How to clean Harley engine fins

How to clean Harley engine fins

How to clean Harley engine fins is a question whose answer every Harley rider should know. You just can’t go on without cleaning your motorcycle engine and other accessories. Everything in the motorcycle, after some time needs cleaning. In order to prevent your bike from looking dirty and old you must clean your bike regularly and thoroughly.

How to clean Harley engine fins

Every owner of the bike should clean their bikes after some specific period so that the moisture, grease, and grime will not gather up on the fins. If you don’t, it will gather up after days, weeks, and even mjiku99onths. Then, it will take lot of time, effort and will be proved as a real pain for you to bring it back to the proper working condition.

Cleaning your Harley engine fins is definitely not a fun, but it’s a job that must be done on regular basis. Actually, riding is always an enjoyment and cleaning is a tiring job. If you own a motorcycle own it in every way that also involves keeping your motorcycle clean in every possible way.

Just like your hygienic routine, you must have routine for cleaning your Harley engine fins.Because regular cleaning schedules will save you from harder situation of restoring the old jammed fins.

These fins are the most important factor in proper and smooth functioning of your Harley ride. But,the fins also gather dirt and oil within some time which results in a nasty muddle that in return can decreases the capability of cooling the engine of your Harley ride. That’s why we are putting so much stress on keeping them clean.

You can do cleaning of fins by using different cleaning products such as sprays available in the market to some extent. But in some cases, the degreasing detergents used in those cleaner may affect the paint of the engine.

How to clean Harley engine fins

Here we will give you detailed overview of how to clean Harley engine fins. Firstly we will guide you with an easy step by step process of how you can clean them easily at your home.That you may follow for your regular easy clean up routines.

How to clean Harley engine fins Step by Step

Step 1

The first step in cleaning involves that you must park your motorbike in your garage or a area away from facing direct sun. You must ensure that the engine and fins of the motorbike are cool down so you can touch them easily.

Step 2

Take a small bucket and pour some Luke warm water in it. Add some grease cutting dish soap or liquid in it. One thing you must consider that water should be warm.

Step 3

Now, wash the Harley engine fins by putting water at a low pressure to extricate the dirt and grime. You must be cautious and avoid putting water on air box or air cleaner of your Harley ride.

Step 4

Take a bristled brush and brush the head of the cylinder and pouring warm soap water between the fins and cylinder. You must wash the cylinder frequently to wash away all that is accumulated on it.

By thoroughly washing the cylinder, now at the end take a good automotive blow dryer. With this; dry the engine and fins setting it at a low temperature. Further you can use a lint free fabric or a towel to dry any remaining water drops on it.

Now, we will provide you some DIY ideas, tips and hacks to perfectly clean them with ease and comfort. Hopefully you will like them and will do an excellent clean up for you.

1. Many people have steam cleaner along with different attachments for home and automotive purposes which they don’t use often. The use of this steamer will make your cleaning Harley engine fins a lot easier task then using bristled brushes. With this a brush can be still in use but you will get rid of harsh and insensitive chemicals.

2.Take some scotch brite pads and to a surprise they also work awesome for cleaning purpose.They can get in between the fins and can easily clean up these engine fins.

3. One of the easy hacks for how to clean Harley engine fins is take a bathroom cleaner and mix it with water.wet the engine with any acidic wheel cleaner. Then, apply the mixture onto the fins with an appropriated bristled brush. Scrub and rub the area and keep them wet for some time. After that, wash it thoroughly with Luke warm water. You can try this process again if the results are not that satisfactory. At the end dry it with a blow dryer at a moderate speed. You can avoid further oxidation by applying the light of coat of either WD-40 or CRC 5-56.

4. For the edges of fins, dermal sanding bits are the best. By using this you can easily get a very fine looking finishing on the edges of your Harley engine fins. You will get the proper finishing of inside the fins even if you couldn’t clean those areas properly. In generals, the bits are large enough to easily get between the fins.

5. Sandpaper is also one of the easiest ways to clean the fins as it can easily get into the fins and will give proper finishing even around the corners of the Harley engine fins.

6. The next easy hack is to get a flat edged file which can prove to be a life saver for you in this difficult situation. Take a file, and put sandpaper around it and then slither it between the engine fins. It will give you clean and fine finishing of the engine fins.

7. Lastly, for the tougher situations considering trying power washer or media blasting. If you move from power washing to media blasting for toughest situations. You must keep in mind that you should mask off all those areas which you don’t want to strike with media. You must be cautious while using this. This must be your last step when you can’t get the proper look by using the above mentioned tips and hacks.

Final Verdict:

We have provided you with some useful steps tips and hacks that you can use at your home to clean your Harley engine fins. We have gathered this information from thorough research from different Harley bike users and their experiences.

We know that mostly Harley rider wants to know how to clean Harley engine fins especially at the ease of their home. But one thing for sure, you must take out your time every month that is not more than 30 minutes or even less than it and clean your bike, its engine fins thoroughly. So,you may don’t end up for using some of the above mentioned tougher solutions for the toughest situations.

For regular clean up of your Harley engines fins, you must follow the step by step process we have mentioned above.

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