10 Best Helmet for Onewheel (2020)

Best helmet for Onewheel

Getting ready to ride on motorized board sport, first you need to buy the best helmet for Onewheel. One wheel involves self balancing and is an electric board personal transportation mean. It is often known as an electric skate board.

It doesn’t matter if you are pro or a beginner to the Onewheel, you must ride with protection. For protection, the most important safety gear is helmet. The helmet must possess an established safety certification if you wanted to ride on one wheel.

This is a risky sport you may have falls or collisions. In order to protect yourself from severe injuries, you must get a best helmet and ensure that it has snug fit on your head and straps are firmly attached before going on a ride.

People especially who are beginners in one wheel sport don’t know where and what to look for in a best helmet for Onewheel. To minimize risk of injuries, the riders must have a best protective gear with themselves.


Top 10 Best helmet for Onewheel in 2020:

With different and confusing option available, they get baffled with many options. Here we will help you by choosing top 10 best helmets for Onewheel. By reading their review, you will be able to select best one for you.

1. Triple Eight  Skateboard Helmet

Best helmet for Onewheel

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The triple eight helmets can be used for one wheeling, skateboarding, biking, scooters, BMX and commuting. The helmet has dual certification for biking and board wheeling and gives you protection for both. The helmet gives you maximum protection and safety while on the roads or tracks. By this it gives you the confidence to excel whatever you are doing.

Like all the helmets, this helmet is also having solid construction using ABS for outer shell and EPS foam lining for interior. The materials are impact absorbing to gives you safety by reducing the impacts to the minimal. It is engineered to give you protection while going in sloppy roads, icing tracks or adventurous trails with Onewheel.

With various colors and sizing options, this helmet is designed for all and fits to all head sizes. It fulfill the need of all customers either with small heads or big heads. The helmet has dual certification for bike and boarding activities from different safety standard association. It is CPSC certified for bike helmet and ASTM F-1492 certification for all board sports.

Unparallel fit:

This helmet along with protection gives you comfortable fit. It allows you to adjust your helmet to get a customized fit. Different features of helmets are removable or adjustable to get the desired fit.

While one wheeling, you must have a snug it helmet to save yourself from accidents or injuries.

Sweat saver pads:

The helmet comes with two different pairs of sweat saver fit pads which can absorb your sweat and keeps you dry. These pads are removable to get a perfect customized fit. The helmet is designed to keep your comfort first in all of the features. So, you must not feel discomfort at any level.


The circumference of helmet for extra small is 19.7-21.5 and for extra large is 22.75-24 inches.The helmet comes with adjustable chin strap.

  • The helmet is of very good quality
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Dual certification
  • Customized fit
  • The sizes may run small so must check properly before buying

2. Retrospec CM-1 Classic skate Helmet

Best helmet for Onewheel

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This helmet provides unmatchable protection to their users. This helmet can be used for one wheel, bikes and skiing. It comes in many decent matte colors so that you can choose according to your style or your vehicle. The helmet gives you the option to look classy and stylish while being wearing perfectly protective helmet.

The helmet has safety certification for biking, skating and skiing. It is CPSC certified for bike,STMF 2049-11/ASTM F1446 certified for both ski and board sports. It meets and exceeds all this certification thus provides you maximum protections. Keep your head well guarded and away from injuries by wearing this helmet while doing one wheeling .

For solid construction, it also has polycarbonate outer shell along with EPS foaming lining with ability to absorb impacts. The removable and interchangeable 2 pairs of pads are included in helmet. They will help you get a perfect customized fit. You can remove them if you don’t feel comfortable or have a perfect fit.

Classic vent design:

The helmet have classic ventilation design comes with 10 vents opening to keep you cool and dry even if you are one wheeling in hot and sunny days. It will keep you cool and fresh by drawing cool breeze inside the helmet and escaping heat wave.


The helmets come in very beautiful colors and design. The different color combination makes this helmet looks very good and elegant on your head. They are designed to add more fuel to your stylish looks. It also comes in three different universal sizing to offer great fit.

Dew collector:

The helmet comes with dew collector padding which absorbs all the moisture, bacteria and stretch in return keeps you dry and cool during ride.

  • Available in beautiful matte colors
  • Dew collector Interior padding
  • Interchangeable 2 sets of padding
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Some users complained that this helmet feels a bit huge

3. JBM Skateboard Helmet

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This helmet comes at third spot in the list of best helmet for Onewheel. This helmet is designed for multi-purpose sports activities. It can be used for one wheel, biking, skate boarding and roller skating. It provides maximum protection and safety at all levels. It keeps your head save from severe head injuries.

It has aerodynamic design for perfect ventilation. It has multiple numbers of vents placed in the helmet that allows the fresh to go in and keeps the rider dry. The foaming used helps to absorb the sweat during sunny days and helps to regulate cooler temperature in the helmet.

The helmet is engineered to use by both genders male and female. It is a unisex helmet. The adjustability features of straps make it use for both boys and girls and provide perfect fit and protection.

Impact resistance:

The materials used in making helmet strong so that it can be used in different formats are PVC and PC for outer shell, tough and rugged. The inner EPS foam lining along with outer shell has the ability to absorb reduce impacts and save your head from severe injuries.

Adjustable size:

The helmet has 3 different options for size to select one. You can easily adjust the chin straps or siding buckles to get a perfect fit. If you feel your helmet is tightened or loosen you can adjust them for a properly fit helmet to save yourself from discomfort during a ride.


It is CPSC and ASTM certified. It has universal sizing system which means have 3 different i.e.
small, medium and large.

  • Used for different sporting activities
  • Great impact resistance ability
  • Proper ventilation
  • Straps can be adjusted to get a perfect fit
  • Buckling straps are bit fragile must be used with care.

4. OutdoorMaster Skateboard  Helmet

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The outdoor helmet is designed to be low profile and lightweight helmet. It gives you excellent performance in protection as well as comfort. The helmet is designed to be strong and sturdy for their one wheeling users. The construction of helmet involves polycarbonate shell along with EPS lining which has maximum ability to absorb impacts.

The helmet has certification for both biking and boarding games. It is CPSC and ASTM certified for protection. The proper ventilation and safety protection enables you to enjoy your rides with confidence and enthusiasm.

The helmet is durable and reliable and gives you lifetime warranty. But it is always suggested to change the helmet after few years. It is a lightweight helmet and feels no burden on head your shoulders. The total weight of helmet is 400 gram.


A helmet is used for different sports activities and allows you to use one helmet for your different sports activities such as BMX, cycling, one wheeling and skating etc. it gives you equal protection and safety in all sport formats.

Double Adjustment:

It comes with firmly attached and durable adjustment dial which allows you to get a perfectly fit customized helmet. The customized fit helmet gives you comfort ability, reliability and distraction free rides. It also comes with soft and comfy adjusting chin strap for more proper fit and comforting attachment mechanism.

Extra padding:

This helmet also comes with two sets of removable padding which also absorb your sweat to keep you dry while riding. It also saves you from sweat dripping on your eyes. These pads also help you getting your custom fit. They are also washable to remove all the sweat from padding.

  • Removable padding
  • Comes with dual adjustment for perfect fit
  • Durable and tough helmet
  • Used for different sporting activities
  • The helmet is bit bulky

5. Triple Eight  Sweatsaver Helmet for Onewheel

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Triple eight helmets have quite good range of helmet for skate boarding and one wheeling. This triple eight helmet is also included in this list of best helmets for one wheel. The helmet is timelessly designed and has unique finishing. This helmet is classy and comfy and provides you maximum protection.

For construction, the helmet has tough and strong outer shell with EPS foam lining in the interior of the helmet. These materials give you protection from both sides. The strong outer shell saves helmet from piercing and inner lining saves your head from high impacts.

The helmet is used for different action sports to give you convenience of using one in all formats.That’s why it is certified for both biking and boarding sports safety standards. It is CPSC and ASTM certified for better protection and comfort. This lightweight and strong helmet comes with various features for the convenience of their user.

Sweat saver fabric:

The fabric used for inner lining of the helmet is soft and plush to give you comfy and relaxing feel. It also has sweating saving quality. It protects you from your sweat dripping on your face and eyes blocking your vision.

Two additional liners:

The helmet comes with two addition removable liners which help you get a customized fit. These liners also have sweat absorbing quality and help you to keep you dry in hot glazing sun. It also comes with adjustable chin strap.


The circumference of extra small size ranges from 51-54 cm and extra large size from 60-63 cm.the weight of helmet is less than a pound.

  • Dual safety certification
  • Adjustable strap
  • Sweat saver liner in the interior of helmet
  • Strong and durable
  • The plastic of the outer shell looks very thin for head protection.
  • Some users complained that they have fitting or sizing problems.

6. MONATA Skateboard Helmet

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The Monata helmet provides you protection and lightweight comfort that is unmatched. These helmet provides you everything that you need while riding on one wheel. It gives you confidence that you need while going on streets with one wheel.

Along with safety and comfort, it provides you good looks that roll the eyes of those passing by.It comes with specific unique graphics on the helmet which gives stylish and tough look while you move around in streets.

It can be used for skateboarding, one wheel, inline skating rollerblading long board but you can also use it for riding and day to day commuting. Monata helmet is instructed using inject molded ABS shell with high density. It gives a durable outer shell along EPS interior lining equipped with impact absorption.

Passive ventilation:

The helmet comes with 11 passive ventilation holes .these holes provide you fresh air and takes out hot air. This ventilation process will helps you to remain cool and dry even in hot summers.

Fit system:

For perfect fit system, the helmet has a wheel which you can easily access and adjust it to get a perfect fit helmet. This ensures that you comfortable adjust your size and an accurate and secured helmet fit.

Micro fiber lining:

This lining is used to provide high levels of comfort especially around your forehead. This lining also has moisture absorbing quality and takes away all the sweat from your face and offers sweat free ride.


The helmet is CPSC certified for safety standards. The weight of helmet is 420 gram.

  • Hard and strong shell construction
  • Micro fiber lining
  • All straps in the front and back are adjustable
  • Very easy function adjustment wheel
  • The sizes may run short so you must check it before buying
  • Some users didn’t like shape of the helmet.

7. Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

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This helmet is one of the best helmets for one wheel. They are manufacturing the best helmet for action sports from 4 decades. This helmet can be used for one wheel and skateboarding .It is almost top choice of many riders. It will provide you protection against bumps and sloppy tracks.This helmet is designed to cater the needs of almost all riders by bringing latest innovative features.

For manufacturing the helmet, the injection molded ABS with high density material is used for hard outer shell, this will provide you maximum protection. Along with this the polyethylene material is used for the shells of blue and pink color helmets.

2 stage foam liner:

The helmet comes with 2 stage high quality liner which is placed towards the shell of the helmet away from your forehead. This liner also absorbs the moisture from the skin and takes it to the outer layer where it dries out quickly. This liner also makes the helmet odor free, breathable and dries out quickly.

Strategic ventilation:

This helmet had 11 strategically placed vent openings. These vents are designed to take in the fresh air and takes out the hot air. Thus, it will keep you drier and cooler for longer rides or sunny weathers.

Adjustable straps:

To give you convenience and ease, the helmet comes with easy strap attachment system. The straps of the helmet are webbed with nylon which makes its attachment quite easy and understanding .this allows you to easily adjust your helmet according to your size.

  • Lightweight
  • Perfect ventilation with 11 air holes
  • 2 stage premium soft liner
  • Strong and hard outer shell
  • The helmet is not compliance with any established safety standards

8. Flybar Skateboard Helmet

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This fly bar helmet is certified to use for various physical sports such as bicycling, BMX, roller and inline skating, one wheel, pogoing and many other physical sports. With buying on protective gear you are able to participate in many of your favorite activities. It had CPSC and ASTM safety certifications.

The helmet provides you protection from high impacts which may leads to severe head injuries.For this, string and sturdy ABD material is used for outer shell and EPS foam lining for the interior of the helmet. These are high quality, multiple density materials which give complete protection and safety during your different activities.

The has a proper ventilation mechanism in the helmet .it has 12 wide air vents to take in fresh air And exhaust out hot air, this is to keep you cool and dry during your activities no matter how hard and tough it is.

Adjustable fit:

The helmet comes with an adjustable dial which is placed at the back of the helmet. This enables you to have an easy access and comfortable fit. If you want to tighten your helmet, turn right and if you want to lose your helmet turn left to get a perfectly fit and snug helmet.

Comfortable straps:

The helmet comes with comfortable and soft chin straps to give you a more premium and comfortable fit. It had adjustable straps to give you a proper and comfortable fit. It also gives you strong and sturdy buckle to give you protection and keep your helmet in a place.


The helmet is available in seven different eye catching colors and designs to make you look more stylish and elegant. It had 3 different sizing options to make it fit on your head.

  • Comes with an adjustable wheel to get a perfect fit
  • Strong and sturdy constructed helmet
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable padding
  • The chin straps are bit small.
  • The sizes may run shorter.

9. KORIMEFA Skateboard Helmet

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Korimefa helmets are designed to be used by all kids, youth and adults. It can be used for different outdoor activities such as one wheel, skateboarding and BMX etc. this helmet is very professional in performance, comfortable and gives you maximum protection. These qualities add this helmet in this list of best helmet for Onewheel.

The helmet is CPSC and EN 1078 certified for safety as high density ABS, material is used for outer shell along with EPS foam liner with shock absorbing and impact resisting feature. This shell provides full protection to your head during impacts it also remain comfortable and durable during longer rides.

The helmet is very lightweight and comfortable to give maximum ease to their users. For this, it comes with removable internal foaming. Due to frequent wearing, the internal foam may have sweat, this will help you to take out the liner wash it and then attach it easily to get a fresh helmet liner.


The helmet has a aerodynamic design to reduce drag pressure and has 11 different vents for maximum protection and breathable foaming. This foam along with vents keeps the rider sweat free and cools during their journey. It draws in the cool air and draws out hot air.

Customized fit:

To get a customized perfectly fit helmet, it comes with an adjusting dial at the back of the helmet. By adjusting it, you will get a couple of different head circumference to get a perfect and snug fit.

Adjusting strap:

The helmet has different elastic straps along with Velcro closure for maximum protection and safety. It has two different Velcro straps for adjusting the fit of the helmet. It makes the helmet suitable for different head sizes. The chin nylon strap can be adjusted according to the size of the user and buckle of helmet is durable and keeps the helmet in a position.

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Size adjustments are quite easy
  • Can be used for different outdoor activities
  • Comfortable adjusting straps
  • The quality of helmet is not that good.
  • The helmet is bit heavy

10. Gonex Skateboard Helmet

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Gonex helmet is also included in the list of best helmet for Onewheel. This is an easy to adjust,comfortable and protective helmet. This helps to enjoy and have great fun in your adventures.It will help you to enjoy with great protection and safety and save you from severe injuries. It is used by all kids, youth and adults.

The helmet provides great protection as its outer shell is, made up of ABS material along with soft EPS foam lining. These materials easily absorb the impacts or pressures during accidents and collisions and keeps your head save from injuries.

The helmet helps you to stay cool and dry even in hot summers as it comes with 11 air vents and it also has aerodynamic design. It will help you to maintain your cool even in tough and tiring activities.

Spin dial:

The helmet has a built in spin dial for adjustments. This dial along with adjustable strap provides you a perfectly comfortable fit. You can easily adjust the helmet to get a perfect and it will provide you great protection and comfort. This dial will help you to tighten or loosen the fit of helmet.

Safe design:

The helmet has a comfortable sponge along with dual layered flannel lining provides you comfort ability by reducing compression on your head. This lining is also removable and washable.

Sturdy straps:

The straps of the helmet are made up of using high density pp and have tear resistant ability along with a durable buckle. This structure is strong and sturdy and provides you safe, secure and enjoyable one wheeling or skate boarding.

  • Provides great protection
  • Great quality
  • Perfectly adjustable fit with easy adjustments
  • Strong and comfortable straps
  • The sizes may runs short so must buy properly following the procedure

Buying Guide:

There are different helmets available with different features in the market. The information available about best helmet for Onewheel is less. So, we decided to help you by listing the factors which you must consider before buying the helmet.


First and foremost factor in buying for one wheel is the level of protection it provides. As one wheel is a risky physical activity, you must always buy the helmet which provides maximum amount of protection.

One way you may get to know the safety level by the safety certification it possesses. The helmet must be certified by any standard such as CPSC and ASTM certification. These certification means these helmets have meet or exceed the specific safety test and are approved to use.

Safety matters a lot and it should be your first priority. So, you must select the helmet which has safety certification.

Shell material:

The helmet should be strong and sturdy enough to give you protection even if you fall down in a mishap. Mostly the material used for outer shell of the helmet is strong and durable polycarbonate. This material used gives you strong and sturdy helmet which also provides protection from heavy and high pressures.

These materials used for shell construction have shock absorption and impact resistance. The material used for interior of the shell is high quality multiple density EPS foam lining. It also has shock absorption quality and saves your head from severe head injuries like concussion.

Adjustable fit:

This is also an important factor to consider. You must buy Shelley which has comfortable and snug fit on your head. Many helmets come with adjustable fit mechanism which includes a dial or a wheel. You can twist the dial to tighten or loosen the fit.

This helps you to get the customized perfect fit. Some helmets also have adjustable straps to customize the fit.

Sweat saver liners:

I added this factor in buying guide because in my point of view while buying helmet for one wheel you must consider it. It’s a tiring and tough activity and you may have to go out in sunny hot days. These liners will help you to absorb your sweat and keeps you cool and comfortable.


As one wheel is a risky physical activity, you must wear helmet before going out. Above mentioned helmets are narrowed down for the best helmet for Onewheel. We have provided you with detailed review to help you in selecting the best one for you. Hopefully it will help you in selecting your best protective gear.







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