How To Clean a Football Helmet? Step by Step Guide to Take Care of Your Headgear Properly.

Football players know that this game involves lots of runs of smashes, making it a messy game. Whether you are doing practice or an actual match, sweat remains common.

Along with the sweat, football helmets also come in direct contact with the dust and dirt. All these factors together create favorable conditions for bacterial growth.

Obviously, we can’t toss a football helmet in the washing machine. But luckily, you can clean it by using some household items and following some essential tips and tricks.

By the end of this article, you will be able to know how to clean a football helmet in detail

Why Should you clean a football helmet?

Maintaining the hygiene of football helmets is necessary. Here are some of the reasons that why you should clean it regularly!

Prevents bacterial growth

After regular playing, your helmet will be filled with sweat if it is kept unwashed.

Sweating will lead to bacterial growth, which can cause you to itch when you wear the helmet.

The itching usually occurs in the chin strap, pas lines, and chin padding. 

Fresh feeling

Wearing a helmet that is free from bad smells and bacteria gives you a fresh feeling. Foul odor in the helmet can be horrible; however, properly washing the helmet allows you to play your game comfortably without any distraction. 

Detection of cuts

During the game, your helmet may have some scratches and cuts that are not visible in normal circumstances. Maintenance of the helmet helps you in detecting the scratches and dents on it. 

Cleaning the Football Helmet Shell

The first thing to consider is the helmet shell. Before starting the cleaning, remove the inner padding, chin strap, and ear pads, making your cleaning more efficient.

After removing, the next step is to create a cleaning solution. For this, take a mild liquid detergent and a bowl of water.

In little water, add two drops of detergent and make a soapy solution. Now, dip a cotton cloth in this solution and clean the football helmet easily. 

Start by removing dirt, mud, or grass from the outside and then wipe properly.

Make sure that no debris or dirt left behind. After this, use a soft cloth to wipe the helmet completely; this will give a flawless look. 

What is the best mild detergent?

Choosing a mild liquid detergent isn’t tricky. We recommend you use Eucalan lavender or any liquid laundry detergent. 

Cleaning a Helmet Chin Strap

The first step in cleaning the helmet chin strap is to slide off the buckles from the strap. However, if your chin strap has achin shield, then you can simply remove it. 

The next step is to make a soapy solution and dip a cotton cloth on it.

Now, gently clean the chin strap by using this cloth, make sure that there is no dirt or dust left. 

Now, clean the buckles; you may notice some dust accumulated inside the buckles. Use a cotton swab for removing dirt from the buckles.

While cleaning the chin shield, use a different soapy solution, and after cleaning, don’t forget to rinse it with water.

Furthermore, you can also wash pads and chinstraps in the washing machine. 

Cleaning a Helmet Visor

Cleaning the helmet visor is one of the most sensitive and essential parts.

Unlike the shell and chin strap, you can’t use any laundry detergent to clean the helmet visor. Moreover, you also can’t use a dry-wipe, no matter how soft the material is. 

For cleaning the football helmet’s visor, you need some special window cleaner, visor cleaner spray, or plain water.

Make sure never to use a visor spray with oil inside it as it can cause a smeary film. It also creates a flare effect that may be uncomfortable for you during playing. But you can use Eucalyptus oil, as the oil evaporates after some time, and its fragrance is good. 

If some bug accidentally hits your helmet visor, don’t wipe it off with your gloves; this will create a worse situation. It can either smear the visor or scratch it.  

Cleaning the Helmet’s Interior part

The foul odor and sweating are usually on the interior part of the helmet, and cleaning it is very important.

Never use steel or a rough sponge for cleaning the helmet, as it may damage the protective coating. 

Clean your helmet by using a soft fabric cloth dipped in the soapy solution.

Properly wipe the helmet to remove all the dirt and small dust particles.

You can also rinse the interior part thoroughly and then let it dry. Never use the helmet if it is wet because the bacteria start increasing in a damp environment. 

Maintaining tips of Football Helmet

While maintaining your football helmet, here are some tips and tricks that you should follow:

  • Never use harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach for washing the interior of the helmet.
  • If you don’t have the desired cleaner, you can use warm water and a soft cloth to clean the helmet’s interior.
  • Alcohol or other harmful chemicals can damage the paint of your helmet.
  • Please do not use a scrub with the kitchen cleaner as it may have harsh particles inside it.
  • While cleaning tough stains, you can apply gentle pressure on the helmet. 
  • Make sure to let your helmet completely dry before using it. 


Cleaning a football helmet should be part of your regular routine; otherwise, you may suffer from foul odor and irritation during playing.

It would be best if you took care of the equipment that takes care of you. Our comprehensive guide has covered everything that you need to follow while cleaning your helmet.

Clean it properly, and make it free of dirt, germs, and bad odor. 

Happy Playing!

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