a helmet that it must be complained to any safety standards. Mostly the bike helmets are compliance with CPSC standards for protection.


In this game format, the rider needs a lightweight and breathable helmet. In these kinds of trails such as downhill, the rider wants a helmet that provides maximum protection but being light in weight. All the helmets mentioned above are lightweight but tough and robust in structure.


On the other hand, the helmet must possess a superior mechanism of ventilation. Mostly these Full face helmets comes with such advanced and innovative vent design that they provide ventilation of such level that an open face helmet provides. Thus, choose a helmet that keeps you cool and dry in hot and tough conditions.


Safety is the feature that must be a big concern for you. Some accidents and mishaps are inevitable. It is ensured that you must be able to get all the information that you needed to buy the best full face mtb helmet.

The information provides above are believed to be explicit enough that will help you to select the best according to your choice and budget. If you are going to ride, then make the purchase today instead of tomorrow. It’s just because money doesn’t matter life matters.



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