Best Youth Football Helmets for Concussion Protection

10 Best Youth Football Helmets for Concussion Protection

With ever-growing love for football, the search for best youth football helmets for concussion protection is growing day by day.

Moreover, with different football events in a year, it is very unlikely for children not to fall in love with football. The love for football is growing day by day in youth. With the increasing love for football, the danger related to injuries is also increasing.

Parents are becoming conscious about the safety of their children and sometimes they even become a hurdle in the passion of their children due to safety issues. Luckily, many organizations are already playing their parts in order to set overall rules to keeps their children safe.

The other important step that parents can take without becoming a hurdle is to try to select the best youth football helmets for concussion protection. The best Youth football helmets will not only provide safety but comfort as well to its player. The helmets that are snuggly fit to the users with high-quality material used inside the helmet for protection and ease.

Best Youth Football Helmets for Concussion Protection

Top 10 best youth football helmets for concussion protection in 2020:

With so many options in the market, Parents or children may get confuse what to select and what not to. We have searched and then selected the best top 10 youth football helmets that fall high in terms of safety as well as comfort.

1-Riddell Victor Youth Football Helmet

The riddell is very famous for football helmets in the market. It is one of the most popular choices of football players. This Riddell youth football helmet along with face mask is the best option for any youth footballer player in search of Riddell technology and a great value. 

Best Youth Football Helmets for Concussion Protection

If you want to have a top-notch quality helmet, you are definitely going to have an interest in buying this Riddell victor helmet. This helmet is made up of materials that are very durable and makes sure that it will have long-lasting performance in the football ground. 

This helmet has the same shell design in comparison with the other Riddell helmets and Revo speed helmets. By wearing this helmet, you can look as elegant as the ones shown on TV. 

The helmet has foam padding inside the shell which is designed to protect the player against any impacts. It also has a popular liner in it.

Riddell victor helmet lining in the helmet is removable for your comfort. But most players love to have a lining inside the helmet as it makes the helmet comfortable and convenient to wear. It also helps to absorb all the moisture in the helmet mostly due to sweating. 

One of the great features is that it also possesses inflatable jaw pads which allow you to have a custom fit with the helmet on your head. 

This helmet has a strong but quite comfortable chin strap which will help the helmet to be securely fitted on your head even during running, jumping, or falling. 

Riddell helmets offer protection which many helmets in the market don’t. The Riddell helmet has patented sides which protect you against the impacts and pressures and also minimize the forces from side pressure on both sides of the face. These helmets save you from concussions and side injuries. 

They provide you with four different sizes which you can choose that range from small to extra large. There are also some important safety features that can help to prevent concussions and jaw injuries.

  • Patented side impacts
  • Removable lining 
  • Inflatable jaw pads 
  • Custom fit
  • Available only in one color 
  • Little expensive

2- Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Youth Football Helmet

If you are a young college footballer player and you want a helmet, then this is the best youth football helmets for concussion protection. The helmet possesses a remarkable technology that helps the player in most challenging conditions. 

Best Youth Football Helmets for Concussion Protection

This helmet gives you excellent usage by giving you both protection and comfort at the same time. It saves his user from high and low-velocity pressures. 

Because of its finest design, this helmet has a 5-star rating from Virginia tech’s safety rating test. It also considers as an outperformer in the same test in comparison to other high price models. 

This helmet is a VTD which is an abbreviation of Variable thickness and Durometer and this means that this helmet has a variable thickness TPU cushioning system which is designed in a way that that it bears and diffuse the impacts proficiently. 

The TPU layer is doubled in thickness at the front side of the helmets to cope up with the hard hits from the front-facing. 

Schutt helmet is designed to be a lightweight helmet for its user without being a bourdon as, except the front side, all other sides of the helmet has single TPU layering which provides excellent performance without being a weight on your head. 

The helmet also provides an open and fresh air flow because it has an open TPU cushion on both sides. 

This helmet has a faceguard which has a Patented twist release phenomenon which makes it easier for the player to attach or remove the faceguard according to his needs. 

The lightweight design is especially kept in mind while making so that it can easily be used by youth, school, and college players. 

In addition, this helmet gives you an option to select between five different sizes ranges from extra small to double extra large. It also has an option to choose between fourteen different color schemes. 

This helmet weighs 3 pounds.

  • Lightweight 
  • VTD II technology 
  • Comfortable interior
  • The helmet doesn’t come with face mask you have to buy it separately.

3- Riddell Speed Flex Youth Football Helmet

The Riddell always designs the helmet which looks elegant and classy on the field. Riddell speed flex helmets are top sellers in the market as they designed to have fully integrated features. 

Best Youth Football Helmets for Concussion Protection

While designing for new helmets, Riddell always prefers the needs and wants of the players to have flawless helmets. The riddle speed flex helmets are designed by detailed researches to provide its players with an outstanding helmet. 

This helmet has PSIP which provides protection to its athletes by minimizing the pressures from both side impacts even at low or high velocity doesn’t matter. 

The helmet is manufactured in a way that its side shell extensions are attached with side liners giving you mandible safety. The PSIP in the helmet is backed by detailed research and is designed to maximize its player’s performance. 

This helmet also possess improved and innovative face mask attachment systems which can easily get detached with just pushing the single button which gives easy access to the player in different game situations.

While the shell and the flex system are designed to minimize the transfer of any impact or pressure towards the player. This feeling of security and a sense of protection will boost the confidence of athletes to try different things and have outstanding experience in the field. 

The face mask of this helmet is made up of stainless steel with its durability properties to provide athletes with performance and long-lasting experience. 

This helmet also possesses an advanced airliner system which gives comfort to the player by comforting their head and not being a heavy burden.

It also comes with custom fitting options so that helmets easily fit on the head of the player without being loose on the sides thus creating problems for athletes on the field. 

The sizes of a helmet ranges from extra small to extra large accommodate each and every size of athlete.  It has Ratchet-Lock chin strap.

  • Flex system 
  • Patented side impacts
  • Ratchet lock strap
  • Some users complained that it is hard to manage the side straps of helmets for younger child.

4-Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet

The schutt vengeance A3 youth football helmet is well designed in performance and protection. This helmet put a lot of emphasis on protection and comfort for their users as these are the two main components that every player needs to know about from a very young age.

Best Youth Football Helmets for Concussion Protection

This helmet is designed to have a lower profile shell which helps to cut down on heavyweight and will give to the lightweight final product.

Its lower profile shell is lighter in comparison to the original vengence shell. Lightweight helmets are more convenient to use for youth players.

The high-quality TPU exterior gives you high level of protection by saving you from Lowe to high-velocity impacts and pressures towards your head.

Helmet lining used in the helmet is of very high quality which makes it comfortable to wear. The interior of the helmet also helps you to breathe fresh air and absorb all the moisture inside keeping your skin and cool and dry.

The lining inside the helmet is non-inflatable. The liners inside the helmet are very comfortable and provide you with the feeling of cushion-like softness which these helmets are famous for.

This helmet also has mechanically connected inter-link jaw pads in it which gives the player a secure and comfortable fit to your face.

The helmet have a wide range of size from extra small to large and have fourteen different color schemes. This also has a soft cup chin strap to make it easy for young children to use.

This item weighs 2.9 pounds. This helmet doesn’t come with faceguard.

  • Single and double layer TPU
  • Lowe profile shell makes it lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Extra comfort and protection
  • Face mask not included in the helmet.

5- Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard V Football Helmet

This schutt helmet is specially manufactured for youth athletes. They put do much emphasis on protection and comfortability as these should be the two main concerns for any helmet. Schutt is famous for producing high-quality products with greater comfortability and safety at affordable prices. 

Best Youth Football Helmets for Concussion Protection

The safety this helmet provides to its players is the next level which is quite impressive as compared to its price. It is evident the company has been continuously investing its assets and time to make this helmet more secure and comfortable for its players. Every helmet comes with little improvements and unique features. 

This helmet shell is made up of a high-quality material which is ABS plastic, EPPA, and EVA foam liner and comfy Air Maxx TPU pads for jaw area of the face. 

The TPU skin inside the helmet is the most comfortable material that can be used in any helmet. Once you wear it, you will feel the difference. The helmet provides so much comfort that you wouldn’t realize that you are wearing something heavy on your head.

It’s cushion-like padding. In case if you have some mishaps, the inside of the helmet will feel like a cushion and will save you from major injuries. 

This helmet comes along with eight different colors and a different range of sizes for your ease. This helmet has a soft cup chin strap which gives ease to its player to easily buckle it off and on. 

Schutt helmet doesn’t come along with face mask but it is compatible with many face masks available in the market.

The helmet weighs around 3 pounds. It meets NOCSAE safety standards.

  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable fit
  • Aur MAXX TPU jaw pads
  • This helmet may not fit to those who need big size helmets.

6- Schutt Sports Vengeance A3+ Youth Football Helmet

In case you’re searching for modest football caps for youth, this model offers incredible safety and ease requiring at a very affordable price. This model has an excellent liner inside that feels in a similar way as delicate as the company states and it will bolster your head safely with the goal that that helmet won’t wobble when running, bouncing, or falling.

Seeing as this model is planned explicitly for youth, it shouldn’t come as an unexpected that it is exceptionally light. There is no compelling reason to stress over its sturdiness since the head protector stays sufficiently tough to secure the wearer on the field. It’s an ideal decision for little players or for any individual who doesn’t care for overwhelming head protectors.

This helmet utilizes TPU material-single and twofold layers. This makes it as solid as could be possible. The helmet’s smooth shell is valuable, as well. Such shell invests heavily in its position of safety while being lighter in comparison with the first shell utilized in the Schutt Vengeance.

What is acceptable about the compact and lightweight head gear is that it makes it simple to handle, particularly once you are already at the football field. Since it is lightweight, moving around and performing better on the field is a lot simpler.

The headgear likewise will generally remain in the same set up with the assistance of the black interlink jaw pads that are appended precisely.

This helmet has a very nice fit. It is essentially a result of the super-fit Airliners that you can discover along the edges and back and the helmet. The interlink jaw pads referenced before likewise adds to the best possible fit of the helmet.

It is an agreeable bit of headgear that can similarly forestall the chance of encountering neck strain. Moreover, it comes furnished with important highlights, similar to the back and nose guard and the wind discharge guard. The helmet is Accessible in different hues, with a different range of sizes.

This helmet includes a black soft cup chin strap. This doesn’t come with a face mask.

  • sleek and durable shell
  • lightweight
  • interlink jaw pads for proper fit
  • Padding is not durable
  • Doesn’t come along with face mask

7- Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet

There are numerous brands of football head protector intended to offer security and improve a player’s presentation. Nonetheless, Riddell Speed Flex is one of the top-selling head protectors in the market as it is completely coordinated with significant segments.

PSIP offers assurance to the players by lessening the power from side effects at both high and low speeds. The Riddell Speed Flex is planned with side shell expansions which are gotten together with side straight frameworks for mandible security. PSIP is supported by broad research and is developed to expand a competitor’s presentation.

This item is a most loved decision by numerous competitors in view of the valve bolts on the protective cap which are liable for holding the carrier valve to the cap shell. This implies you don’t need to continue pushing the liner as this can be baffling. All you will require is a head screwdriver to introduce or evacuate the valve lock lines.

These protective caps have an airliner as a highlight that offers prevalent comfort that supports the player’s head and occipital projection.

It additionally accompanies 5 expansion areas and a more tightly touch redid to fit the size of the leader of the client. It is uncommon to discover different protective caps that have this fitting component.

The Riddell SpeedFlex adult football helmet comes in little, medium, enormous, and X-huge sizes to oblige the head size of all players considered.

This Virginia Tech Helmet Rating ranked the Riddell Speed Flex Helmet as a 5 Star which is one important factor to consider while buying and makes it to the best helmet.

  • Design of the helmet looks very elegant and professional
  • Durable
  • Virginia 5 star rating
  • Expensive

8-Schutt Sports Recruit Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

Next in the list of best youth football helmets for concussion protection is schutt sports recruit hybrid helmet. The main highlights of this helmet are that it provides maximum protection by having shock absorption qualities.

Schutt Sports has gained repute for making strong youth protective helmets. They may not generally be the fanciest out there, yet they generally work superbly of keeping more youthful players secured.

This hybrid head protector is a stage above what you see from the company more often, however, grasping a couple of new highlights to make it a greatly improved helmet. In case you’re searching for something that is somewhat more innovative, you’ll definitely like this.

The hybrid head protector alludes to the higher-tech padding utilized in the helmet. This padding assists with engrossing effect superior to conventional cushioning, which thusly makes it a lot more secure for children to be on the field.

This is the sort of head protector that is ideal for those guardians who are stressed over the chance of CTE however who despite everything need to allow their children to play football. It doesn’t hurt that the plan likewise grasps some conventional ideas that have constantly gone far towards making football somewhat more secure for more youthful players.

The uplifting news is that this headgear is quite comfortable. It gives a couple of features that gives comfort along with security; however, it’s still simple to wear.

This implies fewer youngsters attempting to modify their helmets on the fly and significantly fewer wounds on the field. This is totally probably the best headgear you’re going to discover in case you’re stressed over your youngster being protected on the field.

  • Protective TPU cushioning inside the helmet
  • Protective D30 technology
  • Mechanically attached Inter-Link jaw pads
  • Facemask is not included you have to buy it separately

9- Schutt Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II Football Helmet

Schutt is the leading manufacturers in the field of producing youth football helmets. They are manufacturing helmets for many years with little improvements and unique features.

The Air XP protective cap from Schutt is one of the more moderate and affordable helmets that we like to suggest. Accessible basically in dark or white this is mainstream among sportsmen on a careful spending plan or who need to give a shot in a game where safety is significant.

However, they would prefer not to sink a great deal of cash into it right now. It’s a normal decision among varsity players and is endorsed for High school or more.

As far as safety is a concerned, the Air XP highlights Schutt’s single layer TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) ribbed padding that absorbs a great deal of impact. It is relatively beneficial by remaining reliably viable over a more extensive scope of temperatures than basic froth cushioning.

Close by the TPU, this uses a SUREFIT air liner that gives a comfortable, pad-like contact with your head. The carrier frames a second layer of effect assimilation which includes little in the method for additional weight so it’s useful for your neck and continuance levels.

It also has a hard cup chin strap. The Air XP Pro weighs around 3.7 lbs and it gets a 5-star rating from Virginia Tech.

  • VTD TPU cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Inter link jaw pads
  • 5 star rating in the VA tech system
  • This helmet doesn’t come with face mask

10- Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet

Rawlings football helmets offer so much customization to its players. These helmets are designed for young players these youth athletes often have fitting problems in usual sizes. These fitting problems may cause serious injuries to the young players as compared to those players who have properly fit helmets.

This Rawling helmets provides its player with the most logical solution. Rawlings provides you with an option that any athlete can customize their fit. They can do it how they want it to be. 

Besides, the external shell is made up of high-effect ABS shell, making it rustproof, climate-safe, strong, and durable, much the same as youth protective helmets for the athletes. The Momentum Plus has aesthetics structure that keeps the player cool as they handle away at the field.

These helmets have inflatable features. By using the rear inflation port, you can customize the helmet according to your fit. Through this, athletes would fit their helmets according to their head size as the helmets should be.

With this, athletes will have fewer difficulties to face on the field. They will feel more secure and comfortable wearing this helmet. In this helmet, everything is designed in a way that they properly fit on their users and provide them with their sense of security and safety.

That is because for every player, along with the game their safety comes first. Everybody wants to have a helmet that provides them with real safety on the field. With this quality, this definitely comes in the list of top 10 the best youth football helmets for concussion protection.

  • Strong and well-built shell design
  • Customize liner fit
  • High Impact-resistance
  • The facemask is not included in this helmet. You have to buy it separately.

The Buying guide For  Best Youth Football Helmets for Concussion Protection:

For safety and avoiding head injuries, anybody is ready to spend anything according to their resources be it a bit expensive or reasonable but they should provide maximum security. The following features you should consider before buying any helmet. These features will make a considerable amount of difference in making a prosperous career and saving you from concussions.

Durability and safety:

Football field may cause many injuries to those who don’t know the tricks especially the shoulder first tackles. During collisions, one may face serious injuries. Having an outer shell made of sturdy and durable material will minimize the impacts and save you from serious Injuries.

Safety standards:

You should make sure that while buying the particular helmet must meet some specific standards and ratings especially the Virginia standard rating. Most helmets have ratings which are continuously changing and improving.

Comfortable inner padding:

Comfort second most important factor to consider while buying a helmet. If you have comfortable and pillow-like soft padding inside the helmet, you will play with more freedom and comfortability without being distractions of adjusting the helmet again and again.


Lightweight helmets are the most effective ones. The weight is very important in relation to the comfort of the player. A heavy helmet feels like a bourdon on the head and adds to the fatigue and stress. A lightweight helmet with safety measures adds to the performance of the player. Lightweight helmets are more secure to use for young players.


Riddell and Schutt are two leading giants in the field of football helmets. Each new item comes with improvements and some new features which are backed by the extensive search at the company’s end.

The best youth football helmets for concussion protection usually available at higher prices because of their more advanced features regarding safety and comfort. You’ll definitely feel the worth of your spending once you wear the helmet and you’ll become aware of the protection and comfort they are offering.

You should buy that helmet that offers maximum safety and comfort because football is a game that involves high impacts collisions. This is the wrap up of the list of the best youth football helmets for concussion protection.

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