Best Motorcycle Helmet for Hot Weather

10 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Hot Weather 2021

As the summer is approaching, the search for the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather is also increasing. So, we have decided to make your search easy and help you to select the best one for you.

1Storm Modular Full Face Helmet

This helmet has two front and two top vents with adjustable switches, allowing riders to have an excellent air inflow and outflow. This provides maximum ventilation during those rides on hot and sunny days.

The helmet plays an important role in keeping the rider cool and dry in summer. This will not only provide safety and comfort but also maintains your cool during sunny rides.

The helmets will give comfort and make you smile all through your ride if you have the best kind of helmet with the proper ventilation system in the summers. Otherwise, you will feel hot, sweaty, and irritating throughout your ride.

The proper ventilation system, dual visors, and many other features contribute to the best helmet.

You can’t buy a helmet for summers just for its appearance or its looking awesome. You simply cannot. You must look for a helmet that will make your riding experience fun in hot temperatures.

Top 10 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet for Hot Weather:

There are so many options for helmets in the market. Their twist and turns will bamboozle every buyer in the market no matter how decisive he is. So we bring our list of best motorcycle helmets for hot weather at the right time of year. This will help you to select the best one for you.

1- 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet-(Overall Best)

1strom is manufacturing different helmets for different needs for many years. These helmets are most suitable to use in hot summer weather because many people drive in the daytime and also on sunny days. They have design, comfort, and style which a rider needs in hot weather.

Best Helmet for summer
Best for summer

This 1Storm helmet has 6 built-in vents to provide a proper ventilation system in the helmet. These vents are placed at the top, back, and front of the helmet.

The two front and two top vents have adjustable switches, allowing riders to have an excellent air inflow system and outflow. This will provide maximum ventilation during rides on hot and sunny days. It will also keep the rider cool and dry.

Further, inner EPS lining is used inside the helmet and has an impact on absorption quality. The lining and padding of the helmet are removable, washable, and can be used again. This will help you keep them fresh, odor-free, and clean from the germs created by the sweating of rider and dust that remains in summers.

The shell of the helmets has an aerodynamic design that provides good stability and control to the rider. The shell is further made up of ABS material which is more resilient to heavy impacts and can survive different ranges of temperature makes it a durable one.

This helmet also has Ultraviolet rays protected flossy finishing on them.

For summer purposes, the helmet is designed to have an advanced modular and dual visor system. They have one clear visor and one inner smoked visor. The clear visor is used while driving in foggy weather.

The inner smoked visor is specially designed to drive in hot weather, save your face from harmful rays, and give your eyes a clear wider view. In addition, these visors are very easily adjusted and removed from the helmet.

This helmet also has a quick-release chain system which gives security and convenience to the rider. Additionally, this helmet had DOT certification. The helmet weighs 3.9 pounds.

  • This is definitely a good summer helmet.
  • Modular dual visor
  • UV protection
  • Adjustable vent switches
  • Chin strap adjustment is little bit complicated.

2- ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Matte Black Helmet-(Runner up)

This scorpion helmet is a highly advanced development in the line of scorpion helmets. This helmet is a radically designed covert helmet to give you comfort and ease along with protection. This helmet can be converted to work with any kind of bike. This helmet is also considered the Top helmet for Adventure Touring as we mentioned in our previous review.

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Hot Weather

The main feature of this helmet is that they have taken the perfect half helmet and then added a rear comfort sleeve to make it a ¾ open face helmet.

It also comes with the front mask that you can attach to get a solid and good-looking full-face helmet. These features give you the choice to use these different arrangements for different weathers.

This shell of the helmet is made up of advanced LG polycarbonate which is developed by Scorpion itself. The shell is designed to resist heavy impacts and light in weight. This is one of the strongest material can be used in making helmets.

For hot and cold weather, this helmet comes with a dual visor. One is a retractable tinted sun visor that will save your eyes from strains during hot summer days with varying light conditions.

It has already installed a dark smoke visor and comes with an extra clear visor to use in night times and foggy weather.

Dual-density EPS is installed inside the helmet along with an aero tuned ventilation system to give comfort and ease during hot summer weather. The soft face guard also has vents that don’t close and serve as the best airflow vents during summers.

The anti Microbial comfort fabric is used for lining inside the helmet to keep the rider cool and dry in hot weather.

The lining is removable and washable to keep the helmet clean and dirt-free. The helmet comes with a removable front Mask along with neodymium magnets. It also has a double D chin strap for buckling procedure. The helmet is DOT approved and weighs 4 pounds.

  • People considered it as one of the best summer time helmet.
  • Dual visor
  • Aero tuned ventilation system
  • It might not be used in cold weather as it have vents on soft face guard which don’t close

3- 1Storm Motorcycle Sun Shield Full Face Helmet 

1storm is putting extra effort and research into making helmets that are suitable for both hot and cold weather. They are designed to give you helmets that protect you along with comfort in every weather condition.

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Hot Weather

This shell of the helmet is made up of a thermoplastic alloy shell which gives you a strong and sturdy shell at reasonable pricing. The shell material is of great quality and gives you maximum protection.

The aerodynamic design of the helmet gives you a stable, comfortable, and quality experience during a ride. This 1Storm helmet also has a beautiful and sleek finishing that has UV protection quality. This will save your helmet from dangerous ultraviolet radiation during long exposure to the sun during summers.

This helmet also comes with advanced modular dual visors. They have flipped up lens design. Without difficulty, you can flip up your outer clear shield and can use the inner smoked lens during varying light situations on sunny days. A clear visor can be used at night time.

The EPS lining is used in the helmet. The lining is made to absorb the heavy impacts make it secure for the users during collisions.

The inner padding in the helmet is removable and washable to keep it clean and fresh. The inner padding is designed so well that after putting it again you will get the same snug fit.

Furthermore, the ventilation system is perfectly designed in the helmet to make it useful during hot summer days.

Different vents are present at the top back and front of the helmet to make a continuous airflow in the helmet. The good airflow keeps the rider cool and dry during hot weather.

1Storm has DOT certification. The helmet weighs 4 pounds.

  • Lightweight in reasonable price
  • Great functionality
  • Dual flip up lens
  • UV protected finishing
  • Some users suggested the clear visor gets foggy during cold weather.

4- “Biohazard” Full Face Matte Green Dual Visor Motorcycle Helmet

Triangle biohazard helmet designed for both men and women is a popular choice among helmets. They are tough and strong helmets but being light in weight. They provide maximum protection and safety to the rider with their advanced built-in features.

The shell of the helmet is made up of an advanced ABS material that comes with high-pressure thermoplastic technology. This increases the capability of absorbing the heavy pressure and impacts of the shell. This also increases the durability of the helmet.

This helmet has a multi-density EPS liner inside the helmet. This liner is compatible and proved effective during various temperatures and conditions. It also contributes a lot to decreasing in minimizing the energy that is passing on to your head during heavy impacts and collisions.

The helmet comes with double visors which have anti-scratch properties. It also has a removable DVS with a quick change procedure. The changing of the clear visor to a sun-protected visor is quite an easy mechanism. A sun-protected visor gives you a strain-free ride on hot sunny days and the other visor can be used in winter weathers.

To make it best for use in summers, a pretty good ventilation system is installed. They have top and rear vents to make perfect continuous airflow to keep the rider cool and dry.

This helmet has laser-cut plush padding which comforts as well as contributes to the hygiene of the rider. The padding keeps the rider cool and dry. It has an anti-bacterial liner that can be removed and washed again. The interior liner also has anti-bacterial properties. The helmet has a Padded chin strap to give comfort and ease to the rider along with micrometric closure.

This biohazard helmet is DOT-approved. The helmet weighs 3.1 pounds.

  • Antibacterial padding and liners useful during summers
  • Dual visors along with anti scratch property
  • Padded chin strap
  • Some users complained that wind noise is expected while going on high speeds.

5- YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

Yema 926 is a professional high-grade motorcycle helmet. It is designed for both males and females. This helmet gives an elegant and stylish look along with multiple advanced features. The helmet can be used for road and mountain biking, Street Bike racing, Motocross racing, dirt bike, and adventure, etc.

The shell of the helmet is made up of outstanding ABS material. It has an aerodynamic design that gives a stable and comfortable riding experience. The helmet is light in weight but yet rugged and solid and lasts longer than you expected. The helmet is designed to absorb more shock and impact during collisions.

This helmet has a multiple density EPS liner which is more absorbing to shock during accidents and collisions. The liner and padding of the helmet are completely removable and washable and can be used again. It will keep the helmet fresh, dry, and clean.

It comes with an advanced dual visor system. It comes with a switch for quick changing of sun visor which is very easy to use even while riding a bike. You don’t have to use any tool or something to install a clear visor. The tinted visor is used during hot summer days.

Moreover, the ventilation system of the helmet comes with adjustable intake and exhaust vents. The adjustability factor allows having continuous light airflow which helps the rider to remain comfortable and cool during hot summer weather.

There is a quick-release buckle and reinforced chin strap for its buckling procedure which gives ease and comfort to the rider. It has extra space for Glasses for the specs wearer. It has DOT certification for safety measures.

  • Elegant and stylish look
  • Quick Release Buckle
  • Adjustable intake and exhaust vents
  • Visors adjustments are easy
  • Some users complained that outer clear visor fogs up quickly.

6- GLX Unisex-Adult GX15 Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

GLX helmets are offering their customers high-quality helmets at very reasonable pricing. These helmets are providing almost unmatchable comfort, quality and services to their customers. Their products are offering great style, comfort, and a good fit to their users.

The GLX Unisex-Adult GX15 Lightweight helmet comes with a large top and lower vents for perfect airflow, especially on hot summer days. These vents will keep the rider fresh and cool from the hot glaring sun.

This has a base plate system that will allow you to a maximum adjustment of shield and allows you to experience an advanced venting system without having distractions from the surpassing wind.

It also has a breath guard which can be removed for the ease of rider. This helmet is DOT Safety Rated Product.

This shell is built with a polycarbonate exoskeleton and has an aerodynamic design. This robustly designed shell provides flawless protection from impacts and pressures. The material used in making the helmet has an excellent soundproof quality which will make sure that you have a perfect ride without any distortions.

The lining used inside the helmet is multi-density EPS. It will make sure the head and face of the rider stay safe during a collision as it can absorb shock. The padding of the helmet is completely removable, washable, and can be used again.

It is also fully replaceable to give you a longer period to lean on your helmet. The microfiber inner liner is used which can dry away all the sweat and gives you comfort and freshness.

The helmet comes with a dual visor which has a quick-change mechanism system for the comfort and safety of the riders. These visors also have anti-scratch properties to make the helmet more durable. The one visor can be used on hot summer days and one clear visor can be used on nights and foggy winter days.

This helmet has Quick Release Chin Strap comes with advanced Forward and Backward Adjustment options that are present in few helmets. This will give comfort and security to the users.

  • Dual visor for use in hot summer
  • Quick Release chin strap
  • Advanced venting system
  • Removable Breath guard
  • Some users complained that bottom of the visor is bit distracting.

7- FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet

The next helmet in the list of the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather is FreedConn full-face helmet. Freedconn helmet comes with the tag line to make your riding experience more fun. They offer security and comfort along with entertainment features. They give you more protection by giving easy communicating features while riding.

The ABD plastic molding technology is used in constructing the shell of the helmet. The shell is rigid enough to give you a sense of security and ensures the absorption of high impacts. The helmet is designed to have a robust and rugged shell to make your riding experience secure and safe.

This helmet has an inner lining composed of high-density EPS material which provides a comfortable and soft layer of cushioning. This lining is insulated and can absorb sound and impacts to give you distraction-free riding. This ensures that it will protect your head and face efficiently.

The interior padding of the helmet is completely adjustable and washable for your convenience. Its microfiber factor will keep you dry and fees even on hot summer days from sweating and odor.

To make better use of this helmet in summers, it comes with a 3-dimensional ventilation mechanism to ensure excellent airflow throughout the helmet. The intake and exhaust vents are present everywhere in the helmet to ensure constant cool airflow to keep the rider dry and cool.

The helmet has a dual visor system with a quick-change mechanism. One visor is designed to use for hot summer days and one can be used for night times.

This helmet has an additional communication feature. It comes with Bluetooth technology. It gives you up to 9 hours of nonstop intercom talk time. It gives 12 hours of mobile talk time and 120 hours of standby time. The advanced DSP echo cancellation technology is used to give a high-quality voice.

This helmet has DOT certification. The helmet is 4.05 pounds in weight.

  • Easy operating system
  • Bluetooth
  • Dual visor
  • Sound absorbing liner
  • Some users complained the sizes of the helmet may runs smaller.
  • It fogs up quickly.

8- Dual Sport Helmet by NENKI Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Nenki motocross helmet features many hot weather aspects that will give easiness and comfort to their users. Though it has a low price that it accomplishes all the safety requirements a helmet needs.

The shell of the helmet is made up of a high-value thermoplastic ABS Shell. The material will provide a durable helmet. The shell is designed to absorb high impacts and resilient to any pressure. The construction of the shell is solid and rock-hard.

This helmet has an interior made up of EPS which have multi-density properties. The interior of the helmet presents comfort and ease with its soft cushioning. In addition, it grants support to your head and neck during collisions.

Nenki helmet also comes with a red chrome visor to use in hot summers. This visor gives you protection from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, it will protect your eyes from destructive rays during rides on sunny days. The visor also provides you the space to wear glasses.

Nenki helmet has removable and washable padding, which helps to keep the helmet clean and spanking new. This will help you to remove all the dust and residues and keep your helmet germs free.

There are multiple air vents present in the helmet, the inlets for fresh air and outlet of hot air continuously creating a light flow of fresh air which keeps the motorcyclist cool and dry.

The helmet has a Strong and sturdy Double D Ring for safety. In addition, this helmet has DOT certification for safety purposes. The helmet weighs 4.85 pounds.

  • Red chrome visor gives UV protection
  • Ventilation system is good
  • Removable and Washable padding
  • Some people complained that the clear visor fogs up quickly.

9- AHR DOT Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

This AHR helmet is also included in the list of the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather as it gives protection and safety at affordable pricing. It also has features that give you maximum protection from the sun and harmful ultraviolet radiation

Its shell is made up of ABS material to provide you lightweight helmet but yet being a tough and sturdy one for your safety. The shell has a rugged and robust design to give maximum safety and proves to be a durable one.

The shell has an aerodynamic design that makes sure that riders have less noise and drag during riding. This will create a fun riding experience for the rider.

The heavily cushioned interior of the helmet gives you comfortability and safety during collisions and accidents. It comes with removable and washable cheek pads to give ease to their riders for cleaning. It will keep the helmet clean and odor-free.

The ventilation is also good and matches the level of above mentioned highly-priced popular helmets. The air vents strategically designed to provide a constant light airflow ensure a cool and contented experience.

Along with this, the helmet has a built-in dual visor system. The outer clear visor can be used for foggy weather and the inner sun visor can be used on hot sunny days. The front visor is very hard and has a high elasticity to prevent heavy impacts during accidents.

It has two straps for bucking ensuring maximum safety of the rider. The straps can be easily adjusted according to the ease of the rider.

The helmet has DOT certification. The net weight of the helmet is 4 pounds.

  • Tough and sturdy helmet.
  • Dual visor
  • Reasonably priced
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Some people have problem regarding internal padding
  • It fogs up quickly
  • It’s not very good in quality

10- Typhoon TH158 Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is designed for both men and women. This will provide a robust design helmet along with comfort and safety.

It has an aerodynamic design ABS Shell which gives lightweight and sleek helmets to the users. The material used gives you a strong and rugged helmet yet light in weight. Its aerodynamic design reduces the noise and drags pressure making the ride comfortable and secure.

The helmet has a comfortable lining which is carefully v designed to give its users comfort and safety. The padding of the helmet is made up of very soft and plush material to give a rider pillow-like cushioning. The contact points are so evenly distracted in the helmet.

It comes with a dual visor to give maximum protection to their riders from the sun in hot weather. The retractable sun visor can be deployed just with a push of a small button. The clear visor will also fulfill your needs in different weather conditions. It has a modular flip-up design which provides the rider with a downy opening and closing of the helmet.

For summer purposes this helmet has an advanced venting system in the helmet. It has a front flow ventilation mechanism that will ensure maximum continuous airflow that will keep the rider cool and dry. This will give a comfortable and fun riding experience to the user.

The helmets come with a standard D Ring chin strap for buckling it off and on. It will provide convenience and comfort to the rider.

It is a DOT-approved helmet. The helmet can be used in situations above 40 degrees of temperature.

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Advanced front flow ventilation system
  • DOT Approved
  • It fogs up quickly
  • Some users suggested that it’s venting system needs reworking.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Hot Weather Helmet:

With a wide range of helmets in the market, the buyer must know what important factors he should consider while buying helmets for hot weather.


The visor is very important while choosing a helmet for hot weather. For hot weather, helmets come with a dual visor. The helmet comes with one clear visor and one dark smoke visor. The dark smoked visor is usually used on sunny days saving you from varying light conditions. This visor will save you from stains during sunlight. The other useful benefit of the visor is that it keeps away all the dust and debris from the eyes off so that you don’t get distracted.

Helmet Weight:

The weight is also an important factor to consider while buying helmets for summer. The weight of most of the helmets lies between 1400 to 1800 grams. The weight of the helmet should be evenly distributed around the head and neck of the rider so that it wouldn’t be considered a heavy burden on the drivers. Because even the slightest heaviness can cause strain in the neck and should be avoided.

Ventilation system:

The ventilation system in the helmet is a must look for if you are buying a helmet for summer weather. Because the proper airflow in the helmet will keep the rider cool and dry. The intake and exhaust vents in the helmet, some helmets may come with switches to open and close these vents must be placed in the right area and right numbers for proper airflow.

Inner padding:

The microfiber fabric must be used inside the helmet that will prevent germs, dust, and debris. The Inner padding should be comfortable and made up of a material that must provide comfort and safety to the rider. The inner padding should also be removable and washable.


The people who ride on hot summer days want to get a helmet that provides the best ventilation system that will keep them cool and dry.

With the increasing industry of Moto Helmets, they are coming with advanced features and developments. The ventilation system, visors are improving day by day and coming with new modifications.

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