How to mount action camera on motorcycle helmet

How to Mount Action Camera on Motorcycle Helmet

With the increase in demand for action cameras by motorcycle riders, search for how to mount action camera on motorcycle helmet is also increasing.

Action cameras are becoming a thing now for motorcycle riders. Their popularity with the riders is increasing over the past few years. If you are going for simple rides or to beautiful scenic mountain rides, people like to capture these beautiful moments and cherish them forever.

Many motorcycle riders are mounting their action cameras on the handlebars of the motorcycles but it causes lot of problems due to jittering or small space issues. It can prove quite damaging in some cases. But many people now find it quite useful to mount cameras on motorcycle helmets as they are easier, safer and provide wider and improved shooting angles.

One of the best ways to get the best use of action camera is attached to a mount on a helmet. This is one of the flexible options available. There are different mounts available in the market. There are different ways available to mount your action camera on motorcycle helmet.

Firstly we’ll discuss and give you details about different available options that how to mount action camera on motorcycle helmet. There are different options available. With a best option, you can get a good viewing angle, unwavering recording and have no possibility of flying off camera while riding a bike.

What is most suitable position?

Choosing different mounting positions will have different effects and gives you varied final outcomes.

For example, you just simply want to shoot a road track in front of you, or the opposite direction.Different camera position will show different views. These days’ people are recording just for fun, or their ride on racing track or just make videos to upload on different social Medias. Here are different mounting positions you can adopt to have better results.

1-Flat & curved helmet Mounts:

In spite of which mount you would decide on for your helmet, a surface mount is must to use.Utilizing the best surface placement is necessary for making sure your camera doesn’t go flying off mid-ride. One of the advantage of using the best mounting surface is that it makes sure that your action camera doesn’t fly off while riding a bike.

How to Mount Action Camera on Motorcycle Helmet

Mostly adhesive used on cheaper camera kits may fall off early so it is recommended to always original action cameras kits.

Installing a camera on a flat surface is comparatively easy in comparison to curved surface. For curved surfaces, always make sure to get good quality adhesives and mounts for action cameras.

2- Top motor bike helmet mount:

One of the most used places in the helmets is top of the helmet to install a camera. This is generally the most used place but in some situations it might not be the efficient one.

How to Mount Action Camera on Motorcycle Helmet

This position gives you your closest point of view which means that people can see the same what you actually saw.

3- Side mounts:

Side mounting is becoming quite popular in the race of showing the best and unique on social media. Side mount your action camera is the best available option if you don’t have a full face helmet.

The side mounts will gives you slightly offset angles either left or right depending on which side your mount is placed.

4- Chin mount:

Chin mounts gives the excellent POV which means point of view angle. The recording will provide you with the excellent angle of what was actually in your view. Chin mounts are most aerodynamic position to put your cameras.

If you have put on a full face motorcycle helmet, you can avail the opportunity of a chin mount, which has aerodynamic design. This arrangement will work best if you want to make use of a microphone. It is slightly under the helmet, and can be positioned a bit next to the mouth.

Different method to attach mount For action camera on Motorcycle Helmet:

Now, we will provide you with different methods used by different riders by using them you can properly mount your action cameras on your helmets. These methods will tell you how to mount action camera on motorcycle helmet. These cameras recordings will not only provide you to enjoy your life experiences but also to treasure your memories forever.

Method 1:

Although, many rider use different ways to mount but one of the simplest way for how to mount action camera on motorcycle helmet is that use M-seal which we personally preferred. Take M-seal and apply it on helmet.

After applying, ally the action camera mount accurately on your helmet and let helmet give almost 12 hours to get it set.

Afterwards, you can easily make use of helmet but it is preferred not to put action camera in mount approximately 4 days until the m seal toughened completely.

For additional safety measures, you can take a thin cord to tie your action camera with your helmet. As in some conditions, your mount may fall, but your camera will remain safe and attached to the helmet and will not fall off on the track.

Method 2:

The most everlasting method to attach your mount for your action camera on helmet is take a help of double sided adhesive covered foam, foam is usually used for curved helmet surfaces as sometimes people only have flat mounts so it will help them to attach their flat mount on curved surface. Some people even heat up the point with hair dryer before attaching the mount to it.

Method 3:

Sometime straps of mounts don’t work properly, as the final recordings you will get are wobbly and unwatchable even after you take certain steps to stabiles it.

One of the methods you can adopt is to take a sturdy double sided adhesive tape with whom a bit heavy material like mirror can be attached. But for safety measures do use some kind of rope or lanyard to save the camera from falling off.

Method 4:

One of the best and preferable methods is first clean the area where you want to attach mount with anything that can hack through grease. Then attach an action camera mount to that point, then put the camera on a mount and adjust angle according to your requirements.

Lastly, you can attach everything to the helmet by using a tape. The preferred tape is gaffer tape to use as its easier to take it off and this tape doesn’t leave goo on your camera or helmet. You can also use cheaper tapes but they will make your work lot more difficult like changing the batteries or changing the angle of camera.


Apart from what you select to how to mount action camera on motorcycle helmet, ensure that you don’t stint on adhesives or mounting hardware. There isn’t any wrong procedure to mount on your motorcycle helmet but to make sure you take enough steps to secure your cameras.

The best way to learn about attaching mounts and different positions of mounts for your camera is simply a trial and error method. Through your real experiences, you will get to know what suits you best and through which method and mounting position you get the best results. Good luck.

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