The 10 Best Bike Helmet with Lights

A helmet is an essential part of bike riding, whether it’s a younger one or an adult. They keep your head safe while riding a bike or a bicycle. As safety is everyone’s priority, so each of us tries to buy a helmet full of safety precautions, or we can say as a jackpot of safety.

In this review article, we will introduce the top 10 best bike helmets with lights and other features, to protect you from head injuries.

Literally, it is very important that every bike rider should wear a helmet while cycling or riding a bike, they help us to protect our skulls from getting injured. Authorities have made it compulsory for adults to wear a helmet every time they ride a bike or cycle.

Apart from this, unfit helmets may not be made you comfortable and might not provide you with complete safety. Below helmets have all the primary features which are essential for the best helmet, like, adjustable sizes, padding system, ventilated and led lights.


Why do we need LIGHT on a Bike Helmet?

Your duty doesn’t end on just wearing any hardcore helmet, you have to look for other safety measures that must be kept in mind while riding a bike. Well, we’ve observed that many accidents occurred at night times, and the rider gets injured despite wearing a well-branded helmet. So the problem is, the helmet just saves your head from getting injured, of course, not your whole body. But, this issue is resolved by a trick.


Experts have made such helmets with LED lights, which provokes you when any car or object is around. Yes, you got it right! Like a car, now your helmets can save you from getting injured, as a whole. These LED lights are easy to switch on and they give signals when you are to turn around or so. By wearing these helmets with lights, makes you visible at dark nights, that’s why they are super cool and ultra-protective.

Top 10 Best Bike Helmets with Lights

Adventures will soon begin, but before any ride make sure that you are completely safe. The simplest way to ensure your safety is by wearing a helmet with as many protective abilities as possible. Here you have the best of all bike helmets with lights along with long-lasting quality and durability. Let’s begin!

1. Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet-( Overall Best )


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These Basecamp super cool bike helmets are the most demanding helmets up till now. The customers who have tried it yet, are super satisfied and happy with its material and functioning. Basecamp bike helmets are actually 2 in 1. They can be easily used with bikes or bicycles, either on roads or mountains, they come with lights for ultra-protective nature.

Basecamp helmets have been the most satisfying company ever and grasp our attention all time. It covers a lot many features that are listed below.

These bike helmets are specifically designed with CPSC Safety Standard & they are CE Certified as these helmets are safe to use on mountains, too. High-density, versatile and hard PVC&PC have made these helmets extra durable. The material used is pure and of high quality.

LED Light and backup Battery
These bike helmets come with LED light in a diamond shape. It functions with 3 lighting modes – steady, slow flash, and fast flash. There is a button in the middle of the light so that you can easily turn on any mood. People behind you would be able to recognize your direction. An extra backup battery is also included within the same budget.

Easy Adjustable Helmets
Basecamp bike helmets have a standard size that is adjustable for adult women and men as well as kids above 8. They are highly equipped with an easy dial system and side straps are comfortable so that one can easily adjust the helmet according to their head size.

Detachable Visor
Well, the treat is its sun visor shield is detachable, you may take off the visor when in mood or put them back in sunny hot rides. The shield provides shade while riding so that you can enjoy your rides as you want.

Excellent Ventilation
You’ve never come across such a brilliant bike helmet. This comes with 22 integrated flow vents to keep heads cool and comfortable. An extra portable backpack is also added so that you can easily carry them along.

For Men and Women
Basecamp bike and bicycle helmets are adjustable for both, men and women. It gives you couple
goals, too.

  • LED lights gives your direction to those who are behind you.
  • 22 vents keeps your heads cool
  • Detachable sun stopping visor
  • Stylish helmet for men and women
  • CPSC safety standards for ultra-protection
  • Do not fits the little heads, below 7

2. VICTGOAL Bike Helmet-(Runner Up)

best bike helmet with lights

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Do you ever come across a helmet which is a complete jackpot? Then, you’ve approached the right place. Victgoal bike helmets are not only superb from its design but from its features and characteristics, too. It’s a kind of helmet with safety, super cool style, good ventilation, detachable goggles, visor, and whatnot. A great product, indeed!

Adjustable Size
These helmets are just adorable. There is an adjusting knob that helps you to adjust the head circumference. Chin straps are also adjustable and comfortable.

Good Ventilation
Victgoal bike helmets are specifically designed with 21 vents to keep your rides cool. Spontaneously reduces sweating. Its 21 vents makes it lightweight, too.

Detachable magnetic Goggles and Visor
Magnetic Goggles and sun-protective visor shields can be detached and used as sunglasses. You can even use this helmet with a visor only or goggles only or with both. They are highly in demand because they not only protect your face from wind and dust, but also from the ultraviolet light.

Safety LED backlight
It also has a 3 mode safety LED backlight which warns the traffic behind you upon your turnovers. It is very safe and bright in dark night rides.

Portable Helmet bag
Victgoal helmets comes with a packing of an extra portable helmet pouch bag. So that you can carry them along with full easiness, or it can be used to store other stuff while riding.

  • Detachable Magnetic goggles protects your eyes from strong sun rays
  • Adjustable sizes along with comfortable chin straps
  • Led rear lights for complete safety
  • Durable and versatile
  • Not gender specified both men and women can use
  • Pouch bags to carry them along
  • Removable visor
  • Visor might irritates you while to adjusting back to helmets, sometimes

3. Lumos Kickstart Bike Helmet-(Amazon Choice )

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Choose the right bike helmet because it is very important to wear a right-sized and fully protected helmet. Lumos Kickstart bike helmets serves the best quality with complete protective rides. Here is every detail you need to know about Lumos Kickstart bike helmets.

Visible LED lights
Now enjoy our fearful bike rides with super bright LED lights in the front and a bright panel at the back of the helmet. Turn on signals and brake lights, so that you will be visible to the traffic behind you.

Stylish Appearance
Must say, it’s a great piece of elegance. It helps you to get noticed on the busy roads and at dark nights.

Easy Adjustable size
The super-adjustable system fits both the adult heads, women, and men. Just make sure to check your head circumference. It’s suitable for the sizes: 21.3” – 24”.

Safety Certified
Few of the bike helmets claim certified safety, Lumos bike helmets are one of those. They are CPSC certified by keeping in view your safety.

Convenient Battery
The helmet battery easily lasts about six hours which means that you can go away without charging it daily, it just needs to be charged once or twice a week. Magnetic charging cable just takes two hours to be fully charged.

  • Adult Men and women both can wear this helmet, its adjustable for both the head sizes
  • LED lights on the front and back of the helmet
  • CPSC certified bike helmet
  • The battery can last for 6 hours of continuous use.
  • Break lights seems to activate from the app, a bit difficult and may report errors sometimes

4. GoMax Aero Safety Helmet

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Some Adults complaint about less comfortable helmets with fewer air vents, so that their heads get wet while long rides. GoMax Aero helmets provides 22 vents for dry and comfortable heads, now your heads won’t go warm during long bike rides.

LED tail light
3 mode tail light allows you to be seen everyone behind you and it’s the best protective helmet ever as it has a bright flashing to make your night rides safer.

Cool Ventilation
These helmets are specifically designed with 22 Air Vents with minimum air resistance to keep your head cool. It allows air to pass through sufficiently and very spontaneously. Now, you don’t have to be worried about your long rides, like 10 15 miles.

Adjustable Dial and Size
The rear dial is adjustable as well as reflective in mode. This powerful system can be easily adjusted and fit the helmet perfectly. Well, in relation to adjustable straps, it provides a double fit adjustment to make your ride furthermore comfortable.

This very helmet is designed with IN-MOLD technology by using EPS. Not only this but along with a harder external plastic layer, it gives super protection. Chin straps are washable as well as super comfortable and adjustable.

Moisture Wicking Padding
GoMax bike helmets are made up with the help of a moisture-wicking padding system so that no more sweats during hot summer rides. Chin protective straps are comfortable as well as adjustable, which gives you a fantastic ride.

  • 3 modes LED bright tail light
  • Constructed with In-Mold technology and EPS plastic
  • 22 air vents for good ventilation
  • Adjustable and reflective dial
  • Moisture padding and chin protection system
  • Buy some other hardcore helmet for mountain rides, it’s awesome for road biking only

5. Abus Hyban Urban, Integrated LED Taillight Helmet

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Surely you want to secure yourself against the serious accidents, so must buy a helmet as it gives the security of your heads. What if a helmet helps you to protect yourself completely? Abus Hyban gives you safety with complete convenient rides.

Let’s have a look at its features.

Perfect fitting helmet
This super cool helmet has a micro-adjust fit technique that gives you an adjustable fit sized helmet for your head. It includes 2 strips on the back of the helmet, which reflects in the night too, to keep you visible every time.

Safety LED Lights
LED safety light provides awesome visibility on busy roads. Well, these Abus Hyban helmets are CPSC certified which means that they meet satisfying safety standards.

Other features
It comes with a detachable visor that eases your rides. The front mesh liner stops bugs and others and allows the air to pass smoothly to keep your head dry and cool. The soft chin straps are adjustable and washable, too.

Cool Rides
They are constructed with 13 inlet and 5 outlet vents to provide excellent ventilation. Some people complained about the itching and irritation in the head while wearing a helmet. It is due to overheating if there is no ventilation system.
So this helmet is super comfortable as it gives plenty of vents that pass air thoroughly and keep your head dry.

  • LED lights made you visible while riding a bike
  • Removable visor to protect your eyes
  • Washable and detachable chin straps which are comfortable also
  • CPSC certified to meet American standards
  • Adjustable fitting sized helmet
  • Good ventilation
  • It might be heavy for women’s heads.

6. MOKFIRE Bike Helmet

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In relation to its price, it serves more functions than other expensive helmets. Mokfire bike helmets have rechargeable USB light and its quality is so durable and best among all. All of the helmets from Mokfire are super comfortable and adjustable.

Safety Guaranteed
Mokfire bike helmets are constructed in such a way that its inner thickened EPS foam and the outer hardcore are fixed together to ensure security. The foam which is used, is thicker than 1.7 cm, providing the best safety possible.

Rechargeable USB Light
Sometimes you need to work apart from the working hours, so in that situation, you don’t have to waste your time in such trivial things, like charging the helmet’s light. So Mokfire gives you detachable and rechargeable USB light, it gives 9 modes so bike riders are visible at dark nights.

Single-hand dial fixed at the back of the helmet gives an easy and comfortable adjustment by tightening the helmet according to your head size. Soft padded chin strap gives you a comfortable ride.

Cool Ventilation
The bike helmet has 12 vents, according to the wind tunnel technique. The shape and angle of the ventilation holes are such that the air will easily and smoothly pass through the holes by keeping your head cool as always.

Mokfire bike helmet is considered to be a comfortable helmet with complete safety. As it has a soft and moisture-wicking interior padding system and it comes with a portable bag so that you can easily carry it along with you.

  • Rechargeable LED light for long and safe rides
  • Moisture-wicking padding system
  • 12 vents for excellent ventilation
  • Adjustable helmet with comfortable chin straps
  • Easy fit dial system
  • Its visor is not detachable, so uncomfortable for those who don’t like a visor.

7. Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet

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Want to get noticed on the busy roads? It’s possible now. Lumos Kickstart Lite is far better than Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet with Wireless Turn signal bar. This variety of Lumos kickstart bike helmets are safe, durable and gives you as much protection as possible. It helps you to let traffic notice you through your signals.

Bundle of LED’s
This Lumos Kickstart bike helmet has 10 white LEDs on the front and 16 red LEDs on the back of the helmet. It allows you to be visible in the dark night rides and while you stuck in the heavy traffic. It’s the best helmet having so many LED lights for your more protection.

Safe and Durable
All of the helmets from Lumos Kickstart are CPSC and CE certified to meet the standards for safety. So, they are durable and safer helmets, for sure.

Long-Lasting Battery
Lumos Kickstart helmets have the battery which lasts about 6 hours on continuous use. Bike riders can now go for longer rides without any fear of battery issues.

Stylish Design
Its sleek and stylish design made you comfortable while riding. You can use it for mountain and road rides, both. It looks great upon wearing.

First, try the Lumos Kickstart bike helmet, if it doesn’t suits your needs within 30 days, you may return it to Amazon. You see, Lumos Kickstart works with ease and comfort.

  • It comes with long-lasting battery for easy rides
  • LED lights with 10 at front and 16 at rear helmet
  • Durable bike helmet
  • CPSC and CE certified bike helmet
  • It does NOT includes the turn signals and automatic warning lights

8. Exclusky Adult Bike Helmet

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This bike helmet is constructed with In-mold technique, to ensure your safety. It has a lot of features which proves that it provides comfort and reduces the risk of injuries. Your bike rides and cycling becomes safer with Exclusky bike helmets.

It has an adjustable fitting system along with the rear rechargeable battery. Its dial fit system,
removable and washable internal made it best helmet for mountain and road riding. You can even wear it for a long time as it has a superb padding system.

Detachable LED Light
This very bike helmet is constructed with USB light. It has multiple modes, one can rotate light,put it on flashing mode, and put it on a stable mood. Exclusky give us the guarantee of our visibility in heavy traffic and dark nights.

Excellent Ventilation
Exclusky has 12 air vents to keep your heads dry and comfortable while long rides. The holes passes the air through air-channel to stop overheating.

Fit Dial System
Dial fit system gives the easy adjustment of helmets according to your head circumference. Must know your head circumference before buying any helmet.

Protection Guaranteed
The helmet is made by using EPS foam and its outer cover is hard enough to protect you from various head injuries. Well, its US CPSC quality lets you choose this helmet without any hesitation.

The internal liner and the straps are washable and durable.

Moisture Wicking Pad
One of the most important part of a helmet is its moisture-wicking padding system. It allows to absorb the sweat and keep you cool while riding. Due to this sweat absorbing padding technique you don’t face irritations while riding, anymore.

  • CPSC approved quality, EPS foam used
  • In-mold construction to reduce the weight
  • Rechargeable and detachable USB light for safety
  • Fit dial system for easy adjustment
  • 12 vents for cool ventilation
  • It might be narrow and tiny for bigger heads (of adults)

9. Lixada Bike Helmet

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Why to choose the Lixada bike helmet? Well, you will be provided with a bundle of reasons to select this brilliant and beautiful bike helmet. It is considered to be superior as, constructed with high quality and has a wonderful ventilation system. Not only this, but it also gives you protection from UV rays through its smart detachable magnetic goggles.

LED rear light
This adult bike helmet has a rear LED light. It is easy when comes in use, its steady, fast, and slow flashing makes you visible for the traffic. Now throw away your fear of night rides because it gives an ultimate signal to the traffic behind you, upon your turnovers.

Magnetic goggles
It has a detachable magnetic goggles visor shield to protect your eyes from the direct sunlight and let the UV rays not damage your eyes. It’s detachable! It let you choose whether to wear it or enjoy the cloudy weather.

Superb ventilation
The best feature is its 22 air vents which let the air thoroughly pass through them and made your rides sweat-free, avoids overheating, and makes them super comfortable.

Due to the bundle of air vents, it becomes lighter in weight. It’s a fact, a helmet with fewer air vents is heavier than the one which has more air vents. When air easily pass through the holes it makes it lightweight.

Lixada Bike helmets are super comfortable and can be easily adjusted to everyone’s head size. The adjusting knob which is placed at the rear side of the helmet, helps you to adjust it according to your head circumference.

  • 22 air vents for spontaneous cross-section of air
  • Can be fit to any adult head size
  • Comes with magnetic and detachable goggles
  • Lighter in weight than other helmets
  • Impact resisted quality
  • There is too much space between the reflector light and the battery switch, which sometimes makes you uncomfortable.

10. CIGNA Mountain Bike Helmet

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CIGNA bike helmet is for both, men and women. It allows you safer rides on mountains as well as on roads. Its back LED light makes you visible even in the dark.

Safety guaranteed
The CIGNA bike helmets meet CPSC Safety Standard, that’s why they are comfortable and safe to use even on mountain rides. These are for both the genders and lighter in weight but safety is 100% guaranteed.

Rechargeable back LED light
The rechargeable LED light is very easy to use and you can conveniently charge them. They come with plug-in USB LED light, has different lightening/flashing modes which makes you visible in dark night rides.

Cool ventilation
They have 19 large air vents to keep your head cool and calm while riding a bike.

Removable visor
The visor is removable and washable too. It’s easy to detach and protect your eyes from direct sunlight.

  • Detachable visor
  • Lighter in weight
  • USB LED rear light
  • Various flashing modes for visibility
  • Meets CPSC standards
  • Its straps are clingy sometimes

Buyer’s Guide:


Size is the most important thing which should be taken into consideration while purchasing any helmet. A lot of customers buy helmets without noting down their head circumference, which results in either too big or too narrow helmet. It’s better to note down the circumference of your head before purchasing a helmet, this strategy will help you to choose the perfect size of your desired helmet.

Affordable Cost

As all of the above helmets are made up of the best quality and material, so purchase a helmet within your budget, it should not heavy on pockets. As almost all the helmets serve equal functions so try to buy affordable ones.

Better Ventilation

The best helmet should have a good ventilation system because ventilation is very important while riding a bike. If your head gets wet then it would cause irritation as adults have to ride a bike for so long, sometimes. So look for the one which has more vents. It will keep your head cool, dry, and comfortable.

Safety and comfort

Helmets are made for your safety, obviously. You must go for a helmet which gives you more protection than others. Try to seek for a comfortable and safer helmet.

Notice the age group

No matter which helmet you buy must inquire whether the helmet is for your age group or not, either it is for adults or suitable for younger ones.


A perfect helmet is one that has the quality of adjustability, the one which you can easily adjust by yourself, so it’s better to go for adjustable helmets with adjustable chin straps for more comfort and safety.


Bike helmets are, no doubt, very important as they protect our skulls from severe injuries. We should wear a helmet while bike ride or cycling. Whether it’s a child or an adult, parents should keep an eye and strictly put on their helmets before leaving home. Many brands offer you various stylish helmets with comfortable straps and all that, so you cannot avoid wearing such a superb helmet.

There are some features which should not be ignored while purchasing a helmet like ventilated, hardcore, noting down your head circumference, made up of good quality plastic, adjustable, etc.

Lastly, all of the above helmets are made in good quality and gives you the guarantee of full protection, so you may purchase any of the above without any fear. They are long-lasting, will give you the security of your head and you can go for the sleek and stylish designs as Lumos Kickstart bike helmets offers you.

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