Best Cycling Helmet under $100

10 Best Cycling Helmet under 100

Here are the best cycling helmet under 100 which are efficient, affordable and protect your bank balances. It doesn’t matter where you are going either for commuting, running house errands day trip on any competition if you are cycling, then you must wear a helmet.

Best Cycling Helmet under $100

Helmet is the most important head gear for protection. As protection must be the prior concern for every rider, because without helmet there are more chances of getting serious injuries as collisions may happen. If you want to protect yourself from severe head injuries like concussion you must wear a good helmet.

These days many advanced helmets have MIPS, aerodynamic design, in mold construction and many other features. These features enable the helmet to provide efficient performance and enhanced protection. We couldn’t just buy a helmet and ignore these features. We have to look for many factors before buying a helmet.

10 best cycling helmet under 100

Here we have narrow down the 10 best cycling helmet under 100 and list of factors you must consider before buying a helmet. As one of the constraint in buying helmet is a money factor. So,we have decided to help you by selecting the most reasonable helmet but with efficient performance by keeping in mind all the above mentioned features that are necessary to be present in a good helmet.

1. Schwinn Thrasher cycling Helmet

Best cycling helmet under $100

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Schwinn is a Chicago based bicycle brand and it’s most loved brand by the people of America.They are manufacturing helmets to give confidence and freedom to their cyclists during their cycling experience.The helmets are of great quality and each helmet comes with new innovations that add continence and comfort to the life of their users.

This Schwinn thrasher helmet is designed to be lightweight as heavy helmets create discomfort while riding. To make it useful in summers too, this helmet has 21 air flow vents. These vents try to maintain a continuous air flow and keep you cold in hot summer weather.

Additionally, this helmet offers removable visor to sooth your eyes. This visor will save your eyes and enables you to see clearly in blazing sunlight. The side straps with adjustability function gives you a very nice fit in your cycling tours.

This helmet is suitable for 14 year and above adults. These helmets are specifically intended for adults.

Schwinn 360 dial fit

This helmet comes with 360 dial fit adjustment system. The dial is placed at the back strap of the helmet with full range cushioning which you can easily adjust to get a perfect and convenient fit.

3 piece shell design:

The advanced 3 piece micro shell system is used in the helmet to offers perfect fit, comfort ability and durability. It is constructed using EPS and with 2 piece micro PVC shells. The materials used in making shells of the helmet are of very high quality.

These materials used have shock resistance which saves you from any high or low impacts during collisions. The helmet is made to provide protection, comfort and reliability.


The main focus of this helmet provides durability along with safety and ease.its construction of the shell gives you a durable strong and sturdy helmet that provides protection through the years.


The weight of helmet is 356 grams.

  • Lightweight
  • Offers maximum protect
  • Saves you a lot of mess of adjusting strap comes with a dial to get a perfect fit
  • Maximum air holes for good airflow
  • You must follow the sizing otherwise the sizes may run small

2. TeamObsidian Airflow cycle  Helmet

best cycling helmet under $100

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This helmet provides you all what a cyclist can ask for in a helmet. This odison helmet provides sense of security, confidence and ease. That’s why it comes at the second place in the list of best cycling helmet under 100.

Team odison air flow helmet is designed to be light in weight and gives attention to each and every tiniest detail. It is a high performance head gear which offers durability, high resistance to shocks and impacts and consistency.

As the above mentioned product, this helmet also comes with adjustable dial to get a perfect fit in few seconds. This is one of the great inventions in latest helmets that gives convince to their users.

It can be used for cruiser, city, commuter, road and mountain biking. To make you look stylish and classy, this helmet comes in sleek Matt designs. The helmet is designed for teens, adults and available in s/m or m/l sizes.

In mold technology:

For construction of helmet, the new and innovative method is used to offer lightweight but yet rugged helmet. There are three steps involved in this. In first, for tough body, exterior shell is being placed in the mold them a skeleton is reinforced and in the end a foam is inserted will bind all the parts and making it safe and secure.

Outstanding ventilation:

It has a exception ventilation system with 22 large air vents all along the helmet to offers maximum air flow to the cyclist. It will keep the rider fresh and dry during hot and sunny weather.

Horizontal and vertical fit:

The dial of helmet can be adjusted horizontally to get more snug and tight fit. If it’s vertically adjusted, then, females can pass ponytail through the helmet.

Plush cushioning:

These helmets come with soft and comforts pads which are removable and washable to give you ease. It also has a cushioned chinstrap for additional comfort.


The weight of the helmet is 0.6lb.

  • In mold technology
  • Superior and exceptional ventilation system with 21 air vents
  • Easy to maintain
  • Patented adjustment function
  • May not fits to larger head as they don’t t have extra large size

3. Zacro Lightweight Bicycle Helmet

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Zacro helmets are what everyone desire for. These helmets are made light in weight with classy and sleek look gives you fun and secure experience throughout your ride. It will fulfill your satisfaction during riding.

The helmets give you maximum protection and CPSC certified to gives you confidence of security while riding. The helmet has very unique features for efficient performance which we are going to discuss below.

Along with that, helmet also comes with an extra seat cover with dust and water resistance which gives protection to your seat from getting wet in rain and also from dust and debris.

This helmet claims to provide perfect and guaranteed protection in collision and accidents. Many people respond, Are you sure? But I must tell you this helmet definitely provides maximum protection and saves your head in accidents.

Aerodynamic design:

For maximum performance, the helmet is constructed with aerodynamic design to reduce the drag pressure and also ensures that air ventilation system keeps the rider cool and dry even in hot summers. It has 18 air vents that are place on the front, back and top of helmets.

Impact absorption:

The materials used for the construction of the helmet are tough and rugged. The materials such as PVC and PC that are used in making outer shells and EPS foam for the interior shell.

The shell provides protection and safety to the users. These materials reduce the pressures and are resistant to the forces of impacts during collisions and accidents.

Easy to use:

The helmet provides convince to its users through easy functioning. It comes with a quick release buckle system that is most easy and convenient to buckle it or unbuckling without taking off the helmet. It also comes with adjustable straps to get a perfect fit.


The helmet is super light in weight i.e 225 grams.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Advanced mechanism for efficient performance
  • Safe and secure
  • Adjusting mechanism is bit complicated

4. KINGBIKE Ultra light Bike Helmet

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If your preference is safety in any of the helmet, then this is best option for you. King helmets guarantees you protection and safety during your rides. Be it you or your partner they aim to treasure your rides whenever you go to rides.

It is constructed using tough and rugged materials such as polycarbonate along with EPS foaming. These materials are resilient to shocks and impacts and gives protection to your head during rides. It is also compliance with CPSC for safety.

Other than safety what matters a lot in helmet. Any idea! It’s definitely the comfort it provides. The helmet is very lightweights and makes it comfortable for you to wear even on long rides. It also used in mold technology to make it more comfortable and lightweight for the users.

Ample air flow:

Every helmet has ventilation system but what makes them better is how they placed the vents and how many of them are in the helmet. It has 24 vents and gives enough space for maximum ventilation to keep the rider cool and dry. These vents regulate the temperature and ensure that hot air escapes out.

Rear light:

For safety purpose, a rear light is installed in the helmet .It has 3 modes which are Always on,fast flash and slow flash. It allows you to travel in nights or shadows evenings and have enjoyable experience.

Sun and rain protection:

King helmet features visor and is rain protected. It also gives you protection from sun, wind, rain, dust and debris. It is also ant aging means saves you from harmful rays to protect your skins.


The weight of helmet is 0.94 lb.

  • Rear light for safety with 3 modes
  • Efficient performance in safety and comfort ability
  • Sun and rain protected visor
  • CPSC compliance
  • Some users complained that chin strap may sometimes sliding and not remain tighten

5. Basecamp Specialized Bicycle Helmet

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Basecamp specialized helmet comes with various innovative features that adds this helmet in the list of best cycling helmet under 100.

Mostly bicycle riders always want to buy the product with more features in lesser amount. This helmet gives you all. It gives you protection, comfort and reliability.

This helmet meets the independent safety standards that is CPSC and CE standards. The helmet is made up of durable and strong material. It features a light at the back which enables the people behind the rider to get the clear direction of rider in the night.

The helmet keeps the rider fresh cool in hot days as it has 22 airflow vents that keeps the continuous inflow and outflow of air in the helmet. The helmet is designed for both men and women.

Special materials:

This helmet features special materials in construction of shell of helmet. These are reliable, solid high density PVC, PC and EPS foaming which is inserted in the interior of shell using in mold technology thus making it lightweight, durable and impact resistant. This will ensure safety of rider’s head during collisions.

Tail light:

The helmet has a very sparkling diamond shaped LED light placed at the back. It has 3 modes steady, fast flashing and slow flashing. There is a button in the middle of the helmet makes it easy for you to operate. It comes with an extra battery as a bonus.

Easy Adjustability:

The helmet comes with an easy to adjust mechanism. It has a dial which is easy to use and side straps enables the mostly riders to fit the helmet according to their sizes.

Detachable visor:

The helmet comes with removable visor. This visor gives protection from sun in hot days. You can also remove the visor when you don’t need it.


The weight of helmet is 270 grams.

  • Diamond shaped back light
  • Detachable visor with sun protection
  • Strong and rugged
  • Easy fit adjustment mechanism
  • The helmet sizes may run small

6. Zacro Adult Bicycle Helmet

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Zacro helmets are good to go helmets. If you want to buy the stylish and sleek helmet, this can be a good option with three different color options. This helmet gives you efficient performance with stylish looks. It provides maximum protection along with looks and comfort ability.

The helmet is super lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is constructed to be tough, solid and durable helmet. The high density and durable material EPC, PC and PAC material is used in construction of its shells.

The helmet almost fits all the head sizes. It had great adjustability feature. It has very great and comfortable fit on almost all sizes of head. So, you don’t need to worry about the fit. It is also compliance with CPSC safety standards. It also features adjustable strap to create ease for the riders.

Lightweight and comfortable:

It has an aerodynamic design that also ensures that ventilated air keeps the rider cool. The material used makes this helmet lightweight and comfortable. The inner padding used is made up of breathable material for riders ease.

Removable lining:

The helmet has a very comfortable and soft lining. It is removable and has padding which can absorb the sweat and also gives you protection. It is quite easy to wash and very soft to wear.


It comes with a head band that can also be used as a scarves, bandana etc .this will adds a style quotient to your riding.


The weight of helmet is 225 gram

  • Aerodynamic design for good ventilation
  • Compliance with a safety standard
  • Detachable and washable lining
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Not enough padding inside the helmet
  • The chin straps gets loose after some time.

7. Giro Foray Helmet

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The foray is a good addition in the list of best cycling helmet under $100.giro is a well known brand for helmets. They manufactured helmets that provide maximum protection and comfort.

The helmet is similar to other cyclic helmets in shape with rounded structure and number of swoopy lines. A total number of 21 vents are placed at the top back and front of the helmet .It maintains continuous air flow that keeps your head cool and saves it from excessive sweating during summers.

Construction of the foray helmet is very basic and yet technological. The in mold technology is used in construction of outer shell and the integrated with the inner lining EPS of helmet.

The helmet is designed to be light weight but yet provides efficiency in every way possible. It is durable reliable and flawless. It is efficient design gives outstanding performance in the field.


Giro foray MIPS helmet as the name suggest it comes with an additional protective layer. A Multi directional impact protection system gives you assurance of extra safety during accidents or collisions.

Cool max padding:

The padding of the helmet is like soft and plush pillow. It gives you comfortable feel and along with that it keeps the rider cooled dry in hot summers. This will save you from excessive sweating and door and keeps you fresh and comfortable.

Ratcheting micro Adjustment dial

It includes ratcheting micro Adjustment dial in which you can easily adjust your fit with just two fingers while the helmet is on riders head. It provides you perfect fit with convenience and ease. It has two way fit adjustment system.


The weight of helmet is 274 gram.

  • Simple helmet yet efficient
  • Roc loc 5 fit system
  • MIPS technology
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Bit heavy
  • Some users complained about vertical retention system

8. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult  Cycling Helmet

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Giro is a leading brand in helmets and there can’t be a list of helmets where giro is not included. Giro always tries to come with new ideas that add new experience to the riding. This giro helmet is a light weight, highly efficient and protective head gear.

This helmet is unisex helmet manufactured for both males and females with beautiful styling and color options. This helmet looks good and has a good fit even when you try to put on for trying.It has universal fit system and can easily be adjusted on all head sizes.

The in mold technology used marks an improved ventilation system with 18 vents and it’s lighter and cooler than the old traditional helmets. It comes with removable visor and extra soft cushioning for ease of rider.


In all latest helmets, mostly in mold technology is used in construction of the helmet.It integrates polycarbonate shell with EPS foam liner which can absorbs shocks and impacts.

Fit system:

This helmet comes with an innovative roc loc system which can easily be adjusted using one hand. It also makes a clicking sound so you may get to know that helmet is adjusting to a new fit.

Integrated safety system:

As far as Safety is concern, this helmet as an additional integrated MIPS system for safety. It decreases the impacts of rotational forces on the head of the rider. It provides you complete protection during collisions.


The weight of helmet is 1.5 pounds. This helmet is CPSC certified for safety standards.

  • Stylish and classy
  • Universal fit
  • Improved ventilation system
  • Easy to manage
  • The clicking knob at the back is it flimsy
  • Straps at the sides are difficult to adjust

9. Giro Syntax MIPS Cycling Helmet

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There is nothing to be pondering upon as the next product in the list of best cycling helmet under 100 is also Giro. As I told you before, Giro is a worldwide leading choice of the most riders.The helmet provides maximum value in quite reasonable pricing.

As most top of notch helmets, this is also a MIPS helmet. It a multi-directional impact protection system and a step towards more secured riding. It protects your head from rotational forces of most of impacts and collisions during accidents.

It enhances your riding experience and gives you a feel of confidence and protection during trails. Along with that it also gives you ease by introducing roc adjusting system in most of his helmet. You can have a perfect fit of your helmet using your one hand.

The in mold construction is used by fusing the poly carbonate shell with EPS foam lining which has impact absorption qualities.

Roc loc Air fit system:

In this latest technology, the design of helmets suspend it a bit above your head leaving a space between your top of head, this will allow the air to pass through your head and thus enabling the enhanced performance of the vents and internal ventilating system allows the outflow of hot air.This cool and fit system can be adjusted using one hand.

Roll cage reinforcement

This is very light weight but yet strong and solid web of strengthening that is molded imperceptibly inside the interior of EPS foam lining. It enables the helmet to hold together under impact and provides you extra protection.

Wind tunnel:

This feature will enhance your cooling system by enabling the active vents and exhaust rear vents that continuously throwing the fresh and cool air in and taking out the hot air. It is a very efficient cooling system with 26 wind channels and you will definitely feel it while riding.


The helmet is 254 Grams. It is also CPSC certified.

  • It has roc loc air fit system
  • Roll cage reinforcement for extra protection
  • Compatible for ponytails
  • Wind tunnel with 26 vents
  • The glasses wearer may find it difficult to adjust their glasses in the helmet

10. BELL Stratus MIPS Adult  Bike Helmet

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Bell stratus helmet comes last in our list of best cycling helmets for $100. Bell is also a renowned helmet brand. They are manufacturing helmets which creates value in the lives of their users from decades. It is one of great addition in bicycle helmets with lower prices.

An in mold technology pioneered by bell is used by fusing the outer shell with EPS foam lining to get a strong and rugged helmet. it gives you a sense of protection and confidence no matter what trail you are going on.

At low price, this helmet features MIPS only to provide their customer with addition safety and protection. It gives multidimensional protection from rotational forces of impacts boosts the confidence of the rider and ensures complete safety.

The helmets with 18 vents make a very good ventilation system for rider to keep hi cool during hot days. This is in short a very good helmet with innovative features.

Float fit:

A very convenient lightweight and with easy functionality fit system. It’s a rubber over molded dial to turn for fittings. It is very easy and innovative adjustment system. A quick to adjust fasteners helps to keep the straps placed in a position.

Over brow ventilation

It also comes with a sweat pad which wicks away all the moisture above from brow pad and it has ventilation channels above brow that allows the inflow of cool air and exhaust the heat .It will keeps the rider cool even in burning sunny days.

Weight and safety:

The weight of helmet is .The helmet had CPSC certification for safety standards.

  • Excellent performance with great value
  • Comfortable
  • Sweat padding
  • MIPS integrated
  • The straps clasp is difficult to open
  • The dial retention system is not as finest as all the other helmets possess

Buyers guide:

Everybody gets confuse while buying a helmet when you have spend your savings on it. So, we are helping you by listing the factors you must look for while buying a best cycling helmet under 100.

Safety standards:

First of all you must see a helmet that meets a safety standard which means that helmet has passed that specific kind of safety test. In case of bicycle helmets, you must see that helmet has passed the Consumer product safety commission (CPSC).it is an American based safety commission which assess its construction, shock absorption ,retention system etc.


In bicycle helmets, you must look for good air flow system. As it requires energy and effort for paddling the bicycle, you must need a good ventilation system that keeps you cool and sweat free during rides even in hot weathers.

The ventilation system with maximum air vents and their strategically placements will enable the maximum air to flow in and rear vents exhaust the hot air.


In cycling helmets, you must consider the weight factors. The lighter the helmet the better your performance will be. As you are already exerting much effort and force, so you don’t want extra feel of burden on your head. The heaviness on your head may create discomfort but also causes strain in your head and neck.

Keeping in mind, we have mentioned weight of all the above mentioned helmets that you won’t find it difficult if you want to make a comparison.


Last but not the least is the factor which we mostly emphasize in all our guides of buying a helmet. Fit, it is the most important factor to consider while buying any helmet. The helmet should be snug fit on your head. It shouldn’t be too loose or tighten. It will create discomfort for you so must select the perfect fit helmet.


Helmet is a must accessory for every rider. If you spend most of your time paddling, then you must spend your money on a helmet keeping in mind the protection and comfort first. The helmets with great protection, MIPS is an extra value in less amount, hard in mold construction and good ventilation which all our helmets have, you can choose any according to your requirement.

We have chosen 10 best of best cycling helmets under  100 for you guys. This for your convenience so, you may not have to search anywhere else hopefully.

Good luck





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