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10 Best Helmet for Adventure Touring 2022

Enthusiastic to go on adventures with your friends or biker’s club, you just need to buy the best Helmet for Adventure Touring. Spending your long weekends, or days or going on long adventurous rides with your friends, you just need a helmet as your most preeminent protective gear.

Adventure helmets have traits of both off-road and on-road helmets. In this way, they offer you the versatility of important and innovative features that provides you protection as well as comfort in your adventurous tours.

This is your big expenditure of the year and a huge Investment. As you have to live with this for longer hours or even days and months, it is wise to spend on the safest and lightest helmet with useful features.

 I have written a useful list because there are many helmets in the market which lists several features in their advertising of helmet that can turn out to be of no use. You must select a helmet with important and useful features even they are offering less.

Top 10 Best Helmets for Adventure Touring in 2021 :

Here to clear your confusion we came with the list of the Top 10 helmets for adventure touring along with their buying guide.

1. LS2  Pioneer Trigger Adventure  Helmet – (Overall Best)

best helmet for adventure touring

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In less investment, this helmet gives you everything that you need while going on adventurous riding. As you know adventurous touring needs a much stronger and sturdier helmet, this is constructed in a way to offer you robust protection.

For this, the latest proprietary kinetic polymer alloy with high-tech features is used in the manufacturing shell. In return, we get the lightest and sturdier helmet with impact resistance and shock absorption. An EPS foam liner is used for the interior of the helmet that also has the ability of energy absorption and gives you protection during mishaps or accidents.

The three different shell sizes are being used for perfect fit but yet a lightweight helmet. It will keep you cool and dry in tough riding situations through its perfect ventilation system. The helmet has an additional room for accommodation of your goggles of any brand. It has DOT and ECE 22.05 certificates for safety.

Soft and hypoallergenic:

A hypoallergenic, comfortable, and technical fabric is used to cover the padding of the helmet. It is removable and washable which helps you to keep your helmet clean and brand-new as it was. The padding is used to offer comfortability and hygiene at the same time.

Retractable visor:

The visor of the LS2 helmet offers you a more clear and wider vision. It has fog resistance, anti-scratch, and UV-resistant properties. It will protect you from damaging ultraviolet radiation on hot days and offers you a fog-free image in chilly winters. It has a twin visor system with a built-in sun visor which is retractable.

Quick releases:

It comes with a quick-release chin strap for buckling it to get complete safety. You can easily buckle it on and off within a few seconds even on a ride. During emergencies, it has an emergency release system through which you can easily pull out cheek pads. The 3D technology is employed to contour cut high-quality foaming for cheek pads.

  • LS2 laser contour cheek pads with emergency release
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-release chin straps
  • Extra space for goggles
  • The helmet may be noisy at bit higher speed

2. ScorpionExo Adult Flip Up Style Helmet-(Runner Up)

Best helmet for adventure touring

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This scorpion helmet is a highly advanced modular helmet for adventure touring. This helmet offers you versatility and quality for which you may agree to pay more. This is a modular helmet for adventure touring. Modular helmets give you the ease of flipping up the helmet while you are not riding or stopped a little for something.

Similar to its looks it has a strong and tough shell construction. It is constructed using advanced LG polycarbonate pioneered by Scorpion itself. It is lightweight and has impact resistance. Dual-density EPS is installed inside the helmet along with the aero tuned ventilation system to give comfort and ease during hot summer weather.

This helmet comes with a dual visor. They are retractable visors with one tinted sun visor which will keep your eyes safe on sunny summer days with varying light conditions The other visor is clear that is to be used in fog or cold weather for clear vision.

Aero tuned vents:

It comes with dual vents placed near the mouth and large air intake ports placed at the top of the helmet to ensure that cool air comes in through airflow vents. It also has exhaust vents to take out the hot air to get a better ventilation system.

Over-sized Eye-port:

It has an enormously wide view area for better peripheral vision and enables you to have clear downside vision. It is also designed in a way that it can accommodate many off-road goggles.


The helmet is DOT approved. The helmet weighs 5 pounds. The dimensions of the helmet are 16 x 12 x 11 inches.

  • Best street touring helmet with innovative features
  • High-quality helmet
  • Allows you to use your goggles and have a better view
  • Aero tuned ventilation system
  • Some people have issue with sizing so must follow the exact sizing chart

3. Bell MX-9 Adventure Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Best Helmet for Adventure Touring

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The Bell is a renowned helmet manufacturer for motorbikes with great quality and comfort. This helmet is specially designed for adventurers going on adventurous tracks.

It focuses on the features of both street touring and off-the-road dirt biking to ensure safety at any adventurous trail you are going.

It is a lightweight helmet as construction involves a polycarbonate shell that has three different sizes. It mitigates the heaviness and provides you a lighter and comfortable helmet. The interior liner of this helmet is completed using EPS liner to offer comfort and ease to the rider.

The helmet is also designed to integrate with various dirt goggles. You can wear goggles for extra protection by just simply flipping up their helmet and then can wear your goggles to give extra protection to your eyes. The helmet is DOT certified. Its total weight is 3.3 pounds.

MIPS integrated:

The helmet has MIPS technology which reduces the impact of rotational forces throughout your head. It is employed to provide more protection and safety during adventures. It ensures the safety of your head through all angles and speed.


It has a ventilation system that ensures maximum airflow. It draws in a fresh breeze and draws out hot air. This is designed to keep the rider cool in tough and tiring trails. As the sweat and hot air may cause discomfort for you during these rides. The removable and washable also ensure that sweat may not drip on the face or eyes of the rider.

Removable visor:

The helmet has a changeable visor for the easiness of the rider. It can easily remove and has anti-fog, anti-scratch, and Protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. It has side pods that are included to replace the visor where it mounts.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong and robust design
  • Hardshell design
  • MIPS integrated
  • Removable visor with anti-fog and UV protective feature
  • Some users have problem with sun visor didn’t find it much useful

4. KLIM Krios Adventure Touring Helmet

Best Helmet for Adventure Touring

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This helmet is considered one of the lightest adventuring helmets. It is developed using modern innovative manufacturing mechanisms and high-quality materials that result in a multi-functional and high-performance adventuring helmet. It offers you versatility in your adventuring tour with different useful features. The weight of the helmet is only 1 pound.

The aerodynamic design is used to give rider ease even at high speeds, the helmets with a visor have this design to reduce drag pressure and maintain the stability of the rider’s head, and provide it comfort and support that is needed. It is a bit difficult to ensure the functionality of a helmet with a visor at high speeds. Its premium design does it all.

The helmet is designed to provide maximum protection and comfort. It ensures a straight and clear vision at all angles. For safety purposes, the helmet also meets and exceeds the DOT and ECE safety standards to ensure maximum protection.

Hand-built perfection:

The shell is constructed using full carbon to make it a lighter helmet. It ensures a wide carbon weave at its core. The helmet is a hand laid to get the perfect shell. Each step of the process used required resin amounts so that it helps in reducing the weight of the helmet and it makes sure that it has standardized thickness and reliability.

Ultra vision:

It comes with a face shield which ensures that you have clear vision through an optically correct face shield technology. It comes with a popular and highly efficient field of vision.


With an aero-acoustic feature, it allows the rider to focus on the path ahead and completely involve himself with the ride. This helmet along with its aerodynamic design ensures that the rider has a distortion-free calm ride. It is being tested in a way that every feature complies with the helmet in a way that doesn’t increase the noise while riding.

  • Lightweight and comfortable helmet
  • Wide field of vision
  • Provides you a noise-free ride.
  • Quick-release visor system
  • The front vent doesn’t close so it gets cold in cold weathers

5. HELMET FX41DS FROST Adventure Helmet

Best Helmet for Adventure Touring

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The helmet is designed for adventuring touring, off-road, and supermoto. This helmet provides their customer with efficiency and performance in all fields. The aerodynamic shell design is used for making the lightweight, comfortable, and efficient helmet, the composite poly-alloy material is used to make it a strong and lighter helmet.

The helmet has a great fit for its users. It is designed to fit both youth and adults and snuggle fits on their heads. The striking colors and graphics on the helmet designed to match the personalities of both adults and youth. It also has a clear coat finishing which protects the paint and graphics from harmful sun rays.

Along with great fit, it gives you comfortability, it has soft liners. These liners also ensure customized fit as they are removable or changeable. These hypoallergenic, anti-microbial liners are washable and can be replaced.

Super ventilation system:

It has 11 vents opening placed strategically in the helmet. It has chin, sides, forehead, top, and back vents placed strategically in the helmet. There are three intake vents and eight exhaust vents which help to keep the rider cool and dry in hot summers or tough adventures.


It is also feasible for the riders who are glasses wearers. It helps them to keep their glasses in a place it also comes with a goggle guide especially on eye-port trim and a strap grabber for goggles. These grabbers are used to place your goggles in a place and keep your eyes protected.


The helmet is available in different sizes from small to large for its customers. The total weight of the helmet is 1.24 kg. The helmet meets and exceeds the DOT and ECE 22.05 certification. There are 4 tinted shields available for helmets. It has a D ring buckle for retention.

  • Comfortable
  • Great fit and beautiful finishing
  • The retention buckle is awesome
  • Goggles strap grabber to keep them in place
  • The airflow is not as good as other helmets

6. ScorpionEXO Unisex Adventure Touring Helmet

Best Helmet for Adventure Touring

This scorpion helmet is entitled to be on the list of the best helmet for adventure touring as it provides the protection and comfort you desire while doing adventurous activities. It is a strong and reliable full-face adventurous helmet.

To make it lightweight and strong, the advanced LG polycarbonate materials with three shell sizes are used for shell construction. This is used to make the helmet lighter, strong, and sturdier. Along with this, dual-density EPS foam liner is used to give protection from huge impacts and pressures.

For greater and clear vision, the helmet has an oversized eye-port; it ensures a more clear vision and great downward visibility for the rider. Kwikwick liner placed in the helmet to keeps you comfortable all day long. The weight of the helmet is 5 pounds. It is DOT certified for safety.

Peak visor:

The helmet comes with an external peak visor attached to helmet. This visor can be removed and you can helmet with an aerodynamic design adventurous touring helmet. This peak visor saves your eyes from the sun, dust debris on mud getting into it.

Modular helmet:

The modular chin bar is a feature that gives convenience to riders. This feature allows you to easily flip up the chin bar when you stopped somewhere either for gas or directions or just to take a rest.

Clear visibility:

It also has a built-in drop-down sun shield to keep your eyes protected from harmful ultraviolet radiation and instant changing light conditions. It also has a clear no fog ever sun visor to provide you clear and a free view on cold nights.

  • Great visibility
  • It comes with a peak visor
  • Great built quality
  • Its A modular helmet
  • The helmet is a bit heavy
  • The sizes may run short and cheek pads may feel tighten

7. ScorpionEXO Unisex  Adventure Touring  Helmet 

This is also a scorpion helmet the same as mentioned above. The scorpionExo helmets are considered one of the best helmets in the field of motorbike helmets. It can be used for adventure touring, street touring, off-road touring, and supermoto. With different colors and beautiful finishing, this helmet is the first choice for most riders.

This is a modular helmet in which the chin bar is flipped up and gives convenience to riders. This feature allows you to easily flip up the chin bar when you stopped somewhere either for gas or directions or just to take a rest.

The weight of the helmet is 5 pounds. It is DOT certified for the safety and protection of the rider.

Built-in process:

For construction, the advanced LG polycarbonate material is used for a lighter and stronger shell. It uses three different shell sizes but yet the lightest and strongest helmet is offered to the customers. For the interior, an EPS foam lining is used which also gives protection from impacts and pressures.

Clear view:

It comes with a wide and large eye port to offer a clear and wider visor to the rider. It also provides clear downward visibility for riders in tough touring situations. It also comes with a peak visor that can be easily saves your eyes from mud, dust, and debris, etc.

Dual visor:

The helmet comes with a dual visor. One visor is used for clear vision and the other one is a sun visor. The clear visor provides you clear vision in foggy weather and the sun visor provides you protection from changing varying light conditions and harmful ultraviolet radiations.

  • Strong and sturdier helmet
  • It’s a modular helmet for convincing.
  • Lager space for a wider view
  • Dual visors
  • The visor fogs up quickly.

8. Bilt Power Flip Up  Adventure Touring  Modular Helmet

This helmet gives you the confidence to go drop and strive for the best. It helps you to explore more by being your best companion in adventuring tours. It keeps you protected and secures your adventuring tours. It offers you great quality with solid and durable paints that gives you great finishing along with safety.

To meet the requirements of adventure touring, the helmet comes with dual visors. A clear visor is removable, a great fit, and can be quickly released. This can be used in cold weather and foggy nights.

The other one is the inner flipper-down tinted sun visor with a quite easy and friendly lever system. This visor protects your eyes from the sun and can easily be deployed using hands with gloves on.

It has a strong and secure Double D fastener for greater protection and keeps your helmet in place. The helmet is DOT and ECE approved. It is available in different sizes ranging from small to large and has a great fit in all sizes of head.

Hi-tech built:

The helmet is constructed using polycarbonate material molded with hi-tech injection. This is used to bring a solid, tough, and durable helmet shell. Other than this, it provides great finishing, and the EPS foam line inside the interior offers comfort and protection from impacts.

Mounted air vents:

For continuous airflow, it has surface-mounted airflow vents with an open and close airflow vent at the top and some rear exhaust vents for airflow. It is to keep the rider cool in sunny weather.

Removable liner:

It comes with comfortable soft and plush padding. It not only provides you comfort but helps in maintaining the continuous airflow inside the helmet. The lining is removable and can be washed to put again.

  • Helmet fits nice
  • Convenient features
  • Chinstrap comes with an additional snap button for safety
  • Replaceable clear vision
  • The shade gets foggy
  • The sun visor is not that good

9. LS2 Helmets Pioneer V2 Adventure Helmet

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This LS2 helmet is specially designed for adventure touring, street touring, and street sports. This helmet is manufactured in their factory which means they have more to offer in less cash. The helmet caters to all the needed riders who love to go for adventures.

For your comfort, a hypoallergenic, comfy fiber is used for covering helmet padding. It is removable and washable for your convenience and eases to keep your helmet germ-free and clean.

It has a quick-release chin strap for fastening it to get complete protection this gives you the convenience of easily getting off and on in seconds. The cheek pads inserted can easily pull out in emergencies and they are contoured using a 3D laser cut.

Pioneer Construction:

This helmet shell is constructed using its kinetic polymer alloy which features hi-tech functions. EPS foam lining in the interior of the helmet is inserted with energy absorption and impact resistance. At the end of this process, we get the tough rugged, and lightweight helmet.


The helmet provides you a great fit and snug fit as it comes in three different shell sizes. In tough and hard adventure touring situations, it will keep you cool and sweat-free through its perfect ventilation. It is also perfect for glasses wear as it has extra space to keep goggles. It has DOT and ECE certification for safety.

Twin visor:

It has a fog-resistant, anti-scratch, and UV-resistant visor to provide you a more clear yet protective view. It will give you protection from ultraviolet radiation and provide you a clear view in instantly varying light conditions. The other visor provides a clear vision free of fog on chilly nights.

  • High quality Sun visor
  • Strong and hardshell construction
  • Emergency release pads
  • DOT approved
  • The fogs adds up quickly
  • The size may run large must follow the exact sizing charts.

10. HJC DS-X1 Gravity Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

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This helmet can also be used for street and off-road biking. The helmet is compatible with both adventures. It can easily convert from shield and visor to dirt visor only. It allows you to enjoy both trails.

For construction, the advanced polycarbonate shell material is used. It gives you lightweight with a comfortable fit using advanced CAD technology. Helmets with comfort fit and lighter in weight are preferred by most adventure riders.

A multiple density EPS foam lining is inserted inside the interior of the helmet with shock absorption and impact resistance qualities.

For goggle convenience, it comes with a large wide area which gives a clear and wider view and also ensures maximum space for the goggles. This space ensures that riders who wear glasses can easily be accommodated in this. The helmet is DOT approved.

ACS Ventilation system:

This system involves full fledge from front to back airflow and also swills out hot air and humidity and takes in a fresh and cool breeze for riders’ comfort.

Anti-bacterial interior:

The helmet possesses a cooler, anti-bacterial, and moisture-wicking interior which keeps you cool, sweat, and germs free. This liner is also removable and washable.

Anti-scratch visor:

The helmet comes with Pin prepared shield with anti-scratch properties to offer durability. The anti-fog inserts are sold separately from the helmet.

  • Comfortable fit
  • This helmet is suitable for glasses wearer
  • It can easily be converted from shield and visor to visor only
  • Super cool with ACS ventilation system
  • Chin flip-up is not very easy to take on and off
  • You may have to take off the shield for appropriate goggle fitment

The Buying Guide for Adventure Touring Helmet:

The helmet for adventure touring must be strong and sturdy as well as comfortable. There are so many factors that you must consider before buying a helmet for adventure. Here is the list of factors you must consider before buying.


This one is important to consider as many people when going to buy a safe and strong helmet they end up buying a heavy helmet with liners and puddings which causes a lot of discomforts, especially in adventure touring. So, the helmet should be light that you won’t. Feel any burden on your shoulders that causes any kind of stain.


The DOT-approved helmets should be preferred as they have passed specific safety standards. Safety is the utmost priority so; you must select the helmet which has some safety certification. The preferred one is that it should be Snell and Dot approved. For this, you must look for the DOT-approved sticker inside the helmet.

Perfect fit:

The helmet should fit perfectly and snugly fits on your head. You must select the right size for you. Snug fit helmets play an important role in the protection and safety of the rider. If the rider has a loose helmet it will rattle here and there on the rider’s head and if he has a tight fit helmet it may cause any pressure points Rhys causes strains. So, you must select the right fit for the helmet.


The helmet should have perfect ventilation and breathability. The good ventilation system in the helmet makes it breathable. It allows the cool air to come and exhaust the hot and humid air. It keeps the rider cool even on hot summer days.

UV protection:

In adventure touring, you spend hours upon hours in the sun and on roads. The helmet should have a visor that gives you protection from the sun and harmful ultraviolet radiation. The UV protective visor will also save your eyes from strain s due to instantly changing light conditions.

Some visors of the helmet also have anti-scratch and anti-fog properties for your further convenience in changing wearers. Anti-fog will help to have a clear view of foggy nights.

Sweat savers:

The adventure touring helmets must possess sweat savers which will save your eyes and foreheads from drops of sweat and be absorbed by sweat liners. These liners also dry up quickly.


We have given you a detailed review of the best helmet for adventure touring. Now the ball is in your court, it all depends on you to get your new helmet. We have given you the factors which you must look at before buying. It all depends on your priorities while looking for the best helmet.

Hopefully, this detailed article has helped you in selecting the best one for you.

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