Best Helmet for Supermoto

10 Best Helmet for Supermoto (2022)

Buying the best helmet for supermoto is a big and important expense. It’s an adventurous game. You must be very careful while selecting the helmet because your helmet will provide you protection and safety during these crazy riding trails. You should wear a helmet (even for Simple Street touring) good and snug fit to give you comfort, protection, and security during your supermoto ride.

Now, we will tell what supermoto is and which type of helmet you need for this kind of riding.

What is supermoto?

Supermoto is a type of motorcycle racing that is held on three different types of track surfaces that alternate one after another. The tracks include in supermoto are dirt track, hurdles, and jump of motocross and simple on street track. It’s an all-rounder game in which the rider from three different races came together to compete for the title of the best all-rounder.

Thus a supermoto helmet must-have features that should be a blend of these three racing track motorcycle helmets. The helmet should be strong and rugged enough and also provides comfort and ease to the rider at the same time. It should provide maximum protection as safety is the main concern of riders in this type of motorcycle racing.

Top 10 best helmet for Supermoto:

With a long list of dual helmets available online or in the market, you can spend months searching for the best helmet. Here we have searched and compiled a list of the 10 best helmets for supermoto. We will provide you detailed reviews that will help you in selecting the best supermoto for yourself.

1. O’Neal 0200-214 unisex-adult off-road  Helmet

Best Helmet for Supermoto

O’Neal is manufacturing the helmets that are best in comfort, reliability, and safety. This helmet is designed for advanced supermoto racing. It gives you extra comfort and protection when you ride. As it is an advanced game, you can put your 100 percent trust in this helmet for your security and protection.

The shell of the helmet is constructed with ABS material which provides a strong, durable, and lightweight helmet. It provides you comfort in the tough and adventurous tracks by weighing less gear on your head. You won’t feel a burden on your head while riding your bike.

This helmet comes with extra soft and pillow-like cushioning inside the helmet. It provides you comfort and support during the supermoto racing tracks. The soft cushioning saves you from neck fatigues and stress during the long rides. The liners and padding are removable and washable. You can wash your helmet to keep it fresh and odor-free.

To maximize the ventilation system, the helmet has multiple air vents placed all over the helmet. It will provide a continuous cool breeze inside the helmet to keep the rider cool and dry. It also comes with the cooling rubber nose guard to provide maximum protection as well as keep him fresh and cool throughout the ride.

One great feature is that it comes with a height-adjustable visor. You can easily adjust the angle of the visor according to your view. It gives you the flexibility to set it according to your ease to have a clearer view.

The double D chin strap of the helmet ensures you extra security and safety. It not only gives you the ease of buckling the helmet but also gives extra protection.

This helmet has DOT, ECE certification for safety standards. It weighs 3.02 pounds. It has multiple clear coated graphics to gives you a variety of options to choose from. This helmet can be used for off-road-motorcycles, street-touring-motorcycles, all-terrain-vehicles, street-cruiser-motorcycle, and street-sport-motorcycles.

  • DOT certification
  • ABS Shell
  • Dual sport helmet
  • Double D chin strap
  • The sizes of the helmet may run smaller you must follow the exact size

2. O’Neal 0817-514 Unisex-Adult Full-face  Helmet

Best Helmet for Supermoto

O’Neal, I helmets can be used for different riding styles such as off-road-motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, street-cruiser-motorcycle, and street motor scooters. These helmets are designed by keeping in mind the safety of their utmost priority.

They provide comfort, durability, and protection to their riders. Helmets are manufactured for providing Safety and quality to their users.

The shell of the helmet is constructed with ABS which provides a helmet that is light in weight and strong in its structure. The lightweight factor enables the rider to ride without the feel of a burden on their head. The helmet is strong and sturdy and it can absorb any high or low pressures.

This helmet has a very soft and plush EPS liner which also has shock absorption qualities. It also has removable and washable liners. It facilitates the rider to keep his helmet clean and helps to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

For ventilation purposes, thus helmet has vent holes for optimal inflow and outflow of air. It allows the rider to stay cool even in hot weather. Due to sweating and humidity, the riders may get irritated and annoyed but the vent holes keep their sanity intact. Thus, it has the air vents throughout the helmet maintain continuous airflow.

This helmet has an integrated visor to get a wider and clear view. The height of the visor can be adjusted according to the angle of the rider to give a clearer view. It also has padding inside the chin strap so that it gives comfort to the user and not leaves any marks. As chin straps without padding if wear for longer hours may leave marks on the rider’s face.

The strap also comes with double D safety locks to ensure more protection. The helmet has DOT and ECE certifications for safety.

  • Safety Standard certification
  • Double D chin look and chin padding
  • Integrated visor with adjustable height
  • Sides of the helmets are a bit curvy so if you want to mount a camera it’s a bit tricky

3. 1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Off-Road Full Face Helmet

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1 storm is also counted as the best helmet for supermoto. This helmet stands out in performance, protection, and comfort. It speaks for itself. It is designed to give you the best protection, safety, and comfort. The helmet is designed to be used in tough trials like a supermoto.

The shell of the helmet is constructed we the ABS to make it a lightweight helmet. This will enable the helmet to be resilient against any high or low impacts. It ensured safety as well as comfort in these adventurous tracks. The shell also has an aerodynamic design which reduces the drag pressure and maintains stability.

This helmet also has a very beautiful and glossy finishing that protects from ultraviolet radiation. It will keep the helmet as it is and provides durability.

For the interior of the helmet, multiple density EPS lining is used which not only provides protection and safety from high or low impacts but also reduces the noise during high speeds. The lining and Pads of the helmet are removable and washable. They can be washed to keep the helmet clean and odor-free.

To maximize the performance of the ventilation system in the helmet, it comes with 11 vents openings. There give front openings, two vent holes at the top, and four openings at the back. These vents holes are perfectly adjusted in the helmet for proper air inflow and exhaust. This will keep the rider cool and dry.

The helmet comes with a dual visor. One is clear and the other one is a tinted visor. A tinted visor can be used in summers to give a more proper view in sun and saves you from harmful ultraviolet radiation. The other one gives a clear view of night shifts or foggy weather.

It comes with a quick-release buckle system. The buckle is released easily when wanted to take off. It can also help in keeping the helmet secured in one place. The helmet meets and exceeds the DOT safety standards. It has a total weight of 4.95 pounds.

  • Lightweight
  • Meets and exceeds dot certification
  • Quick Release Buckle strap
  • Dual visor
  • The clear visor may get foggy.

4. 509 Tactical  Supermoto Helmet

The 509 Tactical helmet comes at number 4th in the list of the best helmet for supermoto. The helmet aims to provide industry-leading safety and protection at a very reasonable price. It gives you protection reliability and performance.

In addition to safety, more focus was on performance during manufacturing. It is designed to give you better protection and performance on supermoto trails.

The shell of the helmet is constructed with specially designed thermoplastic material which gives you a helmet of minimal weight. It also provides string and a sturdy shell and can absorb the shock.

It also comes with an advanced aerodynamic design which reduces the wind resistance and increases stability. This innovative aerodynamic design prevails through the whole structure of the helmet.

The interior of the helmet is built with dual density interlocking EPS foam lining which gives you support and high-level protection in any mishaps or collisions. This foaming will also reduce the wind noise inside the helmet. These liners of the helmet are removable and washable to keep your helmet clean and fresh.

It also comes with a standard cheek pad and an extra breath box that can be used in cold weather to give extra comfort and warmness. These cheek pads and breath boxes are removable. This wearer breath box can be installed in seconds to give you protection from fierce cold weather.

To maximize ventilation, it comes with integrated front and top intake vents and rear exhaust vents. It is designed in a way to keep you cool and dry while riding. It also has stoppers to increase or decrease the ventilation. You can have a customized ventilation system in your helmet.

The visor of the helmet comes with an aerodynamic design that comes with a lock top center mount that allows the visor to stay in a place and keep it away from unwanted or distracting movements. The helmet weighs 5 pounds. It meets and exceeds the DOT and ECE safety standards.

  • Meet and exceeds safety standards
  • Aerodynamic visor locking system.
  • Customized ventilation system
  • Weather breath box
  • Little bit heavy

5. LS2 Helmets Pioneer Trigger Adventure Off Road  Helmet

This LS2 pioneer helmet is a full-face adventure motorcycle helmet. It can be used in different adventures such as supermoto. Thus helmet provides the rider with everything he needs for adventure riding but with much less investment.

The shell of the helmet is constructed with LS2s proprietary kinetic polymer Alloy. This material used in the helmet has very hi-tech properties. It provides a strong lightweight and shock absorption helmet. The three different sizes of the shell are being used for great fitting but that also gives you a very lightweight helmet in return.

This helmet has an interior with a multi-density EPS liner which has capabilities of energy absorption. It gives you support, safety, and protection from collisions as well. The helmet has a very comfortable and soft padding.

The padding is covered with comfortable technical and hypoallergenic fabric that provides you comfortability, support, and hygiene all in one. The padding of the helmet is removable and washable. It will keep the helmet fresh and dry and you can use it again as it’s new.

The visor of the helmet provides you a more cleared and wider view. It comes with fog resistance, scratch, and UV-resistant properties. It will save you from harmful ultraviolet radiation in summers and provides you a fog-free vision in cold weather. It has a built-in sun visor to save your eyes from the sun or instant light changing conditions.

The helmet has a quick-release chin strap system which you can get on and off in seconds even during riding. It also has an emergency release system through which you can easily pull out your cheek pads.

The 3D later technology is used to contour cut high-quality foaming for cheek pads. They give you comfort and a pillow-like feeling with their softness.

To optimize maximum ventilation, it has a perfect system in the helmet. It will keep you cool and dry in tough riding situations. The helmet also provides you extra space to accommodate goggles of any brand. It meets and exceeds DOT and ECE 22.05 standards.

  • LS2 laser contour cheek pads
  • Quick Release chin strap
  • Advanced technological featured
  • Meets Safety Standards
  • The helmet may get noisy at high speeds

6. Arai XD4 supermoto Helmet

super moto aria helmet

XD4 Arai helmet is making rounds, critically acclaimed Street and dirt riding helmet. The helmet is designed to give an excellent performance during supermoto riders. It ensures protection, security, and reliability to its users.

It is designed in an intermediate round oval shape. It has an intermediate oval interior design. It is designed in this shape to offer more flexibility and greater fit to the riders.

The shell of the helmet comes with an improved aerodynamic design which gives improved stability at higher speeds in all street touring and other tours.

This helmet comes with an improved and innovative ventilation system. The helmet has top diffuser air vent ports which increase the Airflow at higher rates. It also has new bigger cowl vents at the sides. These vents contribute to improving the ventilation system and making it the best. It also ensures helmet stability at the rider’s head even at higher speeds.

The improved ventilation system has more intake openings for maximum airflow. The chin bar vents have less protrusion around that will make them less likely to dig in during a spill.

It also has an advanced cheek padding system. It has an amazing new patent-pending with facial contour support cheek pads. This cheek pad design offers great comfort, support and has an excellent fit. The helmet also possesses their brand new 55mm custom layer fit which you can take out according to your wish.

The visor of the helmet has its trademark brow vents to have a continuous airflow towards temple areas of the head.

This helmet comes with removable and washable interior lining and padding. It has Arai’s own dry cool technology which keeps the rider drier and cooler for more comfort.

The helmet comes with emergency release cheek pads design for motorcycle riders. It gives easy access to the riders or medical personnel in accidents or mishaps takes out the helmets easily. The helmet is Snell 2010 certified. The helmet weighs 4 pounds.

  • Emergency release cheek pad design
  • New and improved ventilation system
  • Intermediate round oval shape design
  • Snell 2010 certified
  • Some users complained that visor of the helmet sometimes gets foggy

7. NENKI Dual Sport Helmet Full Face Motocross Helmet

Nenki motocross helmet features numerous blistering functions that will give ease and support to their customers. This helmet is also considered the best helmet for supermoto. Though it has a low cost however with that it achieves all the well-being necessities a helmet needs.

The shell of the helmet is comprised of a high-worth thermoplastic ABS Shell. The material will give a solid head protector. The shell is intended to assimilate high impacts and pliant to any load. The development of the shell is extremely solid and rock-hard.

This helmet has an inside comprised of EPS which have multi-thickness properties. The inside of the helmet presents comfort and ease with its delicate padding. It saves you by giving support to your head and neck during crashes.

Nenki’s protective cap additionally accompanies a red chrome visor to use in blistering summers. This visor gives you security from bright radiation. It will shield your eyes from damaging beams during rides on sunny days. The visor also gives you the space to wear glasses.

Nenki helmet has removable and washable cushioning which assists with keeping the helmet spotless and fresh. This will assist you with removing all the residue and deposits and keep your helmet germs free.

There are different air vents present in the helmet that channel for outside air and outflow of warmth continuously making a light progression of natural air which keeps the motorcyclist cool and dry.

The helmet has a Strong and durable Double D Ring for fastening. This head protector has DOT certification for safety. The head protector weighs 4.85 pounds.

  • Red chrome visor gives UV protection
  • The ventilation framework is good
  • Removable and Washable cushioning
  • Some individuals grumbled that the visor fogs up quickly.

8. Woljay Dual Sport Helmet

Woljay helmet is also a good addition to the list of the best helmet for supermoto. This helmet is a classic, lightweight, and open-face design helmet. It not only gives you efficient performance but also designs that make you look cool. The helmet comes with retro paint and customized graphics.

The shell of the helmet is made up of ABS which gives you a lightweight and advanced shell. It gives you a shell that can easily absorb the shocks and provide protection. The shell of the helmet is constructed to be lightweight for its riders as it doesn’t feel like a burden on the head and you can ride easily without any discomfort.

It also provides durability and ensures you that it will last longer than you expected. The interior of the helmet also provides maximum efficiency. The fabric used in the interior of the helmets wicks away all the moisture and sweat and keeps you cool and dry. It also provides you protection from any high or low impacts during collisions and accidents.

The padding used in the helmet is also comfortable and gives support and maximum protection.

To maximize the airflow system in the helmet, Different intake and exhaust vents are places in the helmet. These vents allow the customized airflow. These intake vents allow the inflow of air and exhaust rear vents make sure the outflow of warm air. In short, it is designed to keep the rider cool and dry in tougher and harder touring situations.

The helmet comes with a dual visor for maximum efficiency of the rider. The sun visor of the helmet that is to be side in sunny weather is removable. The clear visor allows you to have a clear vision in foggy and cold weather.

The helmet has DOT certification safety standards. The helmet weighs 1 pound.

  • DOT certification
  • Customized graphics
  • ABS shell
  • Sun visor
  • The helmet is bit noisy at higher speeds.

9. Fox Racing V2 Vlar Helmet

Fox racing is manufacturing helmets for decades meeting the needs of their customers. They are producing dynamic designs with innovations and unique developments. They put their main focus on the quality and innovation of the helmet.

They provide dynamic helmets which provide comfort reliability and safety. Their main aim is to provide a helmet with more advanced technologies and improved protection. It gives their riders comfort and safety with efficient performance.

One great feature of the helmet is All new Fluid Inside Which is designed in a way that it dissipates rotational and linear energy that is transferred to the rider’s brain in situations such as accidents or crashes.

The shell construction of the helmet is lightweight using mold technology. It provides a lightweight helmet that offers maximum protection and safety to the ride. The in molds inject technology directly inserts the EPS in the helmet shell and producing the lightweight helmet.

The EPS liner is used inside of the helmet. The Eps used inside the helmet protects in a better way by spreading all over the helmet and resisting the forces of impacts either low or high. It provides improved protection to their riders.

It also includes a magnetic visor release system. MVRS is a magnetic system in which the visor is attached directly to the helmet shell that ensures the visor resists roost. It can be easily released in an emergency like a crash or collision.

The helmet is available in 4 different exciting and stylish colors. It is available in different sizes ranging from small to double extra-large. the helmet had a perfect fit for all sizes of heads.

  • Injection molding
  • The magnetic visor release system
  • DOT certified
  • Some users complained its bit heavy

10. Dual Sport Helmet by NENKI NK-313

The NENKI – NK313 is at the end of the list of the best helmet for supermoto. Though it’s at the end it’s a very efficient low-cost helmet that provides you protection and comfort. It gives protection to your head face and neck area. It provides maximum protection, durability, and reliability. The helmet can be used for street and off-road use and many other racing tracks.

The helmet is made up of a thermoplastic shell which provides a lightweight as well as a strong and sturdy shell. The material used gives maximum impact absorption capacity.

The weight is distributed evenly on the helmet that it provides protection all around the helmet from heavy and low impacts and thus makes it lightweight for its users. You won’t feel the extra burden on your head.

For the interior of the helmet, an EPS liner is used. It is inserted in the inner of the helmet. It also gives safety from impacts during collisions and crashes. The interior used is very soft and plush and gives you comfort and support during your ride. The liner of the helmet is removable and washable and can be used again. It keeps your helmet fresh and odor-free.

The helmet comes with a dual visor. One is a clear visor and one is a drop-down sun visor. The clear visor is used during foggy weather or nighttime. The drop-down sun visor is used during hot and summer days and gives you protection from the sun. It saves your eyes and face from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

This helmet meets and exceeds DOT certification and ensures maximum protection. The total weight of the helmet is 1 pound, according to our editor, these features make it the best helmet for supermoto under $100.

  • Lightweight
  • Dot Certification
  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Drop down sun visor
  • Some users complained it gives much larger look of your head than it is
  • Sizes of helmet may run small so must follow exact size chart

How to buy the Best helmet for Supermoto:

The best helmet for supermoto is difficult to buy as you have to look for a helmet that provides maximum protection and safety with so many options available in the market you can’t just pick one and go on. You must look for the factors which are imperative to be considered while buying a helmet.

Safety standards:

First of all, you must look for the safety standard a helmet meets. There are three important independent safety standards for a motorcycle helmet. While buying the helmet you must ensure it meets any of the standards. Snell is a preferred one and highest safety standards.

DOT and ECE are also very high safety standards which helmet should meet and exceeds.


The lightweight helmet is mostly preferred. The weight of the helmet mostly ranges from 1400g to 1800g.

The helmet which is properly fit is also considered lightweight because the weight is evenly distributed all around your head and shoulders. It will not cause strain or any pressure on your head and neck. The modular or dual helmets are mostly heavier than others as an apparatus is installed in the helmets to flip the visor up.

Shell material:

The helmet shell is made up of different materials. The material used to construct the shell may have an influence on many factors such a weight, comfort, protection, and safety rating of the helmet.

The material used in making the helmet is polycarbonate fiberglass composite and carbon fiber along with a layer of expanded polystyrene foam. Carbon fiber is the most expensive and lightest of all and after it is fiberglass.

Extra safety features:

Due to modern technologies and innovations, helmets are improving day by day. Some Helmets are coming with emergency releasing of cheek pads during collisions and crashes. This will allow that the head of the injured rider is taken out safely.


Supermoto is an adventurous sport. You must ensure your protection and security before taking part. For this, you must ensure that you are buying the perfect helmet which gives you maximum safety and comfort.

We have given you the list of the best helmet for supermoto with their detailed features and review. You can pick any of it which meets your requirements. These helmets will ensure full protection and comfort. One thing that you must follow replace your helmet after every five years or before if damaged in an accident or dropped.

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