Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

10 Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Choosing best helmet for road and mountain biking is tougher than toughest trails and tracks.These helmets the utmost need of the hour because you can’t afford to go to the hospital again and again. These helmets provide the comfort and most importantly the safety which everyone is concerned about.

With the best helmet you have the confidence to go to any trail or terrain with that thought that you are well protected and secured during your ride. Comfort and security during a ride have much importance regardless of how difficult the trail is. You can compete in any race with the confidence of safety and comfort.

These days with increasing love for mountain biking and riding, people are also concerned about the security the helmet provides the feature the helmet possess. People want to buy the best helmet with keeping in mind their detailed features and qualities.

Top 10 helmets for road and mountain biking:

There are so many options in the market that rider will get confuse which to buy and what to look for while buying the best helmet. Here we did some research and collected the list of top 10 best helmet for road and mountain biking with detailed review of their features.Hope this will helps you to select the best for you.

1- Team Obsidian Cycling Airflow Bike Helmet

This helmet provides you the comfort ability and safety along with its unique features. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of both men and women. The helmet is considered as one of the best helmet for road and mountain biking.

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Safety is considered as the most important factor while constructing this helmet. For this purpose, the helmet is undergone through three different fundamental steps for the construction of its shell.

To attain a strong and sturdy helmet, the shell is first placed in an advanced mold in technology and then installed rock-hard skeleton to make it break resistant and then finally mounting foam that will hold all parts firmly attached to each other. These steps will ensure your safety even during accidents.

It has 22 high air flow vents that will give you precedent ventilation all through your long rides.This ventilation system will keep the biker cool and breathe in fresh air even in hot summers.

It is an oval design helmet to provide you a snug and comfortable fit in comparison to the old traditional round helmets.

Team obsidian airflow helmet stayed true its qualities of sleek and lightweight design. They are quite well known for its lightweight like feather and smoothness. It also has shock absorption quality making it safer for its riders.

This helmet is amazingly easy to fit because it can easily adjust in seconds. It has quick release chin strap and a dial fit at the back. It provides you wide range of fit because you can easily adjust it horizontally or vertically for more snuggly and tight fitting. Vertical adjustment is quite helpful for women as they can pass their ponytails.

This helmet has cushioned chin strap providing you an extra comfort. The helmet also comes along with removable and washable pads. It is to provide you more convenience and ease so you can more fun during your ride.

The visor is detachable so that you can use it for both road and mountain biking.

This helmet weighs only 0.6 lbs. It has 2 years of manufacture guarantee and making its use more durable.

  • In mold shell construction
  • Detachable visor
  • Washable pads
  • Horizontally and vertical adjustments
  • Quick release chin strap
  • Doesn’t come in extra large size

2- Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

The giro savant helmet is an entry level helmet for young riders. This is the best helmet for riders who tend to enjoy adventurous routes and pace. It is one of the strongly built helmets. The Savant helmet is suitable for enthusiast riders who want to have fun and frequent rides.

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Savant helmet is best suited to enthusiast level riders who tend to do shorter or less frequent rides. The shell of the helmet is constructed with EPS and polycarbonate material making it lightweight and solid helmet. It has an advanced in mold shell construction to make it a lightweight helmet.

The helmet is quite strong and sturdy thus ensure that. It secure to use even in adventurous rides thus making it shock absorption.

This helmet with his sleek shape has 25 wind tunnel vents which allow the riders to remain dry and cool even in hit summer rides. This is an advanced internal ventilation system which provides convenience and ease even in hard riding tours.

Giro helmet has an advanced Roc Loc 5 system that provides a good amount of adjustable fit,this is only hampered by fixed anchor point of retention system. This system allows you to have a very good and snug fit helmet.

The internal padding is also quite comfortable. The padding inside the helmet is detachable and can be washed and put it back again for your healthy lifestyle.

All of the features of helmets including straps, buckles, and tensioning system work amazingly flawless. The straps and buckles are so easy to open and close so won’t feel any difficulty. The y shape buckles are made of rear webbing which made its attachment quite easy.

This helmet is quite lightweight and it weighs only 2 pounds.

  • Mold in shell construction
  • Ventilation system
  • ROC LOC 5 system
  • Lightweight
  • Adjusting strap is not that durable.

3- Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

Giro helmet is one of the best built in unique features helmet. This is designed for both road and mountain riders. This is designed keeping in mind the importance of safety and protection. This helmet is suitable for all type of riders either who wants to go on adventurous rides or single track rides.

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

The shell of the helmet has in mold construction design. The shell is made up of EPS polycarbonate material to make it a lightweight helmet for its riders.

The ventilation system is quite surprisingly good. Though it has 18 vents but they are placed strategically good in the helmet that it allows the cool breeze in and make the ride for rider full of comfort and joy. It has comparatively low vents than other bigger names but it provides the same air flow system.

The Roc Loc Sport fit system is the most advanced feature these helmets have. The universal size claim in this helmet is fit to all sizes. The Roc Loc Sport fit systems have 57 size adjustments clicks to fit well on the rider’s head.

The Giro’s universal size is just to have a decent fit for all. It doesn’t matter if you have large size head I can fit to all with no problem. It snuggly fits to all sizes of head. This helmet provides the excellent protection to its riders.

Thus helmets have integrated MIPS lining inside the helmets which provides the Multi-Directional protection system from great impacts during crash or accidents. Safety is the utmost priority while designing the helmet. It is the first helmet which provides MIPS system in quite reasonable price.

This has various color options available. The head locking system is very secure, comfortable and easy. The straps are quite easy to open and buckle them off.

  • INTEGRATED MIPS: 18 Wind Tunnel vents
  • In-mold construction
  • ROC LOC Sport fit system
  • Lightweight
  • Some users complained about straps quality.

4- Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

This giro hex mountain biking helmet provides you a very tough ridden, high performance and high value.

This helmet features advanced Roc Loc 5 fit system. This feature is backed by extensive research and energy invested for about more than 10 years. This extra ordinary fit system gives you an entirely new usage experience along with high level comfort and ease. It provides its rider with comfort ability, stability, and adjustment with convince.

This Roc Loc 5 fit system provides you an opportunity to dial in with ease both fit and can adjust position from horizontal to vertical with just one hand. For this, you just have to twist the dial for loosen and tighten the helmet on difficult terrain.

You can easily back it from tight to relax free on the single tracks or warm climbing areas. Even with all these features, the Roc Loc system is comparatively lighter that it’s older version which is Roc Loc 4 .

This system comes with micro dialing which ratcheting micro adjustable dial. The micro dial with an easy two finger twist opens or shut off the retention system and for your ease each twist is audible.

The helmet comes with easiest system to change the fit from horizontal to vertical position and have snug fit. It has 3 position brackets which come with 15 mm of specific up and down movement. This system can also be adjusted without taking off the helmet.

It has very impressive ventilation system with 24 win tunnel vents which keeps the eider cool and dry. The shell is made up of EPS polycarbonate material which makes it lightweight and resistant to impacts.

The ergonomic arms of the helmet are designed with care to provide you comfort ability as much possible. The dual pods in helmet are designed to hold the back of your head firmly along with conveniently cradling the occipital lobe.

The straps of the helmet are woven within the fit system to make them always at your reach. This helmet has quite complex design internally to give you the easiest and most comfortable helmet outwardly. All the parts work to gather so effortlessly and efficiently to give a very user friendly
adjustment fit system.

  • ROC LOC 5 adjustment fit
  • Micro dialing for adjustment
  • EPS shell
  • Some users complained about its s durability of some parts.

5- POC Tectal, Helmet for Mountain Biking

This helmet is next in the list of top 10 best helmet for road and mountain biking. This helmet is especially designed for trail riding and endures racing riders. Its basic purpose is to provide comfort and protection in these stressed rides.

The shell of the helmet is constructed with EPS liner gives you the extreme level of protection.The shell is made up of polycarbonate material. It has shock resistant properties to make it safe from high impacts and pressure.

The construction of uni body shell furthermore also increases the protection level and also increases its design integration while maintaining it to be a light weight helmet.

Tectal helmet gives you more coverage in terms of protection and comfort than other typical mountain bike helmets.

This helmet has highly effective and efficient ventilation system which has standardized wind tunnel vents. These vents are so strategically placed all over the helmet to maintain your cool and keep you dry while long rides.

This helmet provides you full safety and protection by fully covering your head especially the temples and the back of your head. The helmet is very light in size and it has quite easy and lightweight fit adjustment system which ensures a comfortable and safe fit. It ensures a very secure and snug fitting on its users.

The adjustment system which doesn’t involve taking off the helmet to make it snug fit. The helmet has easy strapping system of buckle it off and on with simply just one hand.

Moreover, the helmet also comes with an adjustable visor to give ease to its users. Thus visor can be detached from helmet to make the rides of rider comfortable during different track needs.

This helmet weighs around 2.15 pounds.

  • EPS lining
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Ventilation system.
  • Some users complained about its snuggly fit sizing problem.

6- Kask Mojito Helmet

Kask Mojito Helmet is the one with fresh and advanced features in the world of head protectors.These days many manufacturers are going towards more rounded and subtle designs, kask tried to construct a helmet which turn the head with unique and advanced Italian style.

Their main motive to construct this helmet is to create a balance between functionality, excellent technology along with extreme safety measures.

This helmet is constructed with in mold technology and the material used is polystyrene for safety measures. This will helps to decrease the pressures on head through impacts.

The polycarbonate shell is one of the great features of this helmet’s MIT technology. This material covers the cap, ring and rear to give you more safety and security. The inner side made up of polystyrene along with outer MIT polycarbonate to gather make this helmet a better shock absorption helmet ensures your complete security.

This helmet comes with an advanced up and down adjustment system which allows the rider to have the most precise and comfort fit of the helmet which is because of its double pivot design.

It will ensures that the back of the head of the rider to be covered by the straps making its attachment quite easy with just one Ratchet wheel.

Along with this fit system, GEL internal lining which is very breathable and on slip make sure higher performance and experience for its riders. The ventilation system of this helmet had 26 large air vents to give you unsurpassed system. Thus ventilation system makes sure you breathe in fresh air.

This helmet has eco leather chin straps along with chin pad. These straps are anti allergic and removable can be washed and used again. All the lining used in the helmets is antibacterial and antimicrobial protection which ensures maximum protection of riders from germs and bacteria.

This helmet weighs around 1.61 pounds.

  • Mit technology
  • Up and down fit system
  • Lightweight
  • Eco leather chinstraps
  • Ventilation system along with 26 air flow vents
  • Maximum protection
  • Some user complained that chin straps are bit short.

7- Smith Optics Overtake Bike Adult Cycling Helmet

This helmet is quite different from other helmets in a way that most of the helmets ‘outer shells are made up of polystyrene that also provides impact protection. But this smith helmets have a outer shell which is made up of Koroyd. This provides protection to its rider’s way more than polystyrenes.

Since it covers the entire head, it gives more structure to the protective cap than a standard vented plan. This permits Smith to give the Overtake bigger openings, assisting with air flow,and cooling system.

There are an aggregate of 21 vents, incorporating slot vents in the very wide overflow, to channel air over the head well. The ridged vents are intended to accommodate Smith’s shades when you need to take them off during a ride. This functions admirably well with other brands’ glasses also.

Within the Overtake helmet, MIPS liner is present inside the helmet. In case of an accident, this slips against the exterior of the head gear, assisting to keeping out the vitality in a slightest of impact. MIPS are an inexorably mainstream consideration in helmets from various helmet brands.

There are a lot of spaces in the liner, so it doesn’t have any effect on air flow.There’s not a great deal of cushioning in the Overtake, however it’s very reasonably situated and head protector is very lightweight with no noticeable pressure points.. The support underpins well and also has a very big rubber dial for adjustments in the helmet.

At higher velocities, ventilation is good enough, especially on the off chance that you embrace a more head-down riding position. The koroyd structure is extremely compelling at directing air to the head. This system even keeps the rider cool even while in climbing tracks.

The vapor fit adjustability system in the helmets makes this helmet snuggly fit to its riders. It makes this helmet to have a snug fit with convenience and comfort ability. The Overtake helmet just weighs around 250 grams.

  • Comfortable
  • aero design
  • Koroyd impact protection
  • MIPS liner
  • Some users suggested that it feels a bit hotter at lower speeds

8- Smith Optics Forefront All Mountain Bike Helmet

This Smith optic forefront camera comes with new and refreshing feature. Smith helmets pays detail to even minor things to make this helmet innovative and efficient for their users. They have spent many years in researching how to decrease the lens fogging to make it more comfortable and useful even during rainy weathers.

This helmet comes with an advanced Aerocore liner which is used in the helmet along with conventional polystyrene material to form a honey comb like plastic design called Koroyd. This Koroyd material expected to absorb up to 30 % more impacts and pressure Than the EPS liner.

Smith helmet has Outstanding in providing comfort to their riders even with bald head. The helmet has ample padding, thin nylon webbing, and very easy to adjust vapor fit retention system.

The helmet also comes with a dial which is at the back of the helmet for fine tuning of the helmet known as vapor fit system. There is quite lot of adjustments option in the helmet with around 40 clicks. The helmet can be adjusted to different sizes and position according to the head sizes of the riders.

The padding is least used in the helmet along with these feature, the helmet is weight is so evenly distributed that you won’t feel any pressure points while wearing it. The dial in fit system snuggly fits to a rider and makes it a rock solid helmet on the head.

The ventilation system in helmet is especially designed keeping in mind the mountain climbing and long rides. It has 21 vents around the helmet to make it quite breathable. It keeps the rider cool as overheating is not an issue in this helmet even during hot weathers.

This helmet also comes with a visor and a groove that can keep your sunglasses when you take them off. It also has an elastic strap to keep your goggles safe while riding. This helmet also has an additional mount spot for action cameras.

  • Vapor fit dial in system
  • Included a visor
  • Koroyd material
  • Minimal padding
  • MIPS not included in this.

9- Bolle The One Road Premium Helmet

This Bolle premium helmet comes with lot of versatile features offer maximum feature. This helmet comes with fascinating features that includes a removable aerodynamic outer shell and rear LED lights.

This helmet is designed to be the one and only helmet that can be used for all types of riding in all seasons. The helmet has two removable vent covers that are the most unique and prominent feature of this helmet. This feature also makes it best suitable for winter and spring rides.

The two aero panels come out when the temperature is about to rise and make a good air flow system with the help of 31 vents. The winter lining is also included in the helmet.

Lining in the helmet feels like a cp will help you to cover your ears and head during cold winter days. The winter lining is quite warm which helps you in cold weathers with low temperatures.

The slot for placing the sunglasses is also quite appealing feature of this helmet. The slots on the both sides is perfect area for your glasses to put without any danger of dropping them and also that will not put any extra weight on your temples.

This all-season highlights that suits all year for all climates riding that day by day riders should endure, the separable back LED light, with its glimmering or full-bar mode, is a wellbeing highlight.

The light on your protective cap is constantly a smart thought as the raised height of the light makes it simpler for drivers and people on foot to see you over parked autos, barriers and other street obstacles that may cloud their perspective on an edge mounted light.

Bolle helmet has a cozy and agreeable fit and you certainly feel secured around the rear of your head and around your temple. The cushioning works superbly of wicking sweat away from your
skin and the entirety of the cushions can be evacuated and washed when they become grimy.

  • 31 vents for cooling airflow
  • Removable aero shells
  • Integrated safety LED light
  • Some users suggested that sunglasses holder is a bit narrow.

10- Limar Ultralight Bike Helmet

Last in the list of top 10 best helmet for road and mountain biking is limar ultra light helmet.Like its name suggest, it claimed to be the lightest helmet in the helmet world. Limar with its lightweight proves to be the comfortable helmet while wearing on your head with no pressures on your forehead and temples.

The shell of this helmet is constructed with double shell in mold technology which makes it lightweight but yes the solid and sturdy helmet which can bear any impact and pressure thus giving you the safety and security. The in mold shell technology is designed to give you the helmet keeping in mind the protection and safety their utmost priority.

Limar helmet fit system is like any other click wheel system which you’ll notice on any top rated helmets this mechanism allows you to make height adjustments and also adjust your helmet into a safe position on your head with evenly distributing the tension.

Ventilation system is also amazing feature in this helmet given the 22 vents set over the top, and there’s no compelling reason to push this number higher or introduce large expanding exhaust vents at the back gratitude to the lightweight plan.

Your head feels cooler at lower speeds on the grounds that the head gear feels especially light and breezy with a feeling of low mass pushing down on your head.

The strap are delicate and of high caliber, and there’s an extra jaw line cushion that deals with dangling material while giving an acceptable amount of pad against the skin. The padding is removable and washable for the ease of the rider. The helmet weighs around 1 pound.

  • Ultra light
  • Double shell in mold construction
  • Ventilation system
  • The straps are little flimsy.

Buying Guide:

Here we will provide you the important factors you must consider while selecting the best helmet for road and mountain biking.


Extravagant highlights and lightweight structures are decent and all, however off-road mountain biking head gears are about security and safety. At the point when you’re looking for the best head protector for mountain biking and thinking about helmet s safety features, its development and selection of materials is vital. It likewise assists with checking for any security accreditation.


Mountain head protectors are commonly built in two different ways. They either have in-mold or include a different shell and liner construction. Most of riders lean toward in-mold constructed helmets for their structural honesty and improved security. A helmet for mountain biking and an in-mold shell and liner pay costs somewhat more than other usual helmets.


Fit along with comfort is the most desirable feature in every helmet. In order to stay comfortable and secure during these difficult trails for mountain biking or for simple long road tracks ,you should also consider the amount of padding used in the helmet Removable padding is also desirable as you can wash them and remove them according to your needs.


So, we have given you the detailed review of the best helmet for road and mountain biking one thing for sure safety matter a lot.

With increasing expenditures of hospital, nobody wants to go again and again. If you want these multiple expenses not to incur again and again, you must spend a handsome amount on the best helmet. We have given you the factors you must consider while buying.

Keeping in view all, you should select the one which you think is most comfortable and provide you utmost protection.

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