Best Snell Approved Motorcycle Helmets: Safest Modular – Full Face – Open Face

Out of all the models available on the market, the Snell Approved Motorcycle helmets meet all the standards and provide the best protection.

The Snell foundation tests the motorcycle helmets and ensures to provide better head protection to the riders. I will explain more about the Snell foundation later in this article.

The freedom of open-air during motorcycling is thrilling and full of fun. With the increasing demand for two-wheelers, special attention is given to the security of the bikers.

While riding, you must keep sure to have safety gear. One of the essential parts of the equipment is the safety helmet. Wearing helmets is an effective and convenient way of reducing the chances of head injuries. 

Nowadays, there are many options for helmets, and finding the perfect one for you is a challenging task.

After completing our research, we have shared the 10 best Snell-approved motorcycle helmets you can buy without thinking twice.

Comparison Table of Our Top Picks in 2022

Before heading to the details of all products, let’s just make a quick comparison of our picks.

          Product              Features
1. RaceQuip Full Face Helmet Contains a composite shell. Comfortable interior. Great vision. Covers the entire face.
2. Shoei RF-SR Helmet Comfortable fit. Aerodynamic design. Best for professional riders. Advanced material is used.
3. Conquer Snell SA2015 Approved  Open-faced helmet. Comfortable for summer use. Contains fire retardant padding. Suitable for every level driver. Lightweight.
4. Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet   Covers the entire face. Polycarbonate sturdy shell. Allows more air and less noise. Ultra-lightweight.
5. Shoei Men’s Motorcycle Full-face helmet. Aerodynamic design. Compact and lightweight. Highly functional.
6. BELL Race Star Flex DLX Helmet Triple density pads. Advanced technology. Contains speaker pockets. Superior comfort.
7. HJC i10 Full Face Helmet Snell Adjustable strap. Full-faced. Simple and secure.Efficient operation.
8. MARS Genuine Motorcycle Street Bike Carbon fiber shell. Heavily cushioned. UV protective. Constructed with fiberglass.
9. Snell Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Easy installation. Premium padding. Highly adjustable. Removable and washable liner.
10. Bell SRT Street Helmets Premium safety. Compatible with eyeglasses. Have speaker pockets. Lightweight. 

1. RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20 Series Snell SA2020 Rated

RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20 Series Snell SA2020 Rated Flat Black Large...
  • Snell SA2020 Rated (Sticker Affixed); HANS / HNR M6 Threaded Inserts In Shell; FRP Composite...
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Liner; Comfort Fit Blended Nomex Interior; Distortion Free 3mm...
  • Great Peripheral Vision; Silicone Eyeport Seal Keeps Out Dirt; Kevlar Chin Strap

The RaceQuip is a Snell full-face helmet with all the specifications you must be looking for in an ideal helmet. Using composite material, the construction is done.

My own review of the RaceQuip Snell approved Helmet

To ensure the durability and lightness of the material, pressurized steel is used in it.

The shell has a polystyrene liner that makes it comfortable and supportive. You can easily adjust through the hook and loop of the helmet.

With its removable cheek pads, you can clean it easily. The fire retardant interior is a big plus.

Unlike traditional helmets, you will love the clear vision, as it won’t cause any hindrance in vision. Other than being functional, it is also super stylish.

The customers most love this helmet because of the excellent value that it gives. Available in a variety of colors, choose the one that you like the most. 

What we like
  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • Hook and loop design.
  • Adjustable.
  • Composite shell.
Not so good
  • Not UV protected.

2. Shoei RF-SR Helmet – Solid

Shoei RF-SR Helmet - Solid (Small) (Matte DEEP Grey)
  • The name SHOEI has long been synonymous with "premium" in the motorcycle helmet market - a...
  • The evolution and production of their world-class helmet line is a meticulous process that...
  • Just like the very first SHOEI helmet built by their founder back in 1959, every SHOEI today is...

No matter what head size you have, it will fit all. With the four shells and improved lining on the inner side, you will feel comfortable wearing them.

Proper airflow is maintained through the upper vents, which removes the hot air and allows air to pass through the interior. Because of the advanced technology installed in it, this has all the unique features.

The professional rider loves this Snell-approved modular helmet as its aerodynamic properties make it user-friendly. The dual-layer ensures to have maximum absorption and ultimate safety. Whether you are a beginner or professional, this helmet is convenient and effective for both.

What we like
  • Latest technology.
  • Passed through extensive testing.
  • Multi-layered.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Good ventilation.
Not so good
  • Causes wind noise

3.  Conquer Snell SA2015 Approved Open Face Racing Helmet

This is one of the best Snell-approved open face helmets specially designed for all-level riders. With its comfortable fit, you can easely wear this for an extended period without feeling irritated.

The fiberglass shell construction makes it super lightweight and easy to carry. Comfort, safety, and style all are combined in a single helmet.

As this helmet meets all the standards of Snell, so it is best for ensuring your protection. You can even clean this quickly as it comes with removable cheek pads.

The fire retardant interior keeps you away from hazardous situations. The chip strap is of Kevlar; super comfy and adjustable.

What we like
  • Airflow you are looking for.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Affordable.
  • Superior construction.
Not so good
  • You must be precise about sizing.

4. Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet – Snell Certified

ScorpionEXO R420 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Ready Speaker...
  • SHELL: Advanced Polycarbonate shell specifically engineered to maximize impact dispersal....
  • COMFORT:Aero-Tuned ventilation features a Ram-Air intake system, 3 port exhaust spoiler system,...
  • VISION:EverClear anti-fog treated shield. Anti-scratch coated and offers 95% UV-A & UV-B...

Another best snell-approved motorcycle helmet is Scorpion which is, without surprise, why it receives a perfect score. With the top and mouth vents, you will enjoy the enhanced ventilation and, of course, this motorcycle helmet produces less noise.

Enjoy an easy, comfortable, and quiet ride with this unique helmet. You won’t have any other better helmet with full face coverage at such an affordable price.

Furthermore, the polycarbonate shell makes it more durable and sturdy. Being sturdy doesn’t mean it becomes heavy; you can carry this spider-weighted helmet anywhere you want.

The lower center has a locking shield that provides you tight and perfect seal and keeps you protected, and the best thing is that seal is removable.

You might feel some pressure when you wear it for the first time, but you will get used to this after some time. 

What we like
  • Reduces wind noise.
  • True to size.
  • Clear shield.
  • Superior construction.
  • Good vision.
  • Budget-friendly.
Not so good
  • Have moderate pressure on the head.
  • Not compatible with sunglasses.

5.  Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Men's Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (Large, Matte Black)
  • Dual-Layer / Multi-Density EPS Liner
  • Pinlock Anti-Fog System
  • Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell

This Snell full-face helmet covers every corner of your face and gives you the opportunity to accomplish all your goals.

Whether you are fond of track racing or buying this for your regular use, you won’t regret investing in it.

This premium helmet meets all your demands and provides you complete satisfaction. With its next-level functionality, you won’t have to deal with any problems.

Thoughtfully designed by a team of engineers, this product will stay with you for a more extended period.

Compared to its competitors, you will notice that its aerodynamic shell is precise and more compact.

An excellent feature of this Snell-certified helmet is that it is incredibly lightweight, making it convenient for you to wear and carry. In short, this helmet is all an all product as all of its features keep on inspiring you.

What we like
  • Streamlined and compact.
  • Highly functional.
  • Premium quality.
  • Superior construction.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Amazing design.
Not so good
  • Pricey for some of Us (Though surely worth it)

6.  BELL Race Star Flex DLX Helmet

BELL Race Star Flex DLX Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet - Surge Matte/Gloss...
  • Panovision Raceview Viewport
  • Panovision Protint Photochromatic Face Shield Included
  • 3k Carbon Shell

If you are a racer and looking for a good helmet that will help you on long trips, you must have something after completing your research.

We understand that racers have high aims and need something that can help them in fulfilling their goals.

So, we suggest the great Snell-approved Bell Race Star helmet for all the racers. With its carbon shell construction, you don’t have to buy a new helmet frequently.    

The cutting-edge technology of this helmet ensures to provide you with excellent performance.

The triple-density cheek pads give you a perfect fit and make it comfortable for you.

You will fall in love with the protection that it will give to your head, and all the credits of safety go to flex liner. Enjoy a perfect and clear view from this helmet during the journey.

An exciting feature of this helmet is that it has pockets for a speaker, so you can enjoy loud music while riding.

What we like
  • Triple-density.
  • Ultra-clear vision.
  • Great for experts and pros.
  • Superior comfort (The best you can find).
Not so good
  • Not very true to size.
  • Mmm… Very Expensive!

7. HJC F70 Helmet Full Face Helmet Snell 2020 Bluetooth Compatible through SmartHJC

Make your journey full of fun, comfortable and security through this fantastic feature that will keep you not only secure but also super comfortable.

The shell is constructed with advanced polycarbonate, which plays a vital role in providing you perfect fit.

You won’t have to tackle any irritation; wear it as long as you want to, thanks to the CAD technology.

Going out on a ride on a sunny day? Don’t worry! This Snell full-face helmet provides 95% UV protection, so this helmet will keep your head and face safe.

Wear glasses and enjoy the ride without being uncomfortable. Install or remove the shield without using any tool; this will make the usage of the helmet super easy for you.

Drive-in sunny or cloudy weather; with its anti-fog lens, you can enjoy a clear vision even on a cloudy day.

What we like
  • Advanced technology.
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Efficient performance.
  • UV protected.
  • Anti-fog lens.
Not so good
  • No Cons (Because of the Price/Benefits, for me, this is the perfect Helmet)

8. MARS Genuine Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet Black, (3.3 lb) SNELL M2015 DOT Approved

With 5-position channels of ventilation, you won’t feel suffocated; instead, you will enjoy the outside air. A good helmet gives you a homely feeling and doesn’t apply any pressure on your head.

The MARS is another excellent Snell-approved modular helmet. Shell is made with carbon fiber; this makes it stronger and equally light in weight.

With this helmet, you will feel like you are traveling without wearing safety gear. The helmet’s interior has heavy cushioning; the best part is that it is washable and removable.

Other than being functional, the outer look of this helmet is also beautifully glossy.

The UV protective finish will save you from all the possible hazards sunlight can cause. For ensuring safety, the emergency strap is attached.

What we like
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • High ventilation.
  • Cushioned and comfy.
  • Stylish.
Not so good
  • Carbon fiber seams met at the middle of the helmet.

9. Snell M2015 Approved Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This Snell-approved helmet is easy to install and has a smoke shield that makes it perfect for all occasions. With the clear face shield, you won’t feel any difficulty in the vision, and it will be fully locked.

If you are the one who loves to ride at high speed, then this shell design will be your best friend. At low speeds, you can open the vent to ensure proper ventilation.

With the collar padding, it will help in making your journey quiet.

Windy conditions can make your ride a bit difficult because of the noise, but this problem is also resolved through this helmet. Remove the cheek pads and clean your helmet after some time so as to maintain proper hygiene.

What we like
  • One of the less expensive Snell-approved helmets.
  • Premium padding.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • Breathable.
  • Removable cheek pads.
  • Easy to install.
Not so good
  • A bit heavy.

10. Bell SRT Street Helmets

Bell SRT Street Helmets
  • Lightweight fiberglass shell construction
  • Panovision shield with Class 1 optics
  • Recessed EPS speaker pockets

In our list of best Snell-approved motorcycle helmets, our last and most important pick is Bell street helmets. This helmet is a perfect combination of comfort and security.

Made with superior quality fiberglass, this lightweight helmet will stay with you for a more extended period.

As this helmet is eyewear compatible so you can wear it easily while wearing sunglasses.

Available in different colors and sizes, you can choose the one that you love the most. The speaker pockets will make your ride exciting and thrilling.

What we like
  • Premium material used in construction.
  • Have best optics.
  • Premium safety.
  • Lightweight.
Not so good
  • Snug tight fit.
  • It can be more comfortable.

Buying Guide Best Snell-Approved Motorcycle Helmets

While choosing the best helmet for yourself, you need to pay some extra attention to details as you will spend some extra pennies on it. Here are some essential features that you must consider before making a final decision. Let’s have a look!

Type of Helmet

You need to decide first what type of helmet is suitable for you. The most common types are full-faced sports helmets, open-faced, and half shell. Each of these helmets has its specifications and functions. 

The full-faced helmet protects the entire face and head, and the sports helmets have padding on the inside that keeps you protected.

The open-faced helmet covers the sides, leaving the face open, and the half shell only covers the forehead and upper part of the head. Whatever suits you, choose that! 

Safety Features

Another vital factor to consider is the safety of the helmet. The primary purpose of the helmet is to ensure that it provides you with the ultimate security.

The best feature of this snell-approved modular helmet is that you don’t have to worry about your safety is; it is certified and provides excellent protection to the chin and head.

The crucial factor in the helmet’s safety is the material used in its construction. For maximum protection, the shell should be made with sturdy material.


Buying a helmet is essential, but it shouldn’t make your pockets empty. Decide your budget, and then look for a good quality helmet within your range.

Cost mainly depends on the quality of the material used and its design. We all know that quality always comes with the price, so even if you want to invest some extra money on a premium quality helmet, it will be life-saving for you.


No one wants to feel suffocated when wearing a helmet. Proper ventilation ensures a flow of air and keeps you fresh.

A critical aspect to notice is that the visor can easily roll up or not, as this is the main entrance for ventilation.


Measure the circumference of your head, and then choose your size carefully from the size chart given. Safety could be maintained only from the right fit helmet.

An under-sized helmet can cause irritation and pressure on the head, while an oversized could be dangerous in an accident.

Purpose of Buying

What is the purpose of buying a helmet? Are you going to ride for your enjoyment, planning for dirt riding or track racing? For various purposes, the requirement varies, and you must choose the helmet accordingly.


The inside of the helmet should be soft enough to save you from irritation. An ideal helmet can absorb moisture, should be padded, and is washable.

Good padding is comfortable and does not cause any pressure on your neck.

What is Snell?

Snell is one of the most reputed organizations developed in 1957, and till now, it has tested several helmets of different brands. The Snell Memorial foundation ensures helmet safety around the world.

It is the world’s strictest standard for motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets, and all protective gear. This non-profit organization maintains quality through standards development, scientific research, medical research, and helmet testing.

Customers pick up Snell Certified helmets with satisfaction. 

The integrity of the Snell Tests

None of Snell’s employees are associated with helmet companies, so you don’t have to doubt their honesty of them.

Snell has been winning the trust of professional bikers and racers for almost three decades back. 

Whenever a biker sees the logo of Snell in his helmet, he feels confident and secure. After every five years, Snell updates its standards with proper research done by its technicians.

The company employees work hard to ensure that the user gets the best helmet. Next time whenever you plan to buy, don’t forget to see Snell’s logo on it. 

What does the Snell Foundation test for?

Although the Snell certification isn’t compulsory by law, having Snell approved motorcycle helmet keeps you secure and confident.

Following are some safety features that they test for:

  1. Dynamic Retention test

In this test, weight is applied on the helmets, and only those helmets pass that supports the mechanical loads. It also checks the stretching of the helmet.

The helmet is placed on the jaw piece with a weight of around 23 kg and is then abruptly changed by the mass of 38 kg; if the helmet bears the shock, only then it passes. 

  1. Visor (Face Shield) Test

Another test that is done is of visor also called face shield. In this test, a rifle at almost 500 kph is shot at three different places. If the pellets do not penetrate it only, then the helmet is considered for Snell certification. 

  1. Testing for Impact and acceleration

Different impact surfaces are tested by doing various types of tests. Mainly, the gravitational force and acceleration of the helmet are checked. If any of these parameters exceeds the limit, then that helmet will not be approved.

  1. Chin Bar Test

Chin bar stability is very important for maintaining the safety of helmets. A chin bar facing upward is attached along with the base.

The chin’s central position is strike with the weight, and the helmet goes in a downward direction. This deflection must be within a certain limit; if it goes beyond that, the helmet is rejected. 

  1. Positional Stability Test

A roll-off test is done that ensures that the helmet is stable and has the best fit. Different techniques are applied for conducting this test, and only those helmets that have positional stability pass and others are rejected. 

  1. Shell Test

The helmet’s shell must be sturdy and firm; a test is done by Snell employees. The helmet is attached to a base, and a 3kg object is dropped on it from a certain height. After striking the object, the helmet must remain stable, and it should not damage the shell. 

Why should you wear a Snell-approved motorcycle helmet?

A motorcycle rider knows the importance of the right helmet. The best helmet is the one that is not only comfortable for you but also ensures to keep your head protected from violent collisions. A helmet is the only gear that can protect you from unavoidable situations, so its quality matters greatly. 

Snell-certified helmets are made with premium material and have current technology providing ultimate protection.

The Snell label on your helmet must give you satisfaction as they are approved by different tests and keep you from harm.  You must go for these helmets as nothing is more important than the safety of the rider. 

Do Snell-approved helmets cost more?

Snell itself does not make any helmets; the manufacturers directly pay the cost of the testing. The best thing about these helmets is that they are available in almost every range, making them feasible to buy for everyone.

Although Snell-certified helmets’ cost is a bit more than others, they are worth investing in. They cost more because of the extraordinary protective performance, perfect fitting, comfort, and amazing graphic design.  It is better to spend some extra bucks than to put your safety at risk.   

Who pays the cost of Snell Certification?

The Snell certification cost includes a certification sticker with a unique tracking ID and a testing fee.

The helmet manufacturers totally pay this cost; the customer doesn’t have to worry about it.  But Snell-approved helmets obviously have a bit high price than ordinary helmets, and this is because of the testing and research that were done on them. 

What are the pros of Snell-approved motorcycle helmets?

Let’s have a look at a few advantages of Snell-certified helmets!

  • It is thoroughly tested against all standards.
  • Have advanced technology and material.
  • Allows low peak energy.
  • Have been passed through different tests that include chin test, visor test, stability test, and retention test.
  • Ensures complete protection and safety of the user. 

How to tell if a helmet is Snell approved?

To know whether your helmet is Snell certified or not, you can look for the Snell certified logo on your helmet (Every certified helmet must have a Snell certification label inside), or you can consult the certification list that is present on the Snell official website. Don’t worry, for the subject of this article, “Best Snell Approved Motorcycle Helmets“, we have already checked it for you ;-).


Hopefully, this article was helpful for you in choosing the best Snell-approved modular helmets. The Snell-approved helmets meet all certifications of an ideal helmet and are a perfect product for every rider.

We have rounded up some of the fantastic helmets for you; choose the one that matches your preferences the most.

Ride with a helmet and make your life secure! Nothing is more important than ensuring a safe ride. So, without delay, get the best helmet for yourself today and chase your dreams fearlessly. 

Happy Riding!

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