How to prevent helmet hair with short hair

How to Prevent Helmet Hair with Short Hair

Mostly people wear helmets are concerned about how to prevent helmet hair with short hair. This piece of writing is especially for short hair people because they are in greater need to find the tips to avoid helmet hair in comparison to long and medium hair length as they have so many tips and tricks available on the internet.

Sometimes you’re wearing helmets while cursing or sometimes you are riding to go to work but these situations doesn’t matter because in every situation it is very tricky for you to maintain your hairdos while riding with helmet on. With helmet on, hair gets frizzy, tangled or just untidy
because of sweating or any other factor.

You can buy a very classy bike and have a classy helmet but quite a few tricks can save you from the scourge of helmet hair.


Helmet hair is the dreary look that one gets after he take off his helmet after a motorbike ride.The hair gets flat and your hairstyle gets ruined. It doesn’t matter what type of helmet you are wearing whether it’s a full face helmet or a modular type of helmet, one thing remains the same that is helmet hair.

Helmet Hair with Short Hair

How to prevent Helmet hair?

But this doesn’t mean you have to accept it as it is. With the tips and tricks I am going to describe for you, by following them you can look as you want to look with a helmet on and you will never have bad helmet hair day again.

Consider restyling your hair:

This seems to be extreme step to take but thinking about restyling or you can say trimming your hair can be an option. Because managing shorter hair is comparatively easy while riding a bike.

Many women especially in the field of bike riding have chopped their hairs off to keep up with their passion of riding a bike.

How to prevent helmet hair with short hair

A helmet friendly haircut will allow you to have a look as you want. You can manage them easily and can style them either for casual meet up or a professional meeting. However, with short hair you also need to know the ways to keep your hairstyles intact during a long ride which I’ll help in regard of this.

As this article is about how to prevent helmet hair with short hair, I‘ll mainly focus on shorter hairs.

Creating your hair looks:

Make your hair styles which are helmets friendly. Try to make your hair which probably stays the same after you take off your helmet.

Take lot of gels, mist sprays to keep them in place if you want to have a good hair style in the end of your whole ride. Make your hair with products that not only provide a balance between grip and smoothness but as also keep your hair healthy.

In a case of short hairs, try to select side areas for final touch ups. For a bit longer than shorter hair try, to make braids to keep them intact.

Short hair Tips and tricks:

If you have short hair, be it man or a woman, consider yourself the lucky one. They are few reasons for which I am saying you lucky soul. Short hair people are luckiest among others but it doesn’t mean that they don’t get flat look. They do. They definitely do. In order to understand how to prevent helmet hair with short hair you must consider following these step.

Embrace the Look:

How to prevent helmet hair with short hair

Some people ride bike just to have a hassle free life while going to college, work or meetings in the mornings to avoid buses or traffic. Wearing a helmet, produces sweat in your hairs.For you, that must be the sweat that douses your strands has a similar essential fusion as a costly ocean salt i.e. beach spray. Thus, Embrace it and embrace the messiness of you hairs. What you have to do is just use your hands and muss it up for more simple and casual look.

Change it:

If you are not that type of person, you can make some effort to change it. One more advantage of short hair is that you can wash your hairs anywhere with just one small bottle of water.

Since you have small hair, you wouldn’t need much water. You just have to rinse them and pat dry. You can even use hand dryers in the public rest rooms for some at the spot styling

Getting Creative:

How to prevent helmet hair with short hair

People with short hair along with the ones that have bit longer hair but short enough to give them different hair styles, they can use different creative accessories such as hair bands, bandanas, wide headbands. These will keep the hairs in place and will prevent from slipping and coming onto your face while riding. The hair will look goon even when you take off your helmet.

Here we will provide you with some extra steps and useful tips on how to prevent helmet hair with short hair.


Invest in comfortable and ventilated helmet, this will not only help to reduce the humidity and moisture that cause frizz in your hairs but also keeps your hair fresh sweat free.

  • Before wearing a helmet, apply some good mist of hairsprays and then put on bandana so that your hair will remain intact in a place.
  • You can also pick some essentials such as traveling straighter or curling rod, a comb and a small hair mist.
  • Always try to use fabric hair bands instead of rubber bands. 
  • Try to put a thin cap under your helmet as this can act as cushioning for your hair between the helmets to prevent extra friction. 
  • Keep yourself and your hairs hydrated as rough and dry hairs are more likely to break and become frizzy. 
  • Always keep a small handy brush or comb and small accessories to make your hair look presentable with you. 
  • If you have a bald look or very short hair, then always go for helmet liners. You can also use silk scarf and helmet should be perfectly fit as the fabric under it doesn’t go off. 
  • The best option to go for short hair is to have French braids. These will keep the hair flat and also make look trendy. If you want to unbraid them, it will also give volume to your hair. 
  • Men who always want to make a hairstyle. They must keep some hairs styling products with them. Men with shorter hair have the advantage that their hair will get dry early after taking the helmet off you can let them dry and can make them look as you want. 
  • Airhead is a new discovery that could prove quite helpful for you. It is alike a star shaped hood which is put inside the helmet that’ll keep your hair in a place.
  • Lastly, Do make sure your helmet is snuggly fit to your head not over tighten. You can also view our detailed article about how to make helmet fit.


Trying to prevent helmet hair is becoming a quite serious problem especially for those who are commuting through rides that involve wearing a helmet. The above provided tips and process will help you to manage your helmet hair in your daily routine instead of worrying about the tomorrow’s meeting hair looks all night.

If you feel like a lot of trouble while managing helmet hair, go for short hair as we mentioned above and you can simply follow our procedures and tips to make yourself look good.

Lastly, whatever you choose to prevent helmet hair always put on your helmet while riding a bike because your protection is way more important than your hair styles.

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