How long are bicycle helmets good for

How long are bicycle helmets good for ?

How long are bicycle helmets good for? Unfortunately, there is nothing in the world that remains good and useful forever and you have to get new one after some specific time especially the man made items. They have limited time span for shelf life; same is the case with helmets.

How long are bicycle helmets good for

Helmets are important protective gear whenever you take out your bicycles and hop on to roads.If you ride your bicycles often then your helmet gets to use often. And every time you wear helmet you wanted to make sure that your helmet is in excellent condition.

Unfortunately, mostly riders don’t know that their helmet is still in a good condition or they
should replace and get new. As given the importance of your bike helmet, in relevance to your protection. Every rider should know that how long are bicycle helmets good for or when is the time to change their helmet.

Thus a general rule of thumb to answer this question is that the bicycle helmet mostly helmets are good to go for 5 years and after that you have to replace it whether it’s in a peak condition or not. Many manufacturers have given time span of 3 to 5 years for the replacement of helmet.

Signs for replacement of helmet:

However, other than this there are many factors that contribute towards the need of replacement of helmet.

  1. Have you ever met an accident?
  2. Did you experience foam degrading?
  3. Is there any corrosion in your helmet due to sweating and all?
  4. Is your helmet’s color has start fading?
  5. Do you see any cracks on your outer shell?

These are some signs that must also be considered when you are a frequent rider and possess a helmet. Nonetheless of time span, these signs also urge you to replace your helmet even your helmet haven’t completed its time period of replacement.

Find this out:

In this article we will tell you how long are bicycle helmets good for and some other conditions which instantly require you to get a new protective gear for yourself. This will also answer your most common question regarding helmet life span.

If you met an accident:

How long are bicycle helmets good for?

The one general rule for helmets are if you met an accident while wearing it, Replace it.Regardless of how long you have used either for 10 years or brought a brand new, you have to change it. Cycling helmet is one time use protective gear; if the foam inside the helmet is compressed then it will be of no use and will not give protection anymore.

Your helmet will not give you due to protection if the foam of helmet is somehow damaged.Thus, it’s important for you to inspect your helmet on daily basis for any damage or cracks.

Some people think that after an accident their helmet looks undamaged and consider it’s perfect to go but you may never know that the foam inside it might have squashed to absorb the energy.

In my opinion and which is recommended by most, get rid of your helmet and invest in new helmet to go on riding.

Degradation of your helmet Interior:

The one part which doesn’t degrade and remains intact for years is EPS foam lining inside the helmet. The helmet which are approved by some established safety standards have good quality of foam mostly EPS.

You mostly need to change your helmet not because of foam degradation but because it meets an accident and of no longer beneficial.

But in some cases, the foaming may starts to flake off due to excessive use and it’s a sign to change your helmet. It may starts at two years or may be five years but whenever it happens, you must seriously consider of repurchasing a helmet for your safety.

Sometimes bit tiny holes start to appear on foam and you must think that now your helmet will not good enough to use and you need a new one sooner than later.

If your helmet dropped:

Dropped your helmet on a hard surface? Now, will it good to use again or should I replace it.These are the most sought after questions. Sometimes dropping your helmets may cause of cracks on your helmet. The cracks may appear on the outer shell of the helmet.

But in some cases you won’t have any damage on your helmet or you can’t see it with naked eyes. The foam inside the helmet may have compressed and will not give you required protection anymore.

For example stated by Giro’s senior manager, sometimes a helmet dropped from 2 feet may have more damage than a helmet dropped from 10 feet. It varies because of speed, surface, weight and other changing variables. That’s why its recommended that life span of helmets varies when asked about how long are bicycle helmets good for?

Is there Any Expiration date for bicycle helmets?

Generally, most of bicycle helmets don’t come with an expiration date. To replace your helmet,you have considered number of different factors and some of them are mentioned above. With this, you also have to interpret your helmet condition daily.

As far as the expiry date is concerned, some helmets come with manufacturer’s suggestion of changing the helmet after 3 years or five years. Some may suggest that ideal time span of replacing the helmet is between four to eight years.

Sometimes these suggestions are concerned with helmet’s studies or sometimes it’s just a manufactures desire to urge you to buy new one and increase their sales.

So, you must have a thorough check on your helmet and it’s also varies because of how much you invest time or energy on taking care of your helmet. How nicely you deal with your helmet as it’s your important protective head gear.

Sometimes, some riders have more exposure in sun and their helmet outer shell or paint starts deteriorating because of ultraviolet radiation as many helmets don’t have UV protective finishing. This will also decrease the life span of the helmet.

Final Verdict:

There is no final verdict in how long are bicycle helmets good for? There is no hard and fast rule in expiry date of helmets. Life span of every helmet varies, as not all the helmets are same.

The one thing that is agreeable to all is; the helmets are of no good if it hits the harder object and lots its credibility to protect. It is of no use then and you have to immediately replace it and get new one.

Hopefully the above mentioned information has somehow answer your questions and you might able to have a clear mind about how long are bicycle helmets good for and when you should replace them.


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