Best bike helmet for big heads

10 Best Bike Helmet for Big Heads 2022

Having trouble finding the best bike helmet for big heads? Definitely yes! This is the answer to most of the riders with larger heads. As you can understand from this a few companies which are manufacturing extra-large or double XL comes in a selected range of colors.

Many people find it difficult to get a perfect fit helmet but it is more difficult for people with larger heads. Other than perfect fit, the helmet for bigger heads should be more breathable, cool, and adjustable and have soft cushioning to make it comfortable for the rider.

Best bike helmet for big head

People with larger heads don’t find the helmet’s compliance with safety standards to fulfill their dreams to go on adventurous trails. Getting the right fit helmet with the best safety features is an obstacle in their goal because they don’t find one.

Top 10 Best bike helmets for big heads Reviews

There are many complications to find the right helmet for people with larger heads. So, here we came with a solution to your biggest problem. Below is the list of 10 best bike helmets for big heads with their detailed review. Hopefully, it will help you in selecting the best one for you.

At a Glance: Top 5 Out of 10

1. Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Bike Helmet

best bike helmet for big heads

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Bell falcon helmet comes at the top of the list of best bike helmets for big heads. This helmet is an all-rounder as it comes with various innovative features. This helmet can be used for daily commutes or longer rides wherever you want to go it can be your trustworthy companion.

As far as security is concerned, this helmet is equipped with MIPS to give you an extra layer of protection. It is a multi-directional impact protection system in the interior of the helmet that is designed to decrease these rotational forces which can occur as the result of higher impacts.

For the construction of the helmet, pioneered by bell an in-mold process is used in which Polycarbonate outer shell is integrated with inner EPS foam lining to provide a lightweight and solid helmet.

This helmet also comes with quickly adjusting fasteners that you can do to keep your helmet straps flatten and positioned in the right way so it won’t create discomfort. It is also CPSC certified for safety purposes.

Other than protection, this helmet is specifically engineered for larger heads. Many people with bigger heads couldn’t find the right helmet for themselves. So, this helmet is specifically for them.


Its dimensions are 15x 11 x 8 inches. It can fit up to 61-65 cm of head sizes. The weight of the helmet is 297 grams.


The helmet is designed to be lightweight. The processes used for construction purposes are the ones that used to create the helmets that are light in weight. It’s a lighter helmet with a perfect ventilation system with 18 vents increases its efficiency to another level.

Float fit:

This is one of the quick, lightweight fit process that includes an over-molded rubber dial with easy functioning .the dial is used for further adjustments according to your perfect fit. It is also integrated with a slip plane of MIPS that enables it to be lightweight and easier for a more ventilated and efficient helmet.

Sweat guide:

To wick away all the moisture in the helmet, it comes with a sweat guide pad. It takes the moisture away from the brow pad and eyewear.

  • Perfectly fits larger heads
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • A very good sweat drainage system
  • In-mold construction
  • Chin strap faster requires a bit attention

2. Giro Chronicle MIPS  Helmet

Best bike helmet for big heads

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Giro is a well-renowned helmet brand. They are also famous for producing helmets for larger heads. They cater to the needs of all of their customers either with bigger heads or smaller. This helmet provides efficient performance with its latest technological developments. It gives them the confidence to take the challenging trails or adventurous tracks.

Like an entire advanced and well-protected helmet, this helmet is also equipped with MIPS for better protection and safety. It will give you protection from all around your helmet from different rotational forces of impacts.

For construction, this helmet uses in-mold technology. In this process, the outer Solid polycarbonate shell is integrated with the inner EPS foam lining of the helmet. This lining also has shock absorption quality and provides protection to the head of the rider during collisions.

One of the advantages of using this construction method is that helmet tends to be lighter and have a better ventilation system. Thus, it makes them lighter and cooler in comparison to other helmets. The helmet is in compliance do with CPSC standards.


The Dimensions of the helmet are 15 x 14 x 9 inches. Its large size fits from 59 to 63cm and extra-large size lies between 61 to 65cm. the weight of the helmet is 10.6 ounces.

Roc loc air fit:

This will enable you to easily adjust your helmet and get a perfect fit. You can adjust your helmet according to your head size in a few seconds. This system will also put the helmet slightly above your skull, this will directly allow the cool air to pass in and keep you cool.

Wind tunnels:

This advanced mechanism of ventilation involves and combines active vent openings in the helmet with the exhaust vents which enables them to take in the fresh and cool air and takes out the heat. It will keep the rider cool and dry in hot weather too.

You will definitely feel the difference in this mechanism of ventilation. It has a total number of 14 wind channels.

P.O.V visor:

This POV plus visor comes with an advanced mechanism of adjusting. In this, you can slide the visor up and down in indexed steps. These steps are for three different riding positions during your ride so won’t feel any distraction in your wide and clear vision. One more thing, you can easily adjust your visor using one hand.

  • POV visor with 3 riding position adjustments
  • Wind tunnel ventilation system
  • Comfortable and greater fit
  • Easy and simple fit system
  • Bit expensive

3. KINGBIKE Ultra light Bike Helmet

Best Bike Helmet for Big Heads

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This helmet not only provides you the size of your desire but it also gives you style and looks. The helmet is available in a very attractive color combination that fuels up your style quotient.

With looks and style, the helmet is enriched with features that give protection and comfort to its users. It is high in performance and classy in looks. The helmet is ultra light as the name suggests. The lightweight helmet offers the comfort that you want while riding on a beautiful scenery track.

To make it strong, sturdy, and efficient, in-mold construction is used through which outer polycarbonate shell is infused with inner EPS foam lining. The helmet is very comfy and convenient will not cause any stress or strain on your head.

The helmet also has a visor that protects you from the sun and keeps your eyes safe during instant changing light conditions. A portable helmet bag comes as a treat for you to carry things during biking.


The weight of the helmet is 0.49 lbs. the large and extra-large sizes of the helmet lies between 56-60 cm and 59-63 cm.


The helmet comes with an adjustable dial to offer a maximum fit so that it can stretch out as possible as it can and fits on larger heads. This will provide you the option to get a customized fit according to your head.

LED light:

The helmet has a rear LED light with 3 modes I.e. always-on, fast flash, and slow flash. The light is inserted to provide you safety. This light will give your direction to those who are coming behind you. For safety purposes, the helmet is also CPSC certified.


One of the best features of this helmet is that it has ample room for ventilation. The helmet has 24 vents placed and they provide enough ventilation by regulating the temperature needed. They bring the fresh air in and take out the hot air.

  • Excellent fit
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • A backlight is very helpful in night time for safety
  • 24 vents for ventilation
  • The buckle for chin strap is bit weak.

4. Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Bike Helmet

Best Bike Helmet for Big Heads

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Bell sixer MIPS helmet is in real design for all helmets. It really fits well on all head sizes. The helmet is manufactured to cater to the needs and fulfill the desire of biking for all. This helmet is perfect in performance, aesthetics, and comfort.

For construction like all the above-mentioned helmets, in-mold technology is used by fusing the outer polycarbonate shell to the inner EPS lining to get a tougher and stronger helmet.

One thing that adds uniqueness in its construction is the roll cage which involves the process of engineering a helmet lining with various EPS foam densities. It is done to better manage the transfer of forces from collisions.

It is also MIPS integrated to reduce the impact of rotation forces all over the helmet during accidents and collisions. This helmet has all the features that you name it for protection and safety.


The Product Dimensions are 14 x 10 x 8 inches. The weight of the helmet is 12.8 ounces As it fits all head sizes, its extra-large size is from 61-65 cm. The helmet is CPSC certified.

Cool and comfort:

The ventilation system of a helmet involves regulating the temperature of the helmet by bringing fresh and cool air and draws out heatwaves. It has 26 vents along with 4 brow vents to provide maximum ventilation to keep their riders cool. It also comes with a visor with 4 different adjusting positions to provide comfortability.

Float fit:

It offers customized fit best possible. The fit is without a doubt flawlessly integrated with MIPS to give you complete protection. It gives three different ways to adjust your helmet and get a perfect fit. It is through height, pad width, and tension.

Padding and tri-glide:

The material used inside the helmet for padding is quick-drying and woven with silver fibers. It diminishes the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause an odor in the helmet.

Sweat pads are also inserted in the helmet that wicks away all the moisture in the helmet and keeps the rider dry and cool. There are also fasteners that are quick and also keep the straps accurately placed.

  • Anti bacterial padding
  • Roll cage reinforcement
  • POV visor with adjustments
  • MIPS equipped
  • When the padding gets full it drips sweat into your eyes or shades.

5. Giro Montaro MIPS Adult bike Helmet

Best Bike Helmet for Big Heads

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This helmet can be used for street touring, adventurous trails or mountain climbing. It boosts your confidence and gives you deep satisfaction. It is designed specifically for all the head sizes ranges from small to extra large.

The helmet has used in-mold construction with an outer polycarbonate shell infused with inner EPS liner. It also uses roll cage reinforcement for better protection.

All Giro helmets are equipped with MIPS that significantly reduce the rotational forces. These rotational forces are very dangerous as in some cases they had a very severe impact on the brain. MIPS technology reduces its impact on the brain of the rider.

For sure, this helmet gives you an excellent fit by using a roc loc 5 air fit system. In this, the helmet has a bit of difference between the skull and a helmet so that air directly passes through the rider’s head to keep him cool. Further, a dial is used to get a customized fit.


Its extra-large fit size lies between 61-65 cm. its total weight is less than 1 pound. It has a total number of 16 vents for ventilation and is CPSC certified.

Hydrophilic padding:

This padding can absorb water up to 10 times its own weight. This will help you to absorb your sweat and keeps you dry while riding in hot summers. It also keeps your sweat absorbed and prevents it from dripping into your eyes and dries quickly. The antibacterial properties help to minimize odor.

POV visor:

This visor comes with an adjustment feature that can be readjusted using one hand. It can adjust in three riding positions. It also keeps the room for your goggles to stay in place.

  • Anti bacterial padding
  • Roll cage reinforcement
  • POV visor with adjustments
  • MIPS equipped
  • When the padding gets full it drips sweat into your eyes or shades.

6. Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Best Bike Helmet for Big Heads

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The giro savant helmet is a great addition to the Top bike helmet for big heads. It gives people with larger heads an opportunity to enjoy adventure tracks and trails with confidence. It provides complete protection and safety to the riders. The strongly built helmet with great fit tends to be a good choice for people with bigger heads.

In-mold technology is used for construction purposes in which the outer polycarbonate shell is infused with inner EPS lining to make it a lighter and sturdier helmet. The lightweight helmet is more comfortable and convenient for riders. It also absorbs shocks from high or low impacts.

It also has detachable padding which can be washed and not to mention replaced again to give you a feel of a new helmet.

Wind tunnel:

With 25 wind tunnel vents, the helmet provides you excellent ventilation and keeps you cool and dry even in hot summers. This will keep the rider fresh and sweat-free even in tough riding tours.

Customized Fit:

Giro helmet has an advanced Roc Loc 5 system that provides a good amount of customized fit; this is only held back by a fixed secured fastening point of the retention system. This system allows you to have a perfect and snug fit helmet.

Other features:

All of the features of helmets including straps, buckles, and tensioning systems work amazingly flawlessly. The straps and buckles are quite easy to operate that you won’t feel any trouble. The buckles are made of rear webbing to make its fasteners easier and convenient.


It weighs only 2 pounds. It is CPSC certified. The dimensions of the helmet are 2.8 x 2.8 x 9.8 inches.

  • Ventilation system
  • In mold construction
  • ROC LOC 5 system
  • Lightweight
  • Fastening straps are not that durable.

7. Trespass Crankster Lightweight Bike Helmet

Trespass is a UK brand that provides quality helmets to its customers. They ensure that the helmet provides you protection from injuries during jolts, collisions or other accidents. It gives you safety, comfort and durability.

Like all the strong and tough helmets, it is also made up of PVC shells along with an EPS interior to form a strong and protected helmet. This foaming helps in reducing the impacts of pressure while the outer shell is strong enough to protect the helmet from piercing due to any heavy impacts.

Along with protection, the helmet also provides an adjustable fit. It helps you get a completely customized fit according to your size. The helmet is made for both men and women.


The helmet meets all the European safety standards. It is in compliance with CE EN: 1997 safety standards. The weight of the helmet is 10.6 ounces. The dimensions are 24 *19.3*16.5 inches. Their large/extra large size is 22.8-24.4 inches.

Fully Adjustable:

The helmet’s both back and front straps are adjustable. They give you full alteration options and can adjust them to get your perfect fit according to your size.

Weather compatible:

The helmet has a visor that is all-weather compatible. It saves you from distractions caused by many elements such as rain, glare and changing lighting conditions. It is also removable if you don’t prefer to go with it.

All-round ventilation:

The helmet has good ventilation all around the helmet. It doesn’t matter if you are working hard or in tiring trails, you will always remain cool and comfortable. The breathable features always keep your helmet environment cool and refreshing.

  • Chin straps are comfortable and soft
  • Comfortable
  • Ensures an excellent fit will very little effort
  • The padding is comfy and soft.
  • The visor of the helmet is not good enough

8. VICTGOAL Bike Helmet

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Victgoal helmet is quite lightweight and comfortable for cycling. It provides you complete protection all around your head and saves you from injuries during accidents. This helmet can fit adult men and women.

The polycarbonate material is used to make a shell along with EPS provides durable, reliable, and sturdy helmets for your safety. The helmet will save your head from impact pressure in all directions.

It has a special aerodynamic design along with 21 vents openings in the helmet. It will reduce drag pressure and keeps the rider fresh. It also comes with removable and washable lining which will help you keep your helmet clean and odor-free.


It is CPSC certified. The weight of the helmet is 310 grams. The size of the helmet is 22.44-24 inches which are 57-61 cm.

Dual fit:

The helmet comes with a dual adjustment function. It provides you dual fit by adjusting a knob at the back of the helmet. It gives you a customized head fit. Its customized fit gives a very sung feel for larger heads.

Detachable visor:

A removable visor magnetic shield can be used as sunglasses to provide you protection from ultraviolet radiation. It will also save your eyes and from dust and debris. The sun visor can be used single or with goggles. It gives you the option to detach or use it as it is that’s how you feel comfortable

Safety light:

It comes with red led light placed at the back with 3 different modes which are steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing. It will give your direction to cars or other riders right behind so you won’t face any difficulty evening nights.

  • Dual fit adjustment for excellent fit
  • It has red LED light for safety
  • Removable visor with UV protection
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Its bit heavy
  • The visor gets foggy sometimes

9. Giro Bronte MIPS Bike Helmet

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It is a lightweight and high-performance helmet available at reasonable pricing. It provides you protection with an extra layer of safety.

MIPS technology ensures that the helmet must provide the maximum protection possible. It reduces the rotational forces that occur during an accident or that can be transferred to the brain of a rider in some cases.

The helmet believes in providing the best of all; protection and comfort. Along with this, the helmet also comes in beautiful a color which makes you classy and elegant while riding wearing a helmet.

In-mold construction integrates the tough polycarbonate shell with shock-absorbing foam lining. This integration allows the helmet to have a good ventilation process. This process will make the helmets lighter and cooler. A helmet with 22 vents makes a perfect ventilation system and keeps the rider cool and dry. It also comes with a removable visor.


The helmet has CPSC certification for safety standards. The extra-large size lies between 58-65 cm. the weight of the helmet is 8.8 ounces. Its dimensions are 15*10*8 inches.

Universal fit:

The helmets with universal fit sizing are made to look and fit perfectly on anyone even in their first try. The adjusting system allows the riders to get their perfect fit with customized sizing.

Quick-dry padding:

The helmet comes with a padding material that can be dry quickly. It can easily absorb your sweat and then dries out quickly. The padding is removable and washable. You can easily use it again.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • CPSC certification
  • Easy and customized fit
  • Great value for money
  • NO

10. Ioutdoor Lightweight Adult Bike Helmet

Ioutdoor helmet comes as a final product in the list of best bike helmets for big heads. It can be used for BMX biking, mountain biking, and road biking. It comes in different beautiful colors that can you select any of it to match with your bike or scooter. It is a very lightweight helmet with an aerodynamic design.

The high-quality polycarbonate shell along with high-density EPS lining installed with the latest technology to make a strong and tough helmet. It is shock-resistant and saves your head in all directions from impact forces.

To make a perfect fit on your bigger head, it comes with a dual adjustment mechanism. It has a back knob and adjustable straps that you can use to get a perfect fit. It is suitable for all men and women.


It is a CPSC standard certified for safety. Its total weight is 194.3 g.the head circumference of the helmet is 56-64 cm. its dimensions are 21cm*31cm.

Honey bomb ventilation:

The helmet with its aerodynamic design and 18 designs makes a specialized ventilation system. It brings fresh air in and keeps the rider cool and dry throughout their ride.

Moisture-wicking padding:

The helmet has comfortable washable and moisture-absorbing pads. These pads absorb the sweat of the rider to keep cool and dry during the ride. They can be washed easily and then attached again.

Additional features:

It comes with a removable visor which gives protection from the sun. It will keep rain, dust, sand away from your eyes. It has an option to use the helmet without a visor. It has a quick-release fastener which makes the helmet wear and take off. A headband comes with it as a bonus.

  • Adjustments are quite easy
  • Comfortable and breathable while riding
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture absorbing pads
  • The padding is not good enough.

The Buying Guide  For Bike Helmet for Big Heads :

The important factors you must consider before buying the best bike helmet for big heads.

Measurements and circumference:

Before buying the best bike helmet for big heads, firstly you must check the circumference of the helmets. Most circumferences of helmets are 60-63 but few helmets which we mentioned above have. Circumference up to 65 cm. so, firstly you properly take measurements of your head and check it with helmet measurements to get a proper and snug fit helmet.

You also must check the dimensions of the helmet to get the best fit helmet for your large head. It matters a lot because some people have round heads, some have an oval shape, etc same is the case with helmets they also came in different shapes.

You must consider each and every point to get a perfect helmet according to your head size. You can also read this article for help on how to get a perfect helmet fit.


After getting the right fit, you must check the safety it provides. The helmet must comply with any of the independent safety standards. Most helmets are compliant do with CPSC safety standards which is an American independent association.

Few are also certified from European safety standards which is CE. Above mentioned all the helmets have safety certification so, you don’t have to worry about protection.

Comfortable and breathable:

After looking at the above-mentioned requirements, you must look for the comfort it provides. Comfort is as important as safety is. The helmet which provides comfortability and safety gives you the confidence to strive for Excellency in your field.

The helmet should be breathable means it should have proper channels for ventilation that draw the cool air in and draws out hot air and keeps the rider cool and dry throughout the riding.

Adjustable fit:

You must look for a helmet that offers an adjustable fit. Most helmets come with a dial or knob that you can twist to get a perfect fit. It allows you to get a customized fit according to your size. Some helmets also have straps that can easily be adjusted according to your size thus enables you to get a snug perfect fit.


Mostly the best bike helmet for big heads is difficult to find. Most of the brands don’t manufacture helmets in extra-large sizes. And some brands which offer extra-large sizes, manufacture them in selected colors. So, many people have difficulty in finding the best one for their large heads.

We have provided you with a detailed review of the helmets suitable for larger heads and make it easy for you to select the best one for you. Hopefully, this has helped you to select the best helmet for you.

P.S: Not to mention, but before buying the helmet do select a large or extra-large size from them given sizing window on Amazon.


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