how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

Helmets should be the top priority of any motorcycle rider before hitting the road. Not only wearing helmets but also how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better on your head should be the most important factors. Many people especially the adults don’t take the importance of wearing a helmet while cruising seriously. This is very crucial point that should be brought on table and be discussed.

The helmets are designed in such a way that it will protect your head, skull, jaw bones from impacts and pressure in any accident or a crash.

Especially for racing players there safety is always at risk. Thus, it should be according to your head s size and fits properly. They also used to prevent your neck and jaw line from injuries. The helmets are made up of materials which are resistant to pressure and impacts thus saving your head.

With modern techniques and technologies, helmets are getting better day by day. They are made in a way that makes sure that rider feels better in every way possible. They are installed with air vents so that the rider breaths in fresh air and don’t feel suffocated while putting on a helmet. The key to get the best use of a helmet for motorcycle rider is how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better on your head.

Market is full with different types, sizes, shapes of helmets which can be one hell of job for you to pick the one which perfectly and accurately fits your head.

Everybody have heads of different shapes and a size, so do helmets comes in. These helmets might look same from their exterior but they each have different internal fittings. Some have round oval head; some may have intermediate oval head or may be some have long oval head.

A helmet with loose fittings moves around easily thus makes you uncomfortable, irritable and may be a danger for you while riding a bike. A helmet with tight fittings may cause pressure on some points that will be so uneasy for you. This may also cause difficulty while putting it in or taking it off.

Your helmet will fit according to your head size if you know how to do it. To make sure that how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better on your head you must follow these steps before buying.

Size measurement:

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

Firstly, many riders buy those helmets which don’t fits them because they take sizes for granted and choose them on their looks. I do know that you want to look elegant and stylish but with that you have to make sure that you select the right size for you.

After using the helmet for some time, you will get to know that your helmet loosely moves from side by side. It will be too late to realize this. What will you do then? The best thing to is to take your helmet according to your size that fits smoothly and snugly to your head and don’t move side by side.

For size measure your head. Take a measuring tape and measure in horizontal position almost one inch above your eye area. Measure it two or times for reassurance. After that,compare it with a fitment chart of the helmet you want to buy and then select the helmet that matches your or almost near to your head size.

If you find your measurements lies between two sizes then select the smaller one. Fitment charts are mostly given on the websites of the helmets. One thing more you can also take the help of sizing pads to make sure that helmet fits you better.

Helmet positioning:

Secondly, the next technique for how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better is try to put the crown part of your head first in the helmet because it is much easier instead of trying to insert your all head at once. Sometimes, you thought that helmet is too small by looking at but it fits just right by putting it from the back of your head.

A helmet would be rightly fits to you if it will be snug but after starting wearing it your helmets will get a bit loose and will properly fits you.

Your helmet will fits you best if your answer to these questions is YES

  • Is your helmet snuggly fits around your head?
  • Are the cheeks pads in the helmets are closely touching your cheeks?
  • Is the helmets upper padding closely touching top of your head?

Buckle side straps:

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

Thirdly, the one most important thing that helps you to know how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better is side straps. These side straps make sure that your helmet fits you properly.

Both sides of straps should make a shape of Y and they should tie rightly underneath you ear.These straps are very simple to readjust. All you have to do is just tighten the rubber strap to the point where you feel easy and comfortable.

You should adjust your straps when you have helmet on your head. The basic purpose of making helmet fits better is that you feel comfortable.

Here, there is also one advice for you guys with better techniques and innovations, helmets openings are getting smaller to reduce wind noise and for better safety. To get you head in first put some force and pull the chin straps apart.

Chin straps are also imperative in making your helmet fits you better. After putting the helmet, put your under the chin and make sure that no more than one finger can pass under your chin. Resize it accordingly and make sure that you feel comfortable. To avoid any damage to chin straps, pull chin straps instead of their covers.

Do the following checks

Fourthly and lastly, to make your helmet fits better put your helmet on your head and move it up and down, side by side to ensure that it doesn’t have much space to move or slide on your head. If it is loose than it will create problems while riding.

After putting your helmet and tightening their straps, move your helmet by rotating it from the back and front of your head.

If you have completed all of the above steps without coming off the helmet, you may have found the helmet that fits better.


For most of the riders in the world, the first and foremost purpose of using helmet is to get safety and protection. The helmet should save you from severe injuries if you met any accident or crash.

Getting your helmet that fits you rightly is the most important thing for you to consider. For that purpose, even before buying you have to try helmets at their outlets and do different things at least for half an hour. So, you will get to know that is it loose or is it fit?

One little advice before wrapping it up, if at any time you realize that your helmet is greeting old or have some fitting problems don’t think twice to replace it. Because no matter what safety should be your first priority.

These are some tips which I mention above are gather through some real experiences which definitely will help you to choose the right helmets that fits you better. By reading this whenever you put on your helmet you will instantly get to know that is it fits better?

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