How to clean bicycle helmet straps

How to clean bicycle helmet straps

Most of us use our helmets on daily basis, we are as busy in our lives as sometimes we don’t find any time to maintain it and keep check on it.

Like, few days ago I went for commuting when I came back home and about to hang my helmet. Suddenly, I looked at the straps of my helmet and I realized they were so dirty at that time I seriously wanted to know how to clean bicycle helmet straps .

How to clean bicycle helmet straps

We generally invest huge ransom of our savings to get premium quality, advanced design and heavy-duty helmet. This high quality helmet is of no use if you don’t take out your time to clean this piece that is source of your ultimate protection.

Somehow, most of the times we might clean the helmet but straps are the least focal point for us. Am I right? Surely! It is.

Many people find cleaning hard job and at that time think:

Why is it crucial to wear helmet?

Many people use bicycle helmets for day to day commuting, some may use it professionally like racing competitions includes BMX racing, road and mountain biking etc.

Thus, helmet plays a fundamental role in the life of bicycle rider. It gives you safety and comfortably both at the same time. It provides protection to your head and saves you from severe injuries like concussion, brain damage during falls on concrete roads, mountains etc. It also saves you from strong winds, rains, hailstorms etc.

How unknowingly we deteriorate it?

Knowingly we can deteriorate our expensive high end helmet. On tough tiring trails or Simple Street biking, your body release lots of oils and sweat. Your helmet will absorb all of that. That includes your helmet inner lining, cheek pads and chin straps.

This will in result produce an unhygienic and unbearable odor and also produces lots of bacterial germs.

The main component which mostly deteriorates first is straps we might clean our helmets on regular basis but we totally ignore straps.

One of the main reasons for this is that the helmets mostly come with removable and washable liners and padding’s but the straps even in big brands like Giro’s are not removable. The riders mostly ignore them.

On the other hand if we do, wash our straps we don’t know properly how clean the bicycle helmet straps? They damage not because of dirt, sweat n all but because we use abrasive detergents and rough cloths etc.

How to clean the bicycle helmet straps? Properly!

Here we will tell you easier and simpler step by step process of how to clean your bicycle helmet straps?

How to clean bicycle helmet straps

This will not make you think twice before washing straps. It’s that simple.

Step 1:

Firstly, you’ll take out the inner padding of helmet. After that, get rid of any deposits of minerals, dust or debris. Make sure not to put this in washing machine. You can remove all of this by using any soft brush. You don’t have to buy any special brush you can use any extra tooth brush at your home.

Step 2:

Twist and turn straps at every side so that you can clean each nook and crook will also help you to thoroughly clean before dipping them into water. If they are not removed properly, and they get wet these salts immerse into them.

Step 3:

Now, put these strap under Luke warm water. You can also soak them into warm water for some time. After that, apply some mild soap or detergent and take out your brush again and rub them gently.

Rub them all around as mentioned above to get properly clean straps. Make sure that you clean each and every part of the straps.

Step 4:

After brushing through the straps, scrupulously rinse them. Wash them properly to ensure that no soap or detergent left on the straps. Now let the helmet set aside to dry.

Step 5:

After drying up, check if your helmet still stinks or not. If your helmet has any odor, you can repeat the process mentioned above. Once the helmet dried, spray them with any shoe spray with antibacterial feature. After this process, you’ll definitely have an odorless and clean helmet straps.

After this simple and step guide, now I will provide you with some additional tips as a bonus.These tips will further makes your process of how to clean helmet straps easy and clear your confusions and myths.

1. You can use tooth brush or any soft brush or sponge to wash your straps. You can wash them in sink, take them within your shower, and Wash them anywhere except dishwasher. Some may have tried but I wouldn’t recommend this.

2. Use water based soaps or detergents like dish washing liquids or hair shampoos. These won’t damage your helmet straps. Make sure not to use any solvents that are petroleum based because they can damage your helmet.

3. You can soak your helmet in Luke warm water for some hours to get a spotless and odorless helmet straps.

4. As smell is mostly the main concern of straps, try using a home remedy for it, Take white vinegar and mix it with water, Make sure it is 1: 10 portion. Then wash the straps with it. After some time you’ll feel the difference.

5. Make sure you always check your straps for any wear and tear to ensure perfect protection to avoid any mishap.

Pro tip:

If you sweat a lot, then must choose the helmet with an excellent ventilation system.


Helmet is for your protection. Straps are ones that keep your helmet in a place to protect you more efficiently and effectively. These helmets ensure your safety even in the event of crash or accident.

They not only give you protection but also offer comfort ability while cycling. So, you make sure they are clean, perfect in form without any wear or tear and importantly they should be odorless. You must not take them for granted, Instead of investing in a new helmet after a year or two; you must try to keep your helmet clean.

Hopefully, this has helped you to understand how to clean bicycle helmets straps efficiently.


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