Best Bell Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

7 Best Bell Motorcycle Helmets Reviews 2022

Ever wondered what keeps motorcyclists safe and protected while riding a bike? Of course, it’s the safety gear like jackets, boots, pants, gloves, and most importantly, helmets.

One of the best brands you should consider buying helmets from is Bell. Its helmet is lightweight and comes with removable & washable interior padding. Also, the helmets are DOT and ECU certified. 

That’s why Bell motorcycle helmets are the top choices of professional bikers and formula one drivers. So, here are seven of the best Bell motorcycle helmets available in the market.

Our Top Picks for Best Bell Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

Best Overall Helmet: Bell Carbon Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet 

If there is a helmet that is great keeping in mind all its aspects, it has to be the Bell Carbon Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet. It is available in five different sizes and has some impressive features that make it the best helmet for all the right reasons. 

Its vintage look is one of the few things that makes this helmet a must-have for racers. In addition, it is quite attractive and has a low-profile design. Because of this, the helmet does not look bulky on the head. 

For safety, it has a padded chin strap and leather pull tab. Additionally, it also has stainless steel D-Ring closure. Moreover, it has anti-bacterial interior padding which can be easily removed and washed without damaging the other parts of the helmet. 

In terms of safety, this one is better than Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet as it is DOT certified. This means that it meets or exceeds the FMVSS 218. 

The inside of this retro-looking helmet has perforated micro-suede fabric. It also has integrated speaker pockets. This thing makes the entire experience of wearing a helmet and riding even more comfortable and enjoyable.  

  • The helmet is DOT-certified
  • It has integrated speaker pockets adding to the ease of use.
  • The helmet comes with removable anti-bacterial interior padding.
  • The helmet feels quite heavy after wearing.

Best Value for Money Helmet: Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

If you are looking for a value-for-money helmet, the Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet should be your pick. This helmet is loaded with several features and is available in three EPS sizes and different colors. This means you can easily find your best fit. 

Being a good value for money, this helmet is versatile and super comfortable. In addition, it has a modern design and is light in weight, making it an ideal helmet for an all-weather daily commute. 

This polycarbonate/ABS helmet provides the best protection as it has comfortable and soft padding on the inside. In addition, Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet’s shield visor can be easily adjusted and removed. 

The anti-UV and drop-down shield can protect you from harsh sun rays, keeping your eyes comfortable throughout the journey. 

Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet comes with a Velocity Flow Ventilation System, which makes it better than the Bell Carbon Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet. However, Bell Carbon Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet is DOT certified. 

Velocity Flow Ventilation System keeps the inside of the helmet fresh, smell-free, and sweat-free. The exhaust system within the helmet also reduces fog, meaning you can see clearly while riding in cold weather. 

Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet also has intercom systems and Bell Senna SMH10 Bluetooth stereo headset. So, you can enjoy long rides listening to your favorite tunes because you won’t feel uncomfortable even after wearing a headset and helmet all day. 

  • The helmet comes with a removable shield and visor.
  • It has a Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom systems.
  • It has a velocity flow ventilation system for longer cooling.
  • Wearing this helmet might require some assembly.
Bell Mag-9 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Gloss Black, X-Large)
  • Designed to easily accommodate the Bell-specific Senna SMH10 Bluetooth stereo headset and...
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS Shell Construction. 3 EPS sizes for a personalized fit. Velocity...
  • Integrated communication port accommodates Senna and Card Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom...

Best Cheap Helmet: Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet- Blackout 

This vintage-looking helmet with a full-face lid is one of the cheapest and highly recommended Bell models. Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet- Blackout is available in three sizes and has a great fit too. 

In terms of safety and protection, its aerodynamic shell does not disappoint the riders at all. This helmet is made of polycarbonate/ABS material that keeps the racer safe while also making it scratch-resistant. 

Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet- Blackout’s aggressive appearance sets it apart from the rest of the Bell Street helmet models. In addition, its full-face lid provides extra safety, meaning the racer would stay protected from bugs, flies, and wind while riding. 

The visor is light in weight and can be lifted easily. In addition, it comes with an anti-fog coating. But its shield and visor cannot be removed, unlike Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet. 

Additionally, it is also anti-UV, has removable anti-bacterial interior padding and standard chin vents. These chin vents can be open and closed quickly, but the vents can get a little noisy. So, it is recommended to use earplugs while riding a bike wearing Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet- Blackout. 

Another impressive feature of this Bell helmet is its Bluetooth technology. The helmet comes with Bluetooth-ready communication that can be used to connect supported headsets quickly and easily. 

  • It has ventilation points.
  • It comes with Bluetooth-ready communication technology.
  • It comes with anti-bacterial padding and is comfortable
  • Riders cannot communicate properly if the visor is up.
Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Blackout Matte Black,...
  • Communications port no longer built in to helmet. Picture incorrect
  • Lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell construction with removable interior, padded wind collar...
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust

Best Half-Face Helmet: Bell Rogue Helmet 

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? If so, you must consider getting your hands on this unique Bell Rogue Helmet that looks stylish and feels comfortable. 

This helmet is designed for modern bikers who want to stay safe and look cool while riding a bike. It has a retro look blended with modern style, which makes it a badass helmet. 

Bell Rogue Helmet offers a three-quarter fit, but it provides complete protection. To protect the face, this helmet comes with a unique feature, i.e., a removable muzzle. The muzzle keeps the biker’s chin and lower face protected from dust, wind, and road debris while riding the bike. 

For offering comfort, this muzzle has a soft interior padding that makes it a perfect companion for long rides. However, it does not have Bluetooth-ready communication technology like Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet- Blackout does. 

While the muzzle feels and looks great, one thing that you must remember is that it is only designed to protect the rider from flies, debris, and stones. Unfortunately, this means the Bell Rogue Helmet does not provide the level of protection that any full-face helmet offers. 

Besides the muzzle, another important thing about this helmet is its speaker pocket, removable interior, and stainless-steel D-rings. Its lightweight shell also makes it a must-have. 

  • The helmet is light in weight.
  • In addition, it comes with a unique feature, i.e., a muzzle.
  • This helmet does not come with any visor.
Bell Rogue Half Size Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large)
  • Lightweight composite shell. 3 shell and EPS sizes for a personalized fit
  • Durable, adjustable Muzzle features removable liner. Fid Lock magnetic connection for easy...
  • Removable/washable interior. Convenient speaker pockets

Best Dirt Helmet: Bell Qualifier Forced Air Full-Face Helmet

Do you like hitting on epic journeys but don’t like the dust that comes with them? If so, Bell has got the perfect helmet for you, the Bell Qualifier Forced Air Full-Face Helmet

This helmet looks different and keeps the annoying dust out of the helmet while enjoying a long and relaxing ride. In addition, this helmet is available in various sizes, making it easy for any bike rider to find a perfect fit for them. 

This helmet is designed especially for side-by-side and co-pilots who love to take an epic hot desert journey or hit any other exotic place with their friends. It is better than Bell Rogue Helmet as it offers full-face coverage and protection. 

It has a large forced air top designed to fix a fresh air system to keep the dust-out and freshness inside. Bell Qualifier Forced Air Full-Face Helmet also comes with a clear shield to make the overall bike riding journey clear and enjoyable. 

To provide better usability, the helmet comes with a premium dust skirt. The skirt seals the bottom of the helmet properly, so there is a constant inflow of fresh air inside the helmet. 

To offer more comfort and safety, it has removable and washable interior padding. The helmet also comes with an anti-fog and UV-protected shield. And it has integrated speaker pockets. 

Not to mention that Bell Qualifier Forced Air Full-Face Helmet is DOT and ECE certified. So, get this stylish helmet and keep the dust out. 

  • The helmet comes with an air top vent.
  • It has integrated speaker pockets.
  • The helmet is lightweight and reduces wind noise.
  • The helmet looks bulky.
BELL Qualifier Forced Air Off-Road Helmet (Matte Black - 2X-Large)
  • Large forced-air top vent feature allows you to hook up with all popular fresh air systems and...
  • Lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell that is DOT certified which includes an industry-leading...
  • NutraFog II no-fog, no-scratch, distortion-free, dual-layer electrically-heated shield, and...

Best Most Stylish Helmet: Bell Full-9 Fusion Helmet

One of the coolest and trendiest helmets from the house of Bell is the Bell Full-9 Fusion Helmet. This is one of the many popular helmets of the Bell model that everyone wants to have. 

Its vibrant color, cool look, and stunning design make it unique and better than the rest. Moreover, this amazing-looking helmet holds back nothing because it offers full-face protection along with looking stylish. 

To offer better protection, this helmet is designed using a premium fiberglass shell. It also has comfortable inside padding that makes it a good choice for racers who enjoy long bike rides. 

In terms of safety, Bell Full-9 Fusion Helmet is better than Bell Rogue Helmet, and Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet because this one complies with the US CPSC safety standard.

Besides attractive design, another thing that makes Bell Full-9 Fusion Helmet a great choice is its overbrow ventilation, MIPS technology, and comfortable interior that offers riders an excellent fit. 

In addition, its wide field of view feature will help you have a clear vision when riding the bike. The helmet also has breakaway screws and an integrated breakaway camera mount that makes it even more comfortable, safe, and trendy. 

  • The helmet has overbrowed ventilation.
  • It also comes with comfortable padding.
  • In addition, it complies with the US CPSC safety standard.
  • The padding inside the helmet is somewhat thin.
BELL Full-9 Fusion MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet - Fasthouse Newhall...
  • FIBERGLASS SHELL AND MIPS-EQUIPPED - MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection...
  • X-STATIC AND XT2 PADDING - Quick-drying materials, woven with real silver fibers, inhibit the...
  • OVERBROW VENTILATION - Overbrow Ventilation features intake ports on the brow of the helmet to...

Best Iconic Helmet: Bell Bullitt Helmet

If you are looking for an old-school helmet that is perfect for new riders, you should pick the Bell Bullitt Helmet. It’s an iconic helmet that gives a retro vibe and has some of the few features that Bell’s older helmet had. 

This helmet has a suede lining padding that offers extra comfort and protection to racers when riding the bike. It also has a multi-density EPS liner to give more safety to the riders. 

To make the riding experience even better, Bell Bullitt Helmet comes with anti-bacterial padding that can be easily removed and washed. After cleaning the padding, dry it thoroughly and then attach it back to this helmet. 

This one looks better and does not feel bulky like Bell Qualifier Forced Air Full-Face Helmet. 

This helmet design is inspired by the ’60s and ’70s, which make it unique and special. It is one-of-a-kind and comes with options to customize. 

It also comes with integrated Bluetooth speaker pockets. This means you can ride your bike in style and listen to your favorite tunes throughout the ride. 

  • This helmet comes with anti-bacterial padding.
  • It also has an integrated Bluetooth speaker.
  • In addition, it has a retro look
  • The bubble shield of this iconic helmet is sold separately.
Bell Bullitt Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Gloss Black, Large)
  • 3 low-profile carbon composite shells and EPS sizes that are DOT certified and backed with an...
  • Contoured cheek pads with integrated speaker pockets, genuine leather, removable interior
  • Sold with Clear Flat Shield installed

Features to Consider When Buying Bell Motorcycle Helmets 

Choosing a comfortable, stylish, and durable helmet can get a little tricky. And the limitless options available on the Internet aren’t making anything easier. But you can get your hands on the right kind of helmet by considering these aspects. 

Safety Ratings

An ideal helmet provides the maximum level of safety to a rider. So, if any helmet does not qualify for the safety ratings, it should not be on your list.

Safety ratings change according to different locations, but these are the top three globally recognized ratings.

The first one is the ECE rating, which is done to check whether the helmet is providing maximum safety or not. The second one is the DOT rating. This rating shows that the helmet has passed the U.S. safety standards. And the last one is the Snell rating. This rating is generally seen in racing helmets. 

The Bell motorcycle helmets are mostly DOT certified, meaning they are safe and should be your pick. 

Generally, the safety rating of a particular helmet is seen at the back. So, don’t forget to check the safety rating of your helmet, which you are planning to buy. 

Comfort and Fit

Just like safety ratings, the comfort and fit of a helmet cannot be ignored. It’s because if the helmet is not comfortable, you won’t be able to wear it for a longer time. 

Whether you want the cheapest, trendiest, or costliest helmet, it should be comfortable and fit you perfectly. 

Commonly, a helmet comes in three different shapes, i.e., long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval. So, depending on the shape of your head, you can choose your perfect Bell motorcycle helmet. 

Features and Types

Along with looking for safety ratings and fit, it is also recommended to look for functional features. For example, modern helmets come with exciting features like comfortable, anti-bacterial, and removable padding. 

Additionally, helmets also have anti-fog and UV-protected shields, Bluetooth-ready communication technology, a velocity flow ventilation system for longer cooling, and more. These exciting features make the helmet perfect for wearing all day long and enjoying a long ride. 

The anti-fog and UV-protected shields keep the helmet fog-free and do not blur the rider’s vision in harsh sunlight. 

The Bluetooth-ready communication technology lets the rider connect their device quickly. And ventilation system keeps the inside of the helmet cool for a longer time. 

These features can be easily found in the various range of Bell motorcycle helmets. 


One thing that controls the comfort and durability of a helmet is the material it is made of. The material of the helmet also influences its weight and fitting. 

Generally, helmets are made of polycarbonate, fiberglass composite, and carbon fiber. Each of these materials has its characteristics. 

Like helmets made of polycarbonate flexes when it absorbs energy, fiberglass helmets split, crush, and flex after absorbing energy. On the other hand, helmets made of carbon fiber distributes energy. 

Most of the Bell motorcycle helmets are made of fiberglass and polycarbonate. 

Inner Foam Material

Along with considering the material of the helmet, you should also check the inner foam’s quality. It is generally advised to get a helmet that has an excellent quality inner lining and foam. 

It would be great if the inner foam material is anti-bacterial, removable, and washable. These things keep the foam smell-free and sweat-free for a longer time. 

You can find the best Bell motorcycle helmet with amazing quality of inner foaming, which can be easily removed. 

Additional Features 

Nowadays, helmets come with a D-ring strap. This strap does not let the helmet slide away after the rider faces any massive accident, meaning the rider does not gets into serious injuries. 

Another important thing that must not be overlooked is the coverage. Different types of helmets offer extra coverage. 

Like a full-face helmet offers full coverage and protection, whereas a half-face helmet only protects the skull. An open-face helmet covers the head but does not protects the face and chin. 


Bell motorcycle helmets a wide range of options in style, comfort, features, colors, size, and other things. To keep up with the trends and vehicle rules, this company mainly offers DOT or ECE-certified helmets. 

This company has even modified some of its previous helmets with new features to offer trendy and retro-looking helmets. 

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