How to remove motorcycle helmet visor

How to remove motorcycle helmet visor

With the time, the visor of the motorcycle helmet may get abrasions, scuffs or cracks which may result in plummeting visibility. It will decrease your ability to see objects clearly through motorcycle visor. So, you must know how to remove motorcycle helmet visor and replace it with another.

Visor acts as a small window which enables you to see what lies ahead. It is very significant that you must keep it clean and clear for your own safety and protection.

How to remove motorcycle helmet visor

How visor works?

Each helmet comes with different visors. Some has just one visor, some helmet comes dual visors i.e. clear and tinted. Different helmet brands manufacture their visor mechanisms differently, but somehow with the same notion.

Each visor of the helmet is attached with the helmet along with a small push button or clip placed near the ear area, you can press them to change or release your visor. How simple it works! You must read the instructions that come with helmet to understand this mechanism better.

How to protect it?

First of all, you must protect your helmet visor .By taking good care, you can increase the life span of your visor.

While riding, don’t follow or put yourself behind high speed motorcyclist as it may result in pelting of stones and detritus. To protect your visor’s anti fogging properties, you must not ride with visor up in dusty or muddy conditions.

Try to always put your helmet at safe place to prevent it from falling that may leads to broken or scratched visor.

You must protect it and you must know how to remove the motorcycle helmet as it is much better than investing your hundred dollars.

How to remove motorcycle helmet visor?

Broken visor, unclear or scratched visor may not always the case that you have to know how to remove motorcycle helmet visor. Sometimes few full face helmets come with dual visors with changing mechanism in which you have to replace the visor with the other visor that comes with helmet.

How to remove motorcycle helmet visor

Make a preparation:

Choose some table or countertop and lay a soft towel on it. Put the helmet on it to change its visor. Make sure you already have an extra visor with you which you are going to replace. You can either purchase a new one or you may already have one as some helmets come with extra visors.

Remove the Outer visor:

Now, unscrew the screws to take out the external visor easily which are placed on both sides of helmet. When you will remove the screws from the helmet the visor will easily raised up.

Remove Visor/shield:

Next, strongly clasp the internal visor on the side and drag it downwards The visor will easily pop out of the clamp. You have to do this separately on each side. If any piece is broken then remove them carefully.

Some helmets come with pivot mechanism which enables you to raise or lower the visor. A cover is placed on them that can be open with your hands or with small screwdrivers. When you open the covers, there will be small spring clip that can be easily pulled out to free it from the mechanism.

Now, you can also easily clean that part of the helmet before installing the new helmet.

How to Fix Helmet Visor:

Backwardly removing the visor you will be able to replace the new one. Slip down the visor into its new position and locked it on the pivot mechanism and you will hear a click sound that ensures that it is securely put in a place. If they have screw system, then screw them tightly.

Make sure you put the visor correct position and tightly locked them in place to avoid any mishaps.

When to remove the motorcycle visor?

You may need to remove the visor for cleaning purpose. As sometimes, the helmets may get some scratches, dust or debris, so, you must need to clean the helmet to have a clearer view.

If your helmet gets cracked in any fall or accident, you must replace your visor or if needs, then you must change your helmet. As all these contribute to your safety, you must not compromise.

Your life is more important than your money or looks, so must invest on your safety and protection.


Removing a visor of the helmet is not a difficult job. You can easily remove it by following the above mentioned steps. Do make sure before removing the helmet visor, you must have a deep look how everything is place.

While removing visor, handle it with care so that you may not lost or broke anything. You must try to keep your visor clean and clear to avoid any mishaps. Hopefully, this has helped you to learn how to remove a motorcycle helmet visor.


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