best scooter helmet for 2 year old

10 Best Scooter Helmet for 2 year old 2022

For parents, the most important thing is their kid’s safety, they do each and every precautionary measure to keep their children safe. When parents awarded their children with bicycles and scooters etc. usually at the age of 2 or above, they do some extra care, for instance, they put on helmets, knee pads, etc. to avoid any injury. We have searched a lot to find out the best scooter helmet for 2 year old kids because their safety is our priority.

best scooter helmet for 2 year old

Well, it is necessary that every child should wear well-made scooter helmets and it should be comfortable, too, while cycling or riding a scooter. Helmet usage is compulsory for an adult or a toddler, somewhere it is directed by the authorities, for the sake of our own safety.

But the question is how do you pick up the right helmet? Or which particularization do you need? Or maybe, how and from where do you buy a fit and perfect-sized- helmet for your kid? This article will help you to find all of your answers, to choose the best scooter helmets for 2-year-old kids along with some prescriptions and guidelines.

Why are Helmets important for Toddlers?

Helmets are very important, not only for adults but also for kids or toddlers. They save the human skull from 90% of head injury and give you the best protection as possible. They are literally very important and useful in daily life routine, especially when we are living in an area full of traffic. Apart from that, helmets are also equally important for the kids to prevent any serious or linear head injury.

What kind of problems you may face regarding the sizes of helmets?

When you go shopping for a scooter or bicycle helmet for a 2-year-old child, it is very significant to choose an actual or exact size. As your kid is too innocent to understand his/her safety, so you have to pick up convenient and safe things for them. There are a number of sizes available that’s why, you have to be aware of your child’s size of the head while shopping, in order to purchase a correct-sized helmet.

An unfit helmet may not offer the protection for which you bought it to provide. Big helmets can be made fit with sizing pads but it is not endorsed to purchase a child helmet too large. It will be less protective and also very uncomfortable.

There is an option of XL (extra-large), L (large), M (medium), S (small) sizes, first know your child’s size then buy a suitable helmet for them.

Top  10 scooter helmets for 2-year-olds in 2021:

Your child’s adventures will soon begin, but before they do it, ensure that your child is safe. The easiest way to ensure their safety is to wear a helmet. Here you have the most demanding scooter helmets with long-lasting quality and durability. Let’s have a look!

1. Schwinn Scooter Helmet

 best scooter helmet for 2 year old

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The beautiful bike helmet for kids with different sizes and many other qualities. Like, it can be adjusted for 0 to a 3-year-old child, easily. Schwinn bike helmet is very comfortable and easy to handle. The best part is, it is long-lasting and you can easily use it for your kid for almost 3 years.

It is not just pretty but also provides long-lasting protection to your children. As far as a child’s protection is concerned, the head is the most sensitive part, if it got some injury that’s difficult to cure.

That’s why here we have Schwinn’s best scooter helmet for 2-year-old kids. It has a number of characteristics, which are given below.

Adjustable Size

Schwinn is so comfortable and adjustable that it fits between the ages of 0 – 3 years. It’s better to check the circumference of your child’s head when buying a helmet, as it will be a more effective way to purchase a perfect-sized helmet.

This helmet claims that it will fit ages up to 3, however, some of our clients have tried on their children who are above 3, their response is so positive. So, the fact is, it is adjustable for those who are below 3 and is perfect for 3+.

Sunrays Protection

A desegregated visor helps a lot to protect eyes from the direct sun rays. That’s why it is so much comfortable for a toddler, or kids while riding a bike or scooter.

Ensures Longevity

The bottom constructed shell adds up longevity and extra protection in the back of a helmet.


Schwinn offers you extremely lightweight helmets for your child’s comfort with the best protection. Its vented design allows supreme ventilation for summer rides when it is too hot outside.

Alluringly constructed

This is a kind of bike helmet that little ones will love to wear because it is super handsome in appearance, comfortable to wear, and extraordinary protective in nature.

  • Adjustable in size from 0 to 3 years and above.
  • Durable and extra protective
  • Designed with a visor to prevent sunlight
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good looking and smartly designed scooter helmet
  • One may suffer with a size issue, purchase carefully

2. Bell Infant Sprout Bike Helmet

 best scooter helmet for 2 year old

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Looking for a stunning toddler’s helmet at an affordable price? You’re in the right place. Bell Infant Sports helmet gives you extraordinary convenience with suitable sizes along with different color options to make their ride a fantasy.

Bell helmets are considered to be the best scooter helmet for 2-year-old kids because they are exactly of their size, they are adjustable, graspable, and far more convenient than other ordinary helmets.

Style and design

They are constructed after many trials because customer satisfaction is far more important. Its design is too classic, typically designed as bicycle helmets. But, can be used for scooters or anywhere else. It is super comfortable.

Simple fit system/ easy adjustment

Bell Infant Helmet gives you the easiest fitting system for the amazing and comfortable ride of toddlers. It is just a step away. Can’t believe that they are too handy! It is perfect for 1+ and 2 years old and is easily adjustable for an infant.

Pinch guard

The protective Pinch guard buckles ensure protection and easy pinch-free wrapping. Pinch guards are very important because they help you to adjust the helmet and keep it tight.


There are 7 vents in a helmet to keep ventilation and your child cool while riding. Ventilation is very important, it protects your head from warming and exhaustion.

Rear coverage

Bell Infant Helmets provides extended rear coverage for the sake of extra protection. The rear sides of heads are very sensitive, for their protection, this rear coverage is constructed.


Acquiescent with the inescapable CPSC safety merits for bicycle and scooter helmets.


Highly recommended for kids who are 1+, but will set easily on the heads of infants. Try to take a head measurement for accurate size.

  • Easy adjustable sizes
  • Pinch guard for little one’s protection
  • Easy adjusting nylon strap
  • Soft strap material, won’t cause any irritation
  • Good venting
  • They might be bulky for baby girls

3. Schwinn Kids Helmet with 3D Character Features

 best scooter helmet for 2 year old

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Schwinn has been producing helmets for many years. They never compromised on the quality and the material they used, they have been in the top-selling companies list. Their helmets are adjustable for kids and the size of each of them is not bound for one particular year.

Let’s see the certain features of Schwinn Kids Bike Helmets.

Size Range

This beautiful Schwinn 3D teddy helmet is specifically designed for infants and toddlers. It ranges from 0 to 3 years, which means that it is perfect for 2+, and for above or below it is adjustable in size.

Fit System

Schwinn offers you an adjustable fit system with convenient and fit padding so that your kid would be more protective and enjoy his/her ride.

3D character Design

This beautiful helmet set has a 3D character made of fine plastic for an awesome look, kids like the characters most.


Schwinn kid helmet is durable and gives extra protection at the back of the head. A lower molded shell adds durability with a safer ride.

Ultra-lightweight and vented design

The gorgeous-looking helmet has a vented structure for good ventilation during hot summer rides and is extremely light in weight. Your kid will not suffer weight anymore.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Good ventilation
  • Designed with 3D teddy bear character
  • Durable and adjustable
  • The plastic from which character is made, can vary from product to product

4. Giro Me2 Infant Bike Helmet

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With the Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler bike helmet your kids have a fun and safe ride, without any fear. Helmets are very important to protect your skull, most sensitive, so take it seriously. Well, Giro Me2 helmets give you full protection along with a convenient visor and buckles to enhance your comfort.

It gives several colorful designs like yellow chicks, bunnies, ducks, and goose so that your child would wear it for sure. It features 20 vents to maintain the child’s head cool and a Giro’s Mini Lock fit system with a soft strap, which is easy to handle. This helmet is super adjustable as well.


Now your kids will enjoy the ride with fun and colorful designs. They are in several colors with many designs, so you may pick the one of your kid’s choice.

Mini Lock Fit System

Giro’s Mini-Lock fit system gives an easy and protected ride. Its straps are soft and simple to handle, so there would be no more irritation and itching during rides especially in summers.

Six Vents

Giro is giving you 6 vents for keeping little heads cool and calm. Its ventilation system is super cool, you must try!

Built-in Visor

Well, this helmet is not only cool just because of the design, but, there a lot many features like a built-in visor and pinch-proof buckle which makes it the most demanding helmet.


Here are some guidelines to get the best fitting.

  • Must keep the rim of the helmet up to 2 fingers width from the eyebrows.
  • On opening up a mouth, the buckle should press the chin and the helmet, the head.
  • Straps should form a V shape under the ear lobe
  • If the helmet doesn’t fit accurately, then it is unsafe to use, prefer to look for another which better fits on your child’s head.
  • Adjustable mini helmet
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Built-in visor and pinch-proof buckle
  • Mini lock-fit system
  • ] Comes with Colorful designs
  • It doesn’t come with the exact age range, can be difficult to pick

5. Bell Multisport Helmet

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It’s very true that a fit helmet is a safer helmet. Bell Multisport Helmet is considered to be the Top scooter helmet for 2 years old (for girls) as it is super cool in design and construction. Your baby girls will love it and find it the most comfortable helmet.

Bell Multisport Helmet is specifically designed for baby girls by keeping in mind the comfort and the texture of the helmet. Its pink color with 3D Minnie attracts the most of baby girls and has a lot of room for growth.

Construction and design

Bell helmet is designed to fit properly without any stress before every ride. It is just one step away to protect your child with the best and make sure the chin strap is tight enough. Bell helmets come with extraordinary beautiful designs for girls, Minnie 3D Ears and Bow makes it unique and attractive.


Bell helmets give seven vents system for good and healthy ventilation to keep your child’s head cool and calm.

Easy adjustment

They are adjustable and can be easily adjusted with a head size of 2+ and above up to 5 years. Its strap makes an easy adjustment and gives the perfect fitting strategy.

Rear Coverage

The extended rear coverage gives extra protection and comfort to your kids. Isn’t it so cool, a cute Minnie at the front and best protection at the end!

Material used

The material which is used in constructing the Bell helmets is long-lasting and durable. CPSC bike complaint along with glittered bottom wrap, bow, and ears are made up of 3D fabric with breakaway attachment.

  • Attractive fabric Minnie designs
  • Hardcore material for safety
  • Awesome ventilation
  • Extended rear coverage
  • Easy adjustment
  • May not fits 2 year old, as the head size vary from child to child

6. Joovy Noodle Helmet

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Teaching children about safety is an important part of parenting. You can do it by giving them practical examples of the Noodle helmet. It is specially made for children, of the ages 1-4 years old with a head size 47-52 cm approximately.

The Joovy Noodle helmet is the best among others because it features 14 air vents, an extended visor, nylon straps for fitting, and a pinch guard chin strap. It is a handsome helmet and comes in a variety of colors.

Comfort & Style

The Noodle helmet has an adjustable dial to fit in any size, it has no-pinch and an adjustable chin strap too, apart from that they come in two sizes which can be easily adjusted on all kids.

Extra Protection

An extended visor has created for extra protection and it includes 14 air vents with integrated bug mesh for protection and good ventilation.

Available in 7 Colors

Now, you can get a color of your own choice as Noodle helmets give seven options as far as color is concerned, they are as follows Blueberry, Blue, Orange, Pink, Black, Red, and Greenie!

CPSC Standard

Kid’s safety is everyone’s first priority that’s the reason Noodle helmets are constructed to meet the CPSC standards.

TWO sizes

Noodle helmets offer two different sizes in order to give comfortable rides for kids of 1-9 years old.

  • Small- head 18.5 – 20.5 inches
  • Medium- head 20.5 – 22 inches
  • Meets CPSC standards
  • Seven different colors
  • Two adjustable sizes
  • Extraordinary comfortable
  • Sometimes it doesn’t fit appropriately because of the different head sizes.
  • Some customers claim that it is best for infants, not for a 2-year-old kids.

7. Paw Patrol Toddler Helmet

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The Paw Patrol toddler helmet is the most demanding helmet because of its design which actually fits kids from 3 to 5 years. It comes with the dial-a-fit system, which gives extra comfort along with the adjustability for smaller or bigger heads. Unlike the other helmets, it is super comfortable and easily adjustable.

They possess top and front vents to keep the heads cool and provides excellent ventilation. There are some of its features listed below.


As it is adjustable for kids from 2 to 4 years, but it doesn’t mean it has only this limit. You can purchase it for 4+, too.

Protection guaranteed

It comes with a 100% guarantee of protection. The lower molded shell is specifically made for extra protection, so now you can rest your worries.


As we have seen that the Paw Patrol helmet comes with a dial fit for adjustability for every size of heads.

Good Ventilation

There have been made some top and front vents to keep the heads cool and comfortable. It provides excellent ventilation.

Colorful designs

Paw Petrol gives you colorful options to select a helmet of your little one’s choice. It will make him more comfortable and he would love to wear a helmet.

  • Attractive and awesome designs for kids
  • Super ventilation
  • Good in protective functions
  • The material used is not durable, some have a complaint about it.

8. Shinmax Kids Helmet

If your child doesn’t want to wear any helmet, no more worries now, because the Shinmax Kids bike helmet gives you more attractive helmets with long-time durability and ultra-protection. These 3D dinosaur helmets attract the children and are made of very fine quality so that your child would be more protective.

3D design

Shinmax offers unique 3D Cartoon character Design along with bright and beautiful color combinations. These kid’s helmets are super cute with the portrayal of awesome dinosaur teeth, which improves their enthusiasm.

High-quality Material

These super cute Shinmax toddler helmets are CPC & CE Certified, its smooth outer surface and shock-absorbing internal gives extra protection to a child’s head. They are made of very fine material so that, they are very safe and able to resist external forces or collisions.


These dinosaur helmets do not possess any particular size, it is highly adjustable. You can use it for kids from the ages 3 to 6 years old. It will be perfectly adjusted on their heads and will grow with them.

Adjustable & Lightweight

These cute and hardcore toddler helmets are adjustable to any head size and the most distinguish thing is, they are lightweight along with protection.


These durable bicycle helmets are constructed with 4 vents ventilation technique and lightweight, which keeps the children cool and comfortable especially during hot summer rides.

Detachable & Washable

Shinmax toddler helmets have a detachable liners so that you can easily wash them.

  • Stunning 3D design
  • High-quality buckle
  • Keeps little heads cool with awesome ventilation
  • Comfortable and ultra-protective
  • CPE & CE certified
  • They do not have extended rear coverage.

9. Radio Flyer Helmet

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Radio Flyer has started making helmets of all ages since 1917. The Radio Flyer Helmet gives safe riding. It has an internal adjuster that provides safe and comfortable fitting for all head sizes.

The helmet includes a stylish look and an adjustable chin strap with a protective buckle.

Sleek and stylish design

Radio Flyer Helmet is super stylish with all uniqueness, with a safe ride.


These stylish helmets are adjustable, its chin strap is also adjustable for comfort and fitting purposes. It is comfortable and perfectly fits from ages 2 to 5 years old.


It includes safety buckles that are very easy to use, and even after one or two trials, the kid can adjust it by himself.

Great Protection

As kid’s safety is very important, so these helmets are specifically made from the hardcore material for full protective rides.

  • Unique design
  • Easy setting
  • Adjustable size
  • It may not fit with the actually given measurements

10. LANOVAGEAR Toddler Helmet

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LANOVAGEAR Toddler helmets seek kid’s pleasures and their choices with full protection. That’s why they have selected this sleek and unique design for children, which gives safety with enjoyment.

These helmets come in two different sizes which are adjustable for all age groups 2-14 years old. They are ultra-protective and CPSC-certified helmets for cycling or bike riding.


These LANOVAGEAR helmets come in two different sizes.

  • Small: 48-54 cm, perfect for 2-8 years old
  • Medium: 55-58 cm, perfect for 8-14 years old

TWO sets of linear pads

They are considered to be a good scooter helmet for 2 years old and above because of their lots of features. They come with two sets of linear pads with thickness 8mm and 10mm, they are interchangeable according to the size of the head. The pads are detachable for washing purposes.

Adjustable Strap

They are constructed with adjustable straps to adjust, in order to get a better fit. They are easy to handle.

Protection Guaranteed

No helmet can save us against all injuries. But, these toddler helmets give the guarantee of as much protection as possible. So, it’s better to rely on these helmets.

Ventilation system

Well, they are constructed with 12 large vents for excellent ventilation and to make them lighter in weight, so that the kid will feel comfortable during his/her ride.

CPSC certified

Another reason to rely on these toddler helmets is they are CPSC certified, to provide more protected rides.

  • Two adjustable sizes for all ages up to 14 years old
  • Good ventilation process
  • CPSC certified
  • Protection guaranteed
  • Comes with two linear pads
  • Due to heavy shipment, you may receive it as a broken piece.
  • Do note your child’s head circumference before order any size.

Things to Consider When  Buying the Best Scooter Helmet for 2 years old :


Well, size is the most important thing while purchasing any helmet. Even a lot many customers go through this difficulty as they don’t know the exact size of their child’s head. So it’s better to note down the circumference of your child’s head before buying any helmet, this will give you an appropriate and perfect helmet for your kid’s rides.

Age group

Whichever helmet you buy, must take notice of the ages mentioned in the features. It will help you a lot to buy a fit helmet for your little one.


As all of the helmets are almost of equal quality and material, so must buy a helmet that is affordable and within your budget.


A good helmet is one that has a good ventilation system, so must seek the one which has more vents to keep your little one’s head cool and comfortable.

Safety and comfort

Safety is the first priority of helmets. You should buy a helmet which offers you more guarantee of protection than others. Try to purchase a comfortable helmet for your child, as it will give him more enthusiasm.


Adjustable helmets are perfect to buy, so better to seek adjustable helmets with adjustable straps for more comfort and safety.


Scooter helmets are, no doubt, very important because they protect children from severe injuries. As they have to do cycling or any other rides, so wearing a helmet will decrease parent’s fears about them. Searching for the perfect helmet demands good quality, fit in size, and obviously a kid’s favorite color or design.

So all of the helmets mentioned above are good in quality and ensure full protection, so you can buy any of them without hesitation. They are long-lasting, will grow with your child because they are adjustable helmets and quite affordable. Just make sure, the head size is perfect, and your child likes it!



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