Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults

10 Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults 2022

Helmets haven’t always been considered fashionable. In earlier times, many cyclists even professionals don’t wear helmets until they’ve made compulsory in many games. Most adults always think helmets will make them look odd.

Let’s just face the truth accidents do happen. So, you must protect yourself by wearing a helmet even if you don’t think it looks stylish.AS we are talking about adults, they usually argue they don’t find any best bicycle helmets for adults in the market.

Our helmets are important now as they are now trained in riding bicycles? Many adults ask this question. Yes! They are definitely important regardless of age be it toddlers, youth, adults, or aged people. It is important for all to wear a helmet.

Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults


Helmets for Adults:

As for adults, most of them want their helmet that not only provides protection and comforts but also looks good and stylish on their head. Some want their helmets to be matched with their personality and vehicle.

Some want a helmet that must look like a badass helmet. Some want them in elegant matte colors. Protection and comfort are definitely the most important factors, but the style quotient for adults matters a lot.

Traditionally, helmets built are a bit heavy, bulky, and look odd in shapes. But gone are the days, when a helmet doesn’t provide comfort and looks. For the past few years, helmet companies are manufacturing helmets that are lightweight, sturdy, and with amazing aesthetics.

These helmets raise your style quotient instead of dropping it. Thus, helmets along with style and elegance come with improved and innovative protection and comfort features. Many people got confused while buying a helmet because of the different varieties available.

Top 10 Best Bicycle Helmets for adults in 2021:

Here, we have searched the helmets thoroughly and selected the best adult bicycle helmets in terms of looks, protection, and comfort as well as style. These helmets are best in terms of everything. You’ll definitely able to select the best one for yourself.

1. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Bicycle Helmet

best bicycle helmets for adults

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Giro helmets are the most innovative, advanced, and come with unique built-in features. It is one of the most loved helmets by adults as it provides style as well as protection. This is designed keeping in mind both factors; style as well as protection.

In-mold construction is used for polycarbonate outer shell along With EPS lining instilled to make it a lightweight and shock-absorbing helmet. It helps you to protect yourself from high and low impacts.

For comfort, the helmet comes with a surprisingly amazing ventilation system. It has 18 vents that make sure a cool breeze makes its way in and warm air goes out without any hurdle. This makes the rider enjoy his ride with comfort and confidence.

Roc Loc Sport fit:

This system is the most highly developed feature this helmet has. It has a universal fit sizing system that is designed to make sure it fits all. It has 57 adjustment clicks that you can use to make it fit perfectly onto your head.

Customized Fit:

It comes in universal sizing charts to provide a perfect fit for all types of heads. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or big size head it fits all. The helmet provides protection to all users.

MIPS technology:

The helmet comes with advanced integrated MIPS technology that reduces the impact of rotational forces of different impacts during accidents or collisions. This is an additional layer of protection that the helmet provides to its users.


This has a variety of color selections available. The fastening system of helmet is very secure, comfortable and trouble-free. The helmet is CPSC certified. The helmet weighs is 1.9 pounds

  • It comes with 18 Wind Tunnel vents for better ventilation
  • Universal fit sizing options
  • ROC LOC Sport fit system
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Some users claimed about straps quality

2. Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Bicycle Helmet

Best bicycle helmets for adults

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Bell falcon is one of the most liked adult bike helmets. It comes with a variety of innovative and safety features. It can be significant for the daily commuters or adventurous riders.

As the entire range of protective helmets possesses MIPS as an extra safety layer, this helmet also has it. It protects you from rotational forces through different angled directions that can affect your brain..

For the construction of a stronger and sturdier helmet, pioneered by bell an in-mold procedure is carried in which Polycarbonate outer shell is incorporated with inner EPS foam lining to provide a lightweight and rock-hard helmet. The helmet is CPSC certified. Its weight is 297 grams.


This Head protector is intended to be lightweight. The procedures utilized for development designs are the ones that used to make the helmets that are light in weight. It’s a lighter head protector with an impeccable ventilation framework with 18 vents expands its proficiency to another level.

Float fit:

This process involves a rubber dial that can be operated with ease. This dial is used to adjust the size and fit of the rider. You can easily get your customized snug fit for better protection and safety.

Sweat guide:

Sweat guide pad used in the helmet wicks away all the sweat and moisture in the helmet. It also absorbs moisture from your brow pad and forehead.

  • Perfect for adults
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Wicks away all the sweat
  • Tough and rugged helmet
  • Chin strap takes time to adjust

3. BELL Z20 MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

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Bell is a class-leading brand in the line of helmets. Bell helmets are the most adored helmets by the riders. This Bell helmet provides functionality, performance, and advancement to its users with its latest versatile features.

The shell of the helmet is formed using a bell pioneered engineering process in which the outer shell of the helmet is attached to multiple density EPS foam lining which together provides improved Protection from the impacts and collisions.

For further protection, the helmet comes with advanced technology which acts as an extra layer of protection for the rider. It reduces the rotational forces that can be the result of any different impacts. The helmet is CPSC certified. Its total weight is 1.75 pounds.

Float fit Retention system:

It has a unique custom-fit procedure. It provides an outstanding custom fit to ensure safety and protection. This fit is also impeccably incorporated with MIPS technology and allows you to personalize fit in three different ways that are height, pad thickness, and easy to operate tension dial.


This padding helps you to keep you comfortable and getting a customized fit. It is made up of using materials that can quickly dry up. It is stitched using genuine silver fibers which also resist the growth of bacteria and fungi which causes odor.

Sweat guide:

The sweat guide pad is designed and installed in a way that wicks away all the moisture from the brow pad and keeps it away from dripping on your eyes.

Tri glides:

It comes with quick and easy strap adjusting fasteners which help to keep the straps poisoned securely and safely.


It comes with 18 vents. It doesn’t matter how long tough and hot your journey is it will keep you cool and dry throughout.

  • Outclass comfort
  • Easy and quick retention system
  • Good for sweaty heads
  • MIPS integrated
  • Sweat guide padding can be filled in hotter days or tougher situations

4. GoMax Aero Adult Bicycle  Helmet

ANIMILES Lightweight Bike Helmet

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This GoMax helmet as the name suggests provides you maximum protection comfort and style. It designed in a way to look good on your head as well as provide comfort and protection to the maximum level.

With its advanced features and looks, it is a bike helmet, you can consider for your comfortable riding even in adventurous trails. This helmet comes with 22 air vents to ensure comfort throughout the ride. It makes sure that optimum level of airflow in the helmet by minimizing the level of résistance.

It is designed in a way so that air can be passed in fast efficient ways without any blockade. With this feature and a removable visor, it is also perfectly appropriate to be used as a helmet for hot weather. The helmet is CE-certified. Its weight is 8.8 ounces.

Innovative Aerodynamics:

The helmet comes with innovative aerodynamics. It provides efficient performance and keeps you protected and safe throughout your ride.

 Mold Construction:

The helmet is constructed in-mold polycarbonate shell along with EPS lining to make you well protected against shocks and collisions.

Dual fit adjustment:

It allows you to adjust your fit with comfort and ease. With adjustable straps. It comes with a dual adjustment that will allow you to have a perfectly comfortable fit.

LED light:

This is one of the security features that allow the traffic behind you to see and get the directions properly. The purpose of this light is to make you safer and more securer.

  • Dual Fit adjustment mechanism
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • It has LED light
  • Some users claimed that led light doesn’t last longer

5. Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

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This helmet is the most elegant and stylish bike helmet to keep the riders protected as well as flaunt style. It is quite functional, comfortable, and provides protection while keeping the style quotient high.

The helmet can be used for both men and women. It can be used for riding a bicycle, dirt, mountain bike, skateboard, and Onewheel. You can use it for daily commuting or adventurous rides whatever you may like.

The helmet comes with a simple ventilation design to keep the rider cool and dry. The helmet is CPSC and ASTM certified. The weight of the helmet is less than 2 pounds.

Patent-pending Lock:

This is an addition to protection features. This lock helps to keep your helmet secured with the bike. You can easily access the hidden channel that is placed at the back of the logo and you can easily insert your u-lock and chain lock through it.

Perfect fit:

It comes with a dial fit system. You can loosen or tighten the helmet using the dial to get your perfect fit. This is one of the most convenient to get your perfect fit.

Magnetic buckle:

It has a magnetic buckle to fasten the straps. You can easily do this without any difficult procedure.


This helmet is backed by anti-theft and accident replacement guarantee. If somebody stole your helmet while it is being locked with the bike or you damage your helmet being in an accident, you’ll get a free replacement.

  • Nice aesthetics
  • Perfect protection against bike and skateboarding sports
  • Anti theft securing lock
  • guarantee free replacement in anti theft or damage in accident
  • No extra puddings comes with the helmet

6. VICTGOAL Bicycle Helmet

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Victrola bike helmet is an all-rounder performance helmet. This helmet provides all-around protection and safety to its users. It allows you to have an enjoyable, comfortable, and secure cycling experience.

With its highly developed aerodynamic design, the helmet has 28 massive vents which together help to reduce the drag pressure and also decrease the sweating. Thus, keeping it dry and comfortable throughout the ride.

The helmet is lightweight you won’t feel any burden on your head. The helmet weighs only 0.58lb. The helmet is CPSC and CE certified for safety and protection. It can be used for both road and mountain biking.

Adjustable size:

It comes with an adjustable dual fit system whit an adjusting knob that is placed at the back of this helmet that allows you to adjust your head circumference to get a perfect fit.

Built-in process:

The helmet is constructed using a high-density PC shell along with advanced technology that will add more value to its performance. The outer shell along with interior padding is able to absorb higher impacts caused by any accidents or mishaps.

Magnetic Visor:

The helmet comes with a removable magnetic visor which is similar to any goggle design. That’s why they can be used as sunglasses. The goggles are used to protect your eyes from dust and debris. It also used to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation. It is quite easy to flip up or detach using your hand while cycling.


The helmet comes with a light placed at the back and has 3 modes I.e. Steady, slow flashing and fast flashing. It is designed to give you protection even in nighttime cycling. It allows the riders at your back to get clear directions of you.

  • It has a bright flashing light.
  • Comes with goggles magnetic visor
  • Provides protection from UV rays
  • Adjustable knob for quick fit
  • Adjustment straps are not tight enough
  • Padding is bit thin

7. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

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Mokfire helmet provides performance, protection, and value to the maximum levels. It is one of the best bike helmets for adults as it provides style and comfort protection to its riders. Adults look for protection and safety in a helmet as well as style matters a lot to them.

The helmet comes in very decent matte colors and available in different sizes almost fits all. The helmet has a total weight of 0.62lb. The helmet is CPSC and CE safety certifications.

The helmet has inner, recessed vents that bring in the air through the helmet over the head and draws out warm air to keep the rider cool and dry. The helmet with its latest design can be used for urban commuting, road, electric and trek bike, etc.


The helmet along with protection offers comfortability. It comes with soft, comfortable, and removable helmet pads. They can also be washed. These puddings also offer support and a snug fit to their users.

Good Helmet:

The helmet is strongly built using a PC shell along with multiple density EPS foam lining that absorbs shocks from impacts and deals with the impacts efficiently. The helmet is designed to offer incredible protection.

Rear light:

The helmet has a detachable rear light which is a huge source of protection for the riders. This light provides maximum protection on the streets at night time by giving direction to the traffic that is coming behind.

Size regulator:

The helmet comes with a one-handed adjustment fit system. This system adjusts the height and circumference of the users. The helmet can almost fit every size of the head and provides a snug fit.

  • It has detachable rear light
  • Comfortable padding which is removable
  • Perfect fit
  • Strongly built helmet
  • Some users complained that straps don’t remain to tighten they have to be adjusted repetitively.
  • Accurate sizing is a problem so must follow the exact sizing charts

8. Troy Lee Designs Adult  Bike A2 Jet Helmet

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This helmet comes with plenty of safety features as expected of any high leading brand. It provides better protection, comfort, and ventilation to its users. The helmet can be a good option for daily trails or occasional riding.

The helmet comes in different beautiful color combinations and thus raises the style quotient. The helmet is also designed to give style, looks, comfort, and protection. The helmet is also available in different sizes.

The helmet comes with MIPS technology which in general most of the latest helmets have. It reduces the rotational forces that may be transferred to the brain from any of the angled impact or force. The helmet is CPSC certified. Its weight is 1 pound.

Inner Core:

The helmet is featured to have dual-density EPS and EPP foam liner that provides protection to riders against different high and low impacts. It keeps you will protect during collisions or accidents.


It has an outstanding ventilation system. This will help to bring in the cool and fresh air and force out the warm air to keep the rider cool and dry. These large vents maintain a good ventilation system inside the helmet.

X-static liner:

The helmet is designed to have an X-static liner that helps in reducing the odor and also wicks away all the moisture in the helmet to keep the ride away from any sweating discomfort. It also helps in getting a better-customized fit.

Adjustable straps:

The helmet possesses adjustable strap dividers that are used to provide a quick and easy fit. They are secure and safe and provide you a customized fit.

  • Variety of protection features
  • X-static liner for comfortability
  • Strong and sturdy
  • MIPS integrated
  • Many users complained about sizing issue

9. Giro Montaro MIPS Adult Bike Helmet

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Giro helmet is an all-purpose helmet that can be used for street touring, adventurous trails, or off roads. It enhances your courage and confidence to thrive for more. It is intended to fit all the head shapes and sizes.

In-mold technology is used to construct the helmet in which the outer polycarbonate shell is integrated with inner EPS foam lining. It has a roll cage reinforcement feature for better protection and safety.

It is MIPS equipped helmet for better protection which reduces the rotational forces that may somehow damage the brain of the rider. The helmet is CPSC certified. The weight of the helmet is 1 pound.

Excellent Fit:

An advanced roc loc 5 fit system is used to get an excellent and snug fit. This system allows the rider to adjust the fit according to its head shape and size. A dial is used to adjust the fit.


There is a bit of space between the helmet and rider’s skull so that air directly reaches towards riders’ heads and keeps them cool and dry even in hot and sunny weather.
Hydrophilic padding:

This padding absorbs all the sweat and keeps the rider dry and comfortable. It has the capacity to absorb sweat 10 times more than its original weight. It prevents your sweat from dripping on your forehead and eyes and absorbs all in it. It also has odor-resistant properties.


This helmet has a POV visor which comes with different adjustment features. It can be readjusted using your one hand only. It has three adjusting riding positions. It also designs in a way to be compatible with goggles.

  • Come with hypoallergenic and Anti bacterial pads
  • It has a Roll cage reinforcement feature
  • The visor with different adjustments
  • MIPS Integrated helmet
  • Sweat drips when the padding gets full

10. MOKFIRE  Bike Helmet with Removable Magnetic Goggles Visor

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Mokefire helmet performs its job outstandingly which is protection. The helmet is designed in a way to provide maximum protection, durability, and value. The helmet with protection also keeps the rider comfortable and looks good.

For attachment, the helmet comes with quick adjusting fasteners that will help to keep the straps flat and positioned properly. It will keep your helmet secured in any condition.

The helmet also has easy to adjust the fit system. It comes with a dial located at the back to get the perfect and snug fit. The helmet weighs around 230 grams. The helmet is CPSC certified for safety and protection.

Impact Resistant:

The helmet has great impact resistance as its outer polycarbonate shell is attached directly to the internal polystyrene layer. This is due to make it a better shock-absorbing helmet to provide batter protection.

Detachable visor:

This bike helmet comes with exclusive magnetic goggles or visors for greater visibility and protection. You can easily flip up the visor or detach it using one hand. You can do this when your helmet is not in use or you’re not feeling comfortable with your visor on.

Upgraded Ventilation:

This advanced helmet comes with 6 wind tunnel vents integrated with internal channels to throw in cool and fresh over your head and throwing out the warm air out.

Detachable liner:

The helmet comes with removable fit padding that also takes away all the moisture from your head and forehead to maintain the comfort a rider needs while riding the helmet. It will allow you to have the best and enjoyable ride without any discomfort.

  • Comes with removable visor
  • Easy to use dial fit adjustment
  • Comfortable and fits properly
  • Great impact resistant ability
  • Sizes may run small
  • Some users have problems with visor adjustment thinking it’s too tight.

The Complete Guide of  Best Bicycle Helmets For Adults:

Now in this section, we will guide you about how to get the best bicycle helmets for adults and which features matters a lot. With so many features, people got confused about which to prioritize and what to look for. Here, you will get to know all and clear your mind.

Safety standards:

Top of all that you must focus on is the safety standard of a helmet. Firstly, you must look for the safety standard a bike helmet possesses. Always see if the helmets possess any established safety standards. CPSC is the bicycle helmet safety standard that every bike helmet should have.

If the helmet has it, it means that the helmet has passed various tests such as shell construction, retention system, strap quality, shock-absorbing properties, etc. look for the safety standard tag inside the helmet for confirmation.


These days many helmets are coming with MIPS technology. MIPS is a multi-directional impacts protection system that reduces the rotational forces that may occur from any angled impact and can damage your brain.

It is an additional layer of protection added in the helmets; the helmets with MIPS are a bit costly but proved effective in cases of injuries, accidents, or mishaps.

Helmet retention system:

This system in helmets is used to get a perfect fit. It’s a fit adjustment system that comes with a dial or any ratchet system. By adjusting the dial you can adjust your helmet according to your head shape. By turning the dial left or right, you can tighten or loosen the helmet.

The best retention systems are those that can be operated with only one hand easily and quickly so that you can even make trivial adjustment changes while being on the bicycle.


The helmet should be comfortable throughout your ride to enjoy and have fun. Many helmets come with soft and comfortable padding. This padding not only provides comfort but also helps in getting a great fit.

Many paddings have anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, and moisture-wicking properties. These features also add to the comfortability of the rider.


The best bicycle helmet possesses the best ventilation system. It depends on its design and the number of vents the helmet comes with. The higher the number of vents better the ventilation system of the helmet is. This will keep the rider cool and dry even in hot tiring trails.


For adults’ helmets, aesthetics also matters a lot. Adults usually prefer those helmets which not only provide comfort and protection but also look good on them. These days helmets with advanced and innovative features also have good aesthetics and liked by many adults.


If you decided to go cycling, you must buy a helmet if you don’t have any. Protection comes first. So, you must spend on buying the best road bike helmet or any other helmet you want.

As for now, the best bicycle helmet for adults, the list is given above. Hopefully, you have decided yours by reading this as these helmets not only provide safety and other innovative features but are also having great aesthetics.

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