Best Hockey Helmet for concussion prevention

Best Hockey Helmet for concussion prevention

Here we will discuss the best hockey helmet for concussion prevention. Helmet these days is the talk of the town especially in contact games, thus choosing the best helmet is the most preeminent thing do. Helmets are very important gear for you to wear to save yourself from serious injuries during games.

Best Hockey Helmet for concussion prevention

Hockey is a very physical game. There are lots of chances that you may get injured while playing it. So, you should protect yourself from top to toe while playing the game. The Head is defiantly the most critical body part that you must focus on its protection while playing the game.

You must select the helmet that gives you the utmost protection from concussion and injuries as well as provides you comfort. You shouldn’t compromise your safety for anything. Safety comes first. There are lot more things you must also consider while buying the helmets such as the interior of the helmet, its outer shell, the right fit, etc.

There are so many options available in the market that you sometimes don’t know what to look for in the best helmet. Here we helped you and made your work easy by selecting the 10 best hockey helmet for concussion prevention and provides you with a detailed review of their features. But first, we will discuss what concussion is and why it is important to select the best hockey helmet for concussion prevention.

What is a Concussion?

The brain in the human body is a very sensitive part. A blow or collision to the head is not as simple as you think. It causes your brain to twist and bang against your skull thus causes it to swell or bruise. It can also rupture the blood vessels and may cause severe injuries.

These injuries cause the concussion and its consequences may vary from a simple headache to a temporary loss of normal brain function. Repeated concussions may prove fatal and harmful to the player’s life. You must take good care of your brain by putting on the best-certified helmets.

Thus, in these situations helmet is your self-defense guard. A good helmet will protect your head from a concussion during collisions or high impacts. So, you should be careful while buying the helmet. You just can’t simply buy the helmet by just looking at its appearance. You must select the helmet which provides you best concussion protection as well as comfort.

Here is the list of best hockey helmet for concussion prevention:

1. Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

Bauer Hockey is providing a variety of helmets with different comfort and protection levels. Their aim is to provide the hockey players with the most protection which matters a lot in the game field. They are committed to manufacturing the safest and comfortable helmets for hockey players to protect them from concussions.

The shell of the helmet is designed with multiple densities cushioned liner to give you comfort and ease during your ride. The thickness of the liner provides you comfort as well as protection which is committed by manufacturers.

The liners are placed in such a way that they give support to your head and saves your head from heavy pressure which is the main concern for wearing a helmet in the first place.

For the player’s safety, the helmet comes with integrated ear covers. These covers will give your ear sides protection from concussions. It will also save you from distracting through different sounds and noises on the field and allows you to focus on your game.

Moreover, it comes with an advanced feature of giving the most comfortable and snug fit within one helmet. It can be adjusted according to the different sizes of the player. For this, buckle it off the side clips from the place where it’s written BAUER.

After doing this you can adjust the helmet according to your size or even to its largest size. The helmet will become longer in size from back to front. After doing this, you will place the helmet on your head and press it slowly. If you think the helmet is snuggly fits you they snap those clips. It is one of the great features to give it’s player an accurate and snug fit.

This helmet also comes with Bauer 2100 face mask to give your face protection from any injury. It is also CSA/HEC certified for meeting the safety requirements.

  • Tool free Adjustable size
  • 2100 facemask for protection
  • Integrated ear covers
  • Multiple density liner
  • Some users find it bit difficult to snap the straps.

2. Bauer Prodigy Helmet Combo

Bauer prodigy helmet is specifically manufactured for youth hockey players. It is designed to give them comfort and protection. Any person who wears a helmet wants the protection of their head which is imperative to them. This helmet is specifically providing safety as well as comfort at the most affordable pricing.

This helmet features a lot of functions to give the player ease and connivance along with safety in the field. The helmet possesses a liner of double density foaming to give a feel of comfort. It also gives you protection from high impacts. The dual-density liner gives your head tough support during collisions in the games saving you from injuries.

The shell of the helmet is a 2-piece easy to adjust shell to give the finest fit. It comes with a feature of adjustability using no tool. You can adjust it to your site where you feel it is snuggly fits your head.

It is very useful in a way that you don’t need any screwdrivers to make it fit according to your size. One more thing it doesn’t matter who big your head size is it fits at all.

Its quick-release snap system is very easy and practical to use even during games. The snaps for adjustment are handy to use even in the game field. These snaps give you quick and easy access to adjustments to give protection and safety.

This helmet also possesses a prodigy face guard which is the latest addition to the Bauer helmets. This faceguard or cage possesses quick and easy release snaps and easy-to-adjust upper clips in order to ensure protection and safety to the players.

The helmet gives confidence to the players to play it fiercely. It makes you more secure and comfortable during the game and boosts your confidence. This helmet is CSA, HECC; CE certified which are hockey safety standards.

  • 2-piece Tool free adjustable shell
  • Certified to hockey standards
  • Prodigy faceguard
  • HECC certified
  • Some users complained that they feel itching due to sweating after a specific period.

3. CCM Ht50 Hockey Helmet

CCM Ht50 helmet is the 3rd best helmet in the list of best hockey helmets for concussion prevention. This helmet provides the best protection a player desire for it is designed to give perfect protection and as well as comfort. This helmet will save your head from severe injuries on the field it is designed to ensure safety at all means.

The shell of the helmet is made up of lightweight PE. The material used in the shell ensures helmet safety. It is designed to absorb the high pressure and impacts so that the player will remain safe from severe injuries.

Though the PE material is used in making the shell still it’s very light in weight. This makes the helmet easy to use for a player without being a burden on their head.

This helmet’s inner is made up of high-density foaming which is used to give comfort and as well as safety to the hockey players. Its dense foaming layers ensure that the player will not feel discomfort while putting it on. Along with comfort, it also takes care of your safety as well.

It comes with easy adjustment options to make the helmet fits better. The adjustment options on the sides of the helmet allow you to have a customized fit to make you more comfortable and secure. The snug fit helmet matters a lot for players.

The fit cups on both sides of the helmet allow you to make length adjustments without using any tool. You can stretch it to the longest without any tool. This will allows you to have a customized fit.

This helmet possesses FM50 facemask which provides you greater visibility and clearer vision. It ensures complete safety along with clear and wide vision. The thin round wires used in the mask to give you maximum protection. This helmet is ASTM F1045-07certified.

  • Tool free Adjustment for convenience
  • PE outer shell for reliable protection
  • FM50 face mask for greater visibility
  • Lightweight
  • May have problem in sizing you must follow your size

4. Bauer Ims 5.0 Ii Hockey Helmet

Bauer IMS 5.0 is one of the finest helmets made in the line of Bauer helmets. They are made keeping in mind the safety their first preference. They ensure complete safety during the game fields. It will save your head from injuries that sometimes may happen during the game.

The high-quality materials are used in the helmet to give you comfort and safety as well. The helmet is a very sleek and elegant addition in the Bauer helmet line.

Dual-density foaming is used inside the helmet. The double density foaming not only provides comfortable support to your head but also provides you game-changing safety during games. This helmet will ensure no injury on the game field.

This helmet comes with integrated ear covers to give ease and comfort to the players. This feature will also keep you away from unnecessary sounds and noises. It will allow you to focus on your game without being distracting. This will also keep your face and ear sides safe from the sticks and pucks.

Furthermore, this helmet has a very comfortable fit. The adjustability features allow you to have a customized fit without using any tool. This allows you to have a very comfortable and snug fit within one helmet by adjusting it to your size. The snaps to adjust the helmet size are quite easy and continent.

The dual ridge crown is used in making the helmet to give you protection by absorbing the pressure from both sides. The single-density chin cup is used to give you convince by allowing you to breathe easily while wearing the helmet. It increases breathability and doesn’t create discomfort for you while playing the game.

This helmet has a facemask is designed in a way that it will provide you the wide vision and will also have a better view even on ice fields. The helmet weighs 2.7 pounds.

  • Customized adjustment for better fit
  • 2100 face guard
  • Single density chin cup
  • Dual ridge crown
  • Didn’t find any

5. WARRIOR PX2H6 Ice Hockey Players Helmet

The Warrior Covert is designed to provide you best of all in your gaming field. It will give you a traditional look along with efficient performance and protection. The helmet gives you a comfortable and personalized fit.

This warrior helmet used multi-layered VN foaming and plastics to make them comfortable and enhance their protection capability.

This VN foaming in these helmets is liked by many players due to its soft padding and this foaming can absorb any kind of high pressures and impacts. At the sides and top of the helmet, two layers of foaming are used to provide comfortability, and while at the back an extra layer is used to provide maximum protection.

The shell in this helmet is similar to those of their previous models. The shell of the helmet is a 2 piece structure and clips are placed at both sides of the helmet near the ears used for adjusting the size according to their fit without using any tool.

The thick density PE material is used to make it lightweight for the users yet the toughest one to provide the maximum protection possible.

For ventilation purposes, the large vents are placed all over the helmet to keep the player cool and dry on those hot and sweaty days during the game. This will helps them to remain comfortable during the game because sweating may cause discomfort to the player.

The straps in the helmet are also very comfortable and easy to adjust. This will not create any difficulty in adjusting the helmet according to your fit. This helmet will be adjusted to the maximum size you want. These adjustments without using any tool will provide you a snug and perfect fit for your head.

  • Great fitting
  • 2 piece design shell
  • VN foaming provides maximum comfort and protection
  • Size adjustments without using any tool
  • Some users complained that the screw may get loose after some time.

6. CCM Fl3ds Youth Hockey Helmet

This CCM fit lite 3DS hockey helmet is perfectly designed for youth hockey players. The multiple functions and adjustments according to youth sizes will allow them to have their perfect size by easily adjusting it.

The perfect size helmet doesn’t only provide comfort but also protection as well. These helmets not only give you the best looks but also high performance in the field.

This helmet is constructed with 2 piece shells along with an easily adjustable fit. This adjustability feature allows you to have a snug and perfect fit by adjusting some clips without using any tools. The clips on both sides allow you to stretch the helmet back and forth according to your customized fit.

The cage of the helmet also comes with two specific adjustments that also change according to your personalized fit. This also is quite helpful with growing children because with time their face structure also changes. This helmet is designed keeping in mind the different head and face sizes of the players.

The cage height is adjusted by just simply sliding the center top lock and can also further adjust it with j clip on both sides of the helmet to make it a better fit.

These straps of helmets also have adjustment features and can be adjusted easily using an advanced Velcro system on both sides instead of a traditional strap system. This adjustment of straps will allow you to have a snug-fit chin cup. The helmet strap has clips rather than snaps for adjustment making it easier and convenient for the player to adjust.

Furthermore, this helmet has a liner that is specially designed for youth players. The Dual-density EVA foaming is used for the interior of the helmet. Its dual-density gives comfortable support to their head. The upper layer is thick but it’s designed in a softer layer to give comfort to the player while playing on the field.

The fl3DS also has D3O smart foam technology. This foam contains the materials which give the most protection possible. This foam possesses a feature in which its stiffness increases in relation to the pressure or intensity of the impact. This helmet provides protection from the back of the head even if you fall on the ice field.

  • D3O foaming
  • Great Adjustability features
  • Great in performance and protection
  • Adjustable cage according to different face sizes
  • Some users find difficulty in adjusting sizes in their first use

7. PowerTek v3.0 TEK Ice Hockey Player Helmet

The helmet is the most important tool for sports like football, hockey, etc. The helmet provides you protection which is the most important concern for all of us. This power tek helmet provides you various important functions at a very reasonable price.

That’s why I have included this in the list of the best hockey helmet for concussion prevention. This is an amazing helmet for entry-level or recreational hockey players because it proves to be strong and gives you maximum protection.

The shell of the helmet has a two-piece design for a customizable fit. It is constructed with strong and solid material to give you a lightweight but yet rugged helmet to provide reliable protection. The shell design allows you to have a customized snug fit which will give you comfort and safety.

This helmet comes with an adjustment system that can be adjusted through screwdrivers making it safe, secure, and reliable for you to use. This allows you to quickly adjust your helmet according to your personalized size.

For ventilation purposes, the helmet has 16 air-flown vents at the up, sides, and back of the helmet to make it more comfortable for the players. These vents will keep the player cool and dry during the game. The ventilation process helps you to play comfortably with confidence without getting irritated from sweat and itching.

The interior of the helmet is made of dual-density foaming which will provide comfort as well as great protection. This is designed to absorb the higher and heavy impacts and provides you protection from severe injuries.

And the cage of the helmet is designed in a traditional way to provide maximum and solid protection. The chin cup comes with single density layering to give stability, comfort and safety. The chin cup is adjusted according to your size and fit.

  • 16 air flow vents
  • Great for concussion protection
  • Strong and rugged structure
  • Solid and sturdy cage for better protection
  • The adjustment for fit done through screwdrivers

8. Mylec Jr. Helmet with Wire Face Guard

Mylec helmets are also making their in the world of helmets for beginners. They are putting their effort and involvement in making their helmets improved in concussion protection and safety. Their aim is to give their customers improved versions of helmets in terms of comfortability and safety.

For outer shell of the helmet, it is made up of very strong and sturdy materials which provide more reliable safety. The material used in making the helmet makes it quite lightweight but yet strong and rugged.

The inner lining used in the helmet makes it comfortable and provides greater protection from heavy impacts. The multiple density lining makes it to absorb all kinds of pressure and making it the safest for players to use.

The ventilation system in the helmet is also good. The vents are placed at the helmet to make it more practical and reliable for the players. These vents keep the player cool and dry even in hot weather. It also has a slide adjustable function to easily adjust the helmet according to your fit.

This system allows you to have the helmet perfect to your head size. This allows it to be snug around your head and perfect covers all the areas.

The heavy-duty wires are used to make the cage to give full protection to the players leaving no stone unturned. This will keep the face of the player safe and secure. The chin cup also comes with foaming which ensures comfortability at all levels during the game hours.

Every detail is kept in mind and designed to give protection and comfort to its users. The sense of comfort and security while wearing the helmet boosts up the confidence of the player thus increases its efficiency.

  • Slide system for adjustability
  • Chin cup foaming
  • Heavy duty wire cage
  • lightweight
  • Some users complained that quality of the helmet is not good.

9. CCM Tacks 110 Sr Resistance Hockey Helmet

The CCM is one of the renowned names in the world of helmets. This CCM helmet is an entry-level helmet providing maximum comfort safety and reliability. It gives you the support and safety that you need while playing the games. It is designed to absorb both the low and high impacts.

For the shell of the helmet, it is made up of very high-quality material which offers great protection and comfort. The material used makes this helmet lightweight by being strong and solid in the fields. It can absorb any kind of pressure both low and high.

The dual-density VN foam lining is inserted inside the helmet. The double density lining provides maximum comfortability and support to the head and neck of the player. The material used inside the helmet also has lightweight properties. The helmet is specially designed to be lightweight because the heavy helmets feel a burden on the head.

This helmet offers a single tool that frees Adjustment. It can be adjusted at any point to get the snuggest and perfect fit. It can easily be fit any shape and size of the head. The double pivoting panel in the helmet enables you to safely anchor the helmet at the point where you feel snug.

It is designed to be placed at the rear of the helmet to give maximum protection. It is strategically placed at a point where it will maximize the safety of the player.

The vents in the helmets are placed to maximize the airflow in the helmet. The maximum airflow in the helmet allows the player to keep cool and dry. The material used for lining has the capability of Viking the moisture away and helps the foam to keep the sweating out of the eyes.

The helmet is HECC, CSA approved.

  • VN form lining
  • Single tool free adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • HECC approved
  • Some users complained about the sizing problem.

10. TronX Comp Hockey Helmet Combo

In the list of best hockey helmets for concussion, the Tron X comp helmet is at number tenth. They are very beautifully designed to give you look as well as comfort and safety. They ensure to give you maximum protection while being in a style as well.

The ventilation of the helmet is very sleekly designed to offer maximum comfort. The ventilation system in the helmet is very strategically implemented. The vents throughout the helmet allow the player to remain cool and dry even in hot weather. The ventilation system is so technically implemented that it gives comfort and a fresh feeling through its game.

The inner of the helmet is made up of dual-density padding which ensures maximum comfort. The inner padding allows a snug fit for the player.

Torn x carbon plastic formula that is used to made a shell gives a lightweight helmet and also provides maximum protection. The inner material used to absorbing away the moisture caused due to sweating in the helmet.

The helmet also has a grey stainless steel cage that also comes with a single density foam chin cup which provides maximum comfort and support. This chin cup is also designed in a way to maximize the protection and safety of the players. The cage is built in a traditional way to provide maximum protection.

The adjustment options in the helmet come with this helmet. You can easily adjust the helmet according to your size. The size can be adjusted through screwdrivers according To their size. This system of sizing will provide you the most safest and secure adjustment. It gives you the confidence to play fiercely on the field.

  • Lightweight
  • Chin cup foaming
  • Stainless Steel cage
  • Some users suggested that the material used for helmets is not of good quality.
  • Adjustment is done through screwdrivers

How To Choose The Right Helmet For You [ Buying Guide]

When you are buying hockey helmet for succession protection, you can’t just go to the shop and buy one. A concussion is not a simple scratch injury or anything like that. It affects the brain and its functionality. So, here we will describe the most important factor that you must consider before buying the helmet.

Shell material:

The shells of hockey helmets are made up of two different materials i.e. EPP and VN. EPP helmets have a more solid and strong upper shell and have a soft inner lining. They are a mostly inexpensive range of helmets. The VN helmets have a softer inner lining which is more pliant. These helmets can easily mold according to your head size.

Helmets with visor vs. cage:

Some helmets come with visors, some helmets come with a cage and some come without both. Many professional players don’t want anything to block their vision. They want a direct view. The helmets with cages give you more protection, especially for beginners and youth.

These helmets will ensure safety as Puck and stick will not touch your face and keeps you safe. The helmets with visors will also ensure maximum protection but some players don’t like it as it may get foggy due to breathing and will be a hindrance in a clear vision.

Concussion protection:

The concussion protection a helmet provides can be analyzed through the safety standards it meets. The Virginia tech rating system is the highest safety standard a helmet can meet. They are mostly the expensive ones.

There is also a separate independent body for hockey helmets which is the hockey equipment certification council (HECC). Those helmets which meet these safety standards are best for concussion protection. You should buy the one which must have some safety certification tags on it.

Proper fit:

Lastly, the helmet should be snuggly fits you. The helmet which doesn’t have proper fitting is of no use because it can’t save your head from any injuries. For this, you should make sure that the helmet is properly adjusted according to your size. It should have a perfect fit on your head.

One thing you can also do is open your helmet to the biggest setting and then put it on your head. Adjust it to the size where you it is snuggly fit to your head. Then tighten it with screwdrivers even some helmets comes with no-tool adjustment settings.


In the end, safety is the utmost concern for a player. The helmets that provide maximum protection are the best choice for hockey helmets. The best hockey helmets for concussion protection should provide a high level of safety as well as comfort and reliability.

The above-mentioned helmets are the top best hockey helmets for concussion prevention with their detailed features. You can choose any depending upon your priorities or price range. In my point of view, money shouldn’t matter when safety is the utmost concern.

It is important to go for the helmet which you think is great and has a perfect fit. That’s all what

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