best full face helmet for harley riders

10 Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders

Every Harley rider, these days wants to know about best full face helmet for Harley riders. Nowadays, riders wants to have full face helmets for the purpose of safety, secrecy and comfort.

Helmets make sure that you’re safe and secure while riding a bike. They are designed not only to protect just your skull, but also your face chin, and jawbones as well.

Though, a wide range of different styles of headgears exist, full-face helmets are imperative because of their remarkably security measures. Advanced full-face helmets offer perfect safety and provide comfort that makes rides for the rider more enjoyable.

We as a whole, realize that there are a lot of headgear types that are easily accessible in a market. Furthermore, the major portion of these helmets is very acceptable and can secure you in a mishap. However, there is no uncertainty that full-face helmets give extreme security to the head when contrasted with other different types of helmets.

Truth be told, it is an inside and out security to your head, face, and neck zone. Also, it squares UV beams, wind clamor, and raindrops, and so on. By using full-face helmets you can do cruiser riding easily without the issue of the breeze, bugs, and other flying insects.

Top 10 Best full face helmet for Harley riders:

There are many full-face helmets for riders in the market which requires you to do lots of browsing and need time before deciding which one is the best full face helmet for Harley riders.

To make things easier for your shopping procedure, we have scrutinized and made a list of top ten full face helmets in the market.

1:Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell is a helmet manufacturers, they have been working around for 50 years and maintained a quite well reputation in their regarding field. They are famous for their high quality. They are popular for producing high grade helmets for bicycles, motorbikes and auto racing. They are suggested as the best brand for helmets.

best full face helmet for harley riders

This motorbike helmet is a sleek and elegant accessory for you to put on. This headgear has three different finishings I. E. Matte black, matte grey Server gloss black. The Bell Qualifier has a unique aerodynamic shell designed for the rider to have a smooth and comfortable ride without the interference of wind.

It’s available in seven different size ranges from extra small to three times of extra large. It’s definitely the helmet which is designed for almost all people.

The visor of Bell qualifier is one of the best qualities it possesses. It is photo chronic and anti-fog. It features Nutra Fog II which makes it anti-fog by helping clear the moisture on its visor. This is a highly recommended quality as it ensures the safe travel of a biker in foggy weather.

It also possesses UV protection which protects the biker from high ultraviolet rays. The shields of the helmet are also scratch resistant which enables it to last longer for years.

The Bell Qualifier full-face helmet also comes with the click release system which enables the riders to easily swap the shields without any complicated procedures. It is the simplest, quickest, and tool-free process for switching the shields.

This helmet weighs 3.5 pounds. It is relatively very lightweight due to its poly carbonate shell construction. With its light weight the rider can carry it for longer rides without being uncomfortable or fatiguing the neck.

As the heavy helmets exert pressure on your face or head making it feel like you are carrying some burden in turn making you uncomfortable and clingy. This polycarbonate shell not only prevents that by being lightweight but also guards your skull during accidents by palliating the effect of collisions.

The straps of helmets have D-ring lock which makes sure that the helmet remains in place once you put this on. It is also DOT approved and meets the Standard of FMVSS 218 which means it meets the required safety measures.

This helmet is designed with air vents that are strategically positioned all around. With the velocity flow, ventilation technology air vents enable the ventilation within the headgear. The wind collar is also designed in it which reduces the noise making it user-friendly.

It also comes with padding with 3D laser contoured cheek pads. These pads also remove and are washable making it useful for their users. It also has 5 years warranty making it worth the money anyone invested in it.

  • Wind collar reduces the noise
  • photo chronic, anti-UV ray and anti-fog visor
  • Lightweight
  • 5 year warranty
  • speaker pockets for audio speakers
  • This helmet might be difficult to use for people with glasses.

2: ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Black Helmet

The ScorpionExo Covert half face motorcycle helmet comes with a lot of versatility. It possesses lots of features. It is gorgeously designed for both men and women. This helmet is an open face along with a plastic face guard which will make you like a badass without spending much for this.

 full face helmet for harley riders

As helmet is necessary for avoiding any life injury while riding a bike, this would be a great option for you to consider while keeping the style quotient in mind.

It also has Rear Comfort Sleeve which enables you To Convert this into A 3/4 Open-Face and then you can also attach the front mask which is also included in it. By doing this you’ll definitely get a bad-ass-looking helmet. It gives you the choice of choosing comfort while riding a bike.

This helmet is made up of polycarbonate shell which is exclusively designed by its manufacturer.It allows it to be lightweight headgear for its user.

ScorpionExo helmet comes with retractable tinted sun-visor that allows you to easily ride in sun lights. It allows your eyes ease in instantly changing lights conditions. The clear coating is applied on both sides of the visor to make it a fog-free ride. It also comes with an extra clear visor for better visuals at nighttime rides.

The ventilation of this helmet is surprisingly very good. It comes with lots of vents within the helmet which allows the passing of wind in the helmet stopping the flies with metal gauze installed in them.

The lining inside the helmet is microbial comfort. Kwikwick 2 antimicrobial fabric is used to make the lining of this helmet. It keeps the lining cool and dry in warm and hot weather conditions. It is a way to remove and can be washed.

This helmet weighs 3.9 pounds. It ranges from a small size to triple extra large size. It is DOT approved which makes it secure for its riders. It gives five years warranty to its users.

  • Replaceable front mask
  • 5 years warranty
  • DOT approved
  • Versatility
  • Microbial comfort lining
  • Retractable visor
  • With removable front mask security can be an issue.

3:Conquer Snell SA2015 Approved Full Face Helmet

Conquer Snell helmet is the most desired and loved helmet by almost all racing squad in the world. This helmet is an Auto Racing Helmet manufactured by Conquer is the best and competitive choice for racing drivers competing at any level.

The interior of helmet is designed by keeping in mind the priorities of its users. It is 3mm scratch resistant which enables it to last longer and manages to strive in accidents or crashes.

One of the best features is that its flame resistance during incidents in which fire took place on the automobile. This will keep the rider safe. Its outer shell also keeps the rider safe from head-related injuries caused due to heat pressures or impacts.

The shell of the helmet is Lightweight which is made up of fiberglass. This provides comfort to its user by not exerting any extra pressure. It has internal padding which is fire resistant providing a top edge for its user.

This helmet has a Kevlar chin strap which makes it secure while riding. This also has removable cheek pads for its users.

The ventilation of this helmet is also very good. Air flow vents are present in the helmet for the ease and comfort of its buyers.

It is Snell SA2015 certified helmet. The Snell standards are most high demanding sets of protective performance which can meet by only strong and most protective helmet.

This item weighs 4.85 pounds. These above features made it to the list of best full face helmet for Harley riders.

  • 3MM Fire resistant shield
  • Kevlar chin strap
  • Snell SA2015 certified
  • Scratch resistant shield
  • No communication feature

4: Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet- YEMA YM-926 Street

Yema Helmet YM-926 is one of the most versatile helmets which are available at reasonable prices. These helmets are the most lightweight helmets along with an advanced air ventilation system. This is the best helmet in performance in comparison with other helmets Available in the market.

best full face helmet for harley riders

This helmet is DOT certified which means that it meets their standards of security. It makes this helmet safe secure and durable.

The shell of this helmet is made of a multi-density EPS which makes it to strive for better performance during road accidents or crashes. The inner lining of the helmet can be removed and washed without using any tools.

Ventilation system of the helmet is very smooth gives com2 to its rider. It makes sure that air can passed and leave the helmet smoothly. The air vents inside the helmet makes this possible.

This helmet comes with dual visor system and you can easily swap them without any difficult procedure. Visors can be replaced or permanently removed without using any specific tool.

These visors can be used for different times of the day. The helmet also has UV protection which saves his rider from strong ultraviolet radiation during the sun. It is also resistant to scratches which make it durable and last longer for its users.

One thing that is specially kept in mind while designing it, which is it should be also friendly to those riders who wear glasses. This helmet would be the best choice for those riders who love to wear glasses.

Its Aerodynamic design helps the rider for a comfortable ride by reducing wind noise. It also has a buckle and chin strap for the safety of its users. This helmet weighs 3.7 pounds.

  • DOT certified
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Ideal for riders who wear glasses
  • UV protective
  • Dual visors
  • Multi density EPS
  • No Bluetooth

5: Biltwell Gringo Full Face Helmet

Biltwell is manufacturing stylish and sleek helmets for over a few years for riders of new generation who loves to have everything with a classic touch.

This Biltwell helmet fully satisfies the buyer who also has a longing for the Bell star of 1960s. The comfort ability and fittings what comes with helmet for its buyer’s satisfaction.

It has five different snaps in the helmet around the eye-port. It allows the user to add these 5 snap shields for your eye protection or even you can use the 3 snap bubble shield or blast shield by separately attaching them.

This helmet is constructed with injection-molded Abs plastic outer shell. This is as lightweight shell without exerting any extra burden on their riders. With is lightweight property, the outer shell is also very strong and rugged.

The inner shell includes three-piece expanded polystyrene for the safety of its riders. It can resist heavy impacts or pressures during severe crashing in racing. This will improve helmet composition without negotiating comfort.

The internal lining of this helmet provides ease and comfort to its user. The chin pad is of molded urethane has some diamond stitching on it which gives it a very nice and classic touch. The lining of the helmet is removable along with the cheek pads. It can be washed and used again. Biltwell also gives you an offer to get the replacement of this lining if anything happens to them.

This helmet meets the security standards of DOT. It is DOT certified and ECE approved it is available in different sizes ranges from extra small to double extra large size. This item weighs 3 pounds. It also has a D ring fastener.

  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful hand-painted finish and padded interior
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Removable inner lining
  • Abs plastic outer shell
  • 5 snap shields
  • Some wind NOISE at high speed

6: GDM DK-140 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

GDM is famous for producing top quality product line for decades. The style, design, and quality of the helmets are up to the mark and never compromised. While designing helmets, the safety of the rider is the first priority that is kept in mind.

Safe and secure rider seems to be their utmost concern while wearing their helmets. That’s the reason why it is much loved by Harley riders or any other riders. This GDM Duke full-face helmet will provide you all that you desire.

This helmet is made up of advanced lightweight poly-alloy material which makes it easy, strain, and burden-free for its rider. Its aerodynamic design ensures its sturdiness and quality which allows it to be your favorite helmet to and don’t look further.

The interior of a helmet includes a removable and reusable liner that makes it easy for you to keep them clean and fresh for use. After removing them you can wash them easily and can reuse them. This lining of the material can be washed through a machine to give you ease. The helmet also has removable cheek pads for your comfort.

This helmet is UV protected. It saves you from harmful ultraviolet radiation. It comes with a dual visor; one can be interchangeable with the other visor to make sure that eyesight doesn’t get affected in varying light conditions. In whichever condition you are riding your bike; these visors will be there to help you out.

The helmet comes with a proper ventilation system. It has five different ventilation points around the chin forehead and rear vents to make sure that enough wind is passed to make your breathing comfortable and easy. Antimicrobial nylon is also used in the interior to make sure no germ
comes and stays for long in the helmet that is any danger to your health.

It also has a double D chin strap which makes it easy and secure for its rider to take on and off. It’s very elegant and sleek with black paint and clear finishing which prevents it from being faded or discoloring. This GDM item weighs 4 pounds. It is also DOT certified.

  • UV protection
  • Dual visor
  • Double chin straps
  • 5 different venting points
  • Plastic pieces inside the helmet are not durable.

7: ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Modular Full Face Helmet

The Ilm dual visor full face helmet is the best option for adventurous or City tour because of its Versatility and performance. It benefits its riders with comfort, its size measurements, safety and functioning.

This is a sought after helmet with its functionality and safety features for those who wants to have a best full face helmet for harley riders.

The helmet possesses an Abs high resistance shell which can bear any pressure and weight. The shell is designed in a very lightweight manner without causing any strain for their riders. The shell is also designed to reduce the wind noise which will create discomfort for the rider. Its sleek design ensures all.

The liner of the helmet is also very lightweight giving ease to its also has removable and washable cheek pads. It will help you to keep it clean and germs-free. It will also absorb the moisture and keep it dry and cool.

It also has a modular flip-up function. You can press the button around the chin corner and you can have a flipped-up helmet. You can easily flip the black visor without even opening the clear visor. It is also anti-scratch which allows it to be used for longer times. Its anti-fog property allows its rider to have a clear view during foggy weather conditions.

The ventilation system is designed in such a way that it helps the rider to breathe fresh air. The upper and lower vents in the helmet can be closed according to your needs.

This helmet also meets the safety Standard of DOT. It also has an adjustable Micro metrically strap. The item weighs 4.6 pounds

  • Modular flip up function
  • Adjustable strap
  • ABS resistant shell
  • Some users complained about noise while riding at high speed.

8: Biohazard” Full Face Matte Pink Dual Visor Helmet  

An upscale full-face head protector by Triangle, These are elegantly designed helmets keeping in mind the requirements of Harley riders or any other riders be it a girl or a boy. This helmet meets the needs of all.

This helmet has a propelled highly developed ABS shell worked with high-pressure thermoplastic innovation. That s why it’s a very lightweight helmet without being any botheration for a rider, that he has some heavyweight on his head.

It has a multi-density EPS liner which helps to absorb the excessive moisture due to any sweating or anything and keeps the helmet cool and dry. Internal cushioning is totally removable, so you can clean the cap altogether. The padding can be washed and easily reusable. If you find it uncomfortable you have the option to remove it

It has vents at the top and backsides of the protective cap, some of which are customizable, so you can switch as indicated by your comfort. These vents keep the airflow in the helmet without getting suffocated. The ventilation system is very useful for riders for longer rides.

The twofold PC hostile to scratch visor guarantees that vision is clear consistently of the day. You will not feel irritated with changing conditions of light. Its anti-scratch property will keep your visors clear and clean in any mishap for further rides.

Biohazard is DOT endorsed which means it meets their safety measures and its secured for riders in terms of safety. It also has a quick detachable strap making it user friendly. It weighs around 3.3 lbs

  • thermoplastic advanced ABS shell
  • Dual visor with anti scratch property
  • DOT certified
  • Quick snap and release strap
  • Durability issues: Some users complained that some pieces broke off easily.

9:TORC TFlat Black T27 Full Face Modular Helmet

In the list of best full-face helmet for Harley riders, the next name is TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet which accompanies such a large number of astonishing and fascinating highlights to improve your security and your experience.

At that point, here is the one which can enhance your looks and furthermore it will keep you up to date and will increase your popularity. Since everything is only incredible in this product, it can possibly let you experience the world-class savvy advances to live a protected life and to make each ride truly secure and safe.

This helmet is almost 20 % smaller than its heavy and bulky competitors providing their user’s equal levels of protection. It makes this helmet lightweight and quite handy and easy for its rider without being a burden on their head.

This helmet possesses an imperative ventilation system which comes along with intake venting and rear exhaust. It gives his users the ease of breathing in and out fresh air within the helmet. This also possesses an outstanding one-button mechanism only with one button you can quick release the chin bar.

This helmet also possesses 2.0 technologies that will allow you to make and receive calls. The Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to stream into FM radio stations, sync to MP3 songs and also have clear audio of GPS navigation.

Furthermore, during difficult weather conditions this Bluetooth feature can be more useful as it has 6 hour talk time, 100 hours stand by, also has built-in speakers, anti-noise microphone which prevents voice dissertations during high-speed rides. It also has a 500 ft. intercom distance which allows the racers to communicate.

This helmet meets the safety standards of DOT. It is also ECE certified. That ensures that users’ safety comes first in terms of value.

  • Small structure helmet
  • ECE and DOT Certified
  • One button chin bar mechanism
  • 2.0 Bluetooth
  • Some users complained that the color of helmet start fading after some time.

10:GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Helmet

The GLX manufactures helmets which are secure, reasonably priced and high quality. These helmets are very competitive in these innovative marketplaces. They are continuously investing in Research and development producing innovation helmets with useful modifications.

Safety is their utmost priority in designing helmets and their accessories. All their helmets went through double security testing procedures. They are tested at two different sights to make sure that high-quality and safe helmets are being provided to the users.

The safety-first philosophy of GLX continually adds in the reputation of helmets among its users.

This helmet has an aerodynamic design shell which is constructed with sharp and rugged styling to keep it protected from any heavy impacts or pressures. These are designed in such a way that you can use these while short distant town tours or long-distance racing or as camping.

The very innovative ventilation system is installed in these helmets. The ventilation panels in the helmet keep to maintain the cooling process and keep the freshen air for riders enjoyable experience. It has vent all along the helmets keeping them comfortable for riders even for long rides. Large vents can be shut down keeping in mind the ease of the rider.

Interior of the helmet is designed with a trendsetter spring for its proper functioning. It ensures that it absorbs moisture and also accurately keeps the wind flow. The chin curtain in the helmet is designed to minimize wind distortion and noise which can cause discomfort to the rider.

The inner lining can easily be removed and can be washed with ease. It also has a quick release chin strap for your ease. This helmet weighs 3.1 pounds.

  • Affordable price
  • Quick release chin strap
  • Good vents
  • Aerodynamic design
  • The piece which prevents the shield from fog comes off often.

Buyers Guide:


In choosing a helmet for Harley riders the first thing you must look for is safety. The main and the most important purpose of the helmet is that it will protect your skull during some mishaps such as critical accidents or any crash during racing. This is the factor which you should not compromise on.

For safety purposes, you must ensure that helmet is DOT certified or ECE certified which are local regulations for security. If you desire maximum protection from your helmet you must find the one which is SNELL certified.

Interior and Liner:

This is also a factor that buyers should consider while buying a helmet. The high-quality material should be used for helmet interior lining which must give comfort against the face of the rider.

The padding should be felt as comfortable cushioning between your head and helmet. It should be comfortable without creating any discomfort to your face.

Shell Material:

The materials used in helmets manipulate its weight, the level of comfort it will provide, and defiantly the safety levels. Polycarbonate, fiberglass composite is the most high-quality material that you’ll find in good helmets. These above-mentioned materials a certain level of comfortability, shock absorption, and distribution upon impact.


Full face helmets are crucial for Harley riders. Based on safety measures this Conquer Snell SA 2015 helmet is the utmost choice for the Harley riders because it is Snell certified. This is the utmost standard for safety that helmets can meet. As Harley riders can meet any crash or mishap during racing, their safety is the utmost priority. These above-mentioned helmets are the best full-face helmet for Harley riders. We have provided you with a detailed thorough review of these articles helping you out to choose the best among the bests that suit your needs.

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