What Kind Of Helmet Do MLB Players Wear?

Several features are different if one compares the helmet that MLB players wear and how the rest of the helmets look. If you have ever paid attention, you may have noticed one unique thing about them. 

The helmets usually cover only one ear. Why is that the case? Without further ado, let’s take a look at what kind of helmet MLB players wear.

Why MLB Players Wear Helmets with a Single Flap?

1. Comfort

Most professional baseball players will wear a helmet covering one ear for comfort. They usually try to avoid the discomfort that often arises when putting them on or off their heads. 

A snug fit is often recommended for two main reasons. First, it is not too loose to keep wobbling as the player plays. Secondly, it is not too tight to put it on or off.

In efforts to achieve the snug fit, the ears often suffer since the helmet often drags on them as the player wears or removes it. That’s where the single ear flap comes in. it ensures that a fitting helmet will also be easy and comfortable to wear or remove. After all, the missing back ear flap tends to make it relatively easier.

Therefore, when you see MLB players wear one-flap helmets, it is most likely due to the comfort it brings. That’s primarily as the players wear or remove their helmets before and after the game.

2.Nature of the Game

As the batter awaits to pitch at the box, only one ear is exposed to the pitch. It is usually the front one, which means it is the only one that needs extra protection from that incoming pitch. Under such circumstances, one-flap helmets will serve that purpose perfectly.

Therefore, only the ear that faces the pitcher has exposure to the incoming pitch at any one particular time. Given how uncomfortable a helmet with two ear flaps can get, it is obvious what’s the better option. With that in mind, MLP players usually prefer one-sided helmets.

3. To Communicate with the Coaches Perfectly

Throughout the game, base couches will be shouting instructions to the base runners. A wise player will ensure that none of those instructions goes unheard. After all, they could make all the difference in a game. That’s where the one-ear flap helmet proves to be the most suitable.

As much as sound can pass through the flap, stadiums often get too loud give the many Major League Baseball fans who will show up to witness the face-off. As the fans shout, the exposed ear helps the player hear what the coach is instructing clearly.

Again, the players will choose one ear helmet over the others to ensure that the coach’s instructions are audible enough. It will ensure that they hear every word coming from the coach’s mouth amidst all the roars, excitement and cheering from the spectators.

Other Characteristics of the Helmet MLB Players Wear

1. Strong

Baseball can hit hard, especially when pitches are coming from professionals playing with the MLB. Therefore, there is a need to have a helmet strong enough to handle a huge impact.

2. Lightweight

A heavy helmet on top of a player’s head can be a bother affecting his performance regardless of their skills. That explains why MLB players will go for the lightweight helmets. They will ensure that the players are protected and avoid affecting their game for being too heavy.

3. Face Flaps

They ensure that the face is also protected. After all, it may also get hurt if left uncovered.

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