Bell Rogue Helmet Review 2021 – Discover this before buying

If you like Bell helmets, you just cannot ignore the Rogue, one of its best-rated helmets. Like other Bell models, this one is also made to last, and it meets DOT standards, but there is a twist. 

The Bell Rogue is a half-face helmet and comes with a removable and adjustable muzzle. This unique-looking half-face helmet offers a three-quarter fit and complete comfort to the rider. 

Other than an adjustable muzzle, this helmet also has stainless steel D-rings, removable and washable padding, and is lightweight. So, if you want to buy this helmet, scroll down to know what makes it better than the rest. 

Bell Rogue Helmet Review 

Unquestionably, Bell manufactures the best helmet models that are comfortable, safe, and stylish. However, the Bell Rogue helmet is stealing the show for all the right reasons. This latest Bell model is available in various colors and six different sizes. 

The helmet is made of a lightweight composite shell. Though the material is light, it is strong in nature. Thus, this badass helmet can keep the rider’s head safe even during a massive accident. 

Besides offering these two interesting features in one helmet, the Rogue is also known for providing the right kind of safety to the riders. It is designed with an inner cushion that can be easily removed and washed. 

The inner cushion not just offers much-needed comfort to the head and neck but also keeps the inside of the helmet dry and cool. Additionally, the Bell Rogue helmet comes with Magnefusion Emergency Removable System cheek pads to keep the rider safe. 

Moreover, this helmet has comfortable muzzles that come with FidLock magnetic connection. This magnetic connection makes it easy for the riders to remove and attach a muzzle to the helmet easily. 

Also, the muzzle is made of a German fastener. So there is nothing to doubt about its durability as well. To offer more safety, this helmet from the house of Bell comes with stainless steel D-rings. It keeps the helmet in the right place. This means your helmet won’t slip or slide, leaving you alone during an accident. 

The Bell Rogue helmet’s muzzle helps in reducing the noise, which provides extra safety to the riders. Also, it comes with convenient speaker pockets that can be used to listen to the latest songs. 

So, if you want a unique helmet that is versatile and offers better protection, don’t wait anymore and get this helmet today. 

  • The helmet is DOT certified and meets FMVSS 218 standards.
  • It comes with stainless steel D-rings.
  • In addition, it has an innovative muzzle for comfort and safety.
  • While everything is great about the Rogue, its fitting can sometimes disappoint you.
  • The muzzle might create rashes.
Bell Rogue Half Size Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large)
  • Lightweight composite shell. 3 shell and EPS sizes for a personalized fit
  • Durable, adjustable Muzzle features removable liner. Fid Lock magnetic connection for easy...
  • Removable/washable interior. Convenient speaker pockets

Features to Consider When Buying a Bell Rogue Helmet 

If you like the Bell Rogue helmet and want to get one for yourself, consider the features mentioned below to mark yourself safe from dishonest sellers who sell replica.

Also, these aspects will make the process of finding a comfortable, stylish, lightweight, and durable Bell Rogue helmet easy for you. So, scroll down, and start discussing them without any further ado. 

Safety Ratings 

When getting a motorcycle helmet, it is always recommended to pick one that meets at least one of the three universally accepted safety ratings, i.e., ECE, Snell, and DOT. 

If a helmet meets the ECE rating, also known as Economic Commission for Europe rating, it can be used to drive on the roads of Europe. This rating is widely accepted across 50 counties in Europe. While ECE and DOT ratings are somewhat the same, they differ in abrasion resistance. 

Snell rating is generally given to the helmets that are used for bike racing. And lastly, the DOT rating, i.e., Department of Transportation in the United States rating, is given to a helmet that meets the appropriate safety standards. 

Out of all, it’s the DOT-certified helmet that is widely available and accepted. And luckily, the Bell Rogue helmet meets this rating. Not just this, but the Rogue exceeds the FMVSS 218 standard of this rating. 

Although this unique-looking helmet does not have any other rating besides DOT, you can wear it as its shell is impact-resistant and tested. 

Design and Shape

One thing that has made the Bell Rogue helmet so popular is its sleek and badass design. Though the helmet comes in the usual oval shape, its comfortable muzzle gives this helmet an interesting look, which is hard to say no to. 

The helmet creates a mushroom head look, and it looks great while riding snowmobiles, scooters, street bikes, UTVs, adventure touring, dirt bikes, and ATVs.

This mushroom head-looking helmet is only available in different colors. Also, its muzzle is available in different styles. 

Construction and Materials

No matter how popular a helmet is or what brand it is made of, if it is not constructed using the right kind of materials, it’s a straight no! 

The Bell Rogue helmet is made using a carbon composite shell, making the helmet strong enough to protect the rider’s head and light enough not to strain the neck. 

Talking about the inner construction materials of this half-face helmet, it is designed with comfortable linen that can be easily removed and washed. The inner linen provides complete protection to the rider’s face. 

The inside padding is not only comfortable but is also antimicrobial and antibacterial. This means the dust, sweat, and bacteria get easily locked, leaving behind a dry helmet for the rider. 

Besides the inner padding, the Bell Rogue helmet also has stainless steel D-rings to keep the helmet in place. Additionally, it has an adjustable and removable muzzle that makes it look stylish and maintains airflow. 

This helmet comes with ear pads that are comfortable and can be removed if needed for proving a snug fit. 


If a helmet does not have proper ventilation ports, you should not pick it. After all, a helmet that fails in ventilation can easily leave the rider with a suffocating feeling. Thus, it is not suitable for long rides. 

Fortunately, the Bell Rogue helmet excels when it comes to ventilation. It has dual vents on the lower neck to maintain the optimum flow of air. 

Besides this, the helmet also does not have any visor, and its muzzle can be easily removed. Meaning, there is always enough airflow for keeping the helmet dry, sweat-free, and smell-free. 

Even if the muzzle is attached, ventilation is not blocked as the comfortable muzzle is insulated with a breath box. 


Nothing is more disappointing than wearing a helmet that is either too loose or tight. When a helmet is too loose, it can easily slip or slide. And when a helmet is too tight, it can cause headaches. 

So, what you can do is take a measuring tape to note down the circumference of your head. Then, based on the measurement, pick a helmet that is around 2 cm above your eyebrow. This way, the helmet would not block your field of view. 

Specifically, the Bell Rogue helmet comes in three different EPS and shell sizes, i.e., SM, MD, and LG. The SM size includes XS and SM helmets; MD includes MD and LG helmets; LG size includes XL and 2XL helmets. 

To get a better idea of the size of this helmet model, you can refer to its size chart. 

Field of Vision

For a racer to ride a motorcycle safely, it is essential to pick a helmet that never blocks his field of view. 

Now the best thing about the Bell Rogue helmet is that if you ever felt like the muzzle is limiting your field of vision, you can easily remove it without jeopardizing your safety or style. 

Removing the muzzle from the helmet would also help you maintain optimum airflow to keep the helmet dry and cool. 

Additional Features 

Besides the features above, this badass helmet is also packed with some more unique traits that make it a star. 

It comes with FidLock magnetic connection. The technology is used to keep the strap of the helmet stable and in place. This thing is especially added to make it easier for riders to remove and attach muzzles when required. 

The Bell Rogue helmet comes with convenient speaker pockets that helps rider to talk comfortably. The integrated Velcro speaker pockets also make it easy for the rider to listen to their favorite song while enjoying a comfortable and safe ride. 


WEIGHT1160G +/- 50G (SIZE M)


A motorcycle helmet should be designed in such a way that it can keep the rider safe. And the Bell Rogue helmet can do this thing perfectly. Moreover, this Bell model also looks stunning. 

This helmet is packed with unique features, which makes it better than the rest. So, get your hands on this helmet to ride in style while looking stylish. 

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