Bicycle helmet Vs Skateboard helmet

The ultimate purpose of both bicycle helmets and skateboard helmets is to provide protection. Generally, people ask what the difference between a bicycle helmet vs a Skateboard helmet is that makes them separate entities. How they differ in their functions? Can’t we use the same helmet for both?

These are the questions many people have in their minds. Here, we will try to clear out your mind and make you understand what makes them different.

You have falls and twist in both genres of games. Both formats of games require their players to wear some protective headgear for their protection and safety. Keeping that in mind, safety is the first function you must compare when going to decide a bicycle helmet vs skateboard helmet agenda.

These both helmets are not only different in their looks but they also offer different functionality. To give you ease, we make comparison detailed comparison of both helmets on each function.

Safety comes first:

Every sport has different standards for safety. The sports which require helmets also have different safety standards that are required to meet. Mostly, some standards have a governmental authorization, and some are just the rules on which manufactures have consensus and they supremely follow.

Bicycle helmet Vs Skateboard helmet

The helmet which meets and exceeds some safety standards have their sticker inside it. In bike helmets, the preferred ones are The consumer product safety commission (CPSC) that is US-based and in skateboarding ASTM F1492 standards.

Bicycle helmet:

  • Bicycle helmets should meet the CPSC safety standards and these bicycle helmets should be your top priority.
  • Bicycle helmets are made for one-time use it means they can undergo a single high impact. For instance, if you met an accident and your helmet hits hard this will compress the foam of the helmet and will no longer provide protection.
  • It’s definitely doesn’t mean that your bicycle helmets are of no use even if it has smaller hits or with low impacts. But it can absorb only one higher and heavier impact.

Skateboard helmets:

  • The skateboard helmets have ASTM F1492 standards for safety.
  • They can endure multiple low impacts and are not designed to bear high impacts. It’s just because these helmets have softer foam in comparison to bicycle helmets.
  • The outer shell of the helmet is also designed to be thicker to absorb a number of small impacts.

But as for now, many types of skateboarding may have higher and stronger falls for which a high-impact absorption helmet is definitely required. So, these days many advanced skateboard helmets come with dual safety standards.

In my point of view for all skateboarding games such as Onewheel, in-line skating, rolling skating, etc, you must buy helmets with dual safety standard certification.

Physical appearance:

The bicycle helmet vs skateboard helmet not only differs in safety but also has different designs and outlooks.

Bicycle helmets:

  • Bicycle helmets are designed to cover the top of your head, forehead, and back of your head.
  • As you may have a fall while riding a bicycle and you may have impacts through different directions at any place. So, it is designed according to that.

Skateboard helmets:

  • The skateboard helmets normally have a round shape and typically protect more the back of your head.
  • It is just because they are designed according to the falls of the skateboard. How people mostly fall while doing skateboarding and what parts of their head need to be protected
  • In skateboarding, people mostly fall at the back of their head and may experience small impacts rather than lager impacts.

Shell Differentiation:

The shells of both skateboard helmets and bicycle helmets are designed to be different as they provide a different level of protection to their users.

Bicycle helmets:

  • The bicycle helmets have thinner plastic shell as they designed to bear one heavy single impact.
  • The bicycle helmets designed to be strong and lightweight as they have passed the CPSC safety standards to provide better protection.

Skateboard helmets:

  • The outer shell in skateboard helmets are designed to have harder and thicker shell which can absorb large number of smaller and low pressure impacts.
  • The shell is thicker than the bike helmets as they provide multiple times protection from multiple low impacts.


Ventilation plays an important role in helmets which are used in tough and tiring situations. A good ventilation design will keep the rider cool and comfortable. These days’ helmets come with more advanced ventilation systems that keep the rider cool even in hot summers.

Bicycle helmets:

  • Bicycle helmets come with more advanced ventilation system with more vents placed at all over the helmet.
  • Bicycles often commute on roads and also vent for mountain biking, thus require more ventilation to keep themselves cool and comfortable while riding.
  • These helmets have more holes to bring in light breeze and are more lightweight and thus
    more expensive.
  • Advance Bicycle helmets come with aerodynamic design to provide perfect ventilation with fewer vents as more vents increase drag pressure.

Skateboard helmets:

  • On the other hand, skate helmets com with fewer vents.
  • They are less in numbers because they don’t require much ventilation to keep themselves cool.
Can we use one helmet for both?

Generally, we recommend that you must use separate helmets for both formats as they have their own distinguished features. The bicycle helmet has CPSC certification while skateboard helmets have ASTM certification. But if you love both formats equally and you want to use one helmet for both, you can use it.

Mostly skate helmet now comes with both ASTM and CPSC standard certifications for greater protection. So, it’s ok to use one helmet. For this, you must select the helmet which is approved to both safety standards and have certifications stickers inside it.


From the above-mentioned information about bicycle helmets vs skateboard helmets, you definitely may get to know the difference between both helmets and their eminent features. The one thing that is sure you must wear a helmet while doing skating or riding.

You must ensure safety first. Then, for perfect safety and protection, you must select the helmets which are compliant to any established safety standards.



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