How to clean helmet pads

How to clean helmet pads?

Helmets are the most import protective equipment we have while riding or any physical activity.It doesn’t matter whether you are beginner or professional, you will definitely experience dirty helmet with foul smell after some time. Many people eventually ask how to clean helmet pads ?

Helmets have very tough duty.They not only have to provide protection but also give you comfortability during rides or work, maintains a moderate temperature according to weather for your head, act as a shield saving your face from dust, debris and bugs etc.

How to clean helmet pads

Besides this, we use helmets almost all the time when we go out while riding whether it’s in rain, glare, heat wave, hail storm, snow or even on a grumpy muddy road. They also used for welding and physical sports such as football, ski, motocross etc.

All helmets even the high end if not taken care properly may end up in a piece of stinky, grubby and wreck of a mess. So, in order to increase the time span of your helmet you must do your part also.

Knowing how to clean the helmet pads not only provide clean, hygienic and odorless helmet but also helps you to keep it with care and sustain it for long haul. Here, in this article we will discuss all.

Helmet Pads:

Helmet padding is made up of low-density stretchable soft foam covered with a soft cloth that is placed next to the head of the rider. These pads are usually used to provide comfort and support to their users. They are usually between EPS foam liners and head of the rider.

The thickness and softness of padding varies in different helmets. These pads in the helmet are completely removable, washable and replaceable. As these pads not only provide you comfort but also helps you to have a snug fit. These pads also helps you to get customizes fit according to your head size.

Advanced helmet pads:

With advanced technologies, these helmets not only provide above mentioned comfort and fit features but also come with anti microbial, hypoallergenic and sweat saver characteristics.

These pads will absorb your seat and prevent it from dripping on your forehead. It also has anti microbial properties as well.

These advanced liners just not only provide you worldly comfort but helps you in real way to get rid of your sweating problem which causes you a lot of discomfort. As, people not only use helmets in moderate weather but also in tough sunny hot weather.

Though pads have sweat saver characteristic but they should be removed, Washed and replaced for your own comfort as well as for helmet longevity.

Now you will get to know how to clean helmet pads in different stages gradually.

1. Firstly, remove your pads from the helmet carefully. Before removing, make sure to have thorough look how they are attached to the helmet because some helmets have a bit trick procedure to place them back on the helmet.

2. Now, you must take a small plastic tub or box. Pour in it some Luke warm water. Grab some mild soap or baby shampoo. Don’t use any harsh detergent because you may end up in ruining your helmet pads. Put moderate quantity of shampoo not too much or not to less.

3. Soak your helmet pads for some time as it will remove all the dirt and debris from them.It also helps in eradicating the sweaty smell from your pads.

4. After some time, rub some shampoo on padding with your hands, rinse them thoroughly so that nothing being left on the padding, Squeeze them to get the extra water out. Put them aside and let them dry.

After this process, you’ll definitely get odorless, clean and hygienic pads again. Now, put them back in your helmet and enjoy the comfort and support they provide. Mostly helmets come with two pairs of pads to replace the old with new ones.


  • Some people just put them in washing machine for their ease and they end up in ruining their pads. They just sometimes fall apart. They nay experience any tear if they put with clothes and definitely gets wrinkled.
  • Don’t use harsh detergents or shampoos.
  • Don’t use drying machine to dry them. Let them air dry.
How frequently you should wash pads?

It is recommended to wash your helmet pads once in a week. Many people suggest washing pads when they start to smell. Mostly people replace their helmet pads when they think their older ones are worn out. So, there is no specific time period it’s up to you. Though, you must keep them clean as it will help the helmet staying good for long.


Helmets are important and you have spent huge amount of your savings on them. In order to protect your investment, you must take extra steps to look after them and must be dealt with care.

Keeping them clean and hygienic will not only increase their life span but also helps you to maintain a healthy life style.

It is ensured that after reading this you have definitely got the idea of how to clean helmet pads and their frequency to wash them.

Keep yourself and your helmet protected.


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