How to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor

How to keep rain off Motorcycle Helmet visor

How to keep rain off Motorcycle Helmet visor

The rainy weather is about to come, the need to know how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor increases. Many people are solely dependent on their motorbikes for transportation as they don’t have any other mean for commuting, making it a necessity to spread safety tips to you all.

Safety is the key factor that a rider must consider while going out on the road. You must ensure that its visibility is not hindered at any time of the day at any cost because clear visibility is whats going to keep you in your journey safe.

Motor bike riding brings its own risks with them and doing that in dangerous weathers such as in rain and fog doubles or even triples those risks. (Read: how to keep the snowmobile helmet visor from fogging)

Some people who don’t take any safety measures for riding in rainy weather have to face many difficulties for reaching their destinations. Maybe they have to stop again and again to clean their visor to have clear visibility. In short, in these types of weathers they will finish their journey of minutes in hours.

I have spent hours and hours in the rain while figuring out how to get to home safely. I have decided to share some worthy information that I collected through my experience and the extensive research I did on how to keep the rain off my motorcycle helmet visor. This information will help you so that you will no longer fear to go out in rainy weather anymore.

Firstly we will discuss;

When it rains:

When it rains everything gets wet. The riding tracks and the roads also get wet. The wetness on the road causes lots of griping problems for the rider. In rains, the roads become slippery because it takes out all the soaked up oil and other greasy substances that are on the road in dry conditions.

Riding motor bikes in the early hours of the rain storms are much more difficult, as the water hasn’t washed away anything from the road and it has more chances of slipping.

In rain, the cat eyes and tar snakes also becomes slippery. Manhole covers are also one of the biggest dangers due to visibility issues in the rain. So, you must look ahead and plan accordingly.Drive smoothly. Ride carefully when on road. Try not to jump on these signs as you have to apply brakes again and again.

When it’s raining, water gets between your tires and road which in return reduces the grip. For this, you have treads on the wheels of your motorbike. These treads will remove water from the tires. Mostly people think that treads on your tires is all you need to be safe. This is far from true.

For deeper water riding, ensure that you keep yourself straight, firm and smooth. If you are thinking of going through moving water, don’t. You should change your course as attempting to go through fast moving water may cost you your life.

Now I will you provide you with some information that you must consider while riding on a motorbike in a rainy day.

Get a clear Vision:

How to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor is imperative to know as there are no windshield vipers to clean the visor. You must do some visor treatment to avoid droplets of rain from spattering. They should roll out of it at some ease.

Similarly, you can also get a clear vision by following any car with good headlights especially in night time during rain can prove as a great help for you. Following a car will give you better chances of riding safely with greater visibility.

Be Visible:

For your safety, you must have good visibility. Everything should be clear and visible to you. For this an under glow can be good consideration for your bike. This light will give you a clearer vision through your visor. It’s available at a very affordable price.

As in rain, the rider should be more cautious while riding the bike. He should be able to have a clearer vision than usual.

Go safe:

I mentioned the above things so that you consider them all while riding in the rain. It is because the real motto is to get home safely and soundly. In the end this is all that matters.

Here I will give you some tips and hacks you can use for how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor.

Water Repellents:

Water repellent products like Rain-X, Pledge, and Rain-View are specifically
manufactured to keep away the water from glass surfaces. Take any of the products and clean the visor with it before riding your bike. You can also keep this with you while going for a ride in case you need it. These are the products which are commonly and greatly used by the riders in the world. Rain-X is the most widely used water repellent product.

Squeegee Glove:

These days many companies are manufacturing gloves with mini rubber
squeegee blades that are attached to the finger of the gloves. With this, you can wipe out the rain droplets on the visor of the helmet. You can also buy these rubber blades as many as you wish.You can also keep extra in your motorbike gear.


It’s a very soft leather cloth that can be used to clean the water from your visor. You can keep that cloth in your motorbike in case if you need during the ride. This is the most common and least expensive method.

Pin lock:

some people on the other hand can also use pin lock visor which will definitely help during rainy rides. You don’t have to think about other solutions. You can easily switch to pin lock visor. Many people find it benefiting and some don’t want to invest. It’s definitely your own choice what you want to do.


After using those techniques, you can also tilt your head towards either side for just few seconds. So, the air will roll out of the visor. You can also speed up your ride. In this way the water will also blow away with wind. But it could be a risk which I don’t recommend.

Old trick:

It’s an old school trick in which you can take some slices of a potato and rub it on the visor of your helmet. This doesn’t allow the water to stay on the visor and will slip it through. This is definitely an out there kind of tip but you’ll see it works wonders. It is used in those times when vipers are used once in a year.


Riding during rainy weather without any precautionary measure is definitely an adventure for a person. But even in real adventures everyone should be cautious towards safety measures. When it rains, the rider should be careful while riding and should also take some protective measures before riding a bike in the stormy rain.

I have provided you detailed information about how to keep rain off your motorcycle helmet visor. I have given you information about safety measures that you can take but also provided you with different available options that you can choose to keep the rain off of your visor.

These days many people are using the glove that comes with Squeegee rubber blades to wipe off the rain from visor. Whatever you may like you can choose but you must know that safety comes first.

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