Can you use acrylic paint on motorcycle helmet

Can you use acrylic paint on motorcycle helmets?

Can you use acrylic paint on motorcycle helmets is a widely searched question on the internet. Let me ask you why you want to paint your motorcycle helmet in the first place.

There might be different reasons for you to paint your motorcycle helmets as some of them are mentioned in this detailed article: How to paint a motorcycle helmet flat black.

Can you use acrylic paint on motorcycle helmets

Other than those reasons, maybe you have invested your money not into some badass looking helmet or you got a gift from someone and wanted to repaint it according to your style or to match it with you motorcycle. Some people with traditional mind set when buying prioritize safety and comfort and don’t give a damn to looks.

Ah ha! We didn’t mean this that you shouldn’t prioritize safety and comfort but we are saying you can get all safety comfort and looks in just one helmet with limited budget. For this you don’t have to search a lot just click on here and view our best helmet guide with low budget: best motocross helmet.

Hence, whatsoever you motivation to paint your helmet is, it’s quite common now a days. There are lots of options available in the market. But the advanced and latest option is Acrylic paints. First, I’ll tell you what they are all about?

What are Acrylic paints?

These paints can be quickly dried to give you a final look. These are water soluble paints but to benefit they instantly become water proof or water resistant when they completely dries.

Can you use acrylic paint on motorcycle helmets

With different combinations and the level of paint diluted with water, you can get the end result that resembles to a watercolor, opaque water color and may be like an oil painting.

You may even get an exceptional outcome which is not achievable using any other media. You can change the look, manifestation, solidity, suppleness, texture and more traits of the painting are just by using different techniques or simply by adding water.

Is acrylic paints are safe?

Acrylic paints are in general very safe and secure to use. As, we mentioned above, these pains are water soluble. But, it is highly recommended that before buying you must read the label of paints, their concoction, and especially the instructions that are mentioned by the manufacturers.

Mostly the acrylic paints which contain some toxic elements have mentioned on their tags or labels. They comprise of lead cadmium, manganese, chromium and cobalt etc. These paint only become a bit harmful when they are painted using air brush or when sanded.

They are also harmful when a big amount of paint is inadvertently ingested. But mostly using for general painting with a brush or a canvas they won’t do any harm to you.

It is very wise and thoughtful to know about that the paint you are using for your motorcycle helmet or any other helmets are safe or not.

As many paints, have solvents in that that may prove very fatal to the material helmet is made of or may weaken the outer shell of the helmet thus causing safety problems to you. This may result in less protective head gear for you in future.

How to safely paint your helmet with acrylic paints?

How to safely paint your helmet with acrylic paints

Here after answering your question can you use acrylic paint on motorcycle helmets, we are providing you with some bonus information about how to safely paint your helmet using these acrylic paints. Below mentioned, is the step by step guide to paint your helmet safely using acrylic paints.

Step 1:

For the safe side, you should cover, take off or remove those parts that you don’t want to paint or be unintentional touched by paints. Remove all those fittings and parts for example visors of motorcycle helmets.

If you don’t want to remove or take off any part of the helmet, cover them with masking tape. It is just because sometimes we unintentionally touch those parts or drops of paints being dripped on them and then you regret.

So, just make sure that any of the part you don’t want to paint is left unattended or uncovered.You can use masking tape, paper or any plastic to cover the areas of helmets you don’t want to paint.

Step 2:

The next and most recommended step is to draw your design with help of pencil on your motorcycle helmet. The other ways to make your design are tapes, stickers etc. This step must be done carefully to get your imaginations on your helmet. You can also use black lines to boost or enhance the look of your design.

Use the patterns, you wanted to draw on your helmet to make it look best and match your style.

Step 3:

Now is the step to take out your acrylic paints that are safe to use on helmet. This is the reason you are reading this to answers you confusing mind about Can you use acrylic paint on motorcycle helmets?

To get a perfect look, you must let each layer of acrylic paint to dry first before putting another.In this way, each layer will be properly bound to the surface of the helmet. While painting, you must set base layer first and then go for shadow paints, highlights and final touches.

If the paint dries up, now is the time to take of your masking tape if applied any. You must take it off slowly and gradually not to mess up your design.

Pro tip:

Don’t paint on any safety tags that may your helmet have.

Step 4:

You can coat your paint 3 to 4 time to give it a protective finishing on your helmet. You must give time to dries up between each coating to get a perfect finishing.

Lastly, you must ensure that helmet is perfectly coated and the acrylic paint is well protected then it will not get ruined. You can also apply a clear coat on your helmet. You must let your helmet dry overnight for a perfect look before attaching any fitment.

Final Words:

Hopefully this article has helped you to answer you question Can you use acrylic paint on motorcycle helmets? The acrylic paints give the most beautiful finishing of the design. There is definitely not a problem to make your helmet according to your imagination or a style.

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