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10 Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 2022

Some riders really like the feeling of the cool breeze on their face and it’s a source of full-on enjoyment for them. If you want to enjoy the ride, without any restrictions, then 3/4 helmets are definitely for you. These are often referred to as open face helmets.

In terms of safety, we definitely recommend full-face helmets as they provide you more protection. However, with new advancements in technologies, these 3/4 helmets now come with such configurations that they give a feel of a full-face helmet.

The best 3/4 motorcycle helmet as the name suggests gives ¾ protection to your head and face. This helmet protects your head, eyes, ears, and neck. These are though better in protection than half helmets.

These vintage open face helmets offer an unobstructed great vision that also enables you to have a good peripheral view and gives you a great wind touching your face experience. Some of the newer models of these helmets also come with retractable and removable visors for your convenience.

Thus, if you are looking for a helmet that is lightweight, offers clearer vision, and source your pleasurable ride with great ventilation. Then, let’s start the ride.

Top 10 Best 3/4  Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

With a growing number of motorcycle helmet brands that include plenty of advanced features and technologies, one may definitely get abstruse. So, here we have narrow down the list of best helmets that can definitely serve your purpose.

1. Biltwell Bonanza Half Helmet-(Best 3/4  Motorcycle Helmet)

Best ¾ motorcycle helmet

This Biltwell 3/4 helmet provides you a retro look by giving you maximum protection and comfort. This robust design helmet not only gives you style but also safety to the maximum level. For this, the helmet is considered one of the best 3/4 motorcycle helmets.

The helmet is designed to have a very beautiful look with its matte finishing. The helmet has a beautiful hand-painted finishing that will mesmerize everyone. This lightweight helmet with awe-inspiring finishing and strong design provides you all and keeps you safe.

The helmet comes with a very comfortable and custom is designed to fit all the sizes and shapes of the heads. The helmet is DOT certified for safety standards. The helmet is available in glossy and matte finishing.

In-Mold Construction:
The helmet is constructed using injection molded procedure for ABS outer shell to make it lighter and stronger. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) is used for the inner of the helmet with shock-absorbing properties.

Hand-Stitched liners:
The helmet has durable hand-stitched liners with lycra brushing to absorb all the moisture and keeping you dry and arid. It also has diamond-stitched open-cell thick foam padding to provide comfort and executive fit.

Strap system:
It has a durable and strong steel-plated D-ring strap for better protection. It also comes with adjustable straps to keep the goggles in place.

Lycra brushing:
All the padding and foaming in the helmet have lycra brushed panels that wicks away all the moisture and keeps the helmet dry.

  • Beautiful finishing
  • Lycra finishing for dry helmet
  • Rugged and robust design
  • Nice and comfortable fit
  • The helmet runs slightly larger in comparison to other helmets of same sizing

2. YEMA YM-627 Motorcycle Open Face Helmet-(best value for money)

Best ¾ motorcycle helmet

This YEMA helmet is considered one of the best value for money. This helmet provides maximum value for the amount spent. It is a high-grade professional helmet that offers the best performance, protection, and comfort.

This helmet comes with numerous innovative and enhanced features and advanced designs to provide maximum value to its users. This helmet can be used for different biking categories such as street bike, Racing, scooter, and many others.

For your comfort in your rides, this helmet has an adjustable ventilation system. The vents to bring in and exhaust air are adjustable to maintain the airflow of your choice. This will helps to maintain the rider cool and keep him dry. The helmet is DOT approved helmet.

Outstanding Construction:
The helmet comes with an aerodynamic design and constructed using ABS for the outer shell and EPS liner for the interior of the helmet. This will provide better shock protection and energy absorption.

Clasps system:
It has a reinforced very comfortable chin strap for fastening. It also has a quick-release buckle system to provide ease and better protection.

Dual Visor:
The helmet comes with a dual visor system. It has one easy-to-use and switchable sun visor to provide protection from the sun and harmful ultraviolet radiation. You can also easily install a clear visor without using any tool.

Liner and pads:
This protective gear possesses very comfy and soft liners and pads that are fully removable and can be washed easily. This will keep the helmet clean, dry, and fresh.

Compatible goggles:
The helmet also designed to have extra space for glasses to provide convince and ease to the glass wearer.

  • Great value in the reasonable price
  • Comes with dual visor
  • Comfortable fit
  • very easy and quick ratchet system
  • The helmet sizes runs way to small. It is suggested to go one size up

3. Daytona Motorcycle Open Face Helmet-(Best for cruiser rider)

 ¾ motorcycle helmet

The helmet is intended to provide the best protection and safety to its users. Their intention is that the security and protection of the rider come first and then something else. This helmet is considered best for the cruising rider as it provides premium safety and comfort.

This helmet is specially designed for all its users either with big heads or small heads. You don’t have to worry about the size as it fits all. It will have a snug fit on your head and keeps your head safe from accidents.

This low-profile helmet is lightweight and has passed the true DOT standard test which means it certified to use for protection and safety. The helmet weighs around 2.3 pounds. It can be used. This is one of the smallest DOT-approved helmets.

Comfortable liner:
This helmet is integrated with a custom-formed liner that is used to provide a comfortable experience. They are soft and offer a comfortable fit. The liners and all the foaming in the helmet are removable and washable and have moisture-wicking properties.

Quick-Release Lock:
This Daytona Motorcycle Open Face Helmet comes with a quick-release lock prevents you uncomfortably that a narrow and pinching strap causes. The strap can also be adjusted backward or forward to provide comfort ability to those, especially with the outgrown beard.

High-quality Finishing:
The helmet offers high quality and durability to its users. The helmet is guaranteed to doesn’t chip or no changes in color even after elongated exposure to the sunny rays. The color doesn’t fade. The flat colors remain flat and glossy colors always shine with no change in their gloss.

Removable visor:
This helmet comes with a removable visor.It has snap on black bubble shield that helps you to protect you from harmful rays and provides a clear view in constantly changing light conditions.

  • Low-profile helmet
  • Offers superior protection and comfort
  • It offers durability
  • It comes with a removable visor
  • Some users complained that it barely had any padding and doesn’t offer much comfort ability

4. Bell Custom 500 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

This Bell ¾ helmet is a classic, rugged and durable helmet. Bell is popular for manufacturing excellent helmets in terms of protection, comfort, and aesthetics. This bell helmet also offers this and fulfills the need and requirements of all of their users.

The helmet offers excellent functionality and comes with various innovative and enhanced features. This helmet comes with various such features that offer you customization and allows you to have a helmet according to your personalized choice.

Low-profile helmet:
This helmet is a low-profile helmet whose outer shell is constructed using a fiberglass composite shell. This will give you a lighter and stronger helmet.

5-shell design:
The helmet has 5 shell sizes and comfortable EPS liner inside the interior that ensure a comfortable personalized fit. The helmet is designed to fit all the structures and sizes of the head.

EPS liner:
The multi-density EPS liner is used for comfort and great fit. It saves you from shocks and also has anti-bacterial properties to prevent your helmet from germs and odors.

5-snap pattern:
The helmet comes with an advanced integrated 5 snap pattern system that makes it continent for the aftermarket shields and visor to offer you versatility and comfortability.

Easy and Quick:

The helmet comes with quite an easy and quick D-ring chin strap which has extra padding on it to offer you comfortability. This will keep your helmet and yourself protected by keeping the helmet in a position.

The helmet has an industry-leading five years of warranty. The Helmet has DOT and ECE certification. The weight of the helmet is 3.5 pounds.

  • Fits well
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • The liner is of top-notch quality
  • Flawless finishing
  • The snap system doesn’t have any clicking sound that you may get to know that you have done correctly.
  • This bell helmet is a bit off in sizing.

5. TORC (T50 Route 66) 3/4 Helmet-(Excellent helmet for price)

This Torc T50 helmet is an open-face retro-style helmet. It is a slim, classic design helmet with retro paint on it. The helmet with its beautiful finishing has very attractive graphics on it. With its amazing looks, it provides you with the best experience while riding. This helmet offers you so much and is an excellent helmet for the price paid.

The helmet offers great protection comfort and reliability. With its amazing features, this helmet offers functionality and a great experience. The helmet caters to the needs of all as it fits all sizes. This helmet comes in an intermediate oval shape for greater fit and comfortability.

The helmet is constructed using tough and durable material. A multi-density EPS liner is used for the interior of the helmet that also offers shock absorption and energy absorption.

For better protection, the helmet is DOT certified. The weight of the helmet is 3.45 pounds. The helmet can be used for street sport motorcycles.

2-shell sizes:
The helmet is manufactured in 2 different sizes that offer proper fit to its users. You can easily adjust it according to your size. This shell design offers you customization.

Snap system:
The helmet comes with a five-button snap system for your ease and convenience. It will help you to adjust your visor quickly and ease in varying also includes 3 more snap peaks.

Ultra-plush liner:
The helmet is intended to have ultra-plush soft inner padding to provide comfort and a customized helmet. The fabric is used is soft to make you comfortable while riding. The helmet also has cheeks pads which are removable.

  • Great quality
  • Best value in reasonable pricing
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Snap system is good
  • Liner is quite comfortable and keeps your head in a good comforting position
  • The size chart is a bit off. Choose it carefully
  • It may get scratched easily

6. AUTOPDR ¾ Motorcycle Helmet-(best elegant and stylish helmet)

The helmet offers great protection and comfort for its users. When safety its utmost concern, the helmet provides you ample protection for your outdoor sports and physical activities. This helmet offers you full-time safety, reliability and is one of the best stylish and elegant helmets.

The helmet offers you a unique and classic design with a modern touch. This retro design helmet also gives you space for your goggles to fit properly. The helmet provides you any distraction-free enjoyment throughout your riding.

This helmet can be used for off-road and motocross racing styles. The helmet is DOT and CE approved. The weight of the helmet is 2 pounds.

Built-In material:
For construction, this helmet uses light ABS material for its outer shell. This helmet uses EPS lining for the interior along with PU leather which enhances the cushioning of the helmet. These all will protect your head and will effectively absorb the shocks and impacts.

Protective gear:
This helmet is UV protected saves your face and eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation. It also protects your eyes from different bugs, sand particles and dust, and debris that could enter the helmet and harm your eyes.

Lightweight and breathable:
The helmet uses a poly-thermal shell that provides you consistent and ultimate protection and also gives you a lightweight helmet for great comfort. For more comfort-ability, this helmet uses a soft lining which is also quite breathable. Thus, it makes your riding experience comfortable and breathable.

Convenient and simple:
All the safety buckles and straps are fully adjustable. The adjustability feature allows you to get the fit of your size for comfort and convince.

  • Nice and convenient helmet
  • Comfort and breathable
  • Strong and durable
  • Soft liners
  • Some users complained that snaps on visor rattle while riding at high speeds
  • The sizes may run terribly short

7. NENKI 3/4 Vintage Retro Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet provides great protection and comfort to its users. One feature that attracts the most along with safety characteristics, this helmet has great looks. With beautiful colors and unique design, this helmet raises the style bar of the helmet.

This helmet has a vintage patriot star design which becomes the apple of an eye for most bike riders. This helmet offers you fashion designing but also excellent in protection comfort and reliability.

The helmet is said to be DOT approved and meets The FMSV2178 standards. The weight of the helmet is 1 is a very lightweight ¾ open face helmet to enhance your comfort and protection level.

High-end Construction:
The helmet is constructed using high-end material for it to be lightweight and well protected. Composite fiberglass is used for the construction of the outer shell. A top-notch quality polyurethane leather comfortable liner is used for the interior of the helmet.

The helmet comes with iridium lens goggles and a mask. The triple layering is used to offer more comfort and protection while riding. These masks and goggles are removable when you don’t want to use them.

UV protective:
The lens of the helmet mask and goggles has UV protection that saves your eyes from UV rays. It also keeps your eyes protected from dust and debris. It also has anti-fog properties.

Breathable and Replaceable:
The helmet has vented air holes around the frame of the goggles that keep the helmet ventilated and keeps the lens fog-free. The lens of the goggles is replaceable and appropriate to use in various changing weather conditions.

  • Helmet is an awesome vintage helmet
  • Mask and goggles come separately
  • The straps of the mask don’t allow it to move and keep them in place
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable with a good airflow system
  • DOT approved
  • The lens provides little protection from sun as claimed

8. TORC unisex-adult ¾ Motorcycle  Helmet

This sleek and shiny helmet comes in very beautiful colors with beautiful finishing. This retro-style helmet gives you a very stylish and classy look. The helmet can be used for both men and women.

Along with looks, this helmet offers you great protection and superior comfort. The helmet is designed to provide robust protection and safety against both high and low impacts during crashes or accidents.

The helmet is a low-profile lightweight helmet. The total weight of the helmet is 5 pounds. The helmet meets the DOT safety standards. The helmet can be used for street cruiser comes in different sizes to have a great fit on all head sizes.

Ultra-soft liners:
The helmets possess very soft and plush liners and padding. It offers you protection and comfort as well. The cheek pads of the helmet are removable and washable can be used again for clean and dry helmets.

Removable visor:
The helmet gives you convince and ease by allowing you to remove the visor when needed.

Shell Structure:
The shell of the helmet is constructed using improved thermal polymer alloy to manufacture stronger and sturdier helmets for better protection of the helmet. The helmet is thus, light in weight and is very effective for its users as impact energy is dispersed all over the helmet.

The helmet comes in very beautiful shiny and glossy colors with beautiful graphics on them. As this helmet is a unisex helmet, thus its colors and design cater to the needs of both men and women.

  • Great finishing with beautiful colors
  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable padding
  • The visor can be removed
  • No quick release system available
  • It is bit bulky

9. ScorpionExo Belfast 3/4 Open Face Helmet (Top quality helmet)

This Belfast helmet has a look old retro style ¾ open face helmet but with a modern touch. This helmet has a classic look, modern comfort, and an advanced protection system. This helmet offers you all style, safety, and comfort.

This helmet is top-quality as it manufactured by one of the leading brands of helmets and possesses all the modern and innovative features to protect its users. This helmet can be used for street sports, street touring and street cruiser motorcycles, etc.

The helmet comes in three beautiful colors that accommodate the wishes of all. The helmet is available in different sizes and fits all types of heads. The helmet is DOT approved. The weight of the helmet is 2 pounds.

Hand-laid Shell:
Each shell of the helmet is exclusively hand-laid to provide top-quality protection and comfort. This is also to meet the top standards.

Sun Visor:
The helmet comes with a retractable and interchangeable visor for your ease and convenience. The internal sun visor will protect your eyes from harmful sun rays while riding in hot weather.

Nappa Leather:
The helmet is bound to have Nappa leather accents for greater comfort and ease. This is quite soft and comfortable and looks elegant. It provides you the comfort and relaxation.

Cheek Pads:
The helmet possesses Kwik-Fit cheek pads. They are plush, soft and make it easy for the most common eyeglasses.

Hand Sewn Liner:
Each and every tiny detail of the helmet matters. The liner in the helmet used is hand-stitched to provide the softness and perfection which cannot be achieved with anything else.

  • Fit and finishing is awesome
  • High quality helmet
  • Comfortable
  • Offer great protection
  • Padding is wide and soft
  • The helmet is bit loud at higher speeds on highways
  • The sizing chart is extremely wrong as it runs one size smaller.

10. HJC Solid FG-JET 3/4  Motorcycle Helmet-(3/4 flip up helmet)

This HJC is a ¾ flip-up helmet with classic looks and modern touch. The helmet is an adaption of a retro look but with advanced features and technologies. It offers great functionality, efficient performance, and tremendous value.

The helmet provides maximum protection, comfort, and durability. The material used in the construction of helmets provides great protection from any high or low impacts during accidents and collisions.

The helmet is DOT certified. The weight of the helmet is 4 pounds. The helmet comes in different ranges of sizes to fit all shapes and circumferences of the head.

Shell built-in material:
The helmet is constructed using an advanced composite fiberglass shell. This material used to make a lighter stronger and advanced helmet shell. It offers a perfect and comfortable fit using advanced CAD technology.

Shield replacement:
The helmet possesses a 3D clear face shield with anti-scratch and UV resistant properties. This face shield can be replaced without using any tool for your ease and convenience.

Sun visor:
This helmet also comes with a sun visor. It will keep you a clear view and saves your eyes from instant changing light conditions. It can easily be deployed with one easy and quick touch.

The helmet comes with an advanced ventilation system. It will bring fresh air and ensures full front to back airflow that keeps the rider cool and dry.

  • Excellent pricing
  • The fit was according to the size chart
  • Ventilation works very well
  • Retractable face shield
  • The helmet is bit bulky
  • The padding is bit thin

How ¾ motorcycle helmet works?

A ¾ helmet is the wisest choice between a half-face and full-face helmet. This helmet generally designs to give ¾ protections to your head area as it starts from your head, around the ears, and neck.

These helmets are definitely different than full-face helmets as they give you whole protection by covering around your chin and have a full-face design.

The benefits of choosing ¾ helmet as they provide better protection, wider and clear peripheral view, and enhanced ventilation. You will definitely not feel any hindrance on your face while having time of your life.

These helmets are best for you if you feel restricted or you think that your freedom is being hindered while riding a motorcycle. Go for it, enjoy your ride.

How should ¾ motorcycle helmet fit?

How should ¾ motorcycle helmet fit?

If you have chosen a helmet that you wanted to buy. Then, now, the focus should be on proper fit.

For exact sizing, firstly you must determine the exact shape and size of your head. For shapes, there are generally three options i.e. long oval, intermediate oval, round oval.

After this take your head size, take a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your head. You must ensure that it must be 2 inches above your eyebrows.

Now, compare your size against the size chart of that helmet. Determine the size which matches your measurement that you want to order.

Secondly, after ordering, when the helmet comes in, you must try it on. At the start, it would be a bit complicated to adjust the helmet. After putting it on, the helmet should feel snug.

Thirdly, with the helmet on, you must check for any discomfort or pressure points. If you don’t feel any, then it’s good to go. Keep it on your head for almost half an hour for proper adjustment and satisfaction. If you feel any discomfort, then you must consider changing it.

The helmet should be of exact fit and feel sung for better and pleasurable riding experience.

Ultimate 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Buyer’s Guide :

Sometimes you just wanted to invest in buying the best ¾ motorcycle helmet but you don’t know which factors to look for in the best motorcycle helmet. Thus, here we are going to guide you on what to look for before buying a new ¾ motorcycle helmet.


Though they don’t provide full-time protection as the full-face helmets do but you must look for the helmets that possess a helmet safety standard.

Possession of a safety standard tag will boost your confidence to thrive more and succeed. A helmet with safety standards meant that it has passed the specific built-in construction procedures and protection tests.

Mostly motorcycle helmets are DOT certified. You must look for the safety standard tag inside the helmet.


Some motorcyclist definitely prefers these helmets because of any visor restrictions as they want the wind directly touches their face.

If you’re going to buy this helmet must look if the helmet possesses any built-in visor. Many riders prefer half visors as they can easily flip up and down when needed. Many riders prefer full-face visors as sometimes they don’t like that wind or any dusty particles that go into their eyes.

So, the helmets with removable visor allow you to choose from all the above options.


This ¾ motorcycle helmet should be lightweight. As you have selected this style to full-on enjoy your ride, thus for better enjoyment you shouldn’t feel any burden on your head.

The lightweight helmet should be your priority while selecting or buying your helmet. You should feel like that you don’t have anything on your head and you’re simply riding.


You must look for a helmet that matches your style and preferences. This is one of the main reasons motorcyclists buying this helmet as they like its aesthetics. Thus, in this style of helmet aesthetics matter a lot.


This is an important factor to look for while buying a helmet. The helmet should feel comfortable. The padding and liner used in the helmet should be soft, plush, and give you a comfortable feel.

All the liners and padding inside the helmet should be removable and washable for your ease and comfort.

Noise Distractions:

Though, these helmets feel nosier at higher speeds. It happens because these open face helmets don’t come with aerodynamic designs which reduce the drag pressure.

However, if you search, you may able to find a helmet that is relative to causes less noise in comparison to many other helmets.

Final Thoughts :

That’s all you may need to know about the ¾ motorcycle helmet. All the above-mentioned helmets are best in styling safety, comfort, and functionality. We have gathered all the information after thorough research.

These helmets are able to give you the quality, value, and performance that you may want from your ¾ motorcycle helmet.

Hopefully, after reading this, you have been selected the one that you are going to buy for your next ride. All options are good but select the one that fulfills your requirement. All the very best!

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